Moon Sextile Neptune – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The Moon, as the satellite of the Earth, is of course a celestial body, which of all others has the most significant influence on the natus itself.

It has an impact on people on the planet Earth, as well on the planet itself, it affects our moods, and it is no surprise that there is something that is called a Lunar calendar, where things are aligned according to the stages of the Moon.

As each and every one of them is making a different impact on our bodies and minds.

Of course, the impact of the Moon is very much known in astrology, where it also has a remarkable impact, and it is beside the Sun, the most important object in the natal charts.

Here, it represents the soul of the natus, sublimating all points of the natal chart; it is who we are on a deeper level, on the level that is a part of our subconsciousness, the connection to our genes and the past.

Its influence on the psychological level of the natus is also massive in natal astrology, which is its primary function.

What does the Moon show in the natal chart?

It shows not as much what are our emotions, but what our relation to them is, it is what we are able to give to others, in an emotional sense, but also it is what we are able to receive from others.

If there are any blockages regarding emotions, the Moon will show them to us, and its relations to other objects will reveal even more.

It shows our relation to our family, but also our emotional partner, spouse, children, friends, etc. All of those who ever matter to us, in an emotional sense, it will be shown on our Moon.

Neptune, on the other side of the astrological story, speaks of romantic impulses, artistic tendencies, and everything that has got to do with the sense.

It is the planet that is in charge of our perception of reality, the world, imagination, dreams, vision, and all of that is not in the realm of the material.

Here we find these two objects in a positive aspect, the sextile, and we will speak more of that its impact on people, and what happens when this aspect is in transit, what it means on a global scale.

Right away we will tell you that this is a harmonious aspect between the two planets, that gives the possibility of artistic creativity.

It develops strong positive dreams that can be translated into real events and fulfilled, if other elements are aligned, for example, if we are blessed with determination, on top of all other characteristics.

It is an aspect of daydreaming, visions, and inspiration that comes from the deepest places we know.

It is sometimes good for writers, and it gives them inspiration for writing if, for example, Mercury has a good position in the natal. It encourages spirituality.

People who volunteer to participate in various social activities often have these aspects.

This is an aspect of pure charisma, as astrologers like to point out.

Moon Sextile Neptune in General

People who have this sextile between the Moon and the planet Neptune, are very sensitive human beings who are easily overwhelmed by the world, not necessarily in a negative way.

Their imagination is highly advanced, and their perception of the world around them is founded on their capacity to instinctively comprehend all the slight divergences of people in their surroundings.

Even the smallest shifts these people are able to detect it without any problem.

They are naturally intuitive people who can feel others, very empathetic and kind human beings, who achieve the biggest results when they are obeying their inner intuitive radar, which often directs them to the right place at the right time.

Only if during their lives, they learn how to listen to it.

It is known that when the Moon and Neptune are found in a position that is favorable, just like this sextile, then it makes people being emotionally very rich, they are kind and seen as very beautiful humans.

Their inner world is extremely rich, filled with an imagination that is often a substitute for real-life events, and it is at times, in certain people seen as unhealthy.

But, this could be a problem for some of them, it is their increased sensitivity that can make a problem for their day-to-day functions.

At times they cannot deal with the world, sensing that they cannot bear any more of the pain that the world serves them, and they just have to endure it like titans.

Also, there is something good that comes from this overbearing emotionality.

The deepness of their hyperemotionality has a favorable effect on the fruitful imagination, in fact, any creative process is something that these people are known for.

This is the reason why this aspect is found in the natal charts of many famous artists, but also people who truly know and enjoy looking at any form of art, reading poetry, visiting museums, etc.

This sextile also can be in charge of people who work as mediums, because they have incredible intuition, predicting preferences, and sometimes divination abilities.

They can have vivid dreams that often announce events that did not happen yet. If they are directed toward these tendencies then they are able to develop this talent even more.

The humanitarian side is also highly developed in these beings, and it is seen in almost all of their actions.

They are very compassionate people who aid all of those who need any type of help, and it is very often that their job is a precisely humanitarian job.

We often see them helping through their occupation, but also in everyday connections by supporting people from their homes or young or old, sick people.

They can also work well in emotional relations when their lovers are similar to them, or at least can follow similar interests, otherwise, this relationship cannot work well.

