Moon Sextile Jupiter – Synastry, Transit, Composite

For all those who have any questions about their future, you can find answers here. In the natal charts, there are always those answers that are simple and that explain seemingly random things that occur in our lives.

There are always many answers to find, but it is always an easier task when you know where to look for them.

You can find them in the natal chart. There, just based on your date and time of birth, you can find answers that interest you—what is the best path for you, what to avoid, and how to achieve your fullest potential.

In the natal chart, there are planets and their alignments at the moment of your birth, their mutual positions, and the houses they occupy.

Moon Sextile Jupiter in General

If you have noticed that in your personal chart, you have the Moon and Jupiter in a sextile, you are wondering what it means for you, whether it is good or bad, and what kind of personality it gives.

In general, when you have the natal Moon-Jupiter sextile, then such a position suggests a cheerful nature of a persona, but it is not someone who does not want to take on responsibility in his or her life.

At times, there can be too many obligations, which can cause certain challenges in their lives. If during this transit people manage to keep the focus on something good and be open to new things, then abundance and cooperation are on the way.

In general, we must say that the Moon is responsible for the emotional aspect of our lives, what kind of choices we make in our daily life, with family and it is the way how we express our feelings, mostly hidden.

Jupiter is the planet that is associated with good fortune, development, spiritual life, and travels that are far or very long. Now, when the sextile is formed then it is a good aspect, it speaks of good fortune, collaboration, and good prospects that are on the way.

Wolfgang Mozart, Charles Chaplin, and Freddie Mercury are among celebrities that have this sextile in their Natal charts.

In the next section, we will reveal more about the sextile between Moon and Jupiter.

Moon sextile Jupiter Natal

People who have such a sextile in their natal charts are seen as happy people, who have that optimistic vibe to them, whatever is going on in their lives.

They are humorous, and very popular because of it. Around them, there is always positive energy. Every one of us should have a friend that has this sextile because they can lift you up when you are down.

They are strong in this way and can deal with anything that comes into their life, no matter how hard it can be.

Relations with family members are extremely important – particularly with women because the Moon is the Mother. Think of all those ladies in your life that affect you, both in a good and bad way, and you will learn why this is the case.

It is considered that those who have this position in their natal charts are recognized as amazing parents – full of understanding and care, they are the ones that give the best advice and are never judgemental.

They only see the good in everything, but there is a lesson hidden, it is advisable that they are more realistic because at times this is the best way to go, than to be overly optimistic.

Also, people who have this sextile in their natal charts are known for their inner need to gorge on pleasures, like food or drinks. Jupiter is the one that is making them do it. They love luxurious things and are sometimes too indulgent in that.

If they attempt to be a little bit moderate, these people can achieve balance in life, and all that they are doing can be successful and must be able to deal with daily problems. They should opt for jobs such as teachers, advisers, and even doctors, etc.

If they choose a job that is directed toward the spirtual side of life, they will be very successful. Can be great students, they study so easily, without any hard time. Even the most complex schools.

On a positive note, these individuals are able to follow any the idea they want and achieve any result they want, and on the other hand, if this the position is in the contrast with other positions, then these people can take on doing certain things that are not achievable or they can take on many tasks that they cannot do.

But, there is no doubt that there is an inner strength deep inside.

Also, this sextile is associated with the deeper need to be generous, and intuitive, all for the purpose of helping others, and if there is some part to make fun of, to have a good time, then the better.

Who has this kind of sex still in its natal chart it has the spiritual and philosophical energy it has colorful spirits and it is really driven to explore it in our being he can be traveling but he can be an academic person who loves to work alone and share his or her team?

This is also the person who can easily absorb a lot of information and explore the world in an academic way.

They should be engaging the public teaching with a great amount of optimism they should go and travel and work abroad they are the ones who will bring you the next great thing that will change all of our lives.

As friends are amazing they like to share their opinions and ideas and goals to make other people live being so rich so mindful and better but when things are not going I think and other factors in their natal charts are bad then they lose faith in the future they going some mystical travels finding something that they don’t even believe and making themselves feeling miserable as ever losing their ability to learn to expand so this is something to be very careful because if they do not be careful there an intuition is lost.

But we must see one more thing this axile sometimes gives overboard explosion of emotion that when they are not balanced in a healthy way can go to the extreme and moon the person making their creativity and action being complete lasts lost.

Moon sextile Jupiter Transit

When this transit is active, then there are so many great opportunities to develop horizons, particularly if go on a journey, when you think of a new idea, or discover something new, and find those who feel the same, and have the same agendas as you.

