Moon In 4th House – Synastry and Meaning

If the Sun is the “King of the day”, then the Moon is the “Queen of the night”, because the Moon is a woman, the Moon is emotions. In a man’s horoscope, he can represent his partner, that is, he can indicate the type of woman that might interest him.

He orbits the entire zodiac in 28 days, which means that he stays in one sign for about two and a half days.

Since it represents the female principle and great energy, it manages pregnancy, maternal instincts, newborns and childhood. Analogously, a poorly aspected month can bring gynecological problems.

It is especially interesting that the lunar cycle is equal to the menstrual cycle, and its decline and growth symbolize the general understanding of pregnancy and childbirth. It suits him to find himself in water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio).

It is no coincidence that the Moon is the “Queen of the Night”, it rules our unconscious mind, our dreams, everything that is dark, vague, in the shadows.

The moon also affects the work of the digestive organs and the breasts. We must not skip its great influence on feelings, normal life needs and established habits. By its nature, it is changeable, volatile and is the fastest celestial body.

Moon – Synastry and Meaning

The moon in the natal map is responsible for emotions, feelings, instinctive behavior, influence of suspicion, intuitive beginning. Manager Paka. Associated with various deviations, inconsistent behavior and unrecognized desires, cycles, fertility and thirst for sensations.

The value of the Moon in the natal map in the intellectual plan influences the suspicion, memory, habits, perception.

In the plan of emotions, the Moon adds a sense of perception, incapacity in mood and behavior, following intuition, sensitivity, emotionality, patience and despondency.

In the physical plan, this planet symbolizes female organs, food and lymphatic systems, vision, glands, stomach, shells. This is a mode of action, a set of reactions, and a pressure of fluids. For men, the Moon answers the left half of the body, and for women – for the right.

Displayed on emotive tragedies, memory, sensibility and instincts. It appears in the form of a suspicion and an intuitive beginning. Manages Pacom. Influences deviations, habits, cycles, reflexes, fertility, desires and the need to feel.

In an intellectual plan, he talks about suspicion, memory, soul, habit. In the senses – about emotions, instincts, intuition, feelings and fantasy. Strengthens receptivity and despondency. Frequent changes in mood, photography, breakdowns and lack of firmness and resolution.

In the physical body, it acts on behavior, responsive reactions, and state of vision, pressure in liquids, fertility, productive organs and the production of food. Feels on the left male side, and the right female side.

4th House – Synastry and Meaning

More than thirty years ago, Noel Thiel, one of the most prominent astrologers in the United States, formulated a general approach to integrating the theory of psychological needs and astrological data.

He claims that the sign of the zodiac, in which the moon is located in the horoscope of a person’s birth, describes the “leading need” of the personality.

The Moon in this sign, using the energy of the sign in which the Sun is located in the chart, serves as the driving force behind the entire development of a person.

The planets, on the other hand, reflect various aspects, or tendencies, of behavior corresponding to certain secondary needs, which are in a subordinate position in relation to the satisfaction of the leading need.

The characteristics of the sign in which Mercury is located show in what style and under what conditions our thought process must proceed in order to be as effective as possible. Venus – in what kind of relationships with other people we need to be in order to feel included in social life. Mars – what kind of energy do we need to be able to act at the peak of our practical abilities?

Jupiter and Saturn are macrosocial planets. Not all people have personal achievements that are meaningful to the whole society. And not all people who have managed to do something significant in terms of the development of society can take advantage of its gratitude or achieve a high social status, officially recognized status and honors.

Therefore, we consider these planets as an opportunity to interact with society at a level that goes beyond narrow personal interests only when they have connections in the birth chart with the personal planets of the horoscope – the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus.

The planets of the transpersonal level – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – operate at the level of a generation of people. Having no major aspects with personal planets in the chart, a person may not feel their influence on his destiny.

If they have aspects to personal planets in the birth chart, they greatly complicate a person’s personal life, make him look for unusual, unconventional paths in life.

Such people turn out to be personally deeply involved in the fate of the world, they feel their special vocation. This vocation is not always possible for a person to realize in a more or less harmonious form. Especially between the ages of 40-45.

Whatever we do in life, the atmosphere around this activity, pace, energy, growth stimuli and imaginative surroundings should support the satisfaction of our leading need, indicated by the position of the Moon in the sign.

Secondly, it is natural that the position of the Moon in the house shows the focus of the strongest need of our life on a certain area of ​​experience, and this position of the Moon in the house significantly affects our experience of satisfaction with our work, everyday life, hobbies, partnerships and other areas of life.

Therefore, we first of all care about the satisfaction of the lunar need. And then we string on this need, as a pivot, the rest of human needs, which are indicated by other indicators of the horoscope.

Such a person is caring and has good intuition. He loves his home, family, homeland and land. Strictly adheres to family traditions. His mind is busy for a long time with the idea of ​​procreation. He loves collecting antiques, takes care of family heirlooms. Very egocentric, very partial to the pronouns “I”, “me” and “mine.”

When tired, he tends to escape from reality, isolating himself in his own world, the entrance to which is in his own house. Such people are literally created for home and family, and without family comfort they feel deeply unhappy.

Their mood directly depends on the nature of family relationships. Such a person is deeply connected with his own mother and is generally under the strong influence of both parents. Likes to farm, successfully trades food and land.

Experienced in bulk purchasing. The end of life was marked by a significant influx of money. If energy is misused, a person can fall into significant need and suffer losses due to theft, fraud or deception.

Often such people are interested in the history of the family and are careful about family albums. They strive for a stable, sedentary lifestyle, if there is even the slightest opportunity for this.

