Mars Sextile Neptune – Synastry, Transit, Composite

When observing the impact that a certain planetary aspect has on people, the world, and on a particular individual, then we need to take a look at the planets that are in a particular connection.

Here, we can see the planet Mars which is the symbol of any energy, most of all the driving energy of someone or something, it is the representation of the way we fight, and what kind of fighters we are.

This red planet is the representation of our fighting spirit, which could be mild, very strong, and even hostile, and in the sextile aspect, it cooperates with Neptune.

So, that cooperation is with the planet that is the symbol of dreams, instinct, and creative force that is open or hidden in all of us.

Have in mind, and this is an important aspect to look at when we are observing the planetary impact, that the planet Mars is the beginning as it is the ruling planet of the Zodiac sign of Aries (the first sign of the Zodiac) and Neptune ends it with its rule in the sign of Pisces, as the last sign in the Zodiac.

Such a connection between the beginning and the end, in a positive sense, as the sextile is the positive aspect, depicts a relationship between two characters of the Zodiac that support and help each other.

This is one good combination where two planets truly can cooperate together and take out the best of each other.

This is a favorable aspect for all activities ruled by Neptune: music and the arts, mysticism, religion, philosophy, and humanitarian activities.

Anything that has got to do with imagination and creativity.

Combine it with the energy of Mars, and you get the method that helps the achievement of any desired results.

In this case, when Mars and Neptune are in sextile, we have a type of cooperation between planets that are different in nature, but that can take out the best of each other.

Mars Sextile Neptune In General

Let us primarily look at this sextile in this way, so that you can easily understand the personality of those who have this sextile in their birth charts.

Here, Mars provides the energy that is used for a higher purpose, and that purpose is coming from the Neptune part of the sextile.

So, in the best-case scenario, people who have this sextile in their charts are people endowed with such an energy that they can physically and mentally move mountains; while, unlike some others, they are perfectly capable to have a purpose for what they are doing and why.

They are very secure in themselves and do not allow any insincere feelings with the people who are close to them.

Such a thing is simply not possible. Nothing can be hidden from them since they intuitively know what the other person is thinking and also what are the reasons behind it.

Regarding their interests, since Mars is oriented toward mysticism, the esoteric, they have evolved spiritual abilities, and in certain times they come to the fore.

They show enormous compassion toward others, and are willing to selflessly help; this may be the direction of that energy, that has a purpose now in the way of helping others.

This sextile conditions traits such as intellectual energy, spirituality, and receptivity.

Those who have it are able, through the development of spiritual and creative abilities to lay the foundation for great future happiness and well-being. What else do they need?

Their imagination is so alive, but they must learn to the ideas they have started become concrete and based on realistic plans.

Others who love their rich imagination, and will enjoy receiving special inspiration from them.

They can count on getting help from friends, who will follow what they are doing, consult, and help them.

In the case of Mars sextile Neptune, people who have this aspect in their natal and under the condition that it is not jeopardized by some other bad aspects, get an extraordinary opportunity to move towards the realization of their dreams.

The cooperation of these two planets is best seen in the process of encouraging creativity and choosing the most effective ways to reach their long-awaited dreams.

All those things that were once just a goal.

In sextiles, planets Mars and Neptune adequately use their powers and are not under tension, so they transfer their meanings to each other and combine them into a useful and effective personality.

The personality that has imagination and is sensitive but at the same time is strong and unapologetic about the achievement of its goals.

Can lead a very successful and balanced life.

Mars Sextile Neptune Transit

When this transit is active, then it is said that it successfully supports the requirements that are presented in front of us, and even more this sextile encourages the efficient use of numerous opportunities and chances that are on our path.

Sometimes we just stumble upon chances and we are not able to see any opportunities which have been given to us; at times we not awake enough to see, and in others, we are scared of the change that the acceptance of that possibility will bring to us.

So we decide not to see it, or not to take it.

Now, the opportunities that will be presented to us, during this sextile will be in some jobs that require teamwork for their successful performance.

Anything that needs a team to work on is a part of this ocean of possibilities that we are encouraged to take and use the best way we can.

Thinking too much about the outcome is not recommended, maybe just taking the action is the best way to go.

Just like going with the head through the wall, no matter what.

