Moon In 7th House – Synastry and Meaning

Moon in the seventh House of a woman for the female half, the Moon in the 7th House means a non-standard union.

The fact is that the earthly character of such a woman attracts partners that differ from the accepted stereotypes.

According to them, a man in a pair should be strong, brutal.

However, subtle, unusual partners are imperceptibly attracted to a woman with a lunar seventh House.

If she can drop stereotypes, then such a marriage, in spite of everything, will be very harmonious. Especially when there are no selfish types in the synastry.

Moon – Meaning and Info

When the moon and sun unite in the same zodiac sign, the lunar month begins at that moment.

Therefore, they connect 12 times in different signs of the zodiac in about 354 calendar days. The solar year has 365 days and the lunar year has 354 days.

The difference between them is 11 days. For this reason, approximately every 3 years, an additional lunar month is formed (this month is called adika masa). The lunar cycle or lunar month consists of 30 lunar days (Tithi). These 30 lunar days are divided into two parts, 15 days each.

15 days of the waxing moon (shukla pashka) and 15 days of the waning moon (krishna pashka). This calendar is based on the movement of the moon around our earth. A new moon begins when the angle of the moon to the sun is 12 degrees before conjunction; this is the 15th day of the waning moon or amavasa (new moon).

It is the darkest day when we do not see the moon. When they unite in one degree, the first day of the waxing moon begins. This one is called shukla-1 (one in Sanskrit is pratama / pratipat).

When the moon goes 12 degrees from the longitude of the sun, the 2nd day of the waxing moon or shukla-2 (dvitiya) begins.

So it grows for 14 days, and after the 14th day comes the 15th day of the waxing moon. This day is called the full moon or purnima. This is the brightest day of the lunar calendar. This lunar day begins when the moon is 168 degrees away from the sun.

The full moon day (purnima) will last until the angle between the sun and the moon is 180 degrees. If a child is born on this day, in his chart the moon is in the seventh sign from the sign where the sun is. For example, if the sun is in the scales, the moon will be in the ram.

When the moon is 180 degrees away from the sun, the 1st day of the waning moon (krishna-1) begins. When the moon is 192 degrees from the sun, the second day of the waning moon begins. This day is called krsna dvitiya.

So the moon will gradually wane and approach the sun. Many peoples consider the days of the waxing moon auspicious, and the days of the waning moon unfavorable. In Vedic astrology, it is considered a little differently.

Here, the main thing is the difference between the longitude of the moon and the longitude of the sun.

Purnima (full moon) is considered a very auspicious time because on this day the moon is 180 degrees away from the sun. Amavasya is considered not auspicious because on this day the moon and sun meet at the same degree.

The moon in the last 6 days before amavasya and the first 6 days after amavasya is considered weak.

It is also considered strong in the last 6 days before the full moon and the first 6 days after the full moon. This means that the waxing moon is not always auspicious.

It needs to be strong growing, or in other words, to keep it away from the sun. You can also say about the waning moon.

Despite the fact that she began to wane, the first 6 days are considered auspicious, since the first few days after the full moon she is still away from the sun. As the moon approaches the sun, it weakens.

This is called paksha bala. That is, the power of the planet is from the phase of the moon. The legendary astrologer Sri Bashing writes that the most important thing in determining the strength of the moon is paksha bala. Paksha bala is more important than rashi bala or bhava bala.

That is, the phase of the moon is more important than the house or sign the moon is in. For example, suppose a person has the sun in the 10th house in Aries, and the moon in the 11th house in Taurus.

Here both planets are in the signs of their exaltation. In theory, the moon in the 11th house in exaltation should be very strong.

Here it must be considered weak because it is very close to the sun. Other sages believed that the moon gave auspicious results for those born at night and bad results for those who were born during the day.

The moon cannot be alone. She is better off with a favorable planet. Also, the moon is strongly affected when it is between pests (papakartari yoga).

When analyzing a map, the first thing to do is to determine the strength of the first house and the moon. When they are damaged, the person can have early death, poor health, childhood illnesses, and a difficult life.

All Vedic teachers of ancient and modern times agree with this. When the moon in the chart is badly damaged, it somehow always makes itself felt. Of course, there are exceptions. In astrology, there are no clear rules that would work in all charts.

7th House – Meaning and Info

Such a person is on good terms with everyone, and therefore is very popular in society. He is very sensitive and sensitive to the needs of the public.

It is difficult to decide on marriage, although it often has many opportunities. Emotional dependence on others can be very high, which often leads to early marriage.

But such a marriage is not often successful, since in order to build a relationship with another person, an individual needs to achieve greater maturity. May attract a very sensitive partner who is prone to frequent and unexpected mood swings.

Such a person marries for emotional well-being and a cozy home. In matters of marriage, relatives take a noticeable part, because such a person is strongly influenced from the outside.

Communicating with people leaves him deeply impressed, both in receiving emotional satisfaction, and in its absence. In a partner, such a person unwittingly wants to see the image of one of the parents.

Successful in negotiating contracts and agreements with the general public. Such people fall in love with those who are full of variety, anxiety and are constantly moving and transforming. Their partners are usually poorly arranged in life and devote themselves to community service. Marriage brings wealth. Possible opposition from women.

Lawsuits are damaging. Relationships with partners of an intimate and business nature are fickle. Such a person is prone to travel and relocation undertaken for the sake of the business interests of others.

Such people are very choosy in their choice of environment and partner. Often they are inclined to have many children, they go to marriage through serious resistance from rivals.

Communication with representatives of high society is possible. Family life is full of changes and is often marked by the seal of distrust. Strange connections with married and married persons are possible. Life is full of breaks and rearrangements.

Heightened sensuality and high sensitivity, bright impressionability and deep sensitivity are noted. The wrong choice of partners leads to many troubles.

