Mercury Conjunct Pluto – Synastry, Transit, Composite

When you want to find out what a certain planetary aspect means for your natal chart, it is not enough to just look at it, anything that describes any relation, in this case, we are talking about the planetary relation, you need to know the specific details of every element in a connection.

Here, besides that there is a conjunction, that is not maybe a good or bad aspect, but in any case, it is one of the strongest aspects in the natal, as in this case, planets are one beside another, and they are making each other’s characteristics stronger, both good and bad.

Besides knowing the aspect itself, in this case, we can see Mercury which is the symbol of reason, intellect, and the manifestation of any communication, verbal or not, stands beside the planet Pluto, the one that stands as the symbol of destruction, collapse, power, and control.

Find out in what way this aspect is manifested, both as a transit, in the natal chart, and in synastry.

While you read these lines, have in mind that when you look at the personality chart, the conjunction itself is a priority.

Such an aspect exists to primarily stimulate the intellectual side of the personality to the limit, that in certain cases could be broken.

This transit also has an interesting impact, but of course, it shows various possibilities of the given period.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto in General

Right away it is important to remind that the planet Mercury is always associated with a person’s perception, cognitive flexibility, and general adaptability. All that is connected to the brain.

This planet shows how far we can go, and such an aspect can indicate our intellectual and mental growth in life. Also, this is the planet that is associated with analytical intelligence.

Here all those characteristics become a bit darker and more serious, as the planet Pluto is present.

This means that those who have this position in their natal charts have a pronounced intelligence.

They are able to learn from experience and can adapt to new situations amazingly well.

Because of this aspect, these people are able to understand and use abstract concepts (not many people are able to do it, in such a successful way).

People who have this conjunction aspect in their natal charts can use knowledge to steer in a new environment.

These individuals can find the most amazing success where ever there is some stereotyped behavior.

Besides learning acquired habits, skills, and knowledge they need to give more of themselves.

In this regard, those born with this coalition between Mercury and Pluto must have the most out of anything, even if that the most can be the most negative, bad, etc.

For them, there is no average, and there can never be any balance, but extremes rule in all that they do.

These persons possess the unwavering perseverance to defend their principles and to finish what they started.

In a professional sense, this could be an amazing trait.

The insight of these people is not only mirrored in a strong interest in one topic, but also in interpersonal relationships, in which extreme mental patterns often rule.

They are interesting people, who are at the same time very hard to work with or to be with; they carry the dose of strenuousness with them, and this is the reason why they do not have, in fact, too many friends.

On the other hand, these are often intelligent people, interested in all themes, and they love to explore as a profession or just as a hobby all forbidden areas, conspiracy theories, etc. They can enjoy all that is taboo.

This planetary connection can in fact stimulate the intellectual side of the personality, and this is where their interest lies.

In this regard, there is no average, no balance, but extremes wherever you look, and if we are talking about hard work, then this is a good combination, but if we are talking about giving yourself to some vices then going to the extreme cannot be a good thing.

And this is how they are – a little or more of anything, but in any case, very intense.

These people have an exceptionally good ability to concentrate, even in impossible conditions, and this is one of the reasons why they are able to work in a place where rarely or almost no one could work.

They are equipped for such a task, because they have intellect and reason on one side, and are extreme when some topic must be pursued and when a certain goal must be achieved. They do not give up.

It is also interesting to look at these people when they were younger, or when they were just kids.

They were the ones who are scared of the scary stories that they wanted to listen to over and over, and as the time passed they could not sleep ever normally, but they need to feed their minds with a bit of darkness. They have vivid dreams.

During life, as they are getting older, they believe that they are victims, not helpless, but the ones that will pay back everyone, since they have felt (as they see it) curse, envy, hatred, and cynicism.

Others do not allow them to be set in the place they feel they belong.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Transit

What an interesting time, the transit between Mercury and Pluto comes.

You will recognize it because someone in your close environment will try to impose some strong life beliefs and attitudes, while, at the same time, you will have the need to vigorously defend your opinion with a defensive attitude or a violent verbal response.

It shows that you will not choose a means to defend what you believe in, while at the same time, others will try to do the same.

In the terms of interpersonal relations, advice is that during this transit you be extra careful as others will try to manipulate the truth, impose an attitude, or even worse threaten or blackmail someone who is close to them. Like a friend, child, or partner.

People will have the need to twist the truth, and the most certain proof that you have endured this planetary conjunction is that you had a feeling that you were spied on, or manipulated by people you know.

Others may have the feeling that someone was seriously “teasing” you in a conversation, but not in a good way.