Have in mind that this aspect provides great abilities, and can be a medium when dreaming always connects the dream well with thoughts, and interpretation.

This aspect is associated with the spirit, they are seen as some form of protectors.

Moon sextile Neptune Transit

When this transit is active, then incredible experiences are possible for all of us, we can expect that all that we have dreamt for is now going to be fulfilled.

This sextile allows us to have hopes, and to live true dreams, and you will notice how many of us will show interest in spiritual projects, mysticism, and vision.

During this transit, you will catch yourself daydreaming, enjoying it more than ever, but also having intellectual connections with various people.

It seems that during this transit people will not show any interest in material plans.

These are times when you will feel harmonious with nature, and will have to need to do something artsy, or you will enjoy looking at something of a kind.

Go to the movies, visit a museum, or just read a good book.

Do anything that makes you feel creative, free, and like you can enjoy daydreaming; sometimes you will have the need to walk on the empty streets of your city and look at the Moon.

You will feel like it is talking to you, and how the inspiration is coming to you. When we say inspiration, we mean – for those who are dealing with some kind of art, then they will come back home with a new idea.

For those who are not as artsy, this will wake up an idea to become a witness of something beautiful, whatever that may be.

This position is also associated with our genetics, and if you can visit or at least call your grandparents, remind them that you are thinking of them.

The Moon is our connection to our past, and now is the perfect time to find the moment and look at those who were here before you, and those who made you who you are.

Alternatively, here is one more piece of advice during this transit, if you can – spend some time by the water, sea, or river.

It will suit your soul and ease your mind. The water will also bring you an inspiring action and wash away all negativity.

Moon sextile Neptune Synastry

As you could see this aspect is very favorable, and in synastry, it provides deep feelings between the lover, that may seem to them extraordinary feelings, those that have never been felt before.

But on a more negative note, two lovers will encounter an illusion or even

deception, which could lead this type of relationship into a strange place where no one wants to be.

It is likely that both lovers will occasionally wrongly think of certain actions or a word that came from a lover’s mouth and make a problem out of it.

Also, at times lovers will be more involved in what they imagine their relationship should look like, rather than what it really is.

It is called a delusion, and the sad part is that these can live in such deception for years until they accept it as true.

Feelings are definitely present, but at times the two can be overburdened with sensitivity and feelings, making up things that have never happened, and blaming the other lover for something that he or she did not do.

Their common time will be spent with a lot of music, these two will share their aesthetics, have the same or similar inspiration, faithful dreams, etc.

At times their common dreams could be reckless, consciously or unconsciously, but either way, it is not possible that they will show any real determination to achieve any of their goals, it is very likely that those dreams will stay precisely that – only dreams.

But, we should not forget that this sextile indicates a romantic love relationship.

Such an aspect comes as a representation of intuitive understanding and sympathy between partners.

It is an aspect of harmony, with mutual feelings of warmth, support, and compassion.

A person represented by Neptune in synastry can become passively manipulative when the Moon is not attentive and sensitive enough.

The Moon also shows great possessiveness and clings to Neptune. This interaction can create an overly vulnerable relationship.

Contact describes feelings of mutual sympathy, and psychological understanding, but also excessive idealism, which can lead to emotional hurt and disappointment.

Moon sextile Neptune Composite

Here there is a feeling of an inspirational and psychic connection that allows a lover to know what their partner is sensing or considering – even if these two are in a perhaps, long-distance relationship.

It is very likely that they can maintain such a connection because they are able to fantasize about what they lack in a relationship.

There will be late-night calls, sex on the internet, etc; all to spark up those feelings.

There will be a poem writing, singing under the window if possible, and all those forgotten romantic things; these two are still the fans of an old-school love story.

But, we can find here something that is in the center, much more important than anything else in this relationship.

It is the deeply spiritual part of this romance.

There is a remarkably spiritual relationship between lovers in this story; they know that they are connected on some deeper level, and as such, they feel like they are connected by some karmic force.

The main part is not to let living in delusions, and that this spiritual element of their relationship is grown and in balance.

With the Moon person sextile to the Neptune person, they will be nurturing and open-minded to the imagination, stimulated by the spiritual prospect, and understanding of its requirements.

This could be a winning position for both lovers for sure; only when they are able to balance that “imaginative” part of the relationship.

Of course, it all depends on other aspects of a relationship itself.

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