Neptune in Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Every planet presides over a certain area in our lives. They have an energy that has an impact on us which defines who we are and what we want out of life. When the planets enter into a zodiac sign they take on their personality traits which reflect back on us.

Personal development is something that the majority of us strive for. We have ideas about life and we have a vision of who we want to become.

However, part of this includes understanding who we are as people.

Enter astrology. This wonderful combination of the metaphysical world and science can give us the answers that we seek. Our birth chart can show us who we are, where we are going, and what is best for us.

Neptune is no different in this regard. Just by viewing its position on our birth chart, we can learn so much about why we think the way that we do and how it impacts our actions. It’s like gaining a magnifying glass that allows you to see into your soul.

Neptune in Capricorn has an important influence on those who have this placement. The last generation of people that have Neptune in Capricorn on their birth chart are those who were born between 1984 and 2000.

Neptune Influence

The planet Neptune is linked with spirituality, dreams, fantasies, religion, and mysticism. It is the ruler of the sensitive and famously psychic zodiac sign, Pisces. They are the celestial dreamers of astrology and are closely connected with spiritual whims and beliefs.

Creative imagination and intuition are also part of Neptune’s influence. It governs the way that we use our minds to conjure up images and live vicariously through our imagination. This planet represents the spiritual world and the ethereal being.

Its aura is mystical and it is undoubtedly full of magic.

However, Neptune is known for its trickery. It can create illusions that make it hard to see what is real and what is not.

Those that are under zodiac signs that are typically naive will find it hard to maneuver throughout reality while they are under its spell.

Neptune can pull the wool over our eyes and cloak us in deception. It can transcend us to a world where our fantasies come true and magic takes place throughout our lives. It can leave us feeling excited as we delve deep into a world of pure potential and no limitations.

When we use Neptune well we can experience spiritual enlightenment and can ascend higher to our ideal state. It has the perfect energy to cultivate while meditating or setting intentions. This planet is highly intuitive and can help you to develop psychic abilities.

As a gaseous planet, Neptune is invisible to the naked eye. This makes sense as it is the planet that is connected to the unseen, spiritual world. The effects of Neptune are subtle and can take a while to be recognized in oneself.

Neptune is in retrograde approximately 40% of the time. When it is in this phase it’s powers stop working. The illusions that we were under are taken away from us. This is a time when we will have to deal with the harsh realities of life.

The influence of Neptune is a godsend for those who wish to escape reality. Although the effects are not permanent it is loved by some. Others will prefer to be grounded and have their head down, however they cannot get away from the pull of Neptune.

Capricorn Neptune Personality

Get rich or die trying. This is the motto for Capricorn Neptune. They have a strong interest in success and making money. The feeling of coming into abundance gets them hooked. They dream about a life of prosperity and they make this a priority in life.

Capricorn Neptune is extremely goal-oriented. If they set their mind to something they are doing it – no questions asked. They will dream up a plan and they will pursue it with all of their might.

There is no such thing as ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘that’s too hard’ for Capricorn Neptune. Limitations simply do not exist for them, they know that they are a result of fear which is something that they conquer easily. Hard work is all part of the game and they like to win.

Capricorn Neptune is known to dream about fame and fortune. The idea of living a life of luxury and immense success thrills them and drives them to work toward their goals. To them there is no room for failure – this is a good and bad trait.

While it is good to have dreams and desires not every one of them will succeed – and that’s ok! Capricorn Neptune must understand that failure is a part of learning. It is not an indication that they are less than their ideals.

As focused individuals, Capricorn Neptune are very disciplined and will not allow themselves to be distracted by futile daydreams. They are the generation of go-getters. Achievement and a positive attitude toward success is a great part of their personality

Capricorn Neptune aspires to be great. They know what they want and they won’t let anything stand in the way of them and their dreams. They are serious about their goals and do not take them lightly.

The responsibilities that Capricorn Neptune holds are close to their heart. They won’t throw away an opportunity or dither away from a task that they are supposed to do because they can’t be bothered. When they say yes to something they truly mean it.

Capricorn Neptune likes to think outside of the box when it comes to business and their career. They will imagine new and innovative ideas that can be used to propel them toward their desired reality. If it’s something that can help them to progress then they’re all in.

They are not the most creative of thinkers. Their inspiration comes from the logical side of their minds. They will process and rationalize their thoughts until they are certain that their ideas can work for them.

The dreamy nature of Neptune helps Capricorn Neptune to excel in life. They think of new ways to make money which makes them excellent entrepreneurs. Those who have this placement would do well if they set up their own business.

The zodiac sign Capricorn is incredibly spiritual and has deep beliefs in the occult and metaphysical theories. They will trust the wisdom that they are given from their higher self and will allow themselves to be guided.

They like to reflect on spiritual topics and are interested in others’ thoughts and ideas surrounding this. Although they can be cynical of some religious beliefs they can be somewhat open-minded to listening to others.

Capricorns are considered to be more worldly and earthbound than other signs. However, their spiritual tendencies and beliefs are more understated than people think. Though material happiness is their ultimate goal they can still appreciate the positive influence of Neptune.

On a negative note, Capricorn Neptune often views the world exactly how they want it to be. They can often let themselves down if life doesn’t pan out the way that they imagined. They must learn that they can’t control everything around them.

