Moon In 6th House – Synastry and Meaning

The sixth astrological house in the natal chart is called the house of health, it has two main meanings: firstly, work, and secondly, health. It is obvious that they are intertwined – unpleasant work leads to poor health, and someone, completely surrendering to work, does not have time to get sick.

The job that the sixth house is talking about is not a person’s career. These are the tasks and responsibilities that a person must perform every day, regardless of whether he wants it or not.

The sixth house affects whether you show up on time or work late, have time, get everything done on time, and whether you can stick to a tight schedule.

Moon – Meaning and Info

The Moon is in the 6th house for the owner of the horoscope. The sixth house is responsible for health and work.

The moon is responsible for the emotional side of life. This is his subconscious. The sun determines our consciousness. The moon reflects its light.

The moon in the horoscope is associated with emotions, inner feelings and hopes. This is human intuition, the gift of foresight. This side of the personality is hidden from prying eyes.

However, from time to time she manifests herself in certain actions. The position of the Moon in a woman’s horoscope is especially important.

Also, this planet has a strong influence on the personality in the natal chart of a person born at night. The lunar cycle corresponds to the biological processes in the female body.

It is also associated with the phases of birth.

Three goddesses rule the Moon. Their interaction allows you to determine not only the emotional sphere of a person, but also his past debts. The moon characterizes the soul of the individual. This is his essence, secret motives, and hidden goals.

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A woman worked in a foreign land for the benefit of children. As a result, it turned out to be useless to anyone. There is such a concept as the White and Black Moon in the horoscope.

They reveal what karma a person received in his current incarnation. The Black Moon in the sixth house speaks of all negative influences and temptations.

A person must go through them in his current incarnation in order to pay off his karmic debt. White Moon indicates the help of higher powers. In a past life, the individual has done good deeds.

They will help him in his current incarnation. Sixth House the Sun and Moon in the 6th house determine the sphere of human activity in which he can face a certain compulsion. This house in astrology belongs to the category of falling.

The events that he brings to life do not depend on us. In this case, elaboration is required, which will not be as obvious as in other houses.

However, over time, a person will understand that although he is dependent and bound by certain obligations, this leads him to profit, benefit.

However, this requires a high-quality work through the karma of this house. The sixth house is associated with health, work.

Aspects, planets, which are determined in this house, help to understand in what areas a person should actively work, what he should do in order to prevent health problems.

The area of ​​competence at home includes the relationship between the boss and the subordinate, medicine, prevention and rehabilitation.

In addition, this house manifests itself at the level of relationships with animals. A person who has more than two planets in the sixth house in the birth chart must face certain obligations in life. He must work and earn money, pay attention to his health.

Special emphasis will be placed on these areas in life. Moon in the sixth house Depending on the emotional state, health will be determined. This is true for work as well. If a person is upset, they will not be able to fulfill their obligations.

In addition, a negative inner attitude causes a number of diseases. Therefore, it is important to monitor your emotions. Depression should not be allowed. A person should learn to take care of himself elementary.

He is receptive to the needs of others. At the same time, he may not rest enough, eat improperly. You can improve your health simply by revising your diet. You may just need to rest more, be less nervous about trifles. The moon in the sixth house of a woman describes her behavior in marriage and motherhood.

She will be caring, trying to help and protect her loved ones. However, there is a danger of choking others with your concern. Everything should be in moderation. It is also important to consider which zodiac sign the moon falls into.

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To do this, you also need to look at which sign of the zodiac the moon fell. This indirectly describes the main features of her character. A person with this position of the moon internally feels the need to serve others, to help or protect them.

In addition, he does it not for show. These are instinctive impulses. These people often have pets. Moreover, preference is given to small animals. At work, she is a caring boss who genuinely cares about her subordinates.

In a family, it is also a caring spouse or spouse. However, according to other aspects, it is possible to determine the negative manifestations of this state of the planet. It is important to pay attention to what sign of the zodiac Saturn is in.

6th House – Meaning and Info

The sixth house in Vedic astrology (Jyotish) called Shatru Bhava is responsible for health and well-being. It shows how you are going to be of service to society.

When we talk about the benefits of society, we mean interaction with other people, those who work for you or under your subordination and those for whom you work.

This also includes your communication with people with whom you have to communicate regardless of your desire, for example, a sales clerk in a store or a doctor.

The important work we do in life is the work we do on ourselves. You must take care of not only yourself and your loved ones, but also of other people with whom you have to deal with every day – all this contributes to your full realization and disclosure as a person. Charity and other altruistic services to the community also come under the influence of the sixth house.

The sixth house in astrology is responsible for debts, enemies, various life difficulties and the ability to overcome them.

Every obstacle that you meet on your way is designed to teach you something, to make you better. Your enemies should not make you cruel and vindictive; remember that this is just another test on the path of life with which you must cope with honor and dignity.

Human health is directly related to his environment and the difficulties that may arise in his life. Too much work, including daily chores or an inappropriate daily routine can cause you stress and fatigue, which can negatively affect your health.