Therefore, this period brings prospects for an interesting and unusual journey that does not touch only the professional life of the people.

No, it is so much more than that, because Neptune will not allow it to go without emotion. It is crucial here.

So, the transit between Mars and Neptune certainly brings the possibility to fall in love suddenly with an unexpected person.

There can be a lot of love passions, with the most unexpected person possible; someone totally unknown and new in life.

Surprise comes your way, just be open to it.

Also, the relevant element is intuition, that during this transit deserves to be listened to.

This aspect starts as something that is pushing us to be more practical (Mars), and here Neptune reaches out to it and in some way breaks this practicality down.

But this event does not have to be negative way, the practical mind can be dissolved in the most positive way.

With this sextile between Mars and Neptune in our lives enters the energy with which you can get what you want – but do not attempt to do it by force, even if you would primarily have the urge to do it in such a way.

Do it slowly and subtly, and for the best results do it with some creativity, imagination, and by listening to your inner voice, as intuition is as we have said the center of it all.

Yes, this transit is making you feel like it is so easy to reach the goal, and it is all thanks to the planet Mars.

But this Mars is, thanks to this sextile with Neptune much more flexible and patient, yet strong enough to achieve what it wants.

So, listen to your gut that says – wait a bit more for the best results.

This is a great period to trust your instincts, intuition, and hunches, regarding anything you do, or the people you meet.

It is a great moment when you are in a position to help someone – you will do it with greater sensitivity and imagination.

This transit is an amazing moment for planning projects this would be the right moment to clearly formulate your visions.

Mars Sextile Neptune Synastry

Think of this synastry in a way that these are the two planets, and therefore two lovers who are reaching their goals, in completely different ways.

While Mars lover tends to reach their goal by the shortest route, almost in a straight line, without too much looking by the side, and finding alternative solutions.

This partner is direct and wants to resolve anything, the good and the bad with great speed and power, always seeing only one way, and it is always the fastest and the most direct way of all.

Not all people would approve of this route, because it may seem like there is not enough time to think of all options, and things are becoming even harder when emotions are present.

So, on the other side put the Neptune lover who sees things in a different way, he or she sees at least one or two additional ways how the problem could be solved.

There are even more when emotional problems are in question and their relationship is at stake, and right from this you can see how much effort it may take, and the problem will multiply if they do not find one common way.

One of the problems may be the way they are raising their children, or how they take care of their household.

It is important not to let these differences become so big that they are not able to be overcome, and that they become a stepping stone that cannot be crossed.

Synastry is seen by the cooperation of two sides that are completely different one from another, since Mars’s nature is very impatient, busy, direct, focused, wanting immediately and now to achieve results.

The other lover here is ruled by Neptune – it is more patient and indirect, seems disassembled, nebulous at times, and directed towards the future, so it expects results in some future time.

At first glance, this characterization leads to the conclusion that cooperation between these two loves, even in a sextile position, is very difficult to be achieved.

But, as you could have seen, this is not so simple and this is not a mission that cannot be accomplished.

In fact, this type of cooperation is necessary so that these two planets can give their best in some processes because they have a stimulating effect on each other.

So the Mars lover is moving the Neptune lover into the present and showing that things do not have to be so slow, and the Mars lover is learning ways to relax and think twice.

Mars Sextile Neptune Composite 

Between these two lovers, if they want to relationship to work, there cannot be any dishonesty.

In fact, any insincerity will be exposed, and it will be the end of the relationship, for sure.

Bear in mind, that Mars and Neptune are two planets so different in everything, but when they find a common language (for example the energy directed with the purpose), the love relationship can have particularly good energy.

However, will this connection between Neptune lover and Mars lover will be successful depending on how firmly the Neptune lover stands with both feet on the ground because it can seduce others into the realm of unusual fantasies.

Although the danger is not very great, because the Mars lover will attempt to pull things to his side.

He knows exactly what to give and what to take from life, while the other side is pushing toward sensitivity, as he or she is so overly sensitive to the needs of others. The middle ground must be found.

Anything that will benefit society as a whole has your approval. You find satisfaction in a career that allows you to touch the lives of others.

In the end, on a larger scale, these two will have a feeling that they are with their partner for a big reason and that they are sent to this world to perform the spirtual mission as a pair.

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