Mercury in 8th House – Synastry and Meaning

Planet Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in the Solar System. Astronomy tells us that Mercury revolves around the Sun in 88 Earth days and around its axis in 59 Earth days. The day on Mercury is 176 earthly.

The distance from Mercury to the Sun ranges from 46 to 70 million km.

Moving in an elliptical orbit, Mercury, on average, every 116 days, occupies a position between the Earth and the Sun. This information is important for astrological calculations.

Mercury – Synastry and Meaning

The Roman god Mercury (Greek Hermes) gave the modern name of the planet. The Romans considered him the patron saint of crafts and trade. He is a beautiful shining god with wings attached to his sandals. Zeus often used him as a messenger, notifying his subjects through him about the decision or the expressed will.

This icon indicates Mercury: The meaning of this sign is quite simple for those who have initial information about the structure of the solar system: a vertical bar in the sign denotes a line of direction from the Earth to the Sun. Horizontal – Earth’s orbit. The circle indicates the globe of Venus, and the half circle at the top indicates the globe of Mercury itself.

Astrologers interpret the planet Mercury in accordance with the concepts of the Roman god, as the patron saint of trade, but not only, is its meaning broader.

Mercury is in charge of the transmission of information. This includes a wide class of phenomena. The transmission of information is speech, conversations; this is the mass media – a newspaper, TV, the Internet.

The bottom line is that wherever information is transmitted from one place to another – by telephone, radio, laser beam, through a newspaper or TV screen, with a letter, in person or over a computer network – in all these cases, the principle of this planet is present.

It is important to understand that the way information is transmitted has nothing to do with Mercury. The method is not under its jurisdiction. Mercury does not rely on laser beams, satellites, or telephone wires that carry news.

In addition, secondly, it is very important to understand that Mercury controls only the transfer of information without changes, from like to like, horizontally. That is – from person to person or from newspaper to newspaper, the same thing.

Of course, with such a transfer, distortions, exaggeration occur; all this is included in the sphere of Mercury.

However, the transmission of information along the vertical does not apply to Mercury, that is, such when information falls from the environment of one nature into the environment of another nature.

Here is an example: God speaks to a prophet and the prophet retells the words of God. God and the prophet are objects of different levels and types, information is transmitted vertically. Accordingly, Mercury has nothing to do with it.

Another example: a scientist is looking for scientific knowledge – such that no one before him knew. The scientist connects with the space of ideas, which has a fundamentally different nature than the scientist himself. Again, there is a vertical transmission of information.

However, when a prophet or scientist begins to retell the information received vertically to the audience, it is already transmitted horizontally.

Learning belongs to Mercury: after all, we learn already known truths from a teacher, prophet or scientist. He just tells us them, and nothing more. Journalism belongs to Mercury. Seeing and transmitting the news is ruled by Mercury.

Help desk, post office belongs to Mercury. Mercury includes taxis, short trips, and walks. Mercury includes tablets indicating where to go, where what is, and what the historical significance of this place is. Badges with the name of the employee are also the principle of Mercury.

The people of Mercury are a mail carrier, a journalist, a sales clerk, a telephone switchboard employee. Well, just – a gossip, yap, chatterbox. Mercurial events – meeting, talking, watching the news, reading a textbook.

It would seem what does money and trade have to do with it? However, of course, if we imagine the travel of money from hand-to-hand or the process of trading, then they are very similar to what happens when information is transmitted.

In addition, information is key to trading success. Indeed, by buying a product and bringing it to where there is a need for it, you can ensure a profit.

However, this requires information that there is no need to carry samovars for sale in Tula and that diamonds in the United States are three times more expensive than in India.

At the same time, Mercury is in charge of the process of buying, concluding a contract, resale, trading shares on the stock exchange, but by no means relates to the creation of a financial empire, capital investment, etc. Mercury is fast money.

We examined the essence of the concept of the planet Mercury in modern astrology.

However, does the astrological concept of Mercury correspond to the astronomical planet of the same name, existing in the physical world, and its movement across the firmament?

In addition, if so, does the movement of Mercury across the firmament have an impact on earthly events?

All these objects from the point of view of the terrestrial observer move in circular orbits. As for the rest of the planets, they move approximately in the same plane with the Earth, in the same direction, but with different speeds.

This leads to the fact that the terrestrial observer sees the planet first moving in one direction across the sky, then the planet slows down, stops, moves back for a while, slows down, stops and again moves forward. In general, it looks like an intricate looping movement.

Call that part of the motion while the planet is moving forward the direct or direct course of the planet. The moment when it stops – standing or stationary planet. The Latin letter “S” designates it.

Backward movement – reverse, backward or retrograde motion of the planet. It is designated by the Latin letter “R”.

8th House – Synastry and Meaning

A person with Mercury in the 8th house can expect a significant life expectancy, good education, happiness, thanks to the study of mystical knowledge, a small number of children, inheritance, and early separation from his marriage partner.

Nervous complaints, a tendency to speak ill of others, a small number of close friends, and knowledge of reincarnation are also to be expected.

Mercury in the 8th House: Difficult childhood, longevity, recognition, reputation. Financial difficulties after marriage.

It is the home of mysterious knowledge and secrets, and Mercury’s analytical mind provides an opportunity to extract the truth from the most mysterious depths.

He can live on unearned money or receive an inheritance. These are justice workers, intelligence agents, detectives, detective authors. For example, the famous detective writer Conan Doyle has Mercury in the 8th house.

Mercury gives excellent intuition and 6th sense here. Such people can be good researchers. All planets in the 8th house give poor results. Of all the planets, Mercury is the least dangerous to be in the 8th house. Mercury in the 8th house gives an easy, sudden, calm death without suffering.

