Mercury in 4th House – Synastry and Meaning

A person who was born in the 4th house at the Mercury is distinguished by a high coefficient of intelligence and an excellent memory. He is proud to be members of his family.

He loves to collect various items of antiques, rare books, antique coins and postage stamps.

The adherence to the 4th house indicates that the most important events and situations will be tied to the family theme, as well as to real estate issues.

Mercury – Meaning and Info

The Planet of Mercury symbolizes stable transformations and changes in various spheres.

Therefore, a person all the time pulls to change the place of residence, something to improve or organize repair work.

Before us is an emotive, sensitive, erratic and curious personality with a lovely memory. She loves to write and read, which teaches him the fate of a writer or journalist.

This is a friendly way, which is always a pleasure to take from itself a large number of guests. We would like to arrange a cozy setting for everyone, filled with fresh news and interesting chat.

Has a tendency to frequent travel. Permanently changes the furnishings and furniture in the house.

Possibly, he lives together with some kind of a parent or another. Constantly find yourself in a state of light irritation and easily leaves oneself.

This aspect of the blog travels in a pleasant way in the main trade, agricultural work, activity in the sphere of ecology and geology. In the seventh of this person, it is accepted to nurture children in the midst of intelligence and spiritual self-development.

Such a person is imbued with respect for the history of his family and is therefore of interest in studying his own genetic tree. His home is its strength and place of self-development, since there is always an extensive library, consisting of various scientific works.

This same house is the epicenter of a warm family and friendly community. A person is accustomed to find himself not only with physical food, but also with spiritual food, and often he does it at the same time.

Often his life can be called “life on wheels”, since he can live for a long time at the same place.  With an incorrect distribution of vital energy, conflicts with domineering often occur.

In the quality of the predecessor, they are rarely realized, since the spheres of activity chosen by them are inconsistent and thus the character.

Then he often has a chance to travel and see new places and meet new people. He is constantly worried about how they are doing things at his home.

Thanks to his love for children and education, he can become the owner of a high-class private school or become the chief editor of a newspaper.

This person suffers because of the fact that he does not feel under his support, since the spirit of mediocrity in him and did not find the way of realization.

All the same, all his life he will be cheerful in spirit and pleasant in communion, thanks to what he will make many interesting friends.

Rarely such people leave for free sailing and realize themselves in freedom. They are constantly expanding their circle and acquiring new skills, which is very positively reflected in their maternal bliss.

4th House – Meaning and Info

In general, this is not the most pleasant position of Mercury in the chart. Driven into the depths of the subconscious, he must give very wise life positions (and even then when working out), and in our civilization, as a rule, services of a completely different kind are required from him.

More operational and practical; therefore, a complex of thoughtlessness is likely, especially with Mercury in Taurus or Capricorn, and if defeated, others may consider this person inhibited or frankly dull.

At the same time, a life position, which is realized with great difficulty, requires precisely the comprehension of the external and internal world of a person, ideally – the development of mental control of the energies that set in motion the human psyche and external reality.

At a low level of elaboration, the life position tends to deny the rational principle in life: “Everything that happens in the world is nonsense”; in a cultural version: “the world is incomprehensible.”

Working through changes one’s life position to a more constructive one: “the world should be comprehended,” and its confirmation gives the first glimpse of religious feeling; at a high level, God simply talks to a person, but in such a way that the latter does not have atheistic doubts.

A person tries to build relationships with his family on rational grounds, eliminating contradictions during negotiations. He believes in the power of reason, but tends to underestimate the emotional-empathic beginning (if the top of the fourth house is in the sign of water, or Venus is in the 4th house, this is softened).

Mercury is a crude instrument for solving subtle, purely mystical problems characteristic of any manifestation of the 4th house, so you need to learn the subtleties of thinking and try to always see the boundaries of your understanding; motto: “An intelligent person differs from a wise one by his readiness to answer any question.”

Microcosm. The position of Mercury in the 4th house shows that your thoughts, ideas and all kinds of connections are connected to the most personal levels of self. You spend a lot of time thinking about yourself and the people you love.

What you know you keep secret, and although it is natural for you to be so conservative with the information you have, sometimes this behavior can harm you.

The challenge is to recognize that your thoughts are private and not secret, and to learn to joyfully share some of those personal thoughts with those you trust most.

Personal safety. Home is a place to stimulate your mentality, a traveling carnival of ideas and physical change. Mobility is important for you, because boredom and gray gloom do not sleep, ready to pounce on you when the movement suddenly gives way to stagnation, so you can think of yourself as a person who carries his own house with him.

Mercury is naturally subordinate to the Sun, and the presence of a tendency to frequent movements depends on the state of the Sun, as well as on the map as a whole. However, regardless of the instructions on the card, communication is always important for you: talking on the phone or communicating with the help of letters. You build a sense of endless security with these tools.

The trap is too often to deprive yourself of roots, foundations, or let other people do it; the task is to develop, develop the theme of your safety, shifting the emphasis and changing it simultaneously with changing requirements for your development.

Emotional stamps. Your imprints have been constructed primarily from your observed human behavior and mental instructions. What you saw and heard was a powerful source of motivation for your further behavior, because the rules of imitation modeling work here: “What the monkey sees, the monkey does”.

The impact on your mind was either positive or negative. However, Mercury is the least significant among the ten planets for revealing the structure of the imprinted.

