Mercury in 7th House – Synastry and Meaning

Born with Mercury in the 7th house is an intelligent, spiritual person, loved by other people, able to speak convincingly. These people dress well, get married early, and have at least some business success. They change jobs or marriage partners repeatedly.

They travel all over the world, they have skillful hands, and they are capable of doing things that require attention to detail.

Mercury in the Seventh House: This is the home of partners, business, treaties, diplomacy. Mercury in this house creates good lawyers, businesspersons, advisers and diplomats.

Mercury – Synastry and Meaning

If Mercury is intact, it will give an early marriage to an intelligent, handsome, thin, young man. In marriage, they will find a partner who speaks and argues a lot. If Mercury is located favorably, the partner’s speech will be pragmatic and should be listened to.

These people are good at tactics of how to behave with partners. If Mercury is damaged, a person can become a cunning, cunning deceiver, and he will have a lot of arguments and disagreements in his marriage.

A damaged Mercury (especially with Mars or Venus) gives interest to other young women. Mars in the 7th house gives bad health to a partner. When Mars and Mercury are together, the marriage can suffer even more.

Mercury Retrograde in seventh House: This person was selfish, unfaithful, and unreliable towards his partners. In this life, they need to think well before entering into any partnerships (marriage, business) and behave responsibly towards them.

Unsettled married life; many contradictions; the spouse is quick in thought and action, and if Mercury is damaged, he is sarcastic, deceitful and quickly loses his temper; if in good aspects – practical, active, intelligent and progressive.

The spouse is usually younger and is often employed or somehow dependent. In general, marriage is carried out because of correspondence or travel and is more from the mind than from feelings or emotions.

If Mercury is damaged: a lot of petty strife, anxiety, trouble due to correspondence, speech, contracts, travel, legal affairs and business agreements with others. Key word: understanding people if in your horoscope Mercury does not have difficult aspects, your relationship with your partner will be respectful and sincere.

Your marriage may be a matter of the mind, not of the heart, and it may happen that you get married several times. Your marriage partner may be a person who is significantly younger than you are, or you yourself will start family life very early. Most likely, you will choose a smart, talented wow and witty partner.

People play an important role in your life, you are also very sociable. This position of Mercury favors all professions associated with public speaking, consulting work, work in the field of psychology and jurisprudence.

Challenging aspects can lead to grumpiness. You are better off solving legal problems without the involvement of a court. Before signing any document, study it thoroughly. Charles Boayer, Betty Ford, Leonard Bernstein, Bob Dylan. Mercury (planet of the mind) in the seventh house: you are looking for intellectual compatibility in marriage and partnership.

You are likely to marry or marry a lively and talkative person. Your love life is filled with conversations. You benefit from cooperation in the field of law, literature and the world of information. Advantages: You are sociable, adapt well to different people.

Frequent quarrels and arguments complicate the relationship. This child will take an interest in learning effective ways to communicate. He would prefer to study with other children rather than study the material on his own.

For him, the social aspect of education is more important than the knowledge that the teacher gives.

It is important that such a child be given the opportunity to perform any tasks together with others, so that he learns to understand the specifics of joint work and the personal responsibility of each of the participants in such a case.

If the partner lets him down by not completing his part of the work on time, he may completely lose faith in the strength of the agreement. This child may have a talent for public speaking and discussion that needs to be developed as much as possible.

7th House – Synastry and Meaning

The relationship with your partner is supposed to be respectful and sincere. Marriage will turn out to be a matter of the mind rather than of the heart. Many marriages are possible. Either family life starts early, or it goes with a young partner.

Such a person tends to choose a smart, talented and witty life partner. In general, people play an important role in his existence, and he himself is very sociable.

The aspect favors the work of a consultant, in the field of psychology and jurisprudence, as well as professions associated with public speaking.

There may be some grumbling and excessive concern with the partner’s opinion. You should try to solve legal problems without going to court. Any document to be signed should be scrutinized before committing itself.

Such a person seeks to exchange thoughts and spiritual cooperation with a partner. He loves to work surrounded by colleagues, is dexterous in dealing with the public, can engage in trade and social activities.

Such people are not only interested in the thoughts of others, but also tend to choose a purely intellectual partner.

They are fortunate as judges and mediators. Improper use of energy creates communication difficulties, disagreements in marriage, non-compliance with agreements and misunderstandings with a partner.

In this case, the partner may turn out to be insincere, indecisive, or overly young. Possible marriage with a colleague or relative. In public service, such a person achieves significant success, possessing a knack for literally all matters related to the public.

He is lucky as a writer, gravitates towards wise people. Perhaps the partner will be malicious and conflicted, excessive criticism from him is not excluded. Trips and journeys will be marked by unexpected, colorful encounters with interesting people.

There is a tendency to enter into fictitious marriages. With all the activity and richness, married life does not bring happiness if it is not possible to master the energies of the aspect. Such a person will be especially successful in co-authorship and collaboration with young people.

It is very important to adhere to strict moral standards and lead an orderly lifestyle, since the aspect predisposes to the opposite. (Mercury is in the 7th house of the natal chart). VII house – striving for the exchange of thoughts and spiritual cooperation. They like to work with partners, not alone.

