Mercury Conjunct Venus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Some of the planetary connections speak of many things that could be bad and good, but in general, all of them could be used for a person to learn something.

All of these are necessary experiences, and it is important to understand them in such a way; in the same way, planetary aspects provide us with an insight into how things are, and why, along with the idea of how to make the best out of it.

In the case of one planetary meeting, when planets Mercury and Venus meet in conjunction, then this is the story that is almost all made out of love.

Here we can see a lot of talking about love and a lot of showing off that same love.

When these two meet in conjunction there is a major need to speak, write, and, in that manner show emotions of love.

When Mercury and Venus meet in conjunction, and we are just giving this as an example of how this planetary aspect affects us all, in transit, for example, we will have the need to say to someone we love him or her.

This aspect, of course, gives personalities that are amazing with words and are loving creatures who show their love toward every human being.

And, not to forget this element that is maybe the most specific regarding the conjunction between Mercury and Venus is that none of them are good for children, either limiting the number of children or not giving any children at all.

And not all people and couples could deal with this absence.

Mercury Conjunct Venus In General

In practice, as astrologers like to point out, there is hardly any difference between a conjunction and a sextile; the conjunction is only slightly stronger.

In this conjunction, we can see the planet Mercury is the manifestation of the mind, combined with the planet Venus which is the manifestation of the heart, they are joined in a wonderful unity.

They are human beings, who undoubtedly have and easily express their charm, and others truly enjoy their company, as they can be very uplifting and enthusiastic.

Even more, these people can have distinctive artistic talents, and they love to show them off.

They are blessed with the ability to express themselves beautifully through communication, and this is not limited only to words, we speak here about many forms of beautiful communication.

Not only that these people have a lot of eloquence, the grace of movement, as many of them become dancers for example.

What is noticeable here, is that this conjunction also provides a major talent for acting, and music in general.

They could be amazing in writing, rhetoric skills, and jobs, but also for diplomacy, painting, sculpting, and anything that should be done with hands.

Some of them may even find exciting careers as entertainers but also as fashion designers, tailors, etc. Some of them could become makeup artists, etc…

Among these people who have such an aspect in their natal chart, there are definitely those who are amazing with the words, so skilled that is beyond any compare.

They show their love with the words, as they find it easier to say it.

Others may opt for doing it with a meaningful gesture or a gift.

Usually, they are very talkative, especially on the topic of love could speak; and astrologers like to point out that this conjunction brings out charm, the ability to convince others of what they believe.

If other aspects are good and directed toward it, then this planetary energy will trigger the need for a smile, humor, good mood; since these people are so charming and energetic that they can make you feel better in an instant, they can make you sing, dance, smile and be simply happier

They love to move and they have such a lovely nature, with a strong imagination, and creativity, but the main thing is here the reason and cause behind all of these beautiful traits.

The motivation for all of their actions, words, and deeds is always love, as it is the eternal inspiration for them.

Light handwriting, but also the chance that they have some superficial interests.

They can draw well, write well, and be liked in society because they express themselves so nicely.

Love as a motivator, especially love toward another woman is what is present also in this planetary aspect.

There is a grand affection for women, whose presence is never missing in their lives, it could be for their sister or for example, female friends or aunts.

Now, all aspects bring a certain lesson for all of us to learn, here for the bearers of this aspect is to find causes of why they are making certain, even subconscious decisions against parenting, what kind of hereditary disturbances they feel during life, and why.

The conjunction gives good health to the people who have this position in their natal charts, as they are very calm and loving people, who rarely stress out.

There is a firm belief that everything could be resolved with a couple of nice words and a smile.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit

What should we do when we find out that this transit is active, and that Mercury and Venus are in conjunction?

First, all of us should think of love, and find it in our actions and words.

Here, it is important to know that Venus represents the principle of love and is in a good connection with the planet Mercury as it represents the principle of reason.

All around, this position directs its energy to the characteristics of one lover who constantly seeks a lover who is similar to him or her.

This gives a feeling of equality, where both partners have their own saying in what is ok for a relationship and what is not ok; as long as the Mercury lover does not want to overrule all of it.

Can these two work well together, and expand our basic thought, understanding, and views not only on love but on entire life?

The answer is yes – since these two energies meet each other, and wake up in all of us a lot of need for enjoyment, joy, closeness, and communication.

This may be the perfect moment to call someone you love and tell that person that you have missed him or her.

What we can see here is that in all of us the need for a nice word will wake up, and in action, it will be shown that truly a nice word opens an iron door.

