Neptune in Taurus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Each birth chart is perplexing, and it consists of various elements and characteristics. It tells a story of one person, their strengths and weaknesses.

It is a subtle roadmap of one’s traits, likes and dislikes, desires and fears.

Most people turn to their Sun signs and Ascendants only to learn more about themselves.

Although these can tell curious particularities about one’s personality, it’s the details that matter.

Planets are among the elements that allow people to dive deeper into their natal charts and uncover things they wouldn’t by only reading about their horoscope signs.

Planetary aspects are crucial for making meaningful connections between the general reading of a birth chart.

One of these is the position of Neptune and how it affects a person and their characteristics.

Neptune – Meaning and characteristics

The Roman God of the Sea is the inspiration behind Neptune’s name. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and the 12th house.

It is also the higher octave of Venus. In that way, Neptune represents unconditional love and ultimate acceptance.

This planet is associated with Pluto and Uranus due to standing for what goes beyond our reality. It represents what escapes the mundane and logical framework and understanding.

Neptune is everything that’s not easy to fathom and imagine. Because of that, it usually stands for the human connection with the divine.

Like the horoscope sign Pisces, Neptune is also the dreamy and perplexing planet that gives depth to the natives. As such, it indicates illusions, inspiration, fantasies, dreams, and abstract concepts.

Although Neptune can cause difficulties in a natal chart, it also boosts talents, sensitivity, emotional intensity, and intuition. This planet is related to music, poems, writings, arts, gentle visuals, paintings, photography, and cinema.

However, Neptune can also cloud one’s judgment and influence hypersensitivity. Because of that, it often makes it challenging for the native to draw a clear line between reality and imagination.

On the other side, this planet makes people more compassionate and empathetic. Neptune is responsible for a spectrum of emotions, and it allows its natives to feel everything profoundly. Because of that, they often feel misunderstood and lonely.

Since Neptune is associated with how one perceives reality, it also represents drugs, alcohol, and other substances that alter one’s perception in a good or bad way.

Moreover, this planet also indicates deception, fraud, and confusion. It is responsible for creating circumstances and sensations that challenge people to identify what’s real and fiction.

Neptune is related to spirituality, magic, daydreaming, rituals, sexual abuse, and supernatural experiences. Positive aspects make people more creative, talented, and curious.

Moreover, it can make one aware of the cosmos in a way other people can’t fathom.

This planet creates a connection with religion, mysticism, and the occult. Neptune goes beyond the regular energy humans experience.

Instead, it’s associated with the surreal, and it allows its natives to see beyond what most people do. In that way, Neptune can be a blessing and a curse.

It is in touch with the distant worlds and different realities. Neptune stands for what’s not visible, tangible, nor rational. It exists in a higher realm, and it requires a different kind of logic to understand it.

When Neptune creates unfavorable aspects, it may cause a native to be deceitful, dishonest, and fraudulent. It can also trigger extreme mood swings, depression, and addictions.

Natives with negative Neptune placements have a hard time keeping in touch with reality and complying with the rules of the material world.

Ultimately, Neptune can cause wonders for one’s natal chart and influence one-in-a-lifetime talents, prodigies, and creativity. But it can also trigger reality dissociation, problems with illicit substances, and personality disorders.

What does that mean for the horoscope sign Taurus?

Taurus – Hedonists, sensual, pragmatic

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, which makes them enthusiastic about art, aesthetically pleasing views, and sexual endeavors. They love strong flavors, intense scents, and memorable experiences.

Taurus needs to feel alive, which is why they crave experiences that move their emotional strings, senses, and stay imprinted in their minds.

These natives are typically the most sensual of all horoscope signs. They have a powerful aura, and it’s hard not to notice them. Taurus is intense, erotic, and flirty. They are aesthetical beings and often go after people who fall into the classic societal standards of beauty.

Taurus loves anything glittery, shiny, and distinctive.

Moreover, they like items that make them look more physically attractive. As people who want to live life to the fullest, they care deeply about earthly things. It is why these natives are money-oriented and often dream about being filthy rich.

They want to be able to afford expensive things and to ensure financial security. Taurus finds stability essential. As a result, they are terrified of being homeless, without work or material possessions.

However, their need for safety transcends the material realm. Taurus is also afraid of losing people and being alone.

These natives strive to live peaceful, stable, and joyous life. It is why Taurus finds money and success so significant. Financial gain is their way of ensuring they never end up on the street, without resources or people to help them.

What happens when a dreamy planet like Neptune finds itself in a practical horoscope sign Taurus?

Neptune in Taurus – General characteristics

People born with Neptune in Taurus focus on their material possessions and money to the point of dreaming about them. They want to be affluent and ensure a comfortable life that allows them to afford whatever they desire at the moment.

These natives are goal-oriented and determined. One can hardly slow down or stop their momentum. When these individuals one something, they’re sure to get it.

However, they don’t only fixate on material items.

Those born with this placement can also become nearly obsessed with a romantic interest or their partners. They fall in love easily but tend to focus on one person for a long time.

As a result, these natives are typically loyal and fight for their relationships, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

They dislike it when people put intangible things at the forefront of their lives. These individuals believe logic, drive, and pragmatism are essential for a stable life and happiness.

Because of that, those born with Neptune in Taurus rarely delve into abstract concepts, wishful thinking, and imagination.

They are the go-getters and capable of overcoming the most challenging obstacles. These natives often surprise themselves with how much they achieved. They tend to be unaware of their abilities. People often envy these natives for their drive and unshakable focus.

