Mars Sextile Saturn – Synastry, Transit, Composite

One of the most interesting things that happen when we look at aspects in the natal, is that they reveal a lot about the entire personality of the person in question, their interpersonal relations, and perspectives in life.

And, above that, we can see that the aspects themselves are interesting.

For example, we can see the planets Mars and Saturn, which have fascinating aspects, and all of them are equally strong.

What do we mean by this – Mars and Saturn are both strong planets, and they are representations of strength in different ways, and their mutual aspects speak of permanent testing of that power.

Those tests, it is relevant to remember, could be implemented in basically any form: material, spiritual, etc.

Depending on the “test” itself, planets change their impact. For example, the planet Saturn can become despondent when it loses in this area, but in other cases, it can find a new power to fight again and win.

This is, in fact, the process of learning, and therefore you can learn a lot from this position, and all those who have it on their natal charts can learn how to overcome losses, not feel down about it, and move on.

Mars Sextile Saturn in General

When a sextile is formed between these two planets, then it is said that there will be a lot of work here. There is a major intensity here, by rule.

For example, it can cause rage or despair, but for sure it will be very extreme.

Bear in mind that Mars signifies the individual’s capacity to take care of himself: this suggests he obtains conviction and the bravery to act.

On the other hand, there is the planet Saturn, which brings a feeling of frustration and coolness. It controls and chills the blaze that comes from Mars.

Those people who have such a position between these two planets are exactly like that—they can be very angry and, the next moment, very cold.

It is very likely that these people in their lives have had many frustrating experiences that truly tested their strength.

In the lives of these individuals, there is usually a sequence of situations that cause frustration, a sense of frailty, and a lack of power.

Occasionally, we can see a father (of these people) who during their early years was very hard and non-emotional. Some were even brutal, both in a physical and emotional way.

It is also known that males who have this sextile aspect are extremely frustrated since they, as a rule, feel like they are not man enough because they have never had a chance to fight back. Ladies with this aspect can choose lovers who are violent toward them.

We must add that Saturn is a planet that pushes us to deal with old pain, and it is relevant for those who are yet to learn how to deal with that old pain so that they can move on and understand the reason behind their frustration, pain, rage, or anger.

The problem with this aspect is that there is a big chance that there will be an accumulation of rage.

It is even more difficult than an ignitable showing of it. The lesson is hidden here—all that these people are hiding in their pain, and their behavior is just unexpressed hurt.

This sextile represents a mixture of effort, self-discipline, and determination; these people have all of these traits, but it does not ensure the path that they will take in life, good or bad.

These are the people who are blessed with a great amount of will and engagement in all that they do.

Some of them are even tireless and ready to obtain work, and triumph can be reached via extraordinary actions, that not many people could endure.

This sextile brings the symbolical value of efforts, in some ways, scouring the ground in the search for some wealth or success.

Here, we can also see the process of applying a base or structure. It could be literal or not.

These can be people who are working on building, constructing, creating, and digging.

What we have here is a person who is truly a good manager, at home or at work, someone who knows how to invest his or her energy into progress, and is willing to invest himself and others in doing so.

He loves to control others and doesn’t have a problem punishing others if he or she feels that it’s needed to do so. Even punishments that are not suitable for the “crime.” This is what makes them so harsh at times.

On the one hand, we can see the resources and the knowledge of laws and regulations, it comes from the planet Saturn. And from the planet Mars, we can see a lot of energy and willpower to do so; they are courageous.

They are able to do something that others are not able to do, and will never think of doing so. For the achievement of their goals, they will give it all and will take on the hardest responsibility that no one else would take on.

They are the people who are integrated into a creational process, and it does take time and energy. It’s not pure luck, but they are always in the process of achieving it all, no matter what.

We might see people who are ready to climb the ladders in society and at work. Whatever it may be, they are climbing the path of success.

It takes time for everything they do. It doesn’t happen overnight. They have had a lot of problems along the way, and a lot of issues are arising.

Their lives are so brutally colorful, but it takes them to the place they want to be, utterly successful. They are not stopping.

Mars Sextile Saturn Transit

This is the moment when this aspect is “alive”. It is at the moment when people are reflecting on their lives, they have much more strength than ever before, but they need to take an extra step to move in a good direction.

Things will not be as usual during this period. You will notice that this is the time when you are much more determined than ever before.

