Moon In 2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

The birth of a person under a special arrangement of the planets can affect his entire future life.

In the same way, the moon in the 2nd house brings a lot of positive qualities and auspicious events in a person’s life.

But everything in this world is interconnected, so other planets can change the influence of the moon to the completely opposite. Astrology teaches all these nuances.

What position of the moon in a particular constellation will bring wealth to a person?

In what position will Mars on the same line with the Moon cause a lot of problems in the life of a born child, and how will this change in a completely different direction in the presence of one of the main stars?

Moon – Synastry and Meaning

All these and many other questions probably arise in a person’s head. But now we will tell about the Moon and its position in the second house, as well as its impact on those born under the Cancer zodiac sign. Its influence on women and men will be considered separately.

Likewise, the Black Moon will not be forgotten – the reverse side of the planet, known to everyone as a lunar eclipse. It also happens that in the horoscope of a person, the Ruler of the 2nd house is found – the Moon.

The position of the moon in the horoscope: what does it establish? If the Sun in astrology personifies understanding and ego, then the Month is our second Sun.

It demonstrates the hidden nature of the face, its sub consciousness, or the inactive feminine (ladies’) Beginning. If the Sun is dad, then the Month is mom, the original feminine principle.

The symbol of the Moon in the horoscope and its nuances with other planets demonstrates the degree of our emotionality, the ability to empathy, as well as receptivity.

In addition, the state of the Moon in the individual horoscope shows the appearance of the mother in our minds.

Of course, one cannot assume that the mother is exactly like that, no less than the symbol of the Moon represents her, however, directly, in this way, her image is captured in consciousness.

People who have a Moon with a powerful side in their horoscope are distinguished by significant emotionality, intuition and the ability to compassion and empathy. They are inclined to come to the rescue at any moment, they are full of compassion, ready to forget about themselves for the sake of other loved ones, worrying and taking care of them.

In a physiological sense, such people are distinguished by significant fertility, since the Moon is associated with childbirth and controls the fertility cycle, in other words, monthly.

In the same case, if it is subject to the negative influence of other planets, then most of its positive properties become significant disadvantages.

Excessive self-care and selfishness appear. When combining an individual horoscope, the period of birth of a child is of great importance. A society born of the rising (Ascendant) of a night star acquires a whole bunch of positive properties.

They are distinguished by a frequent change of mood, as well as a strong susceptibility to the changing seasons. Significant sensitivity and timidity are strongly manifested. This kind of individual is very fond of his own home, prefers convenience and comfort.

People who have a Month in the horoscope are located in the upper point (Zenith), they are distinguished by inconsistency in official affairs, a large number of falls and ups, a frequent change of activity, including specialties.

Since Zenith in the horoscope represents a social realization and a profession, people with this kind of Moon often embody their qualities well in such professions as a doctor / doctor, teacher, salesman and other “female” professions.

The moon is positive – the optimal economic condition and good sensitivity that affects the mood. It is also interconnected with material well-being. Possessors of the moon in the 2nd house unconsciously acquire funds, “feel the benefit with their spinal cord.”

They are successful in new acquaintances and attractive in communication. Such people watch their bodies and can often follow diets, along with gluttony.

The moon in the 2nd house gives people cheerfulness and enjoyment of food and simple existence in this world.

The moon is in the red – nervousness due to the inaccessibility of funds, careless stupid exclamations and statements related to funds, lack of strength in feelings.

Such people have every chance of wasting all their accumulated funds due to emotional sadness.

2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

The night star, which fell into the second field in the horoscope, will tell you that for such a person, money and everything connected with it is of great importance.

A person can be very worried, worrying about his income, earnings, moreover, this area is subject to constant changes. Finances will appear in sufficient quantity, then disappear.

True, the individual is still distinguished by dexterity in money matters. He knows how to easily determine the benefits of different enterprises and ventures.

In his character, one can trace economy, sound practicality, especially if the satellite of the Earth is in the constellation of the earth or water element.

The owner of the Moon in the 2nd field of the horoscope knows how to make money, and also competently manages the resources received.

It is not excluded the development of some obsession, if not finances, then people – that is, dependence on them. In any case, it is typical for the owners of this aspect to suffer from material mania, because it guarantees them a certain stability in life.

With a weak, damaged moon, disturbances in the blood flow and composition of fluids develop in the sensory organs and neck. This is fraught with edema, bacterial, fungal diseases of the eyes, ears, nose, throat and mouth. Blurred vision is possible, sometimes – thyroid pathology.

In the analysis of the influence of the night luminary in the second house, an important role is given to the constellation in which it is located. On it you can find out in more detail about the source of a person’s income, his skills and abilities.

When realizing his innate skills on the Moon, an individual gains an excellent opportunity to earn money in the most pleasant way for himself. Then the product (or service) was made, as they say, “With a soul,” and the person himself got real pleasure from the work.

If the Moon hits the signs of the elements of Air (Libra, Aquarius or Gemini), you can achieve success in the field of trade, consultations and contracts.

The owner of this aspect is so fluent in words that a good writer, linguist or translator can come out of him. He knows how to explain, conveying information to others, which makes him a good teacher, educator.

