Mercury Sextile Saturn – Synastry, Transit, Composite

If we are looking into the sextile positions that are created between the planets, it is the position that is around 60 degrees, and astrologers say it is the position that has a slight merciful effect or a tiny “increase” to the comparable points of planets.

We can also add that the trine and sextile aspects of Saturn and Mercury are seen as very good.

All those who have them are very stable people, who have firm personalities and are very intellectual.

They efficiently reach knowledge and are able, when they are ready to do so, to use this knowledge in a practical way. Communication in a logical way is the essence here.

Mercury Sextile Saturn in General

First of all, have in mind that these two planets, Mercury and Saturn consistently express cognitive strength and powerful personalities.

This means that those who have such an aspect in their natal are people who most commonly are endowed with strong intelligent power and an amazing memory.

In this sense, their intellectual strength could not be compared to anyone else, but there is a matter of how this intellectual power is used and for what purpose – how far they can reach, and how much success they can gain in life.

This is the aspect that provides one interesting opportunity for all those who have this position in their natal – it gives people a chance to comprehend the complexness and fluidity of forms, limitations, and strategies that are in order.

All those who have this aspect have the sextile postion between Mercury and Saturn have a deep desire to become more pragmatic and not just to theorize.

Here we can see the mind that goes beyond rules and understands how the theory goes but leans above the boundaries.

A lesson these people must learn during their lives, and is a karmic lesson that maybe it takes a lifetime to learn, and maybe at times, this is not enough.

Comprehending that losses are essential to the possibility of success and the importance of practice, not just a theory.

So it is not enough that these people know what they want and how to do it, but also on to do it in some actual terms.

And they must understand the simple truth that is so applicable in their lives – errors are more than welcome, they will learn from them and find the solutions they can use.

They can perform with the greatest of ease tasks that others see as boring and painful, but those who have the sextile position in their charts know that they can succeed in this way.

Work is the area where they can progress, even if for some that kind of a job could seem tedious or boring.

Via their knowledge of procedures and organizational systems, they can truly find great success in being great representatives or agents who can coordinate the requirements between employees or customers, and firms.

Any type of mediator can perform really well having in mind that they can learn more about how to be more diplomatic.

One of the most interesting characteristics of these people is this – we have said that they have of kind mind, that is above anything else systematic and methodical.

Their way of thought sets the course for how things will be conducted in their lives. But, what we must say is one more negative characteristic that comes from Mercury and Saturn in a sextile position.

Yes, it truly does provide a deep mind, but also emphasizes suspicion and cynical views on life, that they can spend entire lives correcting not being truly able to do so.

It is not an easy task to persuade these individuals into anything, and therefore to make them alter their manner of thinking, this is a so-called mission impossible, to be honest.

They are known for their uncompromising nature and immutability of individual perspectives and beliefs.

If you want to make them believe in anything you say, you must provide them with numerous pieces of evidence, and even then, the task of convincing them is going to be very, very hard.

These individuals are in fact, looking for evidence and fact in all that surrounds them because they are not able to believe in any different way.

This trait that we find in their personalities is something that is truly problematic in interpersonal relationships, more than in any work.

You can imagine how their loves must feel, when they ask for evidence of any of their actions – proof that they are loved, proof that their lovers are not lying, etc, etc.

It is not a relationship that is based on trust, and therefore it can hardly work.

All of you who have this aspect in their natal charts are without a doubt, hardworking and trustworthy human beings who are more than willing to discover and elevate any lessons that may come their way. Also, they are the people who are prepared to learn alone and do a lot of examinations.

When it comes to romantic contacts, we can say that those who have such a sextile position, in their natal, are not very warm people, on the contrary, they often appear remote and extremely careful, and in everything, they see at least a drop of negativity.

It is very easy to see that they do not have a lot of optimism at their core, and do not observe life from a positive point of view.

But, it is said that they can make up for what they lack in positivity with their mental strength.

They have pronounced cognitive stability and analytical thought, mostly seen when problems arise, and tragedy comes.

In such moments, they stay completely collected and with steady feet on the foundation, which permits them to respond satisfactorily and at the correct moment, dodging moments of major panic and being thoroughly clogged in stressful circumstances.

Mercury Sextile Saturn Transit

This transit that is in effect when Mercury makes a sextile postion with the planet Saturn is, in fact, the representation of the possibility to transmit or mediate between corporations or any part of governmental establishments and the particular worker, or maybe a consumer.

So, what does this transit means when we observe daily relations – this transit suggests obtaining feedback from those who are end users of something, and that kind of information must be used to inform the administration on what to change and how to deal with the suggestions which come from the customers.