One more thing that is well known during this transit, is that in the middle of all of this, you did not say a word, and you were in a state of shock.

This transit will allow conflicts, for example, over a bill, some monetary and bank mistakes, late payments, etc.

It is even plausible that during this period your expenses become much higher than ever before, and that you do not see the rational reason behind it all.

One of the questions you will ask yourself during this transit is the matter of your own safety, as everything will be a stake these days.

You will wonder if is there anything that is essentially stable or predictable in your life.

It seems that you will not be able to find the answer to this question, as things will just pile up.

Also, it is important to remember that during this conjunction all of us will feel like our minds are not working as usual.

We will feel like we have narrowed down, gotten closer to the darkness, and reached the cold depths of the mind.

For some, it may seem that all of our lives have reached the “limited” possibility and that we cannot move any further.

During this transit, it is very hard to make the right decision or direct thought towards a positive solution.

We can attack any individual that is close to us, cause problems at work and in private life, and endure or inflict treatment at work, the possibility of layoff, and verbal or physical attacks from colleagues or associates.

Please, try to avoid indulging those primal instincts.

This is the transit that is very challenging for all of us.

Not to be too gloomy, but some like to call this connection the bearer of bad news, but this does not have to be the rile, as it all depends on the natal combination and other aspects that are present.

Have in mind that the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto can also mean the depth of thought, where we can find out so much about our world and our nature.

In this sense, it signifies the beginning of searching and analysis, interest in the mystical, of what has been hidden, or simply searching in the most hidden tunnels of the mind.

Advice for all with a restless mind is to enjoy reading the old literature or going back to the classics and showing more interest in history, or archeology.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Synastry

This is by no means, a love relationship between the two lovers that are seen as normal.

Lover themselves, just as their relationship is much more interested in anything outside the ordinary interests of the common human being.

These two love to experiment and love to lay in bed and watch the grossest horror movies possible and after that, they want to make love, in their own way.

There are numerous fears around this couple, adn they may decide never to have a child.

As a pair, they are interested in their relationship primarily on a psychological level, their primary motive regarding a lover is to find out what remains hidden for most.

This is what they want to discover.

On a more negative side, such tendencies can develop a deep-rooted mistrust that bounds everything that will come later in a relationship, and therefore these two cannot grow, they can only move in a bad direction.

It is important that in this relationship there is understanding and that two lovers share messages that come from the deepest part of their subconscious.

All for the purpose of rising to the conscious part of the personality, avoiding any anxiety states, as they are very much possible.

What follows these two as a pair, is the darkness in the unconscious part of their minds, and a constant fear they will project it into their common reality.

There are a lot of dilemmas, thinking is this way that they should go as a couple, and all of it could be transferred to disappointment in a lover. There can be a lot of dissatisfaction with them.

In the most extreme cases, and this aspect is all about extremes, one of the lovers could have a completely changed view of reality.

He or she may be exhibiting paranoia, and fears and therefore attacking his partner.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Composite 

As we could see the Mercury partner here has a power of reasoning, he is very well spoken or can write amazingly, and maybe he or she is dealing with some trading or traveling.

In any case, this is the lover whose strong points function is thinking and coordination, and here he is the lover that does all thinking and coordinating the direction of the relationship itself.

On the other hand, in conjunction with the planet Pluto, this combination indicates a lover who flirts with old knowledge, forbidden topics, and any kind of intellectual communication.

And the Pluto lover adores such a relation to an individual. He could have an excellent sense of humor, that can be too dark for some, but at the same time, he needs to maintain strong diplomatic rhetoric with the Mercury lover.

It is needed for both lovers to maintain, even in the darkest hours, their focused attention and recklessness.

His (Mercury) analytical nature and intellectual individualism must do good for the Pluto lover, because, in any other case, they could not work.

The Pluto lover can be the one who insists on the dark version of their relationship, and it is the person who has numerous phobias. At times even panic attacks.

For some, it will be a bit of anger or rage, as a reaction that will be conditioned by objective events (like job, position, and its endangerment) and it will show its face in their relationship.

But what this aspect does is that it is also intensified their conscious or unconscious reaction – both of them will have a feeling that they need to “answer” clearly and loudly. But this will be an attack that will not end up well for a love relationship.

Advice, for all those couples that have this aspect, is to understand that this conjunction has its meaning, it is the possibility for both lovers to take some reconsideration.

If they are able it would be a good idea to take a deep dive into the past and even into the essence, thinking about previous actions or decisions, that could make them the people that they are today, and people who carry that certain rage and darkness inside.

In the end, when we are with someone, that person should cure us and make us better, not the opposite.

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