Mercury Sextile Neptune – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Mercury and Neptune in a connection make our feels excessively exposed to all temptation and it could truly be a thrilling ride.

Mercury is the planet that is in charge of all transportation and above all communication and found them with a master of the senses, and the unknown the subliminal mind, then the sextile aspect can come as a manifestation of psychic capacity, or a powerful and factual instinct.

Those who have such an aspect have very strong instinctive capabilities, as they function as an aid in every one of your relations in life, including love relationships.

This is one very interesting aspect between these two planets that cover two completely different aspects of our lives, where one is in charge of our rational minds and the way we communicate within ourselves and others, and the other is in charge of our subconscious mind and the way we feel.

The sextile of Mercury and Neptune is the planetary position seen as the great position for relaxation, creativity, communication, and spiritual awakening.

Mercury Sextile Neptune in General

People that have this aspect in their natal charts must learn, even early in life how to avoid things that do not serve them; since they can harm themselves if they are listening to the reasonable part of their minds and their senses.

Doing so, people who have this sextile in their chart can truly go crazy – think of all situations in yor life when you feel that you are torn between the mind and the heart.

If you want to know what the typical day of these people looks like, it is something like this – there are numerous activities that these people avoid, feeling that those things are not nurturing their souls.

But, they surely have their regular daily activities and routines.

They are aware of how this is important, they find the time to relax, rest and connect with the spiritual, as the most important element to meet.

To a certain extent, in their personality, we can see that idealism is at a high level, and their views are inspiring and imaginative, so they are able to compensate for their occasional lack of reality.

Their power of visualization is extremely strong and effective, and therefore these people are great in their jobs, if they choose them correctly, it has to be the job that gives them enough time to show their creative side, to make a profit, to speak to colleagues, and to show how creative they are.

If they are able to follow such a pattern then they will live their lives as a miracle, like everything works out for them.

The most important lesson, that they learn their entire lives, is to trust their intuition, and dedicate themselves to spiritual learning if possible, even as a hobby.

It will bring them so much good that it is unmeasurable.

It is more likely to contribute to an intuitive understanding of their environment.

This transit can make people who have this position in their birth charts so receptive to daydreaming about what an ideal world might look like.

It is important not to be lost in these imaginations and to find reality.

That’s why the most relevant lesson for these individuals is the need to obtain the knowledge that was the product of their imagination and a dream world and make sure that it fits into reality.

They must learn not to make important decisions and to give themselves a day to think and rest.

This is an aspect of liberation, with a focus on the imaginary world of dreams, but it has to have its balance; since imagination will be further enhanced and intuition will be emphasized, but without a healthy balance it can go any further.

If these people want to make the best of their lives and not wander into the world of imagination, then they need to find a room for relaxation and spiritual awakening through creative activities, music, and reflection.

Idealism is at a high level in the lives of the people who have this aspect, and it is manifested in numerous ways.

One of them is that these human beings are exceptionally inspirational and imaginative, and their power of visualization is strong and effective.

Seen in their work and also in their private life.

To conclude, people who have this aspect in their natal charts are blessed to have significant insights, are able to trust their intuition, and are made for spiritual work.

On an exaggerated note, they are willing to follow the exuberant imagination and have a pronounced tendency to fantasize and follow sudden ideas.

On a more moderate one, they are the beings of inspiration, who at times have a premonition of upcoming events and understanding of things on an intellectual and spiritual level, much more than others.

Mercury Sextile Neptune Transit

In many ways, the Mercury and Neptune sextile brings for all of us, when it is active as a transit, an opportunity to free ourselves from everything that bound us to the material world.

This could be the moment when we will realize that we do not need material to be free, or even more to be happy.

For many of us, this transit could signify the beginning of a life in which an abundance of individual resources will be the basis for inner wealth.

We will come to the realization that we can move on, only if we are able to look more at our inner worth.

This transit brings necessary one notion – the one that makes us understand the world on a deeper level.

This sextile, in fact, shows what are the reasons why we tied ourselves to the world in which the priority is on the material plane, why we ever chase finances, and that material life, when the inner life is much more important.

This transition can suggest that all of us should pay more attention to the world of dreams and imagination, since, at times, it can hide answers to all the questions we ask ourselves that we try to answer with our rational minds, but we are not able to do it.