For them, solving sexual problems is very important, as it brings emotional peace and balance of mind. (Moon in the 4th house of the natal chart House IV – strong position, equal to Cancer.

Created for home and family, unhappy without family happiness. The mood depends on family relationships, are influenced by the parents, especially the mother. They love to farm. Good for a female horoscope.

They can become businessmen if they trade in food products, land, and wholesale goods. With bad aspects – a lack of harmony, a change of residence.

With good ones – an influx of money towards the end of life. Such people do not hold a stone in their bosoms, but it is not easy to live with them. They are sensitive susceptible.

They own property, often change their place of residence. With the Moon in Cancer, or with the Sun in the 10th house (when the Moon is full), or with the exalted lord of the 4th house, the born will own expensive transport.

If the Moon is weak and connected to Rahu or Ketu, the owner of the horoscope will lose property and vehicles. The moon gives the desire for safety and adaptation. It communicates the caring and good qualities of a householder and family man, a person who loves children.

In harmonious aspects, this is expressed in affection for parents, for home, family, homeland, it conditions good relations with the father, in the family, patriotism. Gives the desire to live outside the city, love for nature, plants and flowers.

By damaging the Fourth Field, the Moon will impart inactivity, helplessness, weak realization. Will make the householder inactive, not fond of housework, washing and washing, indicate poor conditions and problems with plumbing.

The father, the owner of the horoscope himself, his marriage partner or the mother of the marriage partner are engaged in activities related to the moon.

Well located or in good aspects indicates profit and benefit from parents, home and family life; location of the opposite sex; considerable likelihood of inheritance.

Publicity or popularity thanks to parents; many changes in domicile and instability in business towards the end of life.

If the Moon is of good dignity here, she shows a constant increase in success and self-income from holdings, property, land, household or gardens.

If the Moon is struck by Saturn, then on the way to the desired success, a person will face many troubles; in fact, it is very difficult to protect oneself from the need and grief that are most likely expected in family affairs. Moon damaged by Mars, Sun or Mercury means losses from theft, due to fraud or deception.

Damaging Jupiter means the lack of abilities and limitations that the environment puts. Harmful Uranus: sudden changes, difficulties in business at home, distance from parents or the loss of their, probably, mother; loss due to unforeseen cancellations and changes. Harmful Neptune: mystery or complications

Moon In 4th House – Synastry and Meaning

With the moon in the 4th house, human bondage is the main feature of the character. Such a person is very caring and possesses with this good intuition. He feeds his own home and family, his family and his own land. Sufficiently scrupulously carried over to all family traditions. His brain works for the family. Likes to collect old things, with care and attention to family relics.

He is extremely self-centered, quite sensitive to such places as “I”, “me” or “mine”. For such a person, family values ​​prevail over others in the list of priorities. It is important for him to maintain a harmonious communication with the parents, administrators and the second half.

They try to do everything possible to form a cozy nest, where the chaos of the outside world cannot penetrate. It is in such an environment that she feels herself as comfortably and confidently as possible.

Such personalities are simply created for the family and the home, and without a family they feel seriously unacceptable.

And their attitude will often depend on moral character in the family. Such a person has invisible threads, which he is sufficiently tightly tied with his own mother, plus the essential influence of the parents.

But only a similar escape from reality is able to finish quite satisfactorily. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier for him to hide in poses fantasies than to run into what’s going on in real life.

If this moment does not control, then the person will presume to go deeply into the fantasy that he loses connection with the present world. If you control it, then you will create a small shelter, where you can stay in the most difficult times.

The character of the man with the moon in the 4th house there is some necessary experience in wholesale purchases. The age will be marked with a significant amount of money.

But, what is important – if energy is inappropriately used, this person can satisfy the need. It is quite likely that losses may begin either due to fraud and theft, or fraud.

This type of people is very caring for family cards, old letters and albums. For them, a stable and calm way of life is important.

These people are for emotional peace and mental equanimity. And from caeca and unexpected events, they always try to hide or run away. In such an environment, they lose the ability to function normally and to think soberly.

The feeling of happiness and safety comes only if there is a proper home and a family’s budget. Perfectly manifests itself in everyday life, because it enjoys this theme.

If there is a disc, then it often oversteps. It is only the fundamental transformations in life that you need to turn your attention, because they still do not allow him to return the internal balance for a long time.


The periods of the movement of the moon have a huge impact on the life of each of us. Moreover, it is very important during which lunar phase a person was born.

This largely determines his inner potential, character, worldview and, to some extent, fate.

People who are versed in astrology understand perfectly well: it is not enough to plan your affairs depending on the position of the night star in the sky.

Also, it is imperative to take into account the features of your natal chart. Only those who possess the full completeness of information will be successful in most endeavors.

Astronomically, the Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth, not a separate planet. Nevertheless, astrologers often regard this celestial body as a planet in order to avoid confusion.

This space object is under close scrutiny. There are many legends and myths about the Moon; it is one of the most mysterious celestial bodies.

The moon determines many physical processes on our planet. People have always respected the Moon, which is both frightening and attractive, acting as a kind of mediator between the Earth and Heaven.

Many stories have been written about her, endowing her with extraordinary power, protective and destructive.

The queen of the night gives life to everything on our planet, she is responsible for the cyclical nature of processes.

Thanks to the Moon, ebb and flow occur, clouds are formed, and the water cycle occurs in nature, that is, all the metabolic processes of the Earth are under its control. The Moon and the Sun provide for the existence of flora and fauna on Earth.

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