Neptune in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

There are many mysteries that make up the Universe. The constant expansion of space and millions of galaxies leaves more questions than answers.

The beauty of the miracle that is the universe lies in our own solar system. The planets influence everything from our health and love life to our individual personalities.

It is by diving deep into space that we come to understand how the planets affect us.

In particular, studying the spiritual whims of the enigmatic Neptune can take us on a journey of self-discovery.

Neptune in Aries has a special influence that has the power and might of Aries in conjunction with the magnificent Neptune. Here we will understand what makes Neptune so special and what part does Aries play when it is under its spell.

Neptune Influence

Neptune is associated with the fantasies of the mind, spiritual enlightenment, and daydreams.

Intuition is governed by this planet and it rules Pisces, the zodiac sign that is famous for its psychic abilities and spiritual ways.

Though it promotes inspiration it is also linked to trickery and deception. On the negative spectrum, Neptune has a naive and youthful disposition.

The planet Neptune was named after the Roman God of the sea, which is the counterpart to the Greek God Poseidon.

Neptune is the brother of Jupiter and Pluto who rules over the heavens, the physical world, and the underworld.

When we have bad days it can be due to the influence of Neptune in retrograde. It can leave us feeling foggy-headed and unclear. It is also linked to addiction, sexual abuse, and alcoholism.

Neptune is the perfect example of the idiom ‘rose-tinted glasses’. It can disconnect us from reality and transport us to a world of fanciful thinking and imagination. It is the opposite of logic.

Pisces is the opposite of Virgo, which is practical and systematic. Virgo, unlike Pisces, is deep root in the physical world.

Neptune spends roughly 14 years in each zodiac sign. Every generation will have the same sign in Neptune.

The influence of Neptune can be seen when comparing the mentalities and general way of thinking of people who are born in the same era.

The energy of Neptune can be harnessed to further improve our personal development. It is a useful focus and channel for our higher vibration while meditating.

This enchanting planet is feminine. It is the higher octave of Venus. It is glamorous and also rules over the visual arts such as movies, photography, dance, and film.

Neptune is the last of the known planets. The modern world did not know that Neptune existed as it is not visible to the naked eye. To that end, Neptune is known as the planet of mist as it makes people want to escape to a heightened reality.

Aries Neptune Personality

Spiritual endeavors and religious ideals are not uncommon with people under this placement.

Due to Neptune’s influence and Aries’s strong-willed nature they may try to influence and indoctrinate others to join their religious sect or cults.

However, the religious practice of their choosing may be unconventional or unusual.

Their passionate feelings toward spirituality are, in their mind, for the good of mankind. They want to elevate the human consciousness and educate those around them on their practices.

They are very persuasive and can entrance others to do their bidding. Ironically, they can be naive and easily duped by others.

They are innovators and are generally independent in their way of thinking. If they believe that no one else possesses the mindset that they do they take pride in it. They see the world in a magical kind of way and can get lost in their fantasies.

Aries Neptune likes to break the glass ceiling. They will challenge tradition and enforce their own ideologies. They hate to feel as though they are confined to one way of thinking.

They are radicals and express their discontentment of the rule of society through literature and artistic ventures. They want the world to know how they feel and they are not afraid to express themselves.

They are visionaries and they always have good intentions. Aries Neptune wants the best for everyone. Their need to help people is what makes them great, it is a part of their life path and soul’s mission.

People with this placement can often be found doing charity work. They may believe that their contribution will bring them closer to God or whatever spiritual deity or concept that they believe in. This may sound self-serving but they will happily take part in such activities.

Aries Neptune’s passion can be a little too fiery at times. The opinions of others are often disregarded as they charge forward with their own plans. They lack the ability to compromise. Life is how they see it and that is final.

They may visualize about declaring war against conventional ideals. They see it as a threat to the expression of their spiritual values. They will fight for what they believe in and dare anyone to challenge them.

Some who fall under this conjunction may use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Although Aries likes to be in control, the influence of Neptune sways them to seek alternative methods for dealing with their issues.

They may also have issues with their confidence and self-esteem. Aries Neptune may image themselves as less than what they actually are. They lack confidence in themselves and so they may have issues relating to mental health.

They may face mental battles that make them their own worst enemy. Their mix of delusions of grandeur and lack of self-worth can make them lose sight of what is around them. Occasionally they need to be pulled back into reality.

Aries Nepture Woman

The Aries Neptune woman is dedicated to her personal development. She has an ideal vision for herself and works to achieve it. Improving everything from the way she looks, to her spiritual practices are important to her.

