Moon Sextile Saturn – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Since the dawn of time, humans were trying to connect the dots in the world that is around them, and learn all about their lives there is to learn, and for that, they were constantly looking at the stars and planetary motions, attempting to uncover their true and hidden purpose, and the way they affect human life, and the world in general.

In that way, their decision-making process was a bit easier.

Humans nowadays know that there is something in the planetary movement and that planets do affect our lives, not just in the moment when we were born, but constantly.

We invite you to take a look at the natal chart and learn as much as you can about it since it can be a sure way of learning more about your personality and the paths that are set for you.

Even for those skeptics, we invite you to take a look, you will be surprised how much information is hidden.

Of course, you do not need just to take a look at each position by itself, but much more, to learn about each and every one of them and connect the dots.

We are looking into the one specific position that is considered to be good, but in astrology, just like in life, things are not black and white.

So, what happens when Moon is in a sextile position with the planet Saturn?

Moon Sextile Saturn in general

First of all sextile position is usually seen as a positive aspect the one that gives good things in the natal.

This is the aspect that is in natal terms associated with stability and above all maturity in an emotional way, so it is associated with personal life more than professional.

Some say that it shows your relations with the family members, how you deal with the crisis within the family, and those who are close to you.

It is the aspect that conditions a person to be mature and responsible, it is someone who is seen as very serious and lucid – he or she is the one that you will most certainly talk to when you have a certain problem on your hands and when you are in a crisis of any kind.

There is no better person to talk to than to have a conversation with the one who has that sextile aspect in its natal chart.

Think of any friend from your environment who acts in this way when you have a problem – we assure you that he or she has this Moon and Saturn position.

They are present in your lie to show you the proper way in dealing with problems, there is no middle ground, and the best way they do it is by being very very honest.

But, on a more negative turn, that is certainly common when we are speaking of any personality, this aspect in all of its glory takes something negative, and in this place, there is a price to pay for all this strength in an emotional sense.

There is reliability in all personal relations and here there is something bad that can grow from it, and this person is seen in the eyes of others as dull or distant in any sociable situation.

We have to say that this could be a person who is so pulled together and very occasionally shows emotions. But deep inside he or she can be very emotional although others cannot see it clearly.

People who are near and dear to them are often confused and as a rule, they must dig so deep to find out what are their true feelings, and how to deal with them.

One of the main lessons these people have to learn is how to properly deal with their emotions, especially when we are talking about showing them in some practical but honest way.

This person is also a natural-born caregiver, who likes to show love by providing things, and it feels good to them. And if all other positions are in a good place. Their close loved ones will respect this trustworthy quality;

but these people must learn the importance of how avoid missing out on good opportunities, just because they can be too serious.

This person very rarely or very hard can meet new people and show them trust and emotions, it is difficult to relate to you in the passionate class.

The most important value is family, and they are maybe the ones who can see you as you are.

Now, childhood here is important, in a sense, that these people have a childhood, and if it was structured and stable, then this person has a chance in evolving past those problematic issues, regarding emotional firmness.

On the other side, those people who have this aspect in natal charts, when they were children if they lack the stability and form of a family, particularly the care that was given by their mothers.

Then the problem arises because they cannot deal with their emotions, or have a hard time showing them in a healthy way. They also enjoy recalling loving rememberings of earlier youth.

If they have loyal partners, who show them loyalty and a lot of commitment, then they are able to show their internal feelings.

These individuals might be inclined to miss some prospects that are presented to time, at certain times in life, and all because they occasionally seem fearful or shy, reclusive even.

They are not fans of showing themselves to others in some overly honest light, and it is not the fact that they want to hide something, maybe they just need some time before they reveal themselves.

And, also it may be the case, of showing themselves when some time passes, and those other people go through numerous tests of time so that they prove to be worthy.

Anyway, the lesson is to relax and evolve into a more comfortable state of mind when they are interacting with others, particularly strangers.

People who have this settle in their natal are very practical and they are well performing in their jobs, if they are managers, or bosses, since they are so organized and very detailed people.

Do not forgive making mistakes and always like to plan. They expect all others to do so, and if don’t then they’re very unpleasant.

If their team behaves well they are very protective and loyal, full of consideration for all, they just want to be respected.

Moon Sextile Saturn – Synastry

This is an interesting time at the moment, and the relationship is at its test.

