North Node in Aries

The sign of the ascendant shows the quality of the sign through which we as a soul want to be effective in our life.

It is the goal and at the same time the path, it shows the quality that we should develop in order to reach our goal.

On a personal level, the AC corresponds to a behavioral mask that we put on and present to others. We want to appear to others as the AC symbol suggests.

On the spiritual development path, however, it is a matter of making this quality really your own in its entire dimension in order to be able to live it from within.

Seen in this way, the ascendant acts on a spiritual level as an inner life goal.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

The ascending lunar knot helps us to acquire this quality of signs. By constantly pressing the ascending lunar node, especially in terms of the meaning of its house position, a development automatically starts after a while that brings us into connection with the quality and meaning of our AC sign.

The spiritual ascent at the lunar node leads to the long-term goal of the ascendant.

The task is to take a clear ICH position, to appear independently and to take responsibility for one’s own actions after the expectation has been given up that others would do this for me. I should develop trust in my own spontaneous ability to act. I should believe in myself. Do what I want to do and not hope for the support of others.

It is important to develop your own substance without resorting to foreign values. I should implement the means (skills, talents, “assets”), utilize them, use them up and not keep them to myself.

Create something out of your own effort and thus increase self-esteem, and not get something from others or borrow something if there is a lack of substance (foreign substance).

I am not supposed to present my own views as the only correct ones, but also to listen to the other. The knowledge of the collective should be recorded and evaluated, and passed on objectively and factually.

Check your own thinking structures and habits and come to think clearly. Be prepared to respond to the environment.

Anchoring myself in myself, affirming my roots. Feeling accepted by a collective and being “at home” there. Taking family seriously, accepting their origins and being satisfied with them, while overcoming desires for power, prestige and excellence.

Try yourself, stand up on your own and challenge the world. Despite unpleasant experiences, always believe in love and give up everything that separates people (arrogance, criticism, pride and other elitist behaviors).

Develop a willingness to take risks and experiment without fear of forgiving yourself or losing face.

Prove yourself in coping with existence. Engage in personal work, develop devotion by serving for many and many and thereby overcome the need for retreat and isolation.

Find your niche in the market, the work that fills you with meaning and gives up resistance to the struggle for daily existence.

Accept the other for who he is. Real affection is required, feeling obliged to the other in the partnership, taking the other person seriously and being binding and overcoming egocentricity and the priority of one’s own desires.

Sensitively and lovingly taking care of what is good for the other and brings harmony. Take the first step towards reconciliation in the event of a conflict.

Break old shackles, abandon false inclinations and behaviors and overcome sole trust in material and your own substance. I can accept from society, but I also have duties to it.

Overcome the fear of loss and change and thereby become free for new things, which have not yet existed.

Consistently elaborate and pursue your own thoughts, develop your own standards of values ​​and stop listening to public opinion, yelling with the crowd.

If the South Node has more influence in the birth chart, the person becomes a conservative. He believes in the gradual development of society, denies revolution. He feels the power of tradition.

If the North Node is in Aries, then the South Node will be in Libra. The Rahu workings in this sign endow a person with certain characteristics.

Develop freedom and individuality of thought. Stand up with conviction for what we have recognized as correct after review. Do not follow the thought and life travel program of the others but stand up for your own truth.

It is about realizing your own goals, developing your own individuality, self-realization after you have freed yourself from the goals of the family and renounced all the comforts that the quiet life at home offers. Growing with mastery of our tasks, profiling. Isolation and individuation process.

Aries – Meaning and Symbolism

All those born between March 21 and April 20 are from the sign Aries. Influenced by the Sun and by Mars, it represents strength, aggressiveness, the desire to assert your personality, the sometimes-brutal violence, necessary to defend yourself and to conquer objectives.

Those born in this sign are usually brave, intrepid, but also informal at work; they find it difficult to accept discipline and routine.

Intolerant and energetic, Aries is easily impatient and wants what he wants instantly, which usually leads to scattering and anger.

However, his tenacity is strong, as he knows that he needs to overcome obstacles to prove himself his worth.

Otherwise, if he does not reach the goal, he falls into deep depressions and pessimistic moods.

The character of Aries is dominated by instability, sudden changes and a tendency to risk. He will like to undertake sports activities in which he will find a satisfaction of his expectations. Energetic and tough competitor, it is easy to stimulate him through challenge and defiance.

However, he is a sore loser and will hardly accept defeat.

His behavior is authoritarian: he loves order, the law and respects hierarchical structures. Projected into the future, he has a short memory and easily forgets.

On the emotional level he likes to dominate and conquer his partner, he is passionate and sentimental, but has difficulties to establish a deep relationship.

The biggest obstacle you will find is keeping his commitments since he does not like to be subject to anything.

However, once he has found the dream person he becomes warm, tender and affectionate. He obsessively needs them to believe in him and to continually show him how much they love him and how much they appreciate and esteem him. For this, he will try all kinds of attitudes, from anger to crying.

Aries women have determined well-defined features that are rarely soft or fuzzy. The eyebrows, well marked, usually meet at the narrow bridge of his nose.

The general image of her is a bit ruddy, with quick movements and immediate reactions; she is aggressive and direct. Her gaze is clear and frank, a strong sizzle of emotions can be glimpsed in her pupils, which sometimes will vibrate with excitement and joy and other times with anger.