Maintaining good health is also about building the ability to deal with life’s adversities, overcome them easily, and not let them influence us too much. We all make mistakes, we face problems and shortcomings. How we deal with failure defines us as a person.

Finally, the sixth house in astrology includes pets. They are important to the daily lives of many people, influencing everything from how people feel to how they spend their day. Animals not only give us their devotion, but also often have healing functions for their master.

Moon in 6th House – Synastry and Meaning

The birth chart reveals many features of a person’s character. Depending on how he behaves in a given situation, his future fate develops. It is not just the sun and planets that influence character.

The moon is equally important in astrology. She can tell a lot about the further fate of a person.

What qualities the Moon in the sixth house gives him will be discussed in detail later. Drawing up a birth chart each person now of birth receives certain qualities of character. This can be determined by the position of the planets in the natal chart.

It is compiled in a special program. This takes into account the time, place and date of birth.

As a result, the program builds a birth chart, which indicates the signs of the zodiac, planets, and houses. When comparing these data, the astrologer can highlight the main qualities of a person’s character.

The horoscope also allows you to make predictions of future events. For this, different techniques are used. One of the most important planets in the horoscope is the Moon. The emotional state of a person depends on its position in the natal chart.

The moon in the 6th house gives character a number of characteristics. To more accurately determine whether such a manifestation will be positive or negative, other aspects of the planet are also considered. They can be positive or negative.

As a result, the astrologer draws conclusions about how such a position of the moon will manifest itself in the fate of a person. Stylish outfits for the spring 2021 season from what has long been in the closet Style and luxury (and no black veil): how Muslim women dress.

Further, the whole circle is divided into 12 houses. Each of them is responsible for a specific area of ​​human life. It is important to find out in which sign of the zodiac the houses are located, as well as which planets fall into them.

He points to the sphere of the most powerful compulsion, limitation of the will of a person. Positive qualities the presented position, with harmonious aspects, endows the individual with a number of positive qualities.

This is possible with a good study of this house. A positive influence of the Moon in this house is the presence of a diplomatic acumen. In a relationship, the choice is made balanced. This avoids further disappointment.

The marriage is happy. In conflict situations, a person shows a flexible mind. If a disease occurs, the owner of such a horoscope knows exactly how the treatment should be carried out. In matters of benefit, the person has an open and independent opinion.

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A business that a person starts with the Moon in this house will be profitable. He understands the market well. Therefore, he can choose actions to improve the competitiveness of products. In family quarrels, such people know how to communicate correctly.

They do not stimulate conflict by trying to find a compromise. Negative Qualities When defeated, a number of negative character traits are manifested. Such impulses must be suppressed in oneself. May be sarcastic. In some situations, a person shows cunning and deceit, acquires a painful dependence on his partners.

They can also be financial parasites. The owner of such a horoscope can be suspicious and depressed. In some cases, paranoia even develops. If necessary, he can “go over the heads.” In business, he acts in a stereotyped manner, without creative, innovative impulses.

A person is afraid of conflicts, tries to get away from them. Often flattering people who are beneficial to him, suppresses aggression.

Therefore, spontaneous attacks of hatred and anger are possible.

They worked to free themselves from material duties, to understand the truth and get into moksha.

During the waxing moon, the rishis received additional energy for their work. Their activities were related exclusively to spiritual development.

Therefore, they said that the full moon gives favorable results. More than 70% of the population of my homeland (Sri Lanka) is Buddhist.

Every month on the full moon day in our country is a public day off. Nobody goes to work.

On this day, it is forbidden to sell alcohol, meat and fish in stores. People go to the temple, listen to lectures by monks, pray and practice meditation. Gautama Buddha was born, enlightened and died on the full moon day.

All over the world Buddhists celebrate these three events on the full moon day in the month of May.

On the full moon of other months, we also celebrate some important events in the life of the Buddha. Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon under the lagna cancer.

The lagna lord (moon) was in the 4th house. The strong moon was in the 4th house (house of thought) as the lagna ruler. On the day of the growing moon, it is not advised to start a business, register a relationship.

People with a strong moon sometimes complain that their strong moon does not bring favorable results during the dasha periods of the moon (exaltation, full moon makes the moon strong).

Nevertheless, in her dasha period, a person often receives some kind of unpleasant events.

Sometimes a mother / wife / aunt or a close relative of such people dies during the dasha of the moon period. Sometimes a person loses wealth, business, titles, fame … This is certainly bad for us.

But when we go through this, we get to a certain level of consciousness and begin to understand some truth.


It is important to consider which zodiac sign the moon is in. This will allow you to correctly interpret the horoscope.

The Moon in Aries in the sixth house gives a person the need to be significant. He can live at work without seeing his family at all.

The individual is fanatically devoted to his main business in life, forgetting about his health. This leads to many problems and frustrations. With a harmonious horoscope, he will become a good employee who can do work that is impossible for others.

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