Often such a person is completely dependent on his partner or the world around him, relations with whom are built on a shaky and fragile foundation.

VII house – getting married for the sake of emotions and home. Often relatives are involved in a marriage, as they are influenced. Find emotional satisfaction in relationships with people, are strongly impressed by them. They are looking for a mother or father in a partner.

Sensual and jealous person, inclined to rivalry, having success in trade. A strong full Moon (with the Sun in the sign of Capricorn) or the Moon in Cancer gives a stable marriage. The waning Moon or the Moon in the sign of Scorpio portends a divorce.

Harmonious aspects of the Moon give indications of a kind, caring person, and an attentive and economic partner, a good family man. The owner of the horoscope in relationships is sensitive, psychological, kind, and sincere.

Disharmonious aspects will cause an infantile, capricious, weak and weak-willed partner. The owner of the horoscope is overly sensitive and capricious, inconsistent and childish, sometimes helpless and too trusting in relationships.

In the female horoscope, she defines a marriage union with someone whose love is changeable, with a lover of variety and movement, a type of unsettled and busy social work.

If in good aspects, it disposes to early marriage, cooperation, general disposition, popularity and success in society to money or property thanks to marriage.

Unless the Moon is in good aspects and positions, this is an unhappy situation, since it determines the death of a spouse, public opposition, unpopularity, dislike of women, troubles and loss from the court; fickle connections with the opposite sex, companion and associations.

If the Moon is in good aspects and with the lord of the First House, it helps to resist harmful indications and increase favorable ones. Bad aspect with Mars: disagreement, annoyance, rash speech and actions; enmity, attacks. Harmful Saturn; disappointment, loss and sorrow from marriage unions.

The moon inclines to travel and relocation (especially if in a moving sign) in the interests of a cause for the sake of others. You are very popular in society. This position of the moon indicates good human relations. You are very sensitive and sensitive to the needs of society. Difficult to decide on marriage, although often

Moon in 7th House – Synastry and Meaning

The man, born with the moon at the 7th house, is very popular in the community and is found with all people in good relations. He is quite sensitive and keenly aware of all the needs of the public.

With more difficulty, they agree on a marriage, although they have many possibilities. Marriage is possible very early, since there is too much emotional dependence on the rest.

However, such a brand is usually successful, because in order to maintain a harmonious relationship with a partner, you need to achieve spiritual and physical maturity. Can provide a reasonably sensitive partner that is inclined towards unexpected and frequent mood changes.

As a rule, such a man enters into marriage in anticipation of the feeling of comfort and happiness. In addition, in the party he wants to see the image of one of his parents. In all matters of marriage, the officials are quite explicitly involved, as such, a person is much influenced.

After communicating with people, he retains a powerful impression upon receiving an emotive satisfaction, but also in the absence of it. I am pleased at the conclusion of the agreements and treaties with a wide community.

These people fall in love with tex, which is full of safety, diversity, and is constantly transforming and shifting. Their partners are usually unimportant in life and give themselves up to public work.

Marriage gives them a good fortune. On the part of women, it is possible to counter action. Legal proceedings cause losses.

There are no connections with business and intimate partners. This person is inclined to travel and travel, taken for the sake of business interests of ordinary people.

Such people are quite meticulous about their partners and surroundings. They are inclined to abundance, quite often they go to marriage through the dangerous resistance of their partners. Ensure communication with people from the higher society.

Life in marriage is rich in change and is often marked with a seal of disbelief. Stranger ties with wives and married couples are good. Life is full of changes and transitions. High sensitivity and increased sensitivity, deep sensitivity and bright impression are noted.

The wrong choice of partners leads to many unpleasantnesses. Most often, such a person turns out to be in absolute dependence from the surrounding world or from his partner, with which the ratio is very important.

Intolerance to loneliness is the main quality of those who’s Moon now of birth stopped in the seventh House, while women and men experience this in different ways.

In the first case, there is a calm person who is ready to accept a lot. In the second, an individual who gladly changes partners like gloves.

All life is adjusted for the search for suitable satellites, when the Moon in the seventh House occupies a dominant position in the natal chart. Business, leisure, watching a movie, going to the store, everything for such a person requires the presence of some kind of partner nearby.

The desire to share every moment of your life with someone is so strong that for a native only the fact of having a potential companion matters. He will do the rest himself. Namely, he will tune in to the wave of a “friend” for the period that he needs him.

In addition, it will be the most charming and attractive. True, when the need has passed, the friend will also be forgotten for a while. This behavior leads to unpleasant consequences.

Eventually, an amateur to keep different satellites for different situations runs the risk of being alone.

Alternatively, next to him, only not the best option will remain. Based on the position, the choice of profession, if the Moon is in the seventh House, will be successful when you have to deal with people in busy places.

Best of all, the owners of such a card cope with the conclusion of agreements and contracts.


Lunar neighbors in the seventh House In combination with the Zodiac, the Moon in the seventh House determines the interaction of its owner with people.

Therefore: Lunar combination with Cancer, Taurus gives birth to caring, sympathetic partners.

This applies more to cases when the Moon is in the 7th House for women than for men.

Neighborhood at home with Capricorn, Scorpio betrays people gloomy, stubborn, difficult in relationships. Lunar union with Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini defines a fan of smart conversations.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in the astrology of the seventh House next to the Moon – we are talking about an ardent partner who loves to flaunt his half. They are big fans of marriage and relationships.

The moonlight in a solarium for the House in question foreshadows some endless one-sided worries, in the family or at work.

Nevertheless, surprisingly, the lunar position in the seventh House for a woman and a man is associated precisely with marriage, family.

Therefore, eventually they all come to a reasonable understanding that the family is the main thing in life.

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