The Moon person needs to respect Saturn person’s responsibility and to accept what he or she has to say, even if he would rather escape the entire situation.

Saturn’s partner is here the one who is very responsible, and he or she is the one who is saying and directing the relationship, but the question is where is it taking them?

Is that direction good or bad, and where such a responsible attitude can take, and take its place over emotions?

These two lovers must work very hard on the process of acceptance, and work very hard if needed on that unity because only by being together they can manage to stay truly one.

If one is asked, the other one must take on advice and be prepared to work extra hard for the sake of loving unity.

Have in mind that this connection can also be, at certain points in time based on a feeling of favor or some obligation rather than love itself, and we must say that this does not mean that they cannot work well together, but that this relationship is based on some other things, rather than romance.

In some cases, the Moon lover wants to be taken care of, because he or she may be handicapped in his or her inability to show emotions.

These two have a great chance of succeeding when they are able to show a willingness to improve themselves now, learn from the past, and not be burdened by it. In any case, a positive outcome can be expected from dealing with the past and being as honest as possible.

These two have just a tiny ring of companions they hold close and share everything or almost everything with them. They are not very friendly, only at certain times when they make an exception.

One more thing – this aspect does not give a constant and immediate love connection, it is rarely love at first sight.

It is very likely that these two were two people who knew each other a long time ago, and now as time, showed how things are evolving, they can become lovers.

And during the relationship, this couple will go through so many tests, but also there is a big chance that they will endure it and become stronger than ever.

Moon Sextile Saturn Transit

When this transit is active, in that case, you can expect a time when all things that are connected to feelings, family, commitment, and other issues with matching qualities to the surface.

All of us should dedicate some of our time to carrying for some family member who needs that help and or has not ever asked for it.

Maybe this transit is a good time to take on some obligations around the home.

Anything that has got to do with the family, home, or something similar in between; show your practical nature, and use your skills to protect and help someone who is in need.

But, when this transit is active then it is advised to avoid showing emotions, particularly in the crowd and in front of those who are not as close to you.

It is ok to say what you feel but does not show emotions when you are in the company of people you don’t know well. It will most certainly backfire and you will become more reclusive than ever, and cold.

But, we must say that this transit sextile Moon Saturn is perfect for those who are thinking of sharing emotions with close people, family members, etc.

This is the moment when it would be healthy for you to share feelings with those who are close to you anyway.

Some say that this transit is the perfect moment when a loving relationship could start, this could be a birth of a profound romantic connection, and even more, for those who are already in a relationship, there is a chance that their relationship will reach another level of dedication.

If you were thinking about how to show someone you love that you care for him or her, then this transit could be used to show your affection and loyalty to that person.

Be brave in this and say what you mean from the heart.

Perhaps an elevated level of commitment will be anticipated of you and you will be required to present yourself in the most suitable light possible.

During this planetary transit, one more thing is plausible – it is very likely that you will encounter older members of the family, and what Saturn brings are many discussions about the past, the passing on the tradition, etc.

During it, all of us may feel nostalgic and you will probably take out the old pictures, and think of the past.

But, here Saturn brings a warning – people who during this transit get involved in personal relations must remain a certain level of responsibility or commitment, not letting them fall into the category of being too serious, because above all all-loving relations must be at least in a certain way to a certain extent fun.

Being silly, funny, and not too serious may be the key to a long-lasting relationship between these two lovers.

Moon Sextile Saturn Composite

In astrology, when the composite Moon trines or sextiles composite Saturn then you can expect a relationship that is more turned toward maturity and connection that is there to last, than anything else.

This is one couple of lovers who are mature in an emotional way, and above all, they are very responsible and loving and if they have kids they could be amazing parents, who know the put the order and love in that parent-children relationship.

These two can endure all storms and make it through the hardest times, some of which would end others, but not these two.

Control of emotions is present here, and here there is not a problem in doing so, seriousness is always present to a certain extent, and this is one couple that others may seem as too boring and not a bit of fun.

Family is truly the essence of this connection, although they could be worried at times about their well-being, maintaining the safety and security of the family is the most important thing for both of them.

We meet the family who is stable and sticks together, while the mother is the center of it, as the glue that connects it all.

Children are attached to the mother, while at the same time, she at times is not as kind and tender as they maybe would want.

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