Self-love is a journey for the Aries Neptune woman. She may have her ups and downs, swaying from confident to doubtful when she lets her thoughts get the better of her.

Her personal opinions mean the world to her and she will express them as she pleases. If she offends them then that’s their problem. She will often face conflicts as her thoughts flow from her mind to her mouth with no filter.

If her views are challenged she will react with aggression. The Aries Neptune woman is defensive of her opinions and will tear down anyone else’s if they try to undermine what she believes in.

The Aries Neptune woman may be deceived into thinking the world is against her. During debates, she is always on guard and can fly off the handle if someone pushes one of her already delicate buttons.

She likes to explore the boundaries of her mind. Visualization and meditation are a fun pastime for her. Her experiments with metaphysical activities satisfy her need for a strengthened connection with the divine.

She may also enjoy reading books on spirituality, personal development and works fiction. It stimulates her active imagination and gives her energy.

She often thinks about her goals. As she strives for enlightenment she will give it all of her mental energy and focus on what she wants to achieve.

Her connection to Spirit is a big part of who she is. She is the first of her companions to follow an alternative spiritual lifestyle. She may have interests in holistic therapies, Buddhism, astrology, or Rastafarianism.

She is more likely than others to have an extensive crystal collection, which she uses during prayer and meditation. The Aries Neptune woman may also consciously use The Law of Attraction and Vibration to manifest her goals.

As a spiritual being, she sees more than just the physical world. Her extrasensory gifts open her up to new dimensions and ethereal experiences. She may be used to having psychic visions and can make premonitions about the future.

The Aries Neptune woman is constantly soul searching, spiritual growth is a part of who she is. She fantasizes about a time when she will reach a level of ascension that is close to Nirvana.

She wants to take people on this journey with her. The Aries Neptune woman wants others to experience life the way she does. Her spiritual and religious beliefs bring her so much joy that she wants to spread it all around the world.

She must be wary of overwhelming and offending people. Her dedication to convincing others that her lifestyle is the one to follow is perceived as aggressive and hostile. She should soften her approach and communicate gently to get her point across.

The power of Neptune has a great influence on her. Every time she closes her eyes and loses herself in her own world she is free to be whoever she wants to be.

Aries Nepture Man

The Aries Neptune man is inspired to make a difference. They want to see their dreams come to life. If others could live in his mind he believes that they will have found the answers to their problems.

This is because he believes that his vision for the world will cure all heartache and struggle. His fantasies of a more spiritually inclined society are something that he is actively working to achieve.

He is courageous in his pursuit. He does not care if his views stand out from others. What he is focused on is proving other people wrong. The Aries Neptune man wants everyone to understand his view on life.

Without warning, angry thoughts and scenarios may enter his mind like a mirage. The Arian flame that influences Neptune can leave him feeling frustrated if there is no progression in his life.

He likes to open his mind and learn new skills. He is curious about how far he can push the creative components of his mind. The Aries Neptune man is always seeking what is yet to be discovered.

Passion is at the heart of everything he thinks and feels. Success is the result of his visions, he will do what it takes to spread the word of his beliefs. With his persuasive tongue, he can lure people into following him.

He may come across as conceited. His dreams are bigger than anyone else’s and he has to have the last word in this regard. It may be hard for him to change this element of his personality. It is deeply ingrained.

The Aries Neptune man may be blinded by his passions. He may fill his mind with unrealistic fantasies and could dive in headfirst in pursuit of his dreams. Caution is warranted for the Aries Neptune man.

The clash between the heat of Aries and the icy waters of Neptune creates contention and discord. The Aries Neptune man’s daydreams and his connection to reality are disruptive.

The coldness of Neptune represents conservative views in society and the fire of Aries is the change, the need for an overhaul, and the destruction of the old. This is what the Aries Neptune strives for.

There is an immense amount of energy that surrounds the Aries Neptune man. So much so that he is sensitive to both positive and negative vibrations. He can manifest the outcome that he desires for himself with ease.

Though it may not seem like it the Aries Neptune man wants peace. His intention to share his religious or spiritual views is not to cause distress in others.

However, the Arian influence results in him cajoling and intimidating those around him.

The Aries Neptune man has the potential to break down any barriers. His mind is a place of wonder and excitement.

The supernatural and ethereal have a profound influence on him. Through his fantasies, remarkable ideas are born.

He has the power to change the world. People follow his leadership and listen to his word. He speaks with his heart and his intense nature inspires those he comes across.

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