Mercury retrograde in the 8th house: The person had low moral values, he wanted to find the truth superficially, in an easy way. He had setbacks in relationships, in his career because of his harmful nature. Perhaps he was a false preacher.

In this life, a person must be rational in seeking the truth and not follow the path of black magic. One must strive to be honest and pass on the knowledge gained to others.

Long life, good education, mystical knowledge, inheritance, early separation from a marriage partner, a tendency to complain. Such people have few children and few friends.

Mercury in 8th house: interested in psychology, mysticism and sex, has good mathematical ability. Longevity, popularity, prosperity. Bad speaker, afraid to speak to the public. Sexuality problems.

The position of Mercury in the 8th in the sign of Virgo promises fame, success and recognition. When Mercury conjuncts one of the lunar nodes in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, nervous diseases arise.

The position in the 8th house is unfavorable for all planets except Mercury and Saturn. Mercury here gives prosperity, and Saturn – long life, but in other areas, you should not expect beneficial effects from them.

If Mercury is in the 8th house, the owner of the horoscope will live a long life and become the owner of a large plot of land. He will have seven children. In his 25th year of life, he will gain widespread recognition, fame, authority and a good reputation.

If the owner of the 8th house is strong or Mercury is in the sign of his exaltation, or is connected to a favorable planet, the owner of the horoscope will be a long liver.

In cases where Mercury is in a sign of weakening or in conjunction with harmful planets, a short life is predicted.

Mercury in 8th House – Synastry and Meaning

With Mercury positioned in that house, some periods of difficulty in expressing what you think or feel may eventually manifest, making logical thinking difficult.

Such a position of Mercury can also facilitate immersion in certain teachings, occult philosophies or deep studies, where studies can be more focused and research becomes evident, making you feel more affinity with these topics, or at least more curious.

The intensity characteristic of this position sometimes tends to reach the extremes of thought, where the native can communicate with more intensity, but he may prefer not to reveal everything that he thinks.

He tends to get deeply lost in hidden or repressed thoughts, sometimes bringing them to the moon of consciousness and thus gaining a greater understanding of himself. He also tends to show a bit more self-control.

At the same time, this position shows concern when it comes to mutual trust in other people. The concept of power tends to be very important to the person.

Studies on hidden things can also be attractive. Such a position can be very good for making natives perceive other people’s weaknesses and hidden thoughts. You also tend to handle other people’s money well, which may mean some aptitude for a businessperson or woman, using other people’s capital to earn money.

In addition, a point of concern is the relationship with the banks, the control of taxes and loans.

There may be extraordinary mental activity in times of crisis or emergency, as well as greater understanding in areas that are beyond ordinary experience.

Eventually, ideas may arise where the mind collects stimuli from a state of consciousness that is beyond the limits of the common notion of time and space, as in an astral projection, for example.

Sexuality also tends to take up a lot of space in the mind, because it represents a fundamental degree of fusion, intensity and transcendence for people with this Mercury position.

However, attention must be paid to robbery or theft throughout life, since Mercury is the natural signifier of thieves and the eighth House is a house of losses, especially financial ones.

On a deeper level, the eighth house is about the great transformations we make in our lives so that we can be reborn as new beings; therefore, this positioning of Mercury denotes constant and eventual profound and regenerative changes in the way of thinking and assimilating the processes that occur in your life.

Mercury in the 8th house is influenced by a house of mystery, sudden changes, catastrophes, profound transformations.

It is also a house of occult knowledge, healing and death. Many astrologers view this house negatively.

However, Mercury in this house can also give very good influences to people. Next, we will see the positive and negative effects that the conjunction of Mercury generates in the 8th house.

In this house, individuals will be with an investigative spirit, they will want to find the underlying cause of things, they will want to know the secrets of life and meddle in hidden things.

This will make them pay attention mainly to the relationships between people, how they express themselves emotionally and intellectually.

This investigative character could give great impetus to people who are dedicated to psychology, psychiatry, scientists, commerce, finance, and all those professions and trades in which it is necessary to know the interaction between people.

Curiosity can manifest itself in various areas with Mercury in the 8th house, there could be spiritual or material searches and the interesting thing is that “he who seeks finds”, therefore, they could discover some secrets that they would use for their own benefit, for their beings nearby or for the community.

From this point of view, they can be financially successful, reach higher spiritual levels, or gain prestige and fame in their environment.

Death, understood as a transformation and a rebirth, is positive in this phase; they can transform themselves, adapt to new situations and always be ready for changes that help them to their own personal development. There is a power of regeneration of activities and a rapid recovery, for example from diseases.

In affective relationships they will be very good at communicating, they will have the ability to explain complex things simply.

An air of mystery will captivate people and they could have many romances in this phase, s*x will be very important at this stage, they will be active uninhibited lovers with a lot of originality.

With Mercury in the eighth house, one of the negative traits that can emerge and gain strength is the concealment of things.

It is a stage of reserve of mystery and many times, you can enter areas where it is necessary to hide certain matters in the dark, doing things in hiding does not give them peace of mind and generates a lot of distrust in their surroundings.


Individuals in this planetary conjunction will have serious difficulties in expressing their true feelings; it will not be easy for them to find the affective ways to express love with their partner, for example, causing fights or recriminations from loved ones.

Another negative characteristic is selfishness and lack of commitment.

Many times they will fight exclusively for their own interests, they will manage their money selfishly and they will forget those who are by their side, in some way, they do not want commitments with people, they could be very hesitant when signing agreements or committing to some cause.

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