Moon Conjunct Mercury – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The Moon is such an important part of our natal charts, and yes, it is true, the Sun is a symbolical representation of our character and, temperament, it is our strength and energy, and so and so…

On the other side, we can see the Moon, which is also very important, it comes as a representation of our feelings, and how we respond to things around us.

It speaks of our mother, what kind of relationship we had with her, and what was like our growing up.

Now, we want to look at what kind of connection is when Moon is in the conjunction with the planet Mercury, which is the symbol of the way we think, how our mind works, do we have good or bad communication skills, and it shows analytical activities that we have or lack of.

What kind of connections is this and how does it affect personality and relationships?

When this connection is in problem when there are other negative aspects, then it can contribute to emotional and mental instability, with frequent mood swings.

With the aspect Moon conjunct to Mercury and other positive aspect, people could have direct insight into their emotions, and their inner world, along with the ability to talk about them openly and easily.

Moon Conjunct Mercury in General

The interaction of Mercury, the planet of communication, and the Moon, the planet of emotions, in the most part should work well when it is in conjunction.

Astrologers say that the contact between these two planets rarely causes problems unless their aspect is additionally burdened by other factors, which can happen for sure.

In any case, the minor problems that this aspect can bring can be easily solved because both the Moon and Mercury are adaptable; they are flexible in that matter, and even when something occurs, they can easily adapt to it.

The aspect between them, and especially the conjunction, like in this case, can give the opportunity to recognize and express the deepest needs in words.

And this is such a good trait to have when you have the chance to speak your mind clearly.

So, this conjunction gives the ability to express emotions easily and openly, and therefore this connection comes with the ability to understand other people more easily.

A good relationship between these two planets, a conjunction in the natal chart, can give talent and the desire to engage in psychotherapeutic work because Mercury gives the ability to analyze unconscious needs.

This is something that is truly magnificent to look at because here we can see the clear need to understand the depths of someone’s core, so to speak, the essence of personality, the place from which all needs are born.

We must speak of one more thing -the scenario that occurs when there are numerous bad aspects around this, in every other case, good conjunctions.

Here, oversensitivity is dominant, which arises especially from the reaction to the opinions and influence of other people, and therefore the aspect can also develop certain lies.

Such a scenario brings problems in communication and the need to adapt to the environment, because Mercury colored by the Moon puts every feeling under deep analysis, and thus carries the possibility of oversensitivity that manifests itself in relationships with others.

Every feeling every word and every action must be measured and looked for, but under the microscope and analyzed; and if there is no clear answer the process goes once again.

At times, people who have this position in their natal, have what astrologers like to call, that is unbalanced energy and it can cause problems in everyday communication.

It is because people do not know how to express themselves clearly and unambiguously.

They are those people who have a problem speaking in front of the masses, they seem shy and this problem can be particularly pronounced if they have to communicate with a large number of people due to the nature of their work or if their work is related to the public due to a lack of concentration.

Problem with presentations speaking in front of others, etc.

The most apparent and at the same time the worst manifestation that this position gives is problems with speech – for example, these people could have stuttering and other speech impediments such as uncertain or unclear expression.

People who have this aspect, when they communicate are using facial expressions and various explicit facial presentations, and because of this, they can be very entertaining.

They could be funny people who like to bring joy to others.

They tend to think too much and people with this position have difficulty being in a state without thoughts in a meditative state, for example.

It seems that for some of them the idea to relax is almost impossible, and for that, they need to find other ways of unwinding.

They have natural organizational abilities, this is especially emphasized if this conjunction is found in the sign of Virgo, but this also brings one more bad element. then the process of organization and analysis can become obsessive and hard.

Also, and this is amazing – people with a conjunction between Mercury and the Moon have an incredible memory and the ability to absorb information from their surroundings.

They can be very witty persons, with a great sense of humor, which they have innately.

Some of them are amazing students, and they like to chat and exchange views and opinions.

Although they can seem shy at first(in childhood some of them may have problems with speech and public speech in particular), this is the problem that could be overcome.

When they become more confident and obtain more friends, there is no topic they cannot talk about, with so much joy.

They are naturally very communicative and have no problem initiating communication with others.

In this conjunction, there can be the alignment of the emotional and inner nature with how people present themselves to others.

They know and they feel, but at the same time, they are very very careful what they ill say.

In some cases, this conjunction may present people who do not enter into communication with others so easily and quickly.

They want to see the situation and what is going on, to sense their feelings first, and then engage in communication.

They are very curious and adaptable people who want to find out what hides under the surface and be certain that they will be able to do so.

Whenever the Moon is in the picture, there must be the mention of the mother, and these people have mothers that are communicative, witty, and fun, in a case where there are other aspects that are positive.

