Mercury in 3rd House – Synastry and Meaning

Many astrologers have spoken of the importance of Mercury in House 3, so we are going to see what the astrological authorities say about this position.

Depending on the time and the vision of the astrologer, the meanings of this position have changed.

It will always depend on the map as a whole, whether the aphorisms expressed here are applied to a greater or lesser extent, and the isolated analysis of this position is not decisive without considering the map as a whole with all related positions.

In the same way, to reach the conclusions that these authors expose, we will have to examine the map in greater depth, contemplating rulers of the domicile, deaneries and fixed stars for example.

He possesses a lively, resourceful, observant, curious and inquisitive intellect, skilled in communication and capable of paying attention to details.

On the other hand, he is dexterous, attentive, adaptable, versatile and studious.

Mercury – Meaning and Info

Here, there is a greater possibility that the born will be noticed for the quality of his expression and his sense of style in communication.

As this is one of the natural houses of Mercury and where the star has an affinity, the mental faculties and learning are well adapted.

Having Mercury in this sector of the chart tends to increase the precision in the presentation of ideas, causing them to be transmitted in a more clear and objective way.

It favors short-term studies, since Mercury assimilates the most superficial knowledge in a more fluid way.

Therefore, intensive courses that require a lot of thought or accumulation of information are always welcome.

One point of attention is trying to control the flow of spoken information, as the brain generally acts faster when it comes to communication, where the person may skip some parts of the story or speak very fast.

Curiosity can be present in many moments of life and this can make the person always aware of the latest topics.

Because you like to convey information, being careful not to say more than you should.

He also tends to be a good communicator, a good student, and learn about anything in a more natural way, with the ability to write well or teach.

There may be increased anxiety and you enjoy moving and talking a lot. Reading, if exercised, is more likely to become a pleasure and an important source of information.

They tend not to stop consuming new technologies and to be informed of news. They also increase the chances of a better relationship with the people in your closest social circle, constantly thinking about how to maintain a proper relationship with neighbors, with brothers and sisters, and with uncles and aunts.

It can facilitate learning in the early years of school, as mental and intellectual processes occur optimally.

Mercury in this position can speed things up even faster, influencing the loss of focus in communication due to an accumulation of information, especially if Mercury is under stress.

Therefore, always try to keep your feet on the ground and, above all, pay close attention to what you are doing, especially when signing important documents or even in traffic.

3rd House – Meaning and Info

Confusion can often arise when interpreting between Mercury and the 3rd house in astrology.

For example, Mercury is in Leo, and the cusp of the third is in Capricorn. Mercury in Leo – I speak brightly, charismatically, with notes of pride, confidently.

However, with unfamiliar people, at the first communication (when the third sector of the map is included in the game), I behave with restraint, cool. I myself do not strive for communication.

Although I have a talent to spark with words, the skill of an orator. Here is such a fine line, which is very rarely talked about.

In astrology, the 3rd house is also closely related to the assimilation of information. This is especially an important moment for children when they need to choose the most effective way of teaching. After all, the archetype of the 3rd house in the birth chart is school.

For example, Saturn in the third – learning alone or at home, it takes a little more time than others to assimilate the information. All material needs to be laid out on the shelves and no rush.

In addition, Pluto is in the third – on the contrary, the more material, the more courses, information that needs to be studied in a short time, the better the result will be.

An important point 3 houses in astrology – is it possible to drive a car, how safe is it for me? Within the framework of this article, I will give the most important contraindications for driving a vehicle:

The best training mode is intensive, fast. There may be a tendency in school – to be the best, an excellent student, or a leader. With neighbors at a low level, conflicts, disputes and skirmishes can arise. When meeting, a person takes the initiative. On the roads, the native can recklessly or drive abruptly.

For information perception, comfort and dimension are necessary. A fast pace will only create difficulties and chaos in the head. With neighbors, either there is no relationship, or warm and harmonious. Neat driving, but if he gets angry, he can drive. Does not show initiative in communication.

Easily absorbs knowledge, but also just can throw it out of my head. Sociable, sociable. On the road, agile and fast. He is not inclined to create strong ties; he knows how to find a common language with everyone.

Intuition plays an important role in learning, as well as methods of presenting knowledge. In communication, he is soft, receptive, always ready to help, but he himself is not willing to contact. Family relationships can exist with neighbors and relatives. Drives the car gently and accurately, often in general he is afraid of getting behind the wheel.

Gains knowledge through play, not persevering. Praise stimulates academic success. Uses communication as a way to show himself, to be proud of his connections, communication skills. If there are brothers and sisters, the native will strive to dominate among them, taking all the attention of the parents.

On the road, he behaves calmly and measuredly, but he will be very offended if someone starts to criticize his driving style.

Easy to learn, loves instructions and diagrams. Remembers only what can be useful in life. If the native is convinced of the usefulness of the subject, then he will study it down to the smallest detail. In conversation, he is very meticulous about words, with notes of cynicism.

The native likes to criticize sisters and brothers. The most disciplined driver on the road – he knows all the rules, is always wearing his seatbelt and never exceeds the speed limit.

In a conversation, a very gentle and intelligent person, does not say rudeness, knows how to quickly win over to himself through compliments. It is emphatically polite relations with neighbors, does not like conflicts.