Neptune can enforce self-doubt when it is under Capricorn. Issues of self-esteem and belief may be present in people with this placement.

Capricorn Nepture Woman

The Capricorn Neptune woman is a real winner in life. Her mind is full of practical tips and tricks that help her to create the lifestyle that she wants. She is well versed in tap into the energy of money.

She is business-minded and is a formidable opponent. With her sharp mind and practical way of thinking, she can take charge of any situation with little to no effort. She can be creative if she allows herself to be, when she combines this with her intelligence and imagination she is unstoppable.

If the Capricorn Neptune woman is daydreaming (which she rarely does) she is thinking up various schemes to make her goals part of her reality. She has unbeatable willpower and cannot be discouraged from chasing her dreams.

She is hesitant to fall in love as it distracts her from her vision of life. This does not mean that she is unfeeling but rather that she is practical. The fanciful ways of romance and attraction are something that can pull her into a dreamy state.

She would rather be focused and grounded. When she is in a relationship, however, she is not particularly romantic or spontaneous.

However, she is compassionate and kind. She expresses love in her own way which must be appreciated and accepted by her partner.

The Capricorn Neptune woman can suffer from insecurities and this can plague her mind. If there is anything that can throw her off of her game it’s the self-pitying thoughts that envelop her from time to time. Imposter syndrome is a feeling that she is familiar with.

Though she is success-oriented she may doubt if she deserves it. The Capricorn Neptune woman must tune into the energy of Neptune to keep her fantasy of wealth and abundance alive.

Her goals and ambitions are a big part of her life. She likes to keep people around her who are just as motivated and who will support her dreams.

Anyone who is pessimistic or people who can’t handle their financials are not ideal friends or partners for the Capricorn Neptune woman.

She is slightly better than the Capricorn Neptune man when it comes to understanding her limitations. She will, however, push herself as far as she can. She won’t give up easily and will put up a fight to protect her interests.

The Capricorn Neptune woman has a strong mind. Her vision for the future is clear and every step that she takes is calculated to the max. She wants to get the most out of life and the experiences and prosperity that her hard work affords her are well worth it.

At night she is the type to dream of lying on the beach being fanned with giant feathers and an adoring servant feeding her grapes. She likes the good life and the materialistic pleasure of life is what she wants the most.

The Capricorn Neptune woman is witty and clever. She finds it hard to ask for help and would rather suffer than let people see her sweat. In her mind, she is more than capable of achieving her goals on her own and she does not need assistance.

Even if the road to success is hard the Capricorn Neptune woman will tough it out. She will often visualize the end result and will stay focused. She will not entertain any thoughts about what will happen if she doesn’t reach her goals.

As a whole, the Capricorn Neptune woman is a brilliant multitasker. Her mind is dynamic and she can think about many things at once which helps her to be the powerhouse that she is. Fortune is in her favor, she has the means to realize her dreams.

Capricorn Nepture Man

The Capricorn Neptune man is iconic. He idealizes a life of wealth and luxury. If anyone is likely to be fantasizing about owning fast cars, mansions, and nice clothes it’s the Capricorn Neptune man.

He has a precise vision for what he wants in his life. The thoughts and ideas that he holds are closely related to achieving his goals. Success is not optional – it is a must.

His drive and determination rank him highly amongst his peers. He doesn’t just dream of prosperity he works hard for it. The Capricorn Neptune man is always conjuring up ideas for new businesses and spot a gap in the market before anyone else.

In his dreams, he is the king of the world. He can see everything that he wants to achieve and it makes him hungry to go after what he wants. He will not be stopped when he is in pursuit of his dreams.

At times he cannot stop himself. His thoughts and ideas aren’t just wishful thinking, he will put them into action. However, this can lead to him experiencing failures as well as success. While he is chasing money he may lose himself in the idea of it.

In light of this, he can think up new ideas to get himself out of sticky situations. The Capricorn Neptune man is very intelligent and his logical mind is an advantage of his. He will outline the pros and cons and weigh up the risks of any venture.

The Capricorn Neptune man is not one to rely solely on his intuition. He would rather use reason and rationality than completely trust the seemingly ‘unreliable’ concept of intuition. However, if his 6th sense is overwhelming then he may listen, albeit skeptically.

Stability in his mind and life is priceless to him. He will remain balanced with his outlook on life and with his finances. Although he may have thoughts about having a 5* lifestyle he does not let this get in the way of reality.

He is not frivolous when he spends money in real life, only when he is fantasizing. He prefers to lean on the cautious side and will be tactful about how he handles his finances. This is very important to him and it is something that he takes seriously.

In love, the Capricorn Neptune man is affectionate to his partners and will dedicate themselves to them. They think about love in a practical sense and aren’t the time to have sentimental dreams about their lover.

When he expresses the deep parts of his thoughts and feelings he may come across as icy and distant. He is not the best at letting people in. Though he is known for his ambitious mind he does not like people to see his dreams.

They are a private part of him that he keeps shielded. However, he is not afraid of people seeing his success. He would rather they saw the results of his hard work rather than knowing what he is thinking in his mind.

The Capricorn Neptune man is responsible when he dreams. He won’t get too carried away, the chances of him being sucked into dreaming about something instead of doing it is slim to none. He has his feet firmly on the ground and that’s where he likes them to be.

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