A parent who is “intimately connected” with the person. Although the influence of Mercury is more a modification of the influence of the Sun, rather than an independent influence, its position here speaks of the powerful influence of your mother as a teacher. She structured your nervous system and mental apparatus in infancy.

If your Sun is in the third or 5th house, then, perhaps, your mother was overcome by doubts about what role to choose as a mother, maybe she preferred the cold-dryness of mental contact to the warm softness of emotional contact.

Private intuition. Thought processes are the natural key to private intuition. Given the position of the planet, you have to deal with deciphering the facts, a lot of time is spent on “conversation” with the inner “I” when sorting out situations, problems, or when choosing the best option.

The answers may not be straightforward, but are questions, thus forming an endless dialogue of Socrates: you ask in

Mercury in 4th House – Synastry and Meaning

People who have Mercury in the 4th house in their chart are tied in family life. They are educated, sincerely religious. They make good parents, teachers, critics. They make long journeys and live in picturesque, green places. They own property and good transportation. They are meticulous and demanding.

Mercury in the fourth house: This is the house of education; all authors say that when Mercury is there alone or with favorable planets, a person can get a good education, and his work can be associated with education.

This situation gives a happy family, comfortable cars and frequent trips to foreign countries. He can change his place of residence several times. If Mercury is in a good sign, a person becomes very wealthy. A very good position for a wife. If Mercury is conjunct Venus or Jupiter, these results are amplified.

Mercury Retrograde in 4th House: Man has created disharmony around himself in the past. He was quick-tempered, nervous and behaved in a boorish manner in conversations with those who were next to him. In this life, one must learn to control oneself and treat others kindly. (Mahesh Darmadasa)

Good education, sincerity, love of travel, attachment to family life, ownership of property, vehicles, aptitude for astrology. Help from relatives is possible, his parents love a person with such a standing of Mercury, and he himself becomes a good father or mother.

Mercury in 4th house: good health, academic achievement, frequent change of residence. Mercury in the 1st, 4th or 10th house in its own sign makes a person very tactful. Such a person, however, can be insincere.

The owner of the horoscope will have huge eyes and dexterous, skillful hands. He will be patient, educated and happy with parental love. In the 16th year of life, he will acquire wealth in a dubious way and will own vehicles.

If the lord of the 4th house is strong, then the owner of the horoscope will have his own palanquin. When Mercury is connected to Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, the owner of the horoscope will lose his land property and vehicles. He will be deceitful and hostile to his relatives.

Very beneficial results are attributed to Mercury when he is alone in the 4th house and when the lord of the 4th house is strong. Bad characteristics arise in the case of the conjunction of Mercury with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn. If Mercury is in its sign or sign of exaltation, the bhadra yoga described above arises. When placing an unaffected Mercury in a friendly sign, good results should also be expected.

It should be noted that in the 34th sutra, the word dravyapahara rupena should be read as dravyopahara rupena. The meaning of the sutra would then be: “in the 16th year of his life he will receive wealth as a gift.”

In the modern era, the palanquin that Bhrigu Muni speaks of should be understood as prestigious vehicles or car brands. Phaladipika – education, wealth, happiness, land ownership, good friends and such a negative quality as love of flattery.

“Saravali” – the owner of the horoscope will be rich, educated, possess means of transportation, beautiful clothes and have good relatives.

“Chamatkar-cintamani” – wisdom, loyal friends, lack of hereditary property. The ability to work with finance in the government.

Note: All classical texts mention the favorable results of the position of Mercury in the 4th house. Chamatkar-cintamani, however, says that the possessor of the horoscope will lose his inheritance.

This is likely to happen if the lord of the 4th house is located in the dusthans or if Mercury is in the 4th house as the lord of these bad houses.

With Buddhi in the 4th Bhava, a person will become the owner of an exceptional vehicle, succeed in wealth and the acquisition of grain, is interested in music and dance, endowed with knowledge, education and jewelry.

Comments: The position of Buddhi [Mercury] in the 4th Bhava [house] is considered auspicious. This Graha [planet] governs the intellect, and the 4th Bhava is the Bhava of the heart, soul, mind; therefore, the position of Buddhi in the 4th Bhava must be understood as a combination of emotion and intellect.

If Buddha is in a beneficial Rashi [sign] and receives a beneficial influence, then a person makes very balanced, deliberate and effective decisions, thanks to which he receives, and without much effort, all types of material comfort: a good home, vehicle, popularity, land and the like.

A person’s memory is sharp, he is logical in his judgments, and his arguments can hardly be opposed to anything. Thanks to the power of the intellect, he is successful in happiness and worldly comfort.


He may think for a long time “to do or not to do” before making a decision, but will show the firmness of the decision made.

Mercury is associated with craft, painting, sketching (diagrams) and musical instruments, so a person with Mercury in the 4th house is interested in these things.

His suggestions are thoughtful, rational and witty. He will prove that he can be a good counselor. He has no interest in physical activity. Due to the position of Buddhi in the 4th Bhava, insight grows in a person.

But if Buddha is in a harmful Rashi and receives the influence of harmful Grahas, then a person will suffer losses due to some of his friends, will face public condemnation or accusation, hostility and conflicts with loved ones and, of course.

There will be obstacles in education; the person will be inclined to use cunning or treason and commit treason.

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