Neptune in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

We all hide certain sides of ourselves from the world.

However, not everything can be concealed. Through our birth chart and the use of astrology, we can dig deep and find parts of ourselves that we keep from others.

The planet Neptune allows us to connect with who we are and understand why we act and think the way that we do.

This silent and mystical planet is one that should be studied well in the pursuit of introspection. With Neptune under Aquarius, its effects are amazing and inspirational.

Neptune Influence

Neptune is the planet of spirituality, dreams, and fantasies. All of our deepest desires are influenced by Neptune. It is full of magic and its effects have left people in awe.

Any extrasensory experiences that we incur are down to Neptune. Mysticism, rituals, and fairytales all fall under its umbrella. It affects us in subtle ways that can also have a big impact on us.

Imagination is increased when we tap into the power of Neptune. Its creative energy rules enchantment. It is connected to the occult and anything within that medium.

Neptune is mysterious. It is the planet of smoke and mirrors as it is widely known for its deceptive nature. It can make us fall for its illusions as it plays games with our senses.

Its trickery and shiesty attributes can turn ugly if it is in an unfavorable position. It can leave people feeling confused and create mental fog.

Neptune also governs addiction to drugs, alcohol, and general escapism.

Neptune rules the zodiac sign Pisces. The water sign is famed for its psychic abilities and spiritual connection. Pisces are one with the universal intelligence and unlike other signs, it is not earthbound.

This is the influence of Neptune. It encourages intuitive and spiritual experiences. Under Neptune, one can expect deeper meditations, the opening of their Third Eye, and a shift in consciousness.

Though Aquarius is an air sign, it is very spiritual. They happily question authority and the status quo. They are inquisitive and look for answers that will explain their existence.

There is a special relationship between this sign and Neptune. When the planet was first discovered it was in Aquarius.

Aquarius Neptune Personality

Aquarius Neptune is altruistic. They fantasize about saving the world and helping humanity. If there is a charitable cause Aquarius Neptune is quick to think up ways that they can pitch in.

These individuals tend to view the world with an open heart and mind. The ideas that they hold about life are theirs and theirs alone. No one can influence or manipulate them into holding certain views.

They’re big dreamers and have deep, intuitive desires to make the world a better place. They frequently visualize how they can put their altruistic nature to good use. Their imagination acts as a safe-haven where everyone works together for the great good of humanity.

People with this placement are empathetic toward others. They can sense when something is wrong or when others need assistance. They are spiritually connected and are highly intuitive.

They are free-spirits. Aquarius Neptune is extremely independent and regularly dreams of freedom. The idea of a life that is free from inhibitions is heavenly to them.

Their connection to Neptune is strong, Aquarius Neptunes must nurture this and honor their duty to the collective consciousness. This aspect of their birth chart showcases the side of them that is a Lightworker. With their spiritual gifts, they can save the world.

Generally speaking, Aquarius Neptune aren’t typically religious though the concept of it fascinates them. It’s more likely that they would be found studying theology than practicing a particular religion.

Spiritually, anything that is regarded as esoteric or mystical may be of interest to Aquarius Neptune. They are always exploring and coming up with new concepts. For this reason, they may be more inclined toward new age thought practices than older, traditional religious formats.

Aquarius Neptune likes to be surrounded by friends who have similar dreams and fantasies. To outsiders, their thought processes may seem eccentric and eclectic.

However, those who they are closest to love this side of them.

As visionaries, Aquarius Neptune focuses on transformation. Their energetic frequency becomes heightened when they are learning more about themselves and putting effort into personal development. When they come across new concepts and ideas it fuels them even further.

Mental stimulation is one of Aquarius Neptune’s top priorities. It is important for them to feel as though they are challenged and motivated. They want to have opportunities to push themselves and stretch their imagination as far as it can go.

One of Aquarius Neptune’s negative traits is their bossiness. They want to make the world a brighter place but in order to do so, everything has to go their way. Turning their dreams into reality means that everything must go according to plan.

It’s their way or the highway. Nothing can stand in the way of what they want. If there are obstacles in their way they will demolish them or create solutions to get around them.

To an extent this is a positive thing, however when they are working in collaboration with others this can prove to be a problem.

As they are so passionate and driven by their fantasies and dreams, they have to be able to rely on other people to see it through.

Aquarius Neptunes must try to move past the need for absolute universal perfection. Instead, they can try to tailor their humanitarian efforts to individual cases and keep their mind open to new possibilities.

In general, Aquarius Neptune are lighthearted and use their mind in a fun and positive way. They are sincere and believe that people should be kind to one another. This is one of the many positives of their personality traits.

Due to their noncommittal mind, they may flit between ideas and views however this is always initiated by them and not others. They are free and open to these changes as through their need for discovery, they become more open minded. Aquarius Neptune is as adventurous and positive as can be.

Aquarius Neptune Woman

The Aquarius Neptune woman is highly intelligent. Her mind likes to explore the possibilities of this world and the Universe. She can spend her time thinking of new and innovative ways to better other people’s lives.

Her intuition is used well when it comes to helping others. Like a clairvoyant, she can tell when someone needs something before they are even aware of it. She can see the potential in everyone and she will envision ways in which people can make their lives better.

The Aquarius Neptune woman knows exactly what she wants. She has a plan for the world and a vision that cannot be disrupted. She has the right imagination and determination to manifest anything that she wants.

