Mercury in 11th House – Synastry and Meaning

There is no more accurate way to find out who you are, what the prospects are for your life, and ways of personal growth than the natal chart.

It is truly something that can help you manifest all that you have been secretly wanting to do.

You only have to learn a few basic things, and everything will start to unfold in front of you.

No one has said that the natal chart predicts the future; rather, it directs you toward ways that you should take on that are best for you in the long term.

Experts say that using the information that comes from the natal chart, which is unique for all of us, there cannot be two identical natal cards.

You can truly unlock the secrets of a happy life and understand deeply what you do not have and the reason behind it.

Even more, you will, if you dig even deeper, learn how to accept flaws and problems and change your view on them. What an amazing tool.

Simple—by looking into the natal chart, we can see the division into twelve parts that are called houses.

Today we will take a deep look into the meaning of the Eleventh House in the Natal Chart, but with one specific detail: it is in Mercury.

What does this position mean, not just for the person who has such a position in their natal chart, but also for their love life, and personal life?

What does the good position mean when it comes to this House, and what does the bad position suggest? Find out here.

In the beginning, we must say that a lot of factors change how the Eleventh House in Mercury is manifested in the life of a person, so take this information as a guideline, not as a given fact that is implied in everyone’s natal chart in global.

The Eleventh House in Astrology

To start, we will take a look at what it means to be the Eleventh House—it is the house that is connected to wealth, felicity, and achievements, but in a much bigger sense.

This is the field that is associated with any progress you want to achieve in life, and here we are talking about the manifestations of your dreams.

Here, we can see hidden goals that perhaps you do not want to say out loud.

Every planet that is in this house reveals all about our source of income and a lot about our material status.

This is also the field that is connected to associations, affiliations, partnerships, organizations, etc.

Here we can learn a lot from friends and people who are around us. Anything that has to do with communication, but not in a romantic way, but more about friendly feelings that have feelings, of course, but not of a romantic nature.

Any social activity that we want or do not want to do is hidden here, and it shows why we are like that in interpersonal communication.

This is the house that speaks of our surroundings and reveals our position in them. It shows your inner relationship with your siblings and friends and how you receive and give love to all of them.

It is in some ways, practical, but also a kind of love, that is sometimes over-direct which can be uncomfortable, and annoying at times.

But, have in mind that these people do not want to hurt anyone to make them feel, they have good intentions in their minds, it is just that sometimes they put directness over other things.

Additionally, this is the house connected to the planet Uranus. It speaks of sudden movements and alterations that we can have in life. It speaks of an ideal of freedom and good luck.

It is connected to our potential to be more human and unselfish, generous, and philanthropic.

Mercury in Astrology:

In the solar system, Mercury is known to be the smallest planet of all others, and it is the closest planet to the Sun.

It is the representation of our mind, reason, and transmission of any kind, words, ideas, etc.

In its relation to the Sun, we can say that Mercury is related to the Sun in a way that it brings this center to the ground, brings it back to reality, makes sure that things are working in the best possible way, but not only that, it ensures that Ego, or the Sun, must be in control.

But, we must also say that Mercury, as the planet that is close to the Sun but is not wet, is a very cold planet. Astrologers say that this planet is not seen as feminine or masculine.

Think of this planet as something in between, neither good nor bad.

Someone said that Mercury is the only planet that is capable of imitating other planets and taking in their energy, so it is flexible and adaptable.

When we take a look at the people who belong to signs that are under the rule of Mercury, by the rule, they have a certain amount of flexibility and tolerance.

We can also see people who are restless and can adapt well to many different situations in life.

They are amazing at communicating, are smart, and love to have many conversations, but they need to be intellectual.

Mercury rules exploration, learning processes, and perception, and those who have well-placed Mercury are very practical human beings, with a mind that is dedicated to the process of solving problems in the most efficient way possible.

They, as a rule, love to travel, move, and change places as much as they can, because it stimulates their minds.

There is a great emphasis on education that is a permanent process that never ends, and it does not have to be conventional in any way, but the main characteristic is that it never ends.

For those who are ruled by the Mercury planet, this is not a hard task, but rather the most natural and relaxing thing in the world. The fact is that their minds must be awake at all times, and they have to do something.

They can fall in love with different forms of art and all those hidden ways of discovering the world.

Some of them are even led by the idea that they can discover what others cannot or won’t even try to do. Even if this may seem illogical, it is not.

This is just the way to find out more about the world than ever before. Maybe they could even be very religious human beings who want to learn all the answers they did not know before.

They can be blessed with a strong intellect that can lead them to many interesting things in life, where they can discover many secrets about our lives, and along the way, some of them may even be very methodological and systematic.

Emotionally, Mercury is not the planet that is associated with the most romantic feelings in the world, and humans are not the most romantic beings in the world, but they have a lot of interesting friends.