Try to knock on all those doors that we closed for you for a long time; and you will see them opened just with the one right, nice word.

The energy of this conjunction is by all means very fiery, full of enthusiasm, there will be room for passion, and romance, all done with the dose of spontaneity.

They have a wonderful time as a pair, and others like to be in their company.

Some of us maybe question the morality of the world and of ourselves pushing us to see the bigger picture of the world.

Sometimes, this transit may invoke or bring the past into this story, and some people from our past may reappear, making us why did we close the door for them.

Those could be old loves or some friends that we forgot of; all of the will appear themselves, uninvited and it will make us think of the past.

The past can be present if we want it to be or not, and it could occur in so many ways.

During this conjunction do not be surprised if memories start overflowing your mind; for some those will be all good memories; the ones that will put a smile on your face, and that will make your heart beat faster.

For others, those will be memories that will make them cry, but they will feel good afterward as they will feel great because that is all in the past.

In the end, even if these were just bad memories, then it is just a reminder that there is something unfinished and that you need to put an end to something.

We recommend, that during this transit, all of you speak about love, call your lover or a crush, and exchange affection and nice words, even with the people you do not know.

Write a love letter, anything that will remind you of how love makes us feel great.

People who do not have a lover during this transit must feel that there are so many around them who are desperate to hear just one kind word.

You are the one who will give it to them.

Don’t be alone during this transit, and if nothing else, think of love, and even if this means that you should think of past lovers.

In any case, stay positive, because only then do positive thoughts call positive events in our reality.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Synastry

Mercury conjunct Venus, in synastry, there is a clear feeling that one lover often feels the need to express its feelings in love openly and clearly with words, and the other one truly enjoys this affection.

These two are exhibiting their love with a lot of words, there are gentle whispers about love on the pillow of the shared bed.

You should look at this couple as a pair that is completely enough for each other, they are enough as they are, and they are taking care of their relationship as much as they can.

Even in older days, they know how to gently and with love speak to each other, and for those who are more traditional, there can be a lot of communication via letters, or nowadays using messages and emails.

Now, why is this relevant?

It is important that these two remain each other best friends and dedicated lovers, as this conjunction is not so favorable for offspring, the person either does not have children, if he or she has them then this relationship is not good, or is simply not interested in them.

In some cases, it can occur that the Venus lover did want kids, no health or other reasons stopped it, but still, it never occurred.

Such cases are associated with a stronger Venus, that is, a stronger sense of responsibility that this person is not up to.

As Mercury is the essential significator of children, in conjunction with Venus it gives people who are youthful in their appearance even if they are much younger.

And as a couple, they usually look younger than they are.

The most important thing about this aspect is that it gives talent in the hands, so you can imagine how tactile these two lovers are, they are all about touching each other, exploring with hands, and finding out what their hands can do.

This position also indicates a love relationship with a younger person, and it is quite possible for the female horoscope – a woman falling in love with a slightly younger man.

In any case, this is one amazing combination that could work well on almost every occasion, if they are able to be happy just with each other.

In this case, their love is filled with the energy of optimism, development, and expansion; so as time passes, their love becomes bigger and better.

The main lesson for these two is to learn how to ride this fiery energy, the energy that doesn’t look back, just go ahead!

There must be a lot of action, done with a lot of enthusiasm; these two can be separated if just one of them rejects to be active in a movement.

They love to travel, even if those are short journeys, as in this way, both lovers are accepting knowledge, truth, the energy of optimism, and generosity.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Composite

Mercury and Venus can be no more than 68 to 72 degrees apart, so only conjunction, sextile, and semi-square positions are possible between them.

This is not bad news to hear, for sure; because, in a certain way, as a pair, these two can truly have one wonderful relationship, even if we know that it could be childless.

In any case, these two work really well, as they are able to listen to their hearts, as it knows best.

The more negative aspect is this, one of the lovers, Mercury will try to and succeed in affecting the mood of the Venus lover, and there can be a lot of conversations about responsibility or irresponsibility in their common life.

The Venus lover will most certainly respond with capriciousness, along with the energy of independence and freedom, that at times, could be the problem for the Mercury lover who wants to put all under his control, not necessarily in a bad way.

May all of this be as it is, this conjunction between Mercury and Venus could be one of the most impressive loves there is.

It is the kind of love that surely awakes inspiration, vivaciousness, playfulness, imagination, and crazy love.

Both lovers here have an opportunity to express the full strength of their personalities through this love.

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