The ears are normally small and tilted back, as if to resist the accelerations applied by their owner. The most delicate parts of her body are the head and face. They are prone to accidents and will carry the aftermath of a very busy childhood, with some scars. In general, you should take care of your skin, your joints (especially your knees) and consume as little alcohol as possible.

Venus in Libra starts to receive a great aspect from Saturn in Aquarius, indicating days when you will be more serious in relationships, thinking about the possibility of completing a commercial partnership or even a dating relationship. The time is great for making commitments.

The week begins influenced by the Crescent Moon in Scorpio, which arrives under pressure from Uranus in Taurus, indicating days of intense and unanticipated movement in agreements and negotiations related to your finances, especially if you are involved in a financial partnership.

It is not a good time for a new investment, as the risk of loss is high. Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra, marking a period of movement in social life and approaching new friends, even though networks. The period may involve a special person who crosses your path.

The month begins influenced by the waning moon in Taurus, which arrives united to Uranus and in tension with Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo, indicating days when you should pay attention to your finances, as there is a tendency to losses.

So, no thoughtless steps related to new investments. It is not a good time to get started, so if you are involved with launching new businesses and ventures, wait a few more days to get started. Try to balance income and expenses.

On the 29th, Jupiter, in his retrograde movement, returns to Aquarius and promises to move his social life again and bring friends together. New friendships can be made and old ones renewed.

The period can be related to the approval of the management of a new project and a new work team for you to lead. The period is great for new personal and business contacts.

On the eighth, the Moon begins a new cycle, enters the new phase in Leo, and arrives in tension with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, marking a period of decisions related to matters of the heart.

A novel can be re-evaluated and questioned; it can be a “go or go” period. If so, everything improves with the structuring of a new phase of life, with new things emerging. If not, accept it, as it is time to say goodbye to this phase.

North Node in Aries – Meaning and Symbolism

The horoscope allows you to determine the character of a person, his fate and behavior patterns in different life situations. For this, astrologers study different aspects. Their symbiosis reveals information about the identity of the owner of the horoscope.

One of the important positions in the natal chart is the North Node in Aries. In this case, the South Node falls into the sign of Libra. This aspect will be discussed below.

Lunar nodes are powerful factors that influence the natal chart. These are special cosmic forces. They are invisible to the eye. These forces shape the destiny of a person. This is the karmic potential of the personality, the true essence of human existence.

Lunar nodes are the points at which the lunar orbit crosses the solar one. These points are considered in the natal chart on a par with the planets. Evaluate which sign of the zodiac and the house of the horoscope the lunar node falls into.

Also, study their aspects. This allows you to interpret the birth chart.

There are two lunar nodes in the horoscope. One of them is ascending. He points to the vocation of a person in this incarnation.

The incoming node speaks of the karma that he earned in a past life.

So, one of the possible positions may be the North node in Aries, the South node in Libra. These points are understandably related. Therefore, they are considered in pairs.

Lunar nodes move faster than similar points on other planets. Moreover, they move along the natal circle in the opposite direction, compared to the planets. These points pass through the zodiac in 19 years.

You need to immediately define the concepts. The north node has several names. This is Ketu, the Ascending Node.

It is also called the dragon’s head. South Node – Descending Node. It is called Rahu or the tail of the dragon. They are in the Zodiac exactly opposite each other.

These points indicate a person’s unconscious attitude to the currents taking place in society. Such points have less impact on the personality than planets.

However, they are important for the interpretation of a person’s inner life.

The south node shows what a person has been able to do for a long time. This is what he went through, learned in past incarnations.

However, this is a temptation to follow internal clichés. This can hinder development. Rahu programs give wisdom, but they also limit a person. This point in the horoscope is associated with the possession of Saturn.

The North Node is associated with those programs that emerged for the first time. This is new in human life. This has never happened to him before. This point has the hue of Jupiter.

These points are opposite, for example, the South Node is in Aries, and the North Node is in Libra. They maintain a balance between the past and the future.

If several planets are in conjunction with Ketu, or he is on the ascendant, the influence of the present, society on a person is very strong. He has no connection with his roots. A person with such a birth chart becomes sensitive to new processes in society.

If the South Node has more influence in the birth chart, the person becomes a conservative. He believes in the gradual development of society, denies revolution. He feels the power of tradition.

If the North Node is in Aries, then the South Node will be in Libra. The Rahu workings in this sign endow a person with certain characteristics.

This is an inborn diplomat. He shares responsibility with others.

At the same time, a person has a great social experience; he knows how to properly communicate with others. He is used to taking a position of submission to circumstances.


Develop a broad awareness that everyone understands. Strive for clarity and honesty, not sit on a high horse or show off be on the day.

Recognize others as individuals and accept them for who they are. Tolerance.

Use for group goals and ideals and not for your own ego. Cultivate friendship and group awareness after having overcome the desire for adventure and the compulsion to go alone in the satisfaction of personal desires.

To withdraw to myself from time to time, to distance yourself from external duties and existential fears, to withdraw from activities in order to be alone with myself in a quiet little room.

Risk of neglecting inner growth through excessive externalization.

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