Mars Sextile Uranus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Most of the aspects in the night sky, that affect our lives, could be more or less favorable, and these aspects could provide both significant obstacles and troubles, but they can also provide solutions for all those problems.

Sometimes certain aspects can entangle problems even more and at other times it can delay things that have already happened.

Aspects in the natal charts should not serve to worry us, they are just opportunities that could be seen from both good and bad perspectives,s and this can be your choice.

To, simply if something doesn’t work at that moment, turn to things that you can successfully do and finish.

Now we want to examine the sextile position between Mars and Uranus, the one aspect that is seen as a very positive aspect in astrology.

Mars Sextile Uranus In General

The Sextile between planets Mars and Uranus brings creative original ideas and actions according to it.

It is a great aspect for thinking in a completely new way to be more effective and don’t let appearing restrictions prevent you from getting the job done.

This aspect brings an emphasis on will that enables you to overpower all barriers and discover planned goals.

Mars and Uranus in this position are adorned with restlessness and positive and productive power.

When Mars is in the sextile position with the Uranus planet, then people who have this position in their natal charts are original persons in all that they do, and this includes their love life.

These people are very creative and can show themselves with creative actions, which leave an enduring influence on people who are close to them, as they have a magnetic power.

The best possible version of their lives is when they can investigate their many creative possibilities.

In interpersonal relations, they want freedom from those close to them, otherwise, they do not want to be in such a personal connection.

They are distinguished with their original spirit, and truly enjoy lives.

They hate anything that is mountains, that is boring and repetitive; for them, to like something it must be exciting.

Individuals with this sextile position between Mars and Uranus, hate lethargy, routine, and established patterns.

They are blessed with such a strong adventurous spirit that is consistently in pursuit of something unknown, or different.

They want to live each day more exciting than the previous one and will act in such a way.

The fact is that they have such an inventive talent to make their lives as magical as they can be.

For these individuals, the regulations will only be applied and respected, if they see them as suitable, in every other case, these people will break the rules.

They follow only those laws that make perfect sense to them, and that are aligned according to their system of beliefs.

To succeed in their work, and to be productive, these people must have a lot of freedom, and what is noticeable, they can work as individuals, rather than working in a team.

Freedom is necessary for them, to be creative and to use all of their talents.

So, we can see a lot of aviators, engineers, electricians, athletes, and mechanics that have such an aspect in their birth charts.

They love to do research, to discover, to work alone and can be very competitive and adore sports, especially extreme kinds.

Mars Sextile Uranus Transit

When the planet Mars is in the sextile position with the planet Uranus, then this transit is active then we are drawn to be as original as we can, then originality takes the prime.

During this transit, our instinctive sense is very creative – in all of us there can be found a lot of this creative energy and it seems like all of us will feel such a creative urge.

Also, during this transit, we will be more positive than ever, and not only that we will be certain that we will achieve whatever we want, but we will also have numerous positive perspectives on life.

These are the feeling you will have – just like a creative possibility, bravery, and demand for excitement.

Just like we have said, all those who already have this aspect in their natal charts, are most commonly living their lives in such an exciting way.

And for all of us, during this transit, we can enjoy so much excitement, that comes from different sources.

You may enjoy more than ever the usage of the new technologies, as this transit is also suitable for it.

It brings such an intensity, and all of us may have a chance to enjoy much more love than ever, maybe with the current lover, where your relationship will reach some states never seen before.

Or this transit will bring a new lover into your life, where things will seem much more intense than ever before.

Love life for all of us will be much more impulsive, and we will be ready to do things that we could never imagine doing, and all in the name of love.

This sextile transition conveys explosion in the majority of our lives, in almost all aspects of our lives.

Expositions are here, and they are definite, but with the more negative aspects, they will not be as creative as when they would be with other positive aspects.

In any case, creative actions bring explosions and changes in life during this transit.

You will be noticed, for whatever reason that may be.

Such transit is bringing new possibilities for internal recovery, charge, and development of consciousness.

This is the time when all of us should focus more on strong intention and inspiration will guide us to forgiveness and drive us ahead to accomplish all that we have been desiring. All of that is now possible.

This transit is suitable to alter your lifestyle if you are not happy with it, and for that purpose, many of us will go very far and do unexpected things.

