Midheaven in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Medium Coeli (MC) is a midheaven sign, and it differs from all other aspects as it’s not a planet nor an asteroid.

Midheaven is the highest spot in one’s natal chart. Because of that, it stands for the southernmost point above the skies during birth.

But there is more to Midheaven. It is also the cusp of the 10th house in a natal chart and the most public area.

As a result, MC has a lot to tell about one’s life purpose, public life, and career.

The Midheaven also tends to merge with the ascendant due to being the outward elements of one’s character.

However, these two are different, and it’s crucial to know what sets them apart.

The rising sign is the personality one shows to the world. It is a mask, and it determines how others will perceive them.

On the other side, the Midheaven is directly associated with one’s professional path, social status, and reputation.

The Midheaven represents ambitions, contributions to society, and how one will achieve their goals throughout life.

How does that compare to the sun sign Pisces?

Pisces – Dreamy, vulnerable, nostalgic

Born between February 19 and March 20, these people belong to the water sun sign Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is a sum of all the previous sun signs, making it intense and flowing with emotions. These natives often feel overwhelmed with their own feelings and thoughts.

The symbol of this sun sign is two fish that swim in the opposite direction. That is the first indicator of their perplexing and contradictory nature.

Pisces frequently struggles with inner conflicts and finds it challenging to understand the world the way it is. They have their own view of the environment around them and often find themselves lost in a fantasy scenario.

These natives tend to dislike reality. It is what forces them to drift away and imagine being in a different place and time. They find themselves torn between their imaginary worlds and the physical space.

It is no wonder that other people usually find it difficult to understand these natives and their behavior. But they often feel the same about themselves.

These individuals soaked in the lessons of the previous 11 signs. They felt their sorrow, challenges, dreams, and emotions. It is why Pisces feels everything on another level of depth.

These natives tend to react intensely or not at all. Their love is often consuming, and some persons might find the array of their emotions intimidating.

These individuals are sensual and dreamy but can also be passionate and thrilling. They tend to mirror their partner’s emotions and become what they want them to be. These natives are receptive and emotional chameleons.

Whatever their loved one has imagined, these natives will provide. They aim to please and satisfy. These individuals enjoy making their significant other happy and never neglect their needs. However, they often lose themselves trying to make others feel good 24/7.

These natives are terrified of abandonment. They typically use all their charm to make someone fall in love with them. It is how these individuals entice people to stay and give them their attention. They are receptive and empathetic. These natives can identify with ease what others feel.

Sometimes they even detect what people have in their minds, allowing them to prepare a perfect response.

But these individuals often find themselves in pain due to their profound empathy. Others can transfer their negative feelings to them, making them depressed. These natives are like a magnet for emotional vampires who source energy from making other people as desperate as them.

Those born with this sun sign are usually artistic and talented. They love expressing their feelings and thoughts through words, visuals, and abstract concepts. Pisces tends to use art as a vessel for their dreams, keeping them alive and accessible at all times.

These natives are psychics and know well the nature of human psychology and behavior. Thanks to that, they are natural-born healers and empaths. No other sun sign is as emotional as Pisces. Instead of air, they breathe feelings. But these natives are also hypersensitive and vulnerable. Others can hurt them easily and cause them self-doubts and confidence issues.

These individuals often find reality overwhelming. It is why they find consolation in the past, reminiscing happy memories and a time of innocence. These natives are nostalgic and tend to romanticize what is long gone. They often wish they were born in a different era. Pisces loves anything that appears to be pure, untouched, and genuine.

Because of that, they love children, animals, and the elderly. These natives love helping and making a difference. They often work in hospitals, shelters, and care institutions. Pisces believes that the most righteous way to live life is by dedicating it to someone else. They enjoy making sacrifices and putting other people first.

These natives are often naive and become prey to manipulative and passive-aggressive people. They are also prone to becoming martyrs and neglecting their own well-being for the greater good. Pisces is compassionate and generous. The pain of other persons hurts them as if they were experiencing it themselves.

These individuals are also mystical and romantic. They see everything with rose-colored sunglasses and prefer to live in the clouds because the material realm tends to be painful. Because of that, Pisces often ignores their problems and solves them by running away. They find it challenging to deal with crises and aggressive people.

Overall, Pisces is gentle, sensitive, and beyond emotional. Even though they hate conflicts and difficulties, as a mutable sun sign, they can adapt quickly. These natives are eternal dreamers, innocent souls, and artistic escapists.

What does it mean when Midheaven finds itself in Pisces?

Midheaven in Pisces – Meaning and personality traits

People born with Midheaven in Pisces are hypersensitive, dreamy, and imaginative. They always find themselves torn between their world of fantasy and the physical world. These natives tend to find their environment too harsh, cold, or grey. It is why they create mesmerizing scenarios in their heads and escape the material realm whenever they need to recharge their batteries.

Those born with this placement are complex beings, and people find it hard to understand them. These natives often have a dual character – one that they show to the world and the other they keep to themselves. However, sometimes these personalities collide, causing confusion and sending mixed signals to persons in their lives.

These natives are aware that they are complex beings. That often makes them feel insecure, lost, and disoriented. They wish they were like other people and more simple to understand. It is why these individuals build walls around themselves and don’t let too many persons inside. Those that become close to them first had to pass various tests and solve Piscesian puzzles.