The impact that she has on the world is important to her. It is one of her biggest dreams to make a difference and support those in need. She believes without a doubt that everyone can live peacefully and in harmony if we all work together.

She is a missionary at heart, she promotes equality, love, and healing. The Aquarius Neptune woman has romantic ideas about the world that involves saving the world from illness, poverty, and despair.

As such she looks up to people such as Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King for their dedication to change.

She is passionate about philosophy and creates logical frameworks that outline her views of the world. She proudly celebrates her smarts and will read books and content that will challenge her mind.

Aquarius Neptune woman likes to be surrounded by those who can make her see and understand a different viewpoint. She dislikes the feeling of societal pressure and so she exerts her independence.

Anyone who can make her see her bias or introduce her to a more open way of thinking is someone she appreciates.

Her friends are important to her. They support her dreams and ambitions. If the Aquarius Neptune woman gets carried away she can count on them to bring her down to earth.

Though she won’t allow anyone to sway away from something that she wants she can appreciate her friend’s input.

When the Aquarius Neptune woman looks for a lover she will choose someone who has the same fantasies as her. They have to be able to see the bigger picture and want more for themselves and the world around them.

Together they will act as a power couple who both dream of donating their time and effort to help others.

The dreams of the Aquarius Neptune woman are multifaceted. She has a strong desire to connect with other people. As a person who fantasizes about socializing, she wants to be friends with the world. The more people that she connects with, the more that she can help.

However, the Aquarius Neptune must be aware of her own needs. She is so busy thinking about ways that she can support other people that she tends to take herself for granted. She must invest in herself and implement a strong self-care regime to counteract being rundown.

If there is a lesson that she must learn it is that no one can help another person appropriately if they cannot help themself.

For example, if the Aquarius Neptune woman is in bad health she cannot look after the sick, if she is poor she may struggle to help those in poverty efficiently, and so on.

As she will invest so much time analyzing the world and coming up with ideas as to how it could be improved she may find herself focusing on the lack.

The Aquarius Neptune woman notices the pain and troubles in the world, if she is not careful she can be deeply affected by it. She must always look toward the positives instead.

Protecting the Aquarius Neptune women’s mental health is a must. Occasionally, it may be wise to take some time out for herself and heal. She could benefit well from some one-on-one time so she can rest and eventually pull herself back up and strategize.

The Aquarius Neptune woman is also keen on the arts. She is very creative and will express her dreams and thoughts through painting, singing, dancing, and other activities. She would be wise to pursue her artistic abilities further and enter into a creative profession.

Famous Aquarius Neptune Women:

Greta Thunberg, Alexandra of Denmark, Anne of Cleeves, Willow Smith, and Paris Jackson.

Aquarius Neptune Man

The Aquarius Neptune man is noble. He is the first to run and help someone in trouble and offer them support. If there is anyone that needs assistance they know that they can turn to the Aquarius Neptune man.

He aims to elevate people around him and motivate them to aspire to more. The Aquarius Neptune man understands that there is more to life than what the eye can see. He wants everyone around him to adopt this same mentality.

To him, everything in life is an adventure. He yearns to explore and learn more about the world. He understands that this is not limited to the physical world but also the mind.

He will regularly venture into the depths of his imagination, subsequently conjuring what he is thinking and feeling into his reality. He has a talent where he can spend unprecedented amounts of him fantasizing about the life he wants to live.

The Aquarius Neptune man is an inspiration to many. He serves as a reminder that there is more to life than material gains. Though he appreciates his position in this world, he knows that there is value in giving back.

His devotion to humanity is admirable. He dreams of a moment of time when everyone can come together and show nothing but love and support. This is what he is spiritually drawn to, it is more than just an interest this is his life.

He likes to keep up to date on current events. The Aquarius Neptune man also likes to absorb new information and sharpen his skillsets when he can. His motto is: knowledge is truth and the power to help others.

He shares what he learns and offers to empower others. With everything that he knows he can enrich people’s lives. If he can make his dreams become a reality then everyone will benefit, just the way he planned.

He has strong hope and faith that life will get better. There has to be a positive outcome to everything that he does, there is no other alternative.

When he works hard for something, particularly for the progression and healing of others, he achieves his goals.

He firmly stands by his opinions and believes that he is always right. This is a downside to Aquarius Neptune as this way of thinking closes him off from different angles and strategies.

Two minds are better than one – if he takes his message onboard he can help more people in the world.

This hard-headed side of him is purely because he cares. He is so sure that his vision is the correct way to go and he does not want to let anybody down by handing the reins to someone else. He can not and will not fail, if he can prevent any mishaps he will do what he needs to do.

The solutions that he comes up with are creative and utilize everything that he has gained from studying. He is inventive and is a true visionary. He is always thinking of amazing ideas that he can put into action.

It is common for the Aquarius Neptune man to think about traveling overseas to assist in projects such as building wells and houses or feeding the poor. His aspirations extend to international pursuits, not just local endeavors.

The Aquarius Neptune man is always seeking to fulfill his destiny. He was born to contribute and assist. Though he likes to dream he knows that there is work to do in the physical world and that he must bring them to life.

The mind and fantasies of the Aquarius Neptune man are beautiful. He envisions so much more for the world and will willingly make sacrifices to benefit others. He is a real-life superhero that anyone can call on to save them.

Famous Aquarius Neptune Men:

Monet, Tchaikovsky, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Vivaldi, J.P Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and Alexander Graham Bell.

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