All of this is truly important since only this two-way communication can lead toward progress.

This is not a long transit, in fact, it comes twice in one year, in longer periods, like every ten or more years.

It is a very brief transit, but to a certain extent, it comes as a chance to upgrade, and the possibility of developing new creations, favors, or demands.

What is also plausible to happen during this transit is for all plans and agendas to work, this is the perfect moment when all of us who are not as good organizers, to become great ones.

It will seem like everything is amazingly clear like you are wiser than ever before, and what is even more, you will be able to organize anything with ease, even if you could ot believe that you will be able to do it.

With this transit between Mercury and Saturn, almost all of us will become better organizers (even if the only thing that we should organize is our home, we will be able to do it with ease).

This is the perfect moment to take something to clear, to organize your home, to throw things that you will never use.

During this time, you will remain to be as serious as you were before, but you will be much more disciplined in your thoughts.

That also means that you will be amazing in communication, and this transit should be used for all sorts of agenda making, and for planning also- This is the moment when people are starting to gain some ideas and are able to talk both of them and also not to neglect any serious topics that may come to their minds.

This short but interesting transit, enlightened all of your thoughts and will lead to conversations with a lot of joy.

All of the people who want to do some kind of business, this is an excellent moment to do so, think of what you could do, and what kind of “profit will give you, even if it takes some time to do so.

Mercury Sextile Saturn Synastry

In this synastry, two things are the most relevant, and everything that occurs in the lives of these two lovers should be observed through this prism – they are aid and motivation.

These two lovers are helping each other in any way they can. Supporting and giving courage to the lover are the two most important things that these two lovers share.

They are in love, this is a must, but here they are not directed toward one another, and their mutual feeling, but they are directed toward the achievement of goals.

This is one of the main characteristics of this synastry.

They can succeed in this relationship, and it can truly last if they are able to dedicate themselves toward the creation of joint life and the achievement of numerous ideas in two.

The thing that connects them is the idea that they could succeed as a couple, and for example, have a business together.

This love connection is intellectual, and both partners are able to put their brains to make a difference.

All that they have in their brains, their idea and way of thinking, along with the resources they can truly make one very successful life together.

It is like the professional life shares its success also on a private part of life.

On a more negative note, these two must be careful that they do not succumb to criticizing each other (if the partner did not perform as expected). In time, these two may become too apathetic.

The central place of their love is constant communication, which can’t be without a purpose, it must be done seriously.

Mercury Sextile Saturn Composite

When the planet Mercury finds itself in the natal chart in a sextile position with the partner Saturn, then there must be a lot of reality in the love fairytale.

In this connection, the most relevant elements are structure, logic, and facts – they are the basis of their mutual communication.

Between them there cannot be anything that will take them away to an island where things are perfect, there cannot be anything that is overly nonchalant, flowing, or superfluous, because neither of the two lovers will feel like they belong there.

Seriousness and working hard must be at the center of attention for these Saturn Mercury lovers.

Both of them are devoted to the reality of what they mutually intercommunicate, these two planets in the sextile position are putting an emphasis on syntax, and genuineness.

This must be seen in everything they do, othervise, both lovers feel like they do not belong in this relationship.

In the end, always have in mind that when the sextile position is created between planets Mercury and Saturn, and this aspect is beside trine, considered as a good one, the flowing aspect, that this relationship must have a firm structure, in the sense that both lovers must know their place inside of a relationship.

It may occur that the Saturn lover is dedicated to helping the form (in this case, of a relationship, or it can be in its expanded form, a family, with kids) to exist, and he or she does it with its beliefs, and mind above anything else.

This lover is dedicated to planning the life of the entire family, and he or she does it by providing the plans, making them practical, and sharing ideas with the Mercury lover.

And also the Mercury lover has a feeling that he or she can learn so much from the Saturn lover and his pronounced wisdom.

This sets him apart from all people who are in their surroundings. Not just the Mercury lover, but the entire family feels that the Saturn lover has a lot of wisdom and is more than willing to share it.

On top of this, he or she is able to provide practical guidance and advice that can change a life not just regarding the Mercury lover, but all people.

He can listen well, guide, and penalizes the Mercury lover, but it will be done in the best way possible. What is most important here is this – these two together, manage to crack relationship issues using their minds.

By carefully, one step at a time, and by using logic, they can communicate so well, and there is nothing hidden between the two of them.

The first sign of a secret or just a feeling that one or the other is hiding something, then the torture begins, and we cannot even express or guess which lover will be worse in it.

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