Dexterous in dealing with the public, they can be sellers and engage in social work, jurisprudence, are interested in the thoughts of people. Marry intellectuals. With good aspects – judges, mediators, consultants.

Capable of psychology. With bad Mercury, ~ communication difficulties, disagreements in marriage, misunderstandings with a partner, non-compliance with agreements, do not sign without checking everything. With a struck Mercury, the partner is insincere, indecisive, and often younger.

Marriages with an employee, a relative. An erudite, intelligent, sociable and popular person. Success in business or as a consultant is possible. He marries early, is busy in various jobs, he has skillful hands.

When the lord of the seventh house is strong by sign, one marriage is foreseen. When the lord of the 7th house is weakened by a fall, position in an evil house or conjunction with Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, divorce is likely, and in the female horoscope – widowhood.

The harmonious aspects of Mercury promise an intelligent, erudite, informed partner engaged in intellectual work. The owner of the horoscope easily enters into a relationship. Disharmonious aspects will endow the partner with deceit, cunning, as well as nervousness, anxiety and fussiness.

The owner of the horoscope in relationships reveals talkativeness and nervousness. The aspirations of Mercury are usually transferred to cooperation or communication with others and the person is happy or not, respectively, in connection with this aspect.

Mercury in 7th House – Synastry and Meaning

Continuing with the series of articles on the influence of the planet closest to the sun, this time we will see the influence that Mercury has on people in the 7th house.

This positioning refers to the fastest planet and that represents the messenger of the gods, the god of commerce and travel.

It should be noted that the Greeks called the star Apollo when it appeared in the morning and Mercury the supposed “star” that appeared at night, anyway they knew that it was the same celestial body.

Perhaps this explains that this planetary conjunction of Mercury in the 7th house characterized by the predominance of the use of reason over feelings and instincts, that is, it highlights the characteristic of the god of reason and beauty.

Let us see in more detail the positive and negative characteristics that this positioning has and the corresponding influence on people.

As we saw, with Mercury in the 7th house, the use of reason, thought and intelligence are enhanced, as well as their power of communication.

People will gain the power of persuasion; they will be more persuasive in their language, whether oral or written, or even with other forms of communication.

Here you can highlight people who work in advertising or marketing since they will be easy to convince and pass the message they want well.

In this planetary phase the tendency will be to work in alliance, as a team, over individuality, the need to discuss ideas, to complement concepts and to make partnerships to diversify the ways of solving problems grows.

They will be interested in topics such as justice, balance and harmony, these thanks to the influence of the 7th house associated with Libra. Topics such as politics, society and activities that involve competition, especially at the intellectual or verbal level, will be increased and will gain strength. They will want to argue with the desire to find the truth.

They will look for their partner for a more intellectual complementation, without a doubt that the feelings will be important, but if there is no fit between the two on the part of the reason, the relationship will have no future.

On the other hand, in this period, you can have an unusual openness in sexual and intimate terms, people can be unfaithful or allow more than one relationship to their partner, but if the option is not to have infidelities, there will be an overturning of affective energy towards other people, without having to have sexual intimacy.

The reason in excess is the main danger with Mercury in the seventh house, the natives could be totally disconnected from their emotional chakra, and this could bring conflicts, especially with those closest to them, where a caress, affection and delivery of affection they are essential.

In associations, if the planets are badly expected, individuals could be distrusted, and thoughts and speeches of deception, manipulation, betrayal and lies would arise, this could end with friendships, partnerships, job losses or marriages.

Affectively, people in this position of the stars will have many difficulties, the need to feel loved, but the inability to express feelings will cause confusion looking for how to fill the void, they can be unfaithful, manipulative beings and there may be divorces in this phase.

The Seventh House governs all kinds of relationships that we make in our lives through some kind of alliance or partnership.

Having Mercury in that place can intensify relationships, making bonding more possible.

The stream of thought may be quite directed to issues involving partnerships in general and the person is likely to appreciate partnerships, with a greater need to discuss and work things out cooperatively. They tend to attract an intellectual or speaking partner and can be good at dealing with the public, especially when there is direct contact with someone, one on one.

Therefore, all activities in which they have to deal with someone, including advice and counseling, may be appropriate.

Topics such as fairness and balance tend to be important, in addition to activities that involve mental or verbal competence, such as debates, for example. Restlessness can also increase.

One point of attention is to be more of hearing and less of speaking, as there is a tendency to speak more and listen less.

Due to a greater ease of mind in dealing with others, it may even appear that the person can read to others between the lines before they even have a chance to express themselves.

Much of the mental energy can also be directed to reflecting on relationships with the spouse.

This is a position of Mercury that suggests many mental interactions with all kinds of people and very good at dealing with the public.

However, if there is no balance, the person may begin to pay more attention than they should to others and need a lot of unnecessary social approval.

It also helps if they want to become good psychologists or public relations professionals.


With such positioning, whenever you sign contracts, do so with great care, especially when Natal Mercury is activated by some heavy traffic.

The rush to speed things up can, at times, neglect a deeper analysis of things, preventing, for example, that the native has full knowledge and discernment of what is being discriminated.

Natives tend to be a bit more concerned with confrontational relationships, so generally speaking, people in this position spend a lot of mental energy trying to understand what the best solution for their relationships is and usually work things out diplomatically and politically.

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