Moon Conjunct Pluto – Synastry, Transit, Composite

If you want to find out how a certain person behaves then take a look at the position of the Sun in the natal chart.

If you want to find the reasons why someone acts the way he or she does, and what that person hides (mostly regarding feelings and past) take a look at the position of the Moon in the natal chart.

If you want to find out what is the destructive energy of a person, where its darkness lies, and what kind of sexual impulses it has, take a look at the position of the planet Pluto.

If you know all of this, then go a step further and take a look at the position between the Moon and Pluto, if these two are in conjunction, then you must know that this planetary aspect symbolizes emotional life.

In any case, as you will be able to see when the Moon conjunct Pluto there will be a lot of sensitivity, mixed with aggressiveness and repellents, doubts, and brave actions.

Learn more about this position.

Moon Conjunct Pluto in General

Astrologers say that this position is manifested differently in a male or female natal chart.

So, when we are speaking of a lady, in her natal chart, these two planets are showing a woman who has an issue with her father or did not have it all, and this is manifested during her entire life.

She could either experience challenges in a relationship or in general with people.

Often, it may occur that women who have such a position in their natal are looking for partners who are very dominant, mature, strong, and much older than they are.

But, have in mind that this does not have to be a bad choice, it is just the choice, and they are fulfilling the need they feel.

Sometimes this type of choice is a representation of an escape from an overly dominant mother.

Now, these two planets in a male natal chart show a dominant mother who needs a husband as a support in her life, not as a partner.

Once again this does not have to be a bad thing, it is just the way this man is raised (with the dominant mother) and it sets the pace for his future choices in life.

At times, on a more negative note, this man is the focus of a mother’s attention, and he has all of her love, energy, and devotion.

Two options occur after this – it is plausible that he cannot find a wife for himself, since there is no lady that is good enough for him(and mommy), or he can find a woman who is not his mother, but the quite opposite.

In any case, or more likely in both of these cases, emotional life is very tricky and it takes other aspects to be beneficial so that these two can have a decent relationship that is not toxic.

In some general way, we know, as we have said that the Moon rules female energy, feelings, senses, and mood, which is a reflection of femininity, it refers to the form.

The Moon also casts a shadow on the way we express our visions, and desires, but also the way we adapt and harmonize with others.

Its position is crucial regarding development and the process of balance of the spiritual energy.

On the other side of conjunction, we see the planet Pluto, as the one that depicts destruction and also the reconstruction of emotions, and then anything else is also responsible for renewal and regeneration.

In simpler words, it does destruct but when those elements are bad, then after that comes something good.

Following this, we understand that the person who has this position in their natal charts is able to overcome even the most difficult life situations because this planet is considered to give great endurance and mental strength.

These are the strong points of those who have such a position in their natal charts.

Namely, this planetary position does not give the possibility of a good correlation, because the Moon that depicts our feelings in correlation with the planet Pluto depicts ego, and manipulation is manifested through a somewhat cruel or manipulative behavior towards others.

It could start from that kind of behavior toward parents and then it will have its continuation toward everyone else.

The presence of this conjunction in the natal charts gives the effect of progress, but through great “pushed” intensity and power, because the energy of Pluto makes on the cycle of karma, and in blend with the Moon it is seen in the area of ​​psyche and emotions.

Imagine when things in the most natural element of our lives are forced and under constant challenges; they can be at times confused with their own personalities.

But these people are incredibly strong since this aspect is characterized by unusual strength and a period of inevitable dangers.

In professional life, people who have this position in their natal charts may show an inability to correlate well with business associates, and because of it, their potential can stagnate or completely be ruined.

Moon Conjunct Pluto Transit

When this transit starts, all of us would feel like something powerful and dark has set upon us.

This conjunction, in fact, conveys a tendency toward things that are mystical, that we cannot understand, that are almost paranormal and out of this world. It may scare us.

This aspect also gives extreme situations where we are not able to react with the rational mind, but with our basic instincts.

The possibility of a frequent change of jobs is a must during this transition.

This aspect announces a period of increased emotionality and the initiation of numerous conflicts with others. Expect these events almost on a daily basis.

It is worth mentioning that this planetary aspect has a significant role in the orb of the subconscious, karma, and mystical events in human life.

Some of us will maybe discover that they have some secret abilities, that we did not we have.

But the most important advice is to be careful during this transit since the Moon in conjunction with Pluto adds to the segments of cruelty, rudeness, and brutality of other people.

And subsequently, we act in the same way on them.

During the last of this transit, feelings related to your mother, or any motherly figure in your life will now come to the surface; you will investigate this relation, regardless of its positive or negative nature.

Particularly for ladies, this aspect represents dominance, intense emotions, and motivation, as well as changes for them, that can come in the domain of material values.

