Moon Conjunct Venus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

First of all, let us speak a bit about the relations that the Moon can have in our natal, and what they mean in our lives.

When it conjunct, sextile, or trine partner’s Venus, then it is not hard to know that such connections are a depiction of all that bonds two lovers and it is on an emotional level.

Here we are speaking of binds between two lovers, and they are of emotional security, intimacy, and, above anything else, there is a lot of commitment.

Not just in emotional relationships, but in everything else, these people do; jobs or family life, as well.

Here in particular we will take a look at what it means when the Moon creates conjunction with the planet of love and beauty, Venus.

This matter sparks a bigger interest in the realm of love between the two lovers, and less in the personality chart.

Either way, it is one very interesting position, that also as a transit brings the time when all of us are thinking of marriage, love commitment, and letting go in love.

These people are without a doubt charming, kind, and popular.

This conjunction emphasizes the importance of beauty to their emotional satisfaction.

This aspect gives creativity, tact, charm, and friend by nature. Gives a love for art and beauty. At times these people can be obsessed with pleasures and too preoccupied with luxuries.

But, when all other aspects work in their favor, then we meet people with

good manners, and show a lot of kindness, and optimism.

Those who lead lives with a sense of beauty, luxury, art, etc

The lives of these people could be endowed with success, popularity, marriage or birth, a lot of love, and friendship; but more than once they give more promises than they are able to fulfill.

Moon Conjunct Venus in General

As the majority of us already know, the planet Venus is the one that represents everything that is beautiful, the enjoyment of living in the simplest way.

Think of any aspect of your life where you enjoy, where you find beauty and joy, that aspect is certainly touched by Venus.

Yes, it also speaks of love, and internal relationships, but when we add the Moon into the picture, that is also one astrological object that is, besides its connection to the mother, women in general, “in charge” of emotions, on the deepest levels possible.

Those are the feelings that, at times, we do not know we have, often are connected to a young age, etc.

So, in what way this conjunction is reflected in the lives of the people who have it, in their natal charts?

First, all those who have this position have an inner need for pleasure, for beautiful and peaceful events – they do not like to be in stressful surroundings, and often avoid such people and such events.

Their goal in life is to live nice and have a lot of peace, and if beauty can surround them, then things are even better.

It is a very common case, that these people work surrounded by beautiful things, some of them work in art, just to be surrounded by beauty, and some of them choose the beauty industry.

If other aspects are bad, they can be, for example nervous, but still, this conjunction makes them buy nice things, it can be something from clothes or jewelry, to food, which they really want.

They are hedonists, there is no doubt about it.

Also, and you can recognize them because of this – people with the Moon conjunction between Moon and Venus are very arty, even if they do not work in it as a job.

These people often have some artistic talents.

They have a refined taste for fashion and a good style of dressing. They love and appreciate quality art, and you can find them in galleries and museums.

In its extreme, this aspect can make a person be a military person or a politician who makes moves at the right moment.

Free time is often spent relaxed with good music, movies, photographs, and artistic paintings.

If they find themselves in some problematic or stressful situation, in that case, you will see them as those who are calming situations; since they have a talent for diplomacy and are great for calming stressful situations.

People love them because of this.

Astrologers point out that, in some cases, women who have this conjunction in the natal charts, as mothers are dedicated to teaching their kids all about the joys of life, beautiful and quality things, and art, of course, wanting them to become little human beings who can appreciate life.

Often such a position in the male and female natal chart is an indication of a beautiful and peaceful relationship with children.

In the end, when we speak of the personality of the one who has such an aspect in its chart, under it, its charm and charisma can often come to a greater expression, which can also be reflected very favorably on events in the field of love.

They have success in love, there is no doubt about it, and the main thing is that they learn how to choose the right lover for themselves.

However, it is also known, that this conjunction makes mood swings, it can depend for a non-negligible period on their current emotions in love as well as on existing connections with other people both from the business background and from the family or social area of life.

Moon Conjunct Venus Transit

Now, what should all of us do, when we know that this transit of the Moon and Venus is active?

First of all, astrologers say that when these two have inharmonious aspects, those transits are in charge to make us learn how to enjoy life and know how to reconcile and make a diplomatic solution in any unpleasant situation.

Now, in conjunction of these two, one thing is important for all of us – balance and diplomacy are the key to everything.

All of us should act more friendly than ever, and we should watch how we ask and what we ask, in what way.

Our speech and the words that are coming out of our mouths must be in balance and must be kind so that we can during this transit open the door that does not open in any other way.

Of course, this is not all, we must add that in certain regards, this

This transit indicates a tendency to obsession, jealousy, and a few darker emotions (they are still emotions, even when they are a bit darker) – so you can expect such bursts of negative energy and emotions from people and you will return it in the same way.

This transit also brings enjoyment, the feeling that we are now finally able to show our essence, that we can be the ones who deserve to enjoy, and if something we do not like, then we will find a nice way to change it.

In some cases, people can be pushed to fulfill their inner need to become perfectionists and critical of things they do not like.

Here, all of us will feel like our emotions are emphasized, and this transit also emphasizes affection and the nature of love.

It also indicates that this is the perfect moment when all of us are invited to adapt on an emotional level to the world and find joy in it.