He tries to maintain peace and harmony between relatives, reconciles everyone and establishes communication. Drives very confidently, softly, without sudden jerks and turns.

Training with overload is necessary (school + electives + tutors), in a calm, measured atmosphere, knowledge will not be assimilated. In communication, it can be sarcastic and cynical; in conversation, it tries to suppress the interlocutor.

With relatives, either a very close relationship in the style of the Don Corleone clan, or a complete rejection and a desire to permanently sever all interactions. Aggressive driving ignoring traffic rules.

An elite education is needed, for example, a gymnasium school with a foreign bias. The child needs circles, electives that will distinguish him from the crowd. Belonging to the elite, being better than others is the main motive for getting an education. In a conversation, he is perceived as a very intelligent and educated person, knows how to conduct small talk.

The native is peaceful with neighbors and generous in advice and guidance. Among brothers and sisters, he plays the role of an educator and mentor, helps with studies. Loves trips, drives with pleasure, and respects the rules.

Gaining knowledge can be difficult, but with due diligence, knowledge and skills can be all life. The ideal option for such a situation is to choose a profession for the child before entering school in order to immediately focus on the necessary subjects.

In communication, a person is cold, at times rude. He maintains subordination with relatives, respects and listens to elders. Drives slowly and unhurriedly, observes the rules.

Learn quickly, ideal for group learning. He knows a lot, is erudite in various fields. He communicates easily and pleasantly, he likes big companies and parties where you can talk to everyone at once. He behaves in a companionable manner with neighbors, likes to participate in various house committees.

He is friends with relatives, communicates a lot, and arranges meetings. On the road, he feels free and at ease, loves to catch fellow travelers to make the ride more fun. Best of all perceives information through pictures and images.

Learning will be easier if the child has the opportunity to fantasize and compose. Remembers complex information through rhymes and songs. Communication is based on the first impression, if the person does not like it, they will not talk at all. She loves to help neighbors: she will share salt, go to the store for my grandmother.

A very close bond with brothers and sisters, maintains communication throughout life. An inattentive, absent-minded driver, often gets into minor accidents, behaves indecisively on the road.

Well, if you are interested in learning astrology and you want to plunge into the atmosphere of mystery, find like-minded people, become confident in the future and just get a new fashionable profession where you can make good money, then take a 5-minute test to determine your personal abilities to practice astrology, to independently find out the answers to any questions.

Mercury in 3rd House – Synastry and Meaning

A person who was born in the HOME with MERCURY is a sane and sensible person. They are distinguished by the clarity of the mind and the tranquility of judgments. Has an outstanding literary talent, which can make him a nice secretary or journalist.

He is interested in all the latest and outstanding research, and, because of this, he is given many knowledgeable people who have no idea about what to do.

He is endowed with a proper pianist talent and the ability to speak fluently, as well as easily handle numbers and facts. Receives ample pleasure from what provides help or support to those around you. This soliciting person always brings the initial projects to completion.

If the plan is hit, then start with a remarkable tendency to overhaul, to hyperactive exposure over children and parents and an unnecessary day.

These people find it difficult to show a sense of measure; they often fall from one extreme to another. Are prone to common habits, like smoking. However, in the main questions he is attentive – before subscribing an important document, he will carefully check them and make sure of their length.

This person is perfectly socially adapted and smart, which, in his own way, will help him to establish connections with people. From such a person can come out a first-class writer or opator, as their original and bright ideas are always interesting to listen to.

They like the feeling of a long way and therefore they often travel. At the same time, they never forget the conversation with close friends and family members.

Often phone calls or an active spelling can start them. For them, it will not be difficult to solve even the most difficult problem at hand. They can build a secretary, a secretary or a scene.

They do not remain in the process of self-education, since they receive from this genuine pleasure. They love to study and enter into discourse with a teacher, study teaching aids and attend lectures with pleasure.

The mind is distinguished by the rapid development of information, but it is distinguished by its lack of understanding.

Most of the rules are related to those situations where the message was not received. In addition, these people can be easily taken out of themselves, if someone is not using their words correctly.

These personalities have a tendency towards scientific activity or astrology. Often they are very popular and in demand, and contacts with him can be very promising. They are more enthusiastic to work in mail or in the transport sphere.

They are active and life loving, they know how to adapt to any vital conditions, and they easily impose unnecessary contacts. He finds himself in constant search for himself and quite successfully finds himself in various hobbies.

For the most part, he will receive at once several forms of opposite profiles. They constantly work with more information flow, which provides them with strong memory and mental alertness, even at the deepest age.


There are energies that stimulate your mind and his body. He has the tendency to express his ideas fluently and has the ability to bring his ideas to fruition.

This is a good position for teaching, getting involved with very detailed work, or working with computers. Writing or speaking are skills that he always has available to use.

Intellect full of versatility, dynamism and originality. His training and information process is based on speed. Impartiality and objectivity in capturing ideas. He is more interested in facts than personal attitudes.

His enormous curiosity makes him deal with several matters at the same time, and feel comfortable in them.

Ease of both spoken and written expression. Good ability to teach others. Use of mental and physical means of communication, with great frequency, to express his ideas.

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