Mercury in 2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

Thinking under the influence of transactions and money matters. There is efficiency in those areas that are associated with communication: writing, publishing, radio, television, telephone, and teaching.

Committed to higher education to improve your earning chances. They have original ideas for making money; financial affairs are always methodically planned. Many economists, advisors, founders of trading companies.

Your mental faculties and intelligence are directed towards practical goals, and any abstract idea or concept interests you in terms of having a tangible result. You are very interested in finance, economics and ways of making money.

Mercury – Meaning and Info

Here the environment is quite active and constantly attacks a person with various mental ideas, suggestions, contacts with people and, especially with a harmonious II house, material gifts; in case of defeat, because of ill-considered interactions with the outside world, unintended spending occurs.

It is difficult for a person to relax mentally even on vacation; his brain quickly begins to get bored and play with itself or simply generate a speech stream, perhaps not very interesting, but energetic, which often irritates others.

The environment to a person seems to be very dynamic and rational, he builds his behavior in it on rational principles (with Mercury in a water sign, this is softened, since strong emotional influences are mixed into the motivations dictated by reason).

The details depend on the aspects of Mercury, but in any case, the value system is based on a rational understanding of the external world and has been well coordinated with the social for a long time; in any case.

money as a symbol of the main value of the environment remains up to a very high level of elaboration of this position of Mercury (another ideal is “I want to know everything,” in the information sense), and it is very difficult to convince a person, rather he will talk you over in any dispute about non-specific ethics behavior in the surrounding world.

In things, a person is attracted by utility, applicability, manufacturability – he is indifferent to their appearance, gravitates to things that are inexpensive and not durable. If he buys a large item and if it is collapsible (for example, a computer), then he buys in parts.

Accumulates information carriers (which he does not always use). His library is not available, there are many books, but of them, he manages to read less than 20%.

When Mercury is struck, it is even more difficult to make out what a person needs and what does not. Loves office supplies, good notebooks, and expensive pens.

Self-esteem. The position of Mercury in the second house shows that the mind is at the base of judgments about oneself. Thinking is somewhat self-centered because it is busy discussing matters of personal “virtue and depravity.”

2nd House – Meaning and Info

The second house, also called the House of Values ​​(possessions), is everything that is associated with property, material things (cars, clothes, jewelry, and the like).

The second house, or dhana-bhava (house of finances), determines how someone attracts money (or pushes it away) and also disposes of it. It is the ancestral home traditionally ruled by Taurus and its ruling planet Venus, respectively.

In particular, the second house governs everything related to the financial situation; it is responsible for both income and expenses. It is easy to understand from it that conscious decisions regarding financial flow have a very large impact on life in general.

Movable property falls into this category, while houses and land are managed by other fields. The house expresses not only the personal assets of the owner, but also his relationship to them. In particular, the second house governs everything related to a specific financial situation.

Lending and borrowing money are also shown in this position, and they define the native’s comfort zone, especially with regard to his emotional security or lack of it, in terms of material stability.

Ironically, it also manages self-esteem and the link between ownership and dignity. It is considered the house that shows what kind of career a person should follow, along with the 6th and 10th houses.

The second house indicates what kind of work will bring good benefits to the native, but does not necessarily indicate a career that he will enjoy.

Although he talks about what we have, he is not limited to just material things. We own our feelings and emotions, as well as our inner self, abilities, needs and desires. Our possessions should improve our lives and the lives of others and contribute to a general sense of well-being.

The Sun The presence of the Sun in the house of material values ​​makes the owner of the natal chart to be closely connected with his things.

It is responsible for personal brilliance, has a lot to do with your personality and how you see yourself. The native has an extremely strong desire for financial success, possibly related to the need to “show oneself” to family or society.

The sun is the third most useful planet in this house (the rest are Jupiter and Venus). It definitely helps attract wealth. The sun, like Venus, encourages not only to accumulate wealth, but also to spend it.

Moon When the Moon occupies the second house of a person’s natal chart, everything related to his wealth and property becomes extremely important for his safety. This placement also indicates that the person is emotionally attached to their finances.

Such people devote most of their income to their family and those closest to them.

The problem that the Moon in the 2nd house can create is being overly attached to people. The same can appear with respect to objects, especially if they carry some memory and nostalgia.

It can be difficult for them to part with the things they like, and in extreme situations when the Moon is severely overwhelmed, they can literally fill their wardrobe with useless things.

In the event that Venus is also present in the house, or aspects the Moon, overspending on luxury items is possible.

Mercury When a native has Mercury in the second house, his intellect is a great tool for making money. Their minds are structured in such a way that they just know how to make money and can easily find ways to get it.

Typically, this ability develops through reading; such people will spend a lot of time and money on books, software, tutorials, and education.

They are capable of thoroughly analyzing the data obtained, and are excellent at everything when it comes to numbers. They will have many ideas on how to increase their wealth and make the right investment. This is especially true if Mercury has good aspects to other planets.