Rarely, or sometimes they could have extremely close relationships with others, but that someone must be a mentally strong person who can have the same conversations and have the same interests so that they can have long intellectual conversations.

Good aspects, of course, present the best qualities of this youthful and communicative fellow.

Mercury rules speech, written words, nonverbal contact, etc. Those who have well-placed Mercury are well-spoken, intellectual people who are listened to when talking. They are extremely well-informed.

Of course, this is not given-because other aspects and relations between the planets can affect a lot how these traits will exhibit themselves. In the worst-case scenario, people who are affected by this impact have difficulty communicating with others; they have difficulty expressing their feelings with words. They can be misunderstood and people can see them as problematic, even weirdos.

In the worst possible ways, Mercury can affect people in a way that they can become compulsive liars, manipulators, and crooks.

Mercury in the Eleventh House 

Now, the main topic in this piece is this: what kind of implications does Mercury give when it is positioned in the 11th House?

What does it mean when it has such a position, and in what way does it affect people?

So, when this planet is seen in the 11th House, then those who have such a position in their natal charts are extremely friendly and communicative, and they are extroverts at their core.

Making new friends, being sociable, and knowing how to have fun; it is something that these people can do with ease. They have so many new people in their surroundings; they know everyone and everyone knows them.

It is very joyful to be close to them because they can talk and have fun, and also be serious when needed. Being in places where there are a lot of talks is normal for them. They can speak and share their ideas. These are the best possible surroundings for them.

The personalities of these people are very rational; they work practically and want to try anything if it eases their minds.

If you look and listen to them, you will see that they want to share as many new ideas as possible, they want to be followed, and people usually see them as brilliant, almost like geniuses.

They can strive toward success and want to achieve a lot in life. They are innovative, and in some cases, they want to give to the world something new that will alter the known reality.

If they can put their strength into being useful to humanity, they are those who have Mercury in the 11th house, who achieve the best results when they are dedicated to social service and when they are dedicated to making the world a better place. You will see how many people that have such a position in their natal charts are great humanitarians.

One more important thing is that these individuals are guided by some great cause, and just the idea that they will be able to achieve it makes them great people.

They work best when they are associated with similar people. In this way, they can exhibit ideas and goals and make up the most wonderful ways to achieve them.

Along the way, they learn how to be more and more practical and understandable; how to speak to others without any need to dominate, but to understand; how to become more and more tolerant; etc.

Prejudice is not in their work because all the people who have such a position of Mercury do not have any, and want to ensure all others have the smallest possible amount of prejudice.

Treating others with a lot of respect-being open and honest, direct and with the most practical mind and humanitarian intentions

Others come to them when they are in doubt; when they want to find the answers and learn more about life and how to become more and more practical.

Their advice is practical, direct, and honest. They are the friends that you look for in life, and it is good to have them as such.

It is not a surprise that they can have a lot of compassion for others.

They enjoy changing locations and traveling frequently, and their jobs are frequently associated with travel.

Mercury in the 11th House suggests that there will be a lot of travel and a lot of trips and connections with other countries.

They may even find love in some other country, far from the place they came from. Many of them are studying in some different country, and they eventually stay there.

Here, we can notice that they can adapt so well to those countries that it is as if there is no difference between them and the natives. As a rule, they have so many friends around the world.

Mercury in the Eleventh House—Synastry and Transit

The question is, how does Mercury feel when it is located in this house? It feels like a fish in the sea; it is its natural habitat.

When Mercury is in the 11th House, it brings deep knowledge, mutual actions, and particularly those of an altruistic nature.

This synastry here is turning toward friendships more than toward something romantic, and all of the personal connections these people have are based on friendships that are stable and comfortable, along with other important things.

These two always like to be with friends that are similar to them, to share similar interests, and to have a nearly full reciprocal agreement in evolutionary status.

In a positive case, the best-case scenario, these two have such a strong connection, and they work well at home and also at work. There is a lot of attraction and love, but with the basis of friendship.

In the worst-case scenario, these two may be very likable people who are friends, but there can be a lot of attractions and possible overlappings.

These two can misunderstand each other, and the communication is so off that even when you know that your lover wants good for you, you do not feel it.

In this synastry, a lover is the same as a friend, the best friend, and a companion. These synastry relations are created based on rational and intellectual stakes.

The matched pairs are socially engaged and can, with great success, collaborate in casual associations and gatherings of similar human beings.

Mercury in the 11th House in transit is connected to group actions, movements, and projects concerning many individuals or companions and is typically connected to work.

When this transit is active – then you should know that this is the moment when it would be great to organize your life more methodically, to make new friends, grow, and have as much progress as possible, not just in your work, but in the entire life.

When you do it with your life, then during this transition you can do good for the entire world.

Also, this transition is not good for breaking relations, and friendships with people, because later on, it is possible that you will need them and you will regret such decisions.

Additionally, during this transition be careful that you are not too shallow because then you will miss out on the real deal and avoid the depth.

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