If the Moon is in one of the Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio), the individual is attracted to medicine, security (security), real estate and repairs. Such a person manages to find a common language with the kids, which makes him an excellent teacher or nanny in a kindergarten.

He is also an empath, and feeling the emotional state of other people, it is not difficult to realize himself in the profession of a psychologist, psychotherapist.

The constellations of fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) suggest physical activity or public activity. If the Moon has fallen into one of the Fire signs, it means that its owner succeeds not only in providing services, but also in their active advertising and promotion. Money can be earned from personal fame.

The Earth signs of the Zodiac (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorns) help a person effectively deal with property issues. It can be associated with the construction industry or making a profit from land, agricultural activities.

For representatives of the stronger sex, the indicated position of the night luminary testifies to the perception of the mother as the earner of the main benefits of life. Such a person, even as an adult, often receives financial support from parents.

In addition, the Moon in the 2nd field of the natal chart will tell about a marriage relationship in which a man is interested in business women, hard-working women, prone to saving. He believes that the spouse should also financially invest in the family, taking care of home coziness and comfort.

The lady with the moon in the second house is very practical and endowed with many talents. Her main desire in life is to achieve stability, confidence in the future.

But only a stable financial position can guarantee such a thing. She will readily invest in family finances, real estate, and provide good education for her children.

Moon in 2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

Material condition is the main value for such people. Emotional protection for them means, first of all, a material state. Money is on the first plan. Usually those born on the moon appear in the second house in large families.

Such people adore a satisfying meal, they are eager to get good, but they know how to properly dispose of material values.

This is a practical person who does not have enough temperament and temperament, especially in the plan of food. They are attracted by an attractive exterior, excellent manners and Great Spirit. There is a certain craving, both for money and for people.

The maternal dependence is sufficient, because this is a certain guarantee of stability for the home and your family. Yes, and the very attitude of the whole and completely depends on the financial flows. So it happens that the money will always stand in the first place and cause constant safety in it.

It is always important for him to know that the profit will not decrease, but that the benefits will constantly flow. This provokes various nervous paccstpoista, because it does not relax and cannot stop running about the material world.

At the same time, they are distinguished by their talent to find benefits. He manages to instantly understand which project or business will turn out to be as profitable as possible. He feels what people need and what they strive for. This is an efficient and practical person, able to gradually build up wealth and correctly use money.

Deals connected with products, land plots, houses and apartments are quite successful. Often these people work in the area of ​​public food or produce consumption.

Finnish returns are sometimes very significant, but money is easily earned, so easy to leave.

Here, it is also necessary to remember what to do in these cases. Excessive persuasion can even turn into financial color. A causal loss can be, as persistence, so and inaccuracy or pacification.

Differs in emotional instability. Feels itself remarkably, while the events and outside furnishings satisfy. If the world gives rise to unpleasant surprises and loses in xaoc, then the person is lost and not able to react in time.

Such changes are cyclical and temporary, therefore one has to put up with them.

And even better is to learn to control and anticipate the appearance. It is important to understand that the mood affects the work.

The better you feel, the better you cope with tasks, diving deep into the question. The greatest pleasure comes from the senses.

It is worth instilling in yourself the correct attitude to the material world and understanding when it is already sufficient.

If this is not done, then even with the abundant wealth, you will feel a strong hunger for money.

Women have a need for sensual pleasures in order to feel nourished and to maintain a sensitive balance.

The pleasures of physical muscle movement stimulate interpersonal responsiveness and sensitivity. They create maternal understanding. Emotions in such women are literally tangible and much attached to bodily pleasure.

Each time during responsiveness, women with the Moon in the second house have desires for pleasure from touch.

Sensory stimulation is important to them, as it can satisfy many types of emotional hunger.

The goal for such women is to cater to the main needs with the support of the corresponding senses, to notice the need for physiological pleasures and to enjoy the convenience that will be created.

The black moon distorts the ability to consume and use energy, interferes with its circulation.

The black moon in the 2nd house affects the reserve of strength, health and well-being. In a given home, its impact is expressed in terms of salary and expenditure.

Shows its influence on the values ​​and the list of sources of profit. The black moon in the 2nd house determines the income received from a person’s work.

The planet illuminating the Earth at night often leads to excess food intake and the accumulation of excess weight.

But such a Moon especially tempts with money and other material goods. Lazy people with increased activity and the Black Moon in the 2nd house begin to accumulate excess energy.

This has a great impact on the well-being and safety of the house, because such an individual accumulates not only his own energy, but also someone else’s.

For this reason, such a state of the Dark Moon contributes to the formation of energy vampirism.

Her presence often deprives a person of the ability to personally receive income from their labors. She makes him dependent on an extraneous outcome.

In the event that the planet is in the 2nd house and belongs to the Black Moon, then the individual is in no way able to save and use energy in the same way. In this case, he simply becomes an object of vampirism.

Such an impact of the Dark Moon leads to the inability to manage their own means, knowledge, skills, which are spent untimely and not on business. Health problems are also common manifestations of the Black Moon.


When a person is born at the moon in the 2nd house, from such personalities, as a rule, good workers come out to surprise, who can change the system of a person’s price.

Money matters always fluctuate, but about the stability of the mind even and does not go.

But it is quite likely that the money will appear due to public relations or business relations with women.

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