Mars When Mars, the red planet, is in the second house of the natal chart, its influence mainly affects the areas of life associated with money and possessions.

Mars can be considered harmful, and does function that way when weak due to sign placement or adverse aspect; however, if he has a strong position and good aspects, he can bring a lot of wealth through hard work and great effort.

People who have Mars in their second house prefer to have their own business and actively create their own money, as they don’t like working for someone else who will keep most of the profits for themselves.

The material goods acquired by a person with such a disposition are a fetish that they do not like to share with other people. They do not like to borrow their personal belongings; they are proprietors and love to admire their belongings.

Mercury in 2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

The challenge is to make judgments about yourself based on accurate and objective self-perception. A clear knowledge of yourself, despite the seeming sometimes-painful self-examination, can only help you.

Ownership. You organize your property rationally; the very nature of your property reflects your mental orientation. You are attracted by means of communication or objects that can be used in the future to expand contacts with people.

As in the case of the Moon, here you also constantly reside, and in the space of property, however, the reasons for such a finding are not related to feelings, but to curiosity. Possessions, especially new ones, dispel boredom.

When an object loses its mental appeal, when it no longer trains your brain, then it is no longer of value to you. The challenge is to use your possessions to meet the constant demands of your nervous system for a new stimulator.

Money. Your thoughts and communication with people are often centered on the topic of money resources, their acquisition and spending. As in the case of the Moon, fortune can turn to you either front or back, but the accent in this case is mental, not emotional.

Money is used to create mental stimuli, to continue education or to facilitate communication with others, maintaining a sense of being connected to a network of ideas.

The challenge is to view the acquisition and spending of money as an endless game, an incentive that develops the rational abilities of distinct perception and organization.

Self-organization. The main way of exerting effort is mental, not physical; head work. You prefer to analyze tasks rather than using muscular energy to complete them.

Thinking and communication are the most natural areas of work, although physical movement is also necessary to create a sense of contentment.

The annoying repetition drowns out your motivation. The task is to divide the work into a number of smaller tasks, sequentially switching your attention from one task to another until then, until the work is over; in this way, you maintain a high interest in the work and turn it into a game.

Sensuality. You have a lively feeling; your nervous system is more responsive to the pleasures of contact. You are terribly interested in physical sensations, the connections between bodily experience and emotional response.

This position of the planet does not correlate with excessive sensuality, for Mercury is a neutral planet, indicating more cold interest than any particular feeling of sympathy or antipathy.

The position of Mercury in the second house shows that thinking and communication are almost sensory experiences; physical pleasure is acquired through mental stimuli. The challenge is to view thinking as an expression of personal pleasure; understand that the brain is the most sensitive organ of the body.

Thinking under the influence of transactions and money matters. There is efficiency in those areas that are associated with communication: writing, publishing, radio, television, telephone, teaching. Committed to higher education to improve your earning chances.

Your mental faculties and intelligence are directed towards practical goals, and any abstract idea or concept interests you in terms of having a tangible result. You are very interested in finance, economics and ways of making money.

Mercury in the 2nd house – business ability, a taste for entrepreneurship and material savings; economic thinking. A person can actively develop his interests and intellectual activity in matters and matters that have specific benefits. Not inclined to hang in the clouds often.

They can successfully prove themselves in publishing, teaching and areas related to the transmission of information: television, radio, etc., as well as in the economic and purely financial spheres. They know how to navigate the conjuncture.

Work and activities in general in areas related to communication: correspondence, publishing, radio, television, teaching, translation. Original ideas for making money; financial affairs are always methodically planned out.

The sign and the planet with which Mercury is associated with the aspect determine the area in which transactions are made and which is profitable.

These people are quite talkative, but pleasant. They can earn money by publishing, lecturing, and etc. activities. They spend money on charity, eat well, and have jewelry, fine clothes, and good friends. They carry with them an atmosphere of childlike innocence. They may come from a large family or have many children themselves. They work well in clerical work.

Such a person primarily appreciates what can be used in practice. He is interested in money and business; he often goes to extremes, becoming too generous or very mean. Successful in business and teaching. Lucky as an economist, entrepreneur, editor, fiction writer and communicator. The mindset is busy with business contracts and financial problems.

The attitude towards value depends on whether it is associated with specific practical results or not. In spheres of communication, such a person is very businesslike (writing, publishing, media and telephone).


Strives for higher education in order to increase the chances of getting a well-paid job. Always full of original ideas for making money.

The financial affairs of such a person are always methodically planned. Successful as an accountant, secretary, advisor and founder of a trading company.

Often such people are engaged in product advertising or classification. A tendency towards scientific activity is noted.

Often, such people become good administrators or ideologists of large trade frauds. They successfully create commodity schemes and financial mechanisms.

They usually have good earnings, which they spend on purchasing material goods and luxury goods. They often become successful journalists, singers and artists.

Government service and invention can bring profit. All troubles are associated with superficiality and imprudence, as well as with excessive conceit.

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