Affectionate and laidback

They are heart-warming, affectionate, and attentive. These individuals are kind and love surprising their loved ones with thoughtful details and gifts. Because of that, they are typically stellar as romantic partners and companions.

Those born with this placement are usually passionate about art, cinema, music, and poetry. These individuals tend to be talented, artsy, and creative. They enjoy beautiful things and aesthetics. These natives are hedonists and believe that the ultimate goal in life is to enjoy.

They hate stressing out over minor things and prefer to go with the flow. These individuals typically don’t get along well with people who worry about everything and need a plan B in every situation. They enjoy overindulging themselves in food, drinks, and leisure time.

These natives often struggle with gluttony and greed. Others tend to perceive them as careless and self-centered.

But these individuals believe that they worked hard for every pleasure that they buy to reward themselves. They avoid surrounding themselves with people who disagree with them and judge their lifestyle.

People born with Neptune in Taurus seek ways to turn their ideas and dreams into reality and hate leaving things unfinished. They are bold enough to take the initiative and materialize their plans.

Because of that, these natives enjoy participating in practical projects and tasks. They love seeing the results of their work and avoid those that center around intangible outcomes.

These individuals love creating beautiful things and practical objects that improve the quality of life.

As a result, they often work in construction, architecture, the food industry, and manufacturing. These natives also like it when they see people enjoying the products of their work. They also love when others praise them and express gratitude.

Those born with this placement fail to understand why people choose professions that tend to be dirty or unappealing. They also hate seeing ugly constructions and don’t understand why the creators didn’t put more effort into developing something astonishing.

These natives avoid metaphysical matters and perplexing topics. They are pragmatic and hate to waste their time on something that might never prove to be true. a

Impossible to admit failure

Despite being goal-oriented, these individuals tend to struggle with finances. They either find it too challenging to manage money or are terrified of making a mistake. Because of that, these natives tend to hire others to finish these deeds for them.

However, that could affect their fortune and cause them to be less wealthy than they want.

People born with Neptune in Taurus struggle to admit they’re wrong and accept failure. They often perceive themselves as unmistakable and deserving of material possessions and money.

These natives are usually not religious nor spiritual, or they give it a practical approach. Perhaps they enjoy going to the church to create new networks or improve their social status, but they’re rarely interested in anything they can’t see with their own eyes.

Those born with this placement dream about a beautiful home and can settle anywhere with ease. These individuals love nature and can move quickly to another place if they feel better there. They don’t stick to anything that holds them down or causes their lives to stagnate.

These natives need to feel that they’re progressing and going in a good direction. Because of that, they can put their roots down anywhere and not miss their previous lives. These individuals don’t struggle with nostalgia and avoid looking back to the past.

They have an easy time telling apart reality and fiction because they see the latter as art only. These natives are masters of creating mesmerizing things and giving people something they can enjoy for a long time.

Overall, people born with Neptune in Taurus are practical, confident, and determined. They dislike handling finances but enjoy building a fortune and ensuring a stable life.

Woman with Neptune in Taurus

Women born with Neptune in Taurus strive for a peaceful and calm life. They don’t understand people who stress about everything and aim to achieve inner nirvana and acceptance. These females have their own vision of spirituality, and for them, it means to be in complete peace with themselves.

They typically pursue and achieve that by dedicating themselves to art, hobbies, and talents. These women believe that artistic careers should be just as profitable as the best-paid professions. They think that there is nothing higher than creating beautiful products, art, and objects.

These females also think it’s foolish not to use talents to accumulate wealth and turn it into a job. They have no patience for people who believe that art makes no difference in the world and it should remain a hobby due to not making money.

But women born with Neptune in Taurus also aim to achieve nirvana through romantic relationships and physical pleasures of life. They are passionate and fall in love easily. These females enjoy seeing beautiful people and often find physical attractiveness infatuating.

They don’t enjoy profound and perplexing conversations that tackle intangible ideas. Because of that, these women don’t need their partners to be intellectual or highly educated.

They believe it’s enough that someone can attract them and make them feel good. Thus, these women love to see that one can generate fortune without necessarily going to college or starting rich.

But they also tend to neglect their obligations and lose themselves in pleasure and raw joy. Ultimately, these females dream about doing what they love and making money out of it.

Man with Neptune in Taurus

Men born with Neptune in Taurus make relationships their priority. No one is as passionate, intense, and affectionate as them. These males are emotionally vulnerable, sensitive, and sensual. They love making their partner feel like a divine being.

It is typically easy to see how attentive and careful these men are with their loved ones. They find love and passion the closest to ethereal sensations. These men feel at peace when in loving relationships. They enjoy taking care of others and feeling accepted and seen.

These males would go as far as sacrificing their own comfort and well-being to make their loved ones feel safe and satisfied. They find meaning in loving and helping others. These men struggle to understand the violence, hatred, and aggression.

They believe that there is nothing that a loving touch can’t solve. Because of that, relationships bring the best out of these natives. But they find it troubling to give enough attention to their careers.

These natives usually feel happy to have enough material stability and possessions to live comfortably and without stress. They don’t need too much and refuse to live to work.


People born with Neptune in Taurus are pragmatic and artsy at the same time. They believe that art, music, dance, films, and poetry should get the same attention as more profitable careers. These individuals love turning their hobbies into a job and earning money from it.

They are passionate and affectionate as lovers and go the extra mile to make their loved ones happy.

However, these natives might struggle with stable income and daily responsibilities.

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