Everything seems like it would be achieved, anything that comes to you, you will be able to achieve, but when this transit is active, it is advisable to be as organized as possible and to engage in methodical actions.

Design your prospective plans and begin executing them at this moment, as soon as possible.

This is the perfect moment to do so. Two plants are in a sextile position, and Mars subsidizes its power, Saturn will supply the system and design, thus constructing a path to the objective.

Use this transit for further education and the execution of previously depicted strategies for activity; this could be the case in any aspect of your life.

This transit also contributes to the immutability of meaning through understanding.

It does not convey mere fortune but pledges effects just on the basis of action and the right mindset towards one’s own capabilities and endeavors.

When this transit is active, bear in mind that now is the easiest than ever to accomplish common jobs to your happiness and complete all your responsibilities, some of which you may have neglected for a long time.

Your surroundings will cherish your understanding of commitment and method of operating since during this transit you are set to be very concentrating.

Assignments that demand persistence are under your control with good power in your hands, because you have focused your power on reaching the objective.

The efforts that are seen during this transit are not very common. These are actions that are unusual, but they somehow fit in with the things and goals that were earlier defined.

This is not the transit that brings you luck and fortunate events that assist you in taking your long-term goals into the world, but it allows things to have their way of achieving them.

So what we know about this transit is that it is directed toward searching and it is the best time to engage in doing anything that you have been doing routinely.

In these moments, during this transit, you will start enjoying your routine at work, at home, or anywhere else, because these are the obligations that you like. Anything that has been monotonous until now will be a true enjoyment.

Also, this is also the time when you will have a lot of good time with your boss or colleagues because you will all collectively share that stability and directness toward the achievement of common goals.

At this moment, all of you, within the same group, are sharing the same focus toward common goals that are now starting to develop.

This is the best time for the maximum results, the best results in work or achieved. It is very much like you have been digging for gold for such a long time, and now you have reached that golden stone.

During this transit, when Mars is in the sextile position with Saturn, all people have a strong feeling that everything is going to be good (not easy), that the power to change and to succeed is purely in your hands.

It is very likely that you will feel a very powerful vibe, a feeling of invisibility.

This is also the time that, on a personal level, people are more direct in communication.

More than at any other time, at this moment you will be able to speak your truth with ease, and this is something that others should respect and give you the same directness in return.

Mars Sextile Saturn Synastry

First of all, we must remind you that the planet Mars signifies moving power and ambition for activity.

On the other hand, we can see the planet Saturn, which is the symbol of time and everything that is stable, in a material sense.

Sexile is an astrological aspect or angular connection that represents a collaboration between planetary characters that help and sustain each other.

In this case, Mars and Saturn collaborate with each other in the design of all that should last in time, and this implies both relationships and material things.

Speaking of synastry, we must say right away that this is one very passionate relationship that can become violent at times, and it could be truly problematic if not handled properly.

These two lovers are very direct toward each other.

It is something that both lovers must appreciate about one another. If handled properly, both lovers achieve major success, even if they are not directly observable.

One lover may be much more tenacious than the other and can accomplish anything you put your mind to, while the other can help in the process of organization.

It is best that these two start planning their prospective plans and start achieving them day by day. While Mars person will give its incredible energy, Saturn lover will deliver the system.

The element that both lovers should work on individually, they should work on becoming more patient and nurturing a belief that they will enjoy the relationship much more during the time, than in the moment when it was in the beginning.

If all other aspects are good, then these two lovers could achieve miracles when they are ready to speak directly to one another and be as honest as possible without the need to punish the other person.

The opposite situation is also plausible—they can insult the other half, by saying things that may be true but are extremely hurtful.

This is not to way for this relationship to be healthy and last long.

Being honest and direct is one thing, but it has to be motivated by growth, by the need to make that other person become better, not to punish him or her for all that he or she has done in the past.

Mars Sextile Saturn Composite

Both lovers are very hardworking, efficient, reliable, and detailed in what they do, operating already proven designated and conventional techniques.

At the same time, they can show more tolerance since Saturn has a calm nature here.

In this way, such a temperament is perfect to help the intolerant planet Mars take on the characteristics of tolerance and endurance.

It is best achieved with a mixture of action, self-discipline, and determination.

Directness is advisable, but it needs to be motivated by the real need to help and grow together, not letting demons and pain from the past take their “word.”

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