During this transit, the majority of us will have a feeling that our intuition is telling us something, that we have original ideas, and that we are more determined than ever, to achieve something.

This transit makes us feel like it is the easiest thing in the world to think of some new ways to be effective and overwhelm barriers without issues. You want to do something that will set you separated from others, something that will cause you to feel special.

Positiveness and hope always are present, so glance at this transit as a unique small awakening from the time or rest. sleep, where we were scared to change anything.

People who are usually hasty could, during this transit, have an exhilarating moment; as they will feel this wave of new power and probably respond consequently.

There is nothing incorrect with that, but maintain in mind that every choice and every step has its reply.

Mars Sextile Uranus Synastry

Here we meet a couple who is more than willing to experiment and grab chances, even if it is risky.

Also, on a more negative note, it is said that this sextile position, may not produce very stable energy in the relationship, and these two can have a certain challenge in creating long-term objectives but comprehend that this is just the surface, and what these two have, in reality, could not be broken as easily.

That surface level is the possibility to modify in everyday life, and this may be the obstacle for these two.

At times, to feel different than before, to progress, and to conquer monotony, is enough to alter something tiny and inconsequential, like going to a restaurant that you have never been to before, or changing something in the bedroom.

It all counts, but these are precisely things this couple could stumble on.

There is an extreme sex appeal between these planets Mars and Uranus. Both lovers that are here, in this synastry enjoy exploring and trying fresh things.

Neither of the two is timid to be verbal about their essentials, on what he or she wants in a relationship.

Both lovers here can speak honestly with their partners and say what they want, in bed, and everywhere else.

Both Mars and Uranus are loving experiments in sex and are inspired by excitement.

It is the relationship that works when there is not much romance as others would want, but there is plenty of spice in the bedroom.

All of this is making their love connection more powerful.

People around this couple can witness the intensity and love these two share.

They are both very attached to their other half and are not pushing away from showing in in front of the public.

The personal moments between these two lovers are very sensual and even mischievous. Others may see this as tacky, but they do not care about others.

Another noteworthy thing about this couple is that both planets are unrestricted to the concept of an open love connection.

Both of them are allowed the freedom to have someone on their side if he or she feels like it; and the other lover cannot be mad about it, since he is allowed to do the same if he or she likes it.

We have said that these two can be overly clingy, but this does not exclude freedom and of course liberty within their connection. One can go with the other, for sure.

Mars Sextile Uranus Composite

When these two planetary energies of Uranus and Mars are bound in a pair, then we can see a lot of empathy inside this relationship.

Anything that these two have is even more heightened; both lovers are willing to give aid to those who need it, and both of them love to do it as a couple, as one of their activities.

Mars and as well Uranus are planets that have that empathetic vibe to them, and it is manifested in love life when both lovers aid their companion’s essentials and sustain their dreams.

Here, we can see a Mars lover who is fascinated and drawn to the unorthodox character of the Uranus lover and cannot imagine anyone more interesting than he or she.

On the other side of this sextile story about love, we can see the Uranus lover who is fascinated by the perseverance and obvious sense of movement that the Mars lover has, and it is what at times a Uranus lover lacks.

One thing that must be noted here, and it is truly relevant in terms of will this relationship ever works, is the term freedom.

The fact is that the Uranus lover is always turned toward freedom, in all of its shapes, sizes, and forms, and this is the reason why these two planets, or lovers to be precise can collide.

Freedom, regardless of how two lovers claim that they adore it, and respect it, only Uranus’s lover enjoys freedom as much.

This is most definitely the motivation for competition between these two worlds.

On the Mars lover behave, there is a constant struggle with the matter of possessiveness, that, if not treated adequately is also the demise of such a connection.

When it occurs and often does, then the Mars partner becomes extremely frustrated, since he or she cannot deal with the constant freedom the Uranus lovers demands and won’t back down.

A Mars lover, in this love connection, has obvious and detailed purposes in life, and the unpredictability and fondness for experience Uranus partner has can disrupt the stability of the Mars lover.

However, Uranus’ freedom is what fascinates Mars’s lover the most, despite the frustration Uranus offers to it.

In any case, it is never boring when this sextile position is found in a relationship, it can have its ups and downs, that could be overcome.

Just like in any other relationship, compromise and dealing with your ego is what are necessary for these two to work well.

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