And with sextile, we are able to look beyond the rational mind.

During this transit, there is one voice that we can hear, and that voice belongs to a child.

This transit between Mercury and Neptune brings sharpened intuition, and it reveals our inner child and its voice.

It has been hidden within us and it will now speak and remind us of what we owe to ourselves -unconditional and complete love, without uncertainty.

Also, it is said that this transit has a lot to do with the point of your soul where we hide our most gentle version of ourselves hidden, as well as the inner voice that often helps us find ways out of various situations.

Now, is the moment to let that voice speak.

And one more thing relevant to mention when this transit is active- this is the perfect period of great growth and opportunities for all those engaged in creative or spiritual work, or those who want to be involved in such a work.

It is very likely that during this transit numerous spontaneous contacts with spiritual or idealistic ideas may also appear.

Society may recognize us as being with extraordinary sensibility if we are able to give it an appropriate expression.

Many people during this transit will begin to engage in certain hobbies that will bring them peace and relaxation, and our task is not to judge them; all of us have the right to choose what is our hobby.

Our senses are extremely sharp during this transit, and it is very likely that we would have the need to listen to our favorite songs.

Mercury Sextile Neptune Synastry

Having these two planets, Mercury and Neptune, in a sextile position, in a synastry, brings enhanced senses, and extraordinary sensations – and these two lovers will most certainly feel it, as they will make love like never before.

Breaking boundaries and enjoying in complete terms.

Mind, body, and soul are connected in this relationship and it is the only way it can work in a long term.

In this synastry, words can become means of comfort, healing of the soul, and a powerful tool for achieving desired goals.

These planets have the most beautiful effect on gentle and romantic souls, while those who observe the world through the prism of patterns slightly stray into the world of imagination and illusion.

Always when you find the planet Neptune in the natal chart, you must know that it is the planet that is in charge of the higher forms of love, and here the spiritual one falls into the place.

This notion should not scare you – it should inspire you to look for the same spiritual connection in your environment.

On the other side of the sextile connection, we can see the planet Mercury as it represents the concept of communication in its most general way.

In synastry, it depicts a relationship where lovers shade more tenderness than they would normally do.

If these lovers are able to follow each other, then this sextile has a beneficial influence on the expression of their talents related to imagination, imagination, poetry, or artistic preference.

It is very likely that the Mercury lover is following the Neptunes need to be expressed in such a way, but the main thing is that they must follow each other.

In many ways, the sextile of Mercury and Neptune brings, in synastry brings the opportunity to be free from everything that is bound people to the material world.

This love life as a relationship works when the abundance of individual resources is the basis for inner wealth, and it stays the basis for the future.

However, in these two are willing to move forward, it is necessary to understand on a deeper level the reasons why they tied themselves to the world in which the priority is on the material plane as the Mercury lover is used to function.

Simply the balance is what is needed here, and then through the world of dreams and imagination, and the world of communication, they have the access to a happy relationship.

Mercury Sextile Neptune Composite

In the field of love, we have already said that the sextile of Mercury and Neptune brings people awakening, in a way that they are ready to become more open about who they are and who they can be to their lovers.

This connection speaks in fact of the opening of the heart, and beautiful emotions, and this is one relationship that connects kindred spirits, that these two truly are.

When they are acting according to their true nature, the Mercury lover is open and honest, and the Neptune partner is able to make their love affair the most wonderful fairytale of all, then they can realize all that they have dreamt of.

Having this aspect these two can realize their deepest dreams and aspirations, and progress as a couple.

But, one thing should never be forgotten and that is the possibility of a little danger of being fooled by Neptune’s lover’s tendency to create illusions, bringing negative influences into the relationship, and making it end, even if it had all that it needs to have to last.

There is no doubt that this sextile provides an excellent interval to realize the deepest dreams that these two lovers have, especially Neptune, but Mercury is the lover that wants to make all those dreams come true.

The advice here is to listen to advanced intuition, all for the purpose of the improvement of communication in this emotional relationship.

Allowing the Neptune lover to feel the Mercury partner energy more clearly, especially if it is toxic, could be the perfect thing to do, to prevent any mishaps that will inevitably come when the mind opposes the soul.

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