This is the transit that brings recognition to everything that you have been doing for a long time, and now is the moment to connect to others, and to find the best possible results. It could be a time that brings a lot of success in your life, and this is more true when you know that you can do it with a friend or a partner.

This transit could bring a lot of understanding, and during it, you should strive to be as happy as you can, to be as optimistic as you can, especially when you take a look at the future. You will not feel fear, but the joy that is bringing you closer to the goals of your life.

Try to be as kind as you can, and attempt to help people as much as you can, because then you will receive much more. Focusing on a greater good, leaving selfishness somewhere far, and making a room for amazing gifts.

When this Transit is active than is the perfect time to interact with other people, those you do know and those you do not know, and to also spend time with friends and family.

Have in mind that all relationships you have been having in your life are much more deeply emotional, and of course romantic, than in the past times, just as you have wanted them to be.

Use this time, Moon sextile Jupiter transit to create new friendships, or to start opening up more to others, even more, this is the best time for revealing your inner feelings to someone.

It is the perfect time to break the ice that has been standing in front of you and start working with others in many different ways.

Look at all those other people you were not paying attention to, give a focus to the teamwork, and also give others help they may need, but have never asked for.

By receiving help, you know that this is the moment for making something better not just in your life, but this is the most important thing that you can do during the transit between the Moon and Jupiter.

It is known that people are much more generous during this transit and that they are making and establishing unlikely friendships, which is the easiest thing to do right now.

And, if you feel like it, this transit does not have to be used for bettering the work, but for something different, you can use it to have fun and party, and relax more. Maybe that is what you have been needing an entire time.

We must add that this is the time when your career should bloom, especially if your job means that you have to talk to a large number of people, speak or present an idea in public, sell something, or have a presentation, use this time to do so because you will definitely catch an eye of an audience, and become extremely popular.

If you want to quit, to stop doing your current job (maybe you are unhappy, or maybe you are just wanting to do something much more than the current job) this is also a good time to do it because you will do it with the support of others.

It can be the support of your colleagues or business owners, depending on what kind of relationship you are in.

This transit is such a perfect time to start something else – even in the current work, along with the same people, now you are encouraged to have group meetings, brainstorm about new ideas, and of course, be as productive as you possibly can.

Astrologers advise that at the moment when sextile is created between the Moon and Jupiter, it is used for plans that you have been hiding from yourself, to use the time for clearing the vision, learning along the way, where are you going in personal or professional life.

This transit ensures that things are going extremely smoothly. Following your enthusiasm and generosity, you will only get what you gave, it will return to you in the best possible way.

Moon Sextile Jupiter Synastry

Now when we’re speaking of synastry the Moon sextile Jupiter, then you should know that this type of relationship could be truly an adventure of a lifetime, that it is one of a kind, never repeating itself.

These people are adventurous in an emotional way, we can say that there is a lot of passion there but there can also be some really negative and strong feelings, so maybe the closest thing we could say is that this relationship is an emotional rollercoaster.

The fact is that is synastry between the Moon and Jupiter makes people be and show a great deal of emotion when they are together rather than when they are alone – others see them as reclusive and shy people, or at least as those who are not overly emotional.

And it may be true, but in fact, the best qualities come to the surface from both sides, when they are together, they become the best versions of themselves, open to showing emotions.

And we can see a lot of fun, good times, their relationship is expressive and adventurous, they can have fun in bed, they can travel together and the fact is that there cannot be any monotony whatsoever because this is a problem for this relationship for sure.

Here certain problems arise when one of them (one of the lovers) wants to be alone or to do something else than being with his or her lover, this is the cause of the ruin of their relationship, at times it could feel a little bit of overwhelming.

But, we must say one more good thing here, if these lovers learn to deal with their emotions in a good way, when they learn how to make a balance between feeling bad and feeling good, feeling free, etc., and build that romance in a healthy way, then they need to learn how to learn to love in a healthy way and to become more balanced because only then can there be a good relationship.

Everything else is an exaggeration. That is one of the serious negative matters that this transit brings in general, and also in the world of two lovers.

Moon sextile Jupiter Composite

In times when the composite Moon sextiles composite Jupiter then we see a person who adores being with his or her lover, and this is the situation when two lovers feel great and generous, healing the past traumas as lovers.

Once again, being together here makes such sense. Being together is such an upgrade for these two lovers, because alone, or with other partners they could not achieve, what they actually can in this connection.

So, we can say that this transit between the Moon and Jupiter is the one that brings strong potential, a lot of fun and cooperation, and the ability to express feeling much better than ever before.

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