Even more this transit is perfect to find out what kind of adjustments are needed for us to recognize our feelings.

Maybe you think that you know how you feel, but the fact is that no one us could say that for sure, at all times.

Let us not forget that now is the time, when this transit is active, to show how peaceful we can be, and how kind and harmonious and likable we can be to everyone.

This is the moment when women can get pregnant since this transit is in charge of fertility, comfortable and peaceful life.

Find out what are your skills, and how you can benefit from them, maybe in the beauty and art areas.

Moon Conjunct Venus Synastry

It is not a bad idea to remind you of the meaning of the Moon in the natal chart – it signifies our emotions, the way we respond to things around us, and our deep and subconscious patterns.

It is also the manifestation of the mother and our relationship with her, and if you want to find out more about the upbringing of a person, take a look at the position of its Moon, it can tell you so much about the persona and his or her youth.

Another part of this conjunction is the planet Venus – the symbol of beauty, fashion, art, charm, and lovely manners.

Therefore, the conjunction between the Moon and Venus is one of the better aspects of the Moon.

The Moon is working at its best when it works near her friend Venus.

Without a doubt, we could say that this is the aspect that signifies a marriage.

This conjunction between the Moon and Venus is very commonly found in the natal charts of lovers that are married.

Numerous married partners have this aspect – and it is seen as one of the best possible, of course, if it is not extremely threatened in the natal horoscope by some other position, that of course happens.

Such a position could be found in all kinds of relationships – those could be people who share the same or similar interests, and in the majority of cases that common interest is mainly related to the aesthetic dimension of life.

Another connective tissue between these two can be their similar ethical codex, they in the majority of cases, share similar ethical criteria.

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus also depicts those couples that we see as a perfect match; the ones that have one soul in two bodies, making their relationship very harmonious.

Also, it can occur, that they are partners who are quite enough for each other and they have an irresistible need to always show their loving emotions. In this sense, they do not choose where and when, it is just love as they see it, and they will show it everywhere.

The Venus lover here is the only one who can please the Moon or understand its mood swings that are so often, and they do not have to always be bad – it can go from giggling to tears in a matter of seconds.

It is also said that deep inside the Moon lover there is an inner feeling of immense gratitude toward the Venus lover, and appreciation of the benevolence of its partner.

On a more negative turn, such an aspect can give an unfavorable effect on such a deep connection, and make wounds on lovers, that, in the long term, it can lead to parting or frequent separations that impose the obligations of one of the partners.

Nevertheless, we could freely say that this aspect contributes to harmony, peace, loyalty, and romance in a love relationship.

And now we come to the part that we spoke of in the beginning – such a position awakens an instinctive desire to enter into a marriage union.

This cannot be just a relationship, these two lovers must be serious about one another, and think of entering the holy matrimony.

Moon Conjunct Venus Composite

In the natal when the composite Moon is conjunct to the composite planet Venus, then astrologers say that this is one of the most fragile aspects there can be.

We find here a tender and delicate aspect wherein the pair senses comfort and are pleased with one another.

There is a comfortable and easy-going relationship, that both lovers are enjoying.

But, in this case, where the conjunction position of the Moon and Venus is hardly questioned by other positions and their placement.

Then the table turns because all that is good is still here, but it is challenged and no one can guarantee that these two will make it to the end.

In any case, what is certain is that here there is a lot of respect for one another’s essentials and wishes – the good things stay good when both lovers are aware and do these favors to one another.

So, as we have said this conjunction is the representation of feelings of love, commitment, eros, motherhood, and of course beauty.

This is the aspect which, at least to a certain extent represents the bigger importance to the ladies, and when the conjunction is in question, then for the woman partner, and this is particularly their characteristic, marriage as a career.

These ladies are ready to leave everything they have been doing and make a career out of their marriages, where they will show their best. Search for the husband is also a major thing in their lives, but also there is a big chance that they have to deal with his infidelity.

Of course, this would not be enough for them to end such a marriage, but they will move on, and accept them as they are, as long as their home is intact and there are signs of well-being and happiness.

In men’s natal charts, this conjunction may indicate bisexual or homosexual tendencies, which may or not may be fulfilled.

In any case, the planet Venus gives her a chance to Moon to grow, and shine these lovers with an ideal of beauty, that only these two can understand completely.

In other cases, such a loving relationship can lead these two into destruction and perversion.

When this aspect is good and combined with another positive aspect, then we meet a couple who share a strong feeling of love, with the pronounced desire to express tenderness.

They both, but the Moon lover a bit more have a sensitive nature and artistic talent that the Venus lover just cannot get enough of.

And in the other direction, the Moon partner loves that the Venus lover has a good judgment of the true value of all things, and a positive disposition when looking at life.

When set like this, this conjunction is manifested as a harmonious love relationship, like a marriage with many children, happy family life,

the desire for motherhood (that could or not could be achieved).

If the aspect does not have another positive aspect that will make him purely positive, then we meet lovers that are at times very gloomy, showing their inconsistent nature, shyness, and many weakness.

Here we can meet two lovers who have a tendency to easily yield to other people’s leadership and are making all the wrong choices since they have very are making all poor judgment power.

There can be a lot of conflicts in love.

Turbulent emotional life, the joy of living, desire for tenderness, appreciation, art, and self-love.

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