They can inherit something, like property.

For others, this position depicts certain difficulties related to karma.

The past has come to face us, and the sight will not be pleasant.

There is a possibility of numerous conflicts with people from the environment, a tendency to criticism, and a tendency to stressful communication.

It is important that during this transition you secure yourself and your family, since some problems may occur, like thefts and others.

So, it is necessary and smart to have caution when it comes to the security of your personal belongings and your home, car, etc.

This aspect shows hidden emotions, and fears – when we are able to face them, for some this could be a turning point for bettering their lives, while for some other it will just put on the surface more bad experiences on the emotional level.

The Moon conjunct Pluto in the ninth house signifies mysterious events, changes that will be periodic, and finding security in the spiritual segment.

The Moon in conjunction with Pluto in the tenth house represents an orientation towards professional dominance, but possible disappointment in relation to family expectations.

It would not be a bad idea to check your health status, since this position may pull out to the surface a long-term health problem.

Moon Conjunct Pluto Synastry

This position in synastry shows the way we complement each other emotionally and intimately.

But when we know that when the Moon conjuncts Pluto, such an aspect is related to the emotional area where dramatic events occur, this relationship is under sudden changes.

There can be a lot of perverseness, and family conflicts (because of the destructive personal relations, they can get involved in a relationship, and advise the couple, thinking that they know the best).

And also here, what is seen is a very strong energy that must be used in a productive way, otherwise, we are looking at one dysfunctional couple and later one, and many kids later, dysfunctional family.

In synastry, the Moon in conjunction with Pluto is regarded by many astrologers as a very strong aspect that affects much more than just this one relationship.

Everything around this couple is touched by this strong energy.

So this conjunction between Moon and Pluto is a very powerful position, that most definitely can pull out the dark side (of the two lovers).

All thanks to the Moon as a voice of emotions, and pure feelings, but here those tender sentiments can be manipulated by Pluto, which strives for complete dominance.

So a Pluto lover would want here to be listened to, to be obeyed, and it an ultimate authority, and it can totally crush the tenderness of a Moon lover.

In this sense, the person who represents the Moon in synastry is often emotionally hurt by his partner, due to his obsessiveness and desire for constant control.

For some this could be a way that the relationship could work, if the Moon lover wants to be led, and takes shelter behind the Pluto lover; but if this is not the case, then we can see anything from a deeply disturbing relationship to things that are worse.

We have said that this conjunction describes our relationship with our mother, which is very likely very dominant, and in some cases, this relationship is pathological.

But this is not the center of the story – it is the question that we must ask ourselves if we want to go “alive” through this transition, do we have as a consequence, some other destructive or pathological relationship in our lives?

If we do, it is very likely that it will be on the surface, during this period.

Maybe the good news is that this transition does not last long, and it usually manifests itself through increased strength and greater understanding of others.

This aspect can also be reflected through the tendency to change, the start of work in the home, etc, and the change of environment.

This position could be an indicator of poor correlation in love relationships, as well as emotional sensitivity.

This position brings numerous ups and downs in love; and for some, it could be a blessing because after it all, the couple will grow and prospers, and for others, it will lead to manipulation, lies, conflict, and aggression between the two lovers.

Much of it has to do with other aspects of the natal.

Moon Conjunct Pluto Composite 

The Moon is the representation of the most delicate and most vulnerable line in the human; it is as some like to say, our soul where all good and bad is hidden, and where we meet our fears, desires, and more.

So, one lover here is tender and wants to give their soul to a Pluto lover to hold it and take care of it, not break it.

But, when we know that it comes as a representation of all of our fears and dark thoughts, then this relationship is maybe problematic.

No one could tell you how will Pluto will accept the Moon, it could break it into small pieces, and on the other side, it could help the Moon soul to feel better and to grow, and recuperate from any harm.

These two planets together activate our fears and, in a way, describe how we experience love, and it seems that in this way, these two lovers can experience love through, a lot of challenges, to say at least.

Those challenges could refer to potential disappointment in friends or loved ones and obsessive goals that could be the demise of this love affair.

If things are not working out between them, then this aspect shows their tendency to be the worst versions of themselves, one will show a tendency to withdraw into the inner world (the Moon lover) and the Pluto partner will develop numerous psychological problems.

What is noticeable here is a somewhat obvious need to exaggerate, and based on it, this loving partnership does not result in lasting happiness, and oscillations in relationships with others.

Not just they as a couple, there are numerous conflicts with the people who are close to them. Could be toxic in some cases.

In any case, what is the lesson – the two lovers must always observe the emotional nature of a partner, and how and in what way he or she is showing emotionality.

Other things to look at are his or her attachment to the home because this could be the perfect way these two can avoid the dangers that “lurk” their relationship.

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