These individuals are intense in everything they do. They feel deeply, love passionately, and work hard. These natives don’t know how to live moderately and find a balance between emotions and logic. As a result, they often can’t separate their personal and professional lives. These natives feel an urge to use their work to chase their dreams and help people.

However, their work often intertwines with their private life, which can affect their performance and results. No matter what they do, these individuals believe that they should act emotionally in their work just as much as in their intimate sphere. Because of that, they often struggle with their coworkers and the expectations of their superiors.

Emotional and expressive

These natives pour their emotions into their projects, undertakings, and tasks. But their managers and bosses don’t always understand their creative process nor the results of their work.

These individuals also tend to follow their logic even though the orders were different. But they want their work to be unique and in alignment with their soul.

As a result, they might not provide projects that match what their team expected.

These individuals also struggle with deadlines and schedules. They take time to complete their tasks and take many breaks to recharge their batteries and gain new ideas.

Because of that, these natives tend to deliver their projects many days after they were supposed to finish. They are also prone to acting out at work or being unproductive due to their personal issues and emotional baggage. However, these natives believe employees are allowed to be unable to do a particular task if they’re not feeling fine mentally or emotionally.

Thus, they take everything personally and get offended easily. These individuals often perceive feedback and criticism and an attack against their personality or physical looks. Despite their compassionate approach to life, they can be challenging as team players and unable to collaborate. Yet, these natives feel lonely and rejected when having to work independently.

It is why their managers have to be receptive and careful. These individuals require careful handling and a friendly approach. Otherwise, their productivity and motivation might suffer. These natives should also strive for creative careers that are not strict and don’t limit their emotional expression.

They usually work as artists, musicians, poets, writers, architects, or songwriters. These individuals love creating and seeing their work touch people’s emotions. They strive to make something that will leave a mark and leave people in awe. These natives also require flexible schedules and workplaces. It is why remote work or hybrid forms of work are ideal for them.

Moody and misunderstood

These individuals also love working with people, but they should choose professions that allow them to deliver their work when they’re ready because they don’t work well under pressure. They often get overly emotional when stressed, causing them burnout and killing their motivation. These natives should also choose organizations that allow and foster freedom of expression.

Moreover, they become worried when dealing with work overload and prefer to work on milestones. These natives have their own pace of doing things and need to work somewhere where their sensibility will be understood and welcome.

Even though money and power don’t intrigue them, they might find luxury thrilling. These natives might strive towards having material possessions and being able to afford an expensive lifestyle. They are also attracted to particular communities and eager to find their tribe.

These individuals usually feel comfortable among artists, dreamers, and free thinkers. They love surrounding themselves with people who can boost and understand their creativity. These natives have an intense intuition, and it’s what leads them through life. That helps them to choose the right direction and find what they would love to do.

But regardless of what they decide to do, these individuals often have a notorious reputation due to their tendency to procrastinate and leave things incomplete. They usually find rumors about them offensive and not based on reality. These natives wish other people would have more understanding for them.

They are moody and prone to drastic emotional oscillations. These individuals might feel comfortable with one thing today and irritated tomorrow. – Even though they have different personalities when alone and with people, the line often gets blurry. Because of that, people often don’t have a clear perception of these natives, which instills distrust.

They often lose themselves in their fantasy world, triggering other persons to see them as unreliable. But these individuals usually feel misunderstood and like an outcast. They wish people would have more understanding of emotions. These natives believe that society should make it more acceptable to display feelings at work as that’s the principal part of being human.

Overall, people born with Midheaven in Pisces are dreamers, sensitive, and changeable. They are creating and love arts and freedom of expression. However, these individuals often struggle with their work-life due to taking critics personally.

Woman with Midheaven in Pisces

Women born with Midheaven in Pisces are sensual, vulnerable, and elegant. They are creative and love open-minded people who are not afraid of showing their emotions. These females often feel judged because of their sensitivity and need for flexibility.

They are creative and love expressing their thoughts and feelings through their work, projects, and ideas.

However, other people might find that unprofessional and childish. These women refuse to be like everyone else and follow their creative path unapologetically. They are imaginative and liberal.

These females love pleasing their romantic partners and being what they’d like them to be. They usually lose their interest quickly. It is why their significant others should be like-minded and artistic. These women don’t stay too long if their loved ones don’t keep them intrigued and at the edge.

Overall, females born with Midheaven in Pisces are mysterious, faithful to themselves, and in tune with their emotions. They aim to fulfill their needs and wish people were more tolerant to a public display of emotions.

Man with Midheaven in Pisces

Men born with Midheaven in Pisces are calm, kind, and imaginative. They are compassionate and enjoy helping people. These males aren’t afraid of their emotions and show how they feel openly.

They are creative and affectionate. These men aim to keep their partners satisfied and happy. They fall in love with attractive and a tad odd people. These males need to find their significant others intriguing to stay interested.

They are playful and love exploring the sphere of intimacy. Because of that, these males are prone to unfaithfulness and polyamorous relationships.

Overall, men born with Midheaven in Pisces are dreamy, curious, and artistic. They are open to different forms of love and unconventional relationships.

However, when these males fall in love, they commit and lose interest in others.


People born with Midheaven in Pisces are creative, talented, and liberal. They enjoy creating and seeing their work touch people’s souls and emotional strings. These natives dislike anything that doesn’t trigger intense emotions.

Overall, those born with this placement are moody, emotional, and unconventional.

These individuals dream about a world where people act how they feel and avoid filtering their emotions to accommodate societal expectations.

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