If this is not the case, then these people have mothers who are insincere in expressing their emotions and in communication, and their children suffer immensely because of it and have later problems because of it, most notably in their relationships.

As these people grow up, they tend to become the same as their mothers who were not especially good at expressing their emotions.

As we have said it all depends on the position of this conjunction – when the Moon and Mercury are in the sign of Scorpio, then such a connection can be an indication of emotions that are self-destructive.

Then, these people tend to let their emotions greatly influence their communication.

And for example, when the Moon and Mercury are in the sign of Capricorn, such conjunction symbolizes feelings that are limited and difficult.

Moon Conjunct Mercury Transit

In its worst this is the position that for all of us may bring difficulty in reasoning, poor concentration, and forgetfulness, this would be a time when we forget some of our obligations, we forget what to say in some important moments, etc.

Due to the unbalanced energy of emotions and reason, during this transit, the sense of morality can also be absent, due to the inability to understand the emotions of others.

This is the time when we will do something that we normally would never do, and will not be able to understand the feelings of others, even our close people.

Primarily, all of us may have an issue with communication with our mother and family members.

There will be a lot of misunderstanding, but this transit offers a solution, there is an opportunity to establish closer, clearer, and unambiguous communication with them.

We could learn to clearly express his feelings, wishes, and needs.

What is very interesting about this conjunction is that people( not all, but some of us) will have the chance to find out or develop even more the gift of reading other people’s minds, particularly if the Moon and Mercury are positioned in water signs.

Every Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio could be blessed with this opportunity, for sure.

During this conjunction, all of us will have the need to take care of others, since we will have an innate and natural need to take care of others.

This transit could be the perfect time to solve any problem we come to meet since we will be able to find the solution by rationalizing and breaking down the problem into its components.

In the end, this connection brings the lesson of expressing emotions and communicating how we really feel and what we really think about someone or something.

Some of us may need to change learned habits and patterns of how we think and express our emotions.

Moon Conjunct Mercury Synastry

Here we can see the connection between the mind and heart, and right away it can give birth to some problems, in a sense that there can be the collision between the lovers.

They can even lead an invisible war, so there is also frequent questioning of the correctness of decisions and choices, emotions in this case greatly influence reasoning and making decisions and conclusions, like one lover does not want to take responsibility, and the other is constantly analyzing everything.

There can be a lot of misunderstanding, and a big responsibility to develop prejudices in a relationship itself.

There is also the feeling of insecurity in expressing one’s thoughts, aspirations, and emotions, and all of this combined leads to nervousness and occasional withdrawal from oneself.

It may seem that they cannot understand each other and somewhere their pronounced need for approval and confirmation from others also appears in one or even both lovers.

Furthermore, this gives birth to even more sensitivity and insecurity.

This synastry, almost for sure gives birth in the relationship, but it is another matter of how the partners will resolve their issues. And will they do it?

One of the lovers may have pronounced instability and insecurity that has the source from the period of childhood, during which the mother’s support and warmth were absent, which was necessary, but far away and not experienced.

This is something that so much affects future relationships because such an issue is too deep and too problematic.

The problem arises, when during life, when in a relationship when this problem is not addressed and the pair does not work on resolving this issue.

The problem in a relationship with the mother, and resolving any trauma and deficiency from childhood, a similar pattern will be repeated in a marriage.

In it, or in a relationship with the partner, any tenderness, closeness, warmth, and understanding may be absent, and quarrels and nervousness become inevitable elements.

Moon Conjunct Mercury Composite

The primary trait of the composite Moon in conjunction with the Mercury is that they are lovers who can share the most intimate information with one another.

Their relationship is based on a lot of talks, there is that kind of stimulation between the lovers.

Also, here we can see the reciprocal passion for shifts in the setting they are in, so you see that they love to move and transform their home, but not only that.

They can even change their friends from time to time.

On the other hand, here we can see the tendency to rationalize their emotions to the extent that they rarely feel the same.

Instead of allowing themselves to feel, people with this aspect often ask themselves how they feel.

The process of so much mind into matters of the heart is problematic; there is a need to define feelings instead of accepting them as they are can often be a problem.

But the best part here is that they are the couple who is able to communicate just using their emotions, which are deep there is no doubt about it.

All of this does not exclude that communication with words must be present, and at times, this kind of connection is too careful, that they can think that another person is trying something to hide.

It is because there is an inner knowledge of how words can affect emotions and the inner being of a partner, often we are talking about the inner child here that did not have a really nice and caring mother.

And hurting someone’s inner child could be a problem that could not repair their relationship regardless of how wonderful it is in all other parts.

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