North Node in Cancer

Cancers are definitely one of the most specific zodiac signs, not only because they are emotional, but also because once (God forbid!) They hide under their shell; you will not be able to deal with them so easily. This is why Cancer is one of the most specific zodiac signs.

They are incredibly emotional and sensitive, but do not look at it as their weakness, but as something that “feeds” them for new life victories.

They are great interlocutors, because they listen carefully to everything you have to say to them, they give the impression of a person they trust, and they will always give you great advice in whatever problem you are in.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

Knowing a little about the dynamics of eclipses and how the nodes work in the psyche, in this post I am going to tell you what the Cancer-Capricorn axis is about so that you can stay with the general idea of these eclipses.

Look, the twelve signs are divided into the zodiac in six axes with two complementary opposites.

Each axis represents a process and the signs are the two opposite poles, as cold and heat are the two faces of temperature.

For example, in the relationship process, which is the Aries-Libra axis, the two sides of the process would be you and I, let us live in the moment.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis represents the process of individualization. Cancer is the background of the individual and Capricorn the form.

In addition, inner face (Cancer) and outer face (Capricorn), but I like more depth and shape.

By the way, it applies to every individual understood as a separate entity, not just people, but also a family, a company, a country, a project, etc.

For example, for a country, Cancer would be the people united by the feeling of being the same nation (the Spaniards that Albert Rivera sees) and Capricorn the structure of the nation (the territorial organization, the government).

The shaft is only supported if there is balance. If the government sweats from the people, the people sweat from the government and if we perpetuate this eternal cycle of sweating, the country will go to hell.

However, hey, we are not going to talk about the country for now, let us talk about ourselves.

We already talked about the nodes working in our psyche as forces that pull us in opposite directions, like in those dreams in which you try to run but go super slow.

The north node pulls us up to evolve and the south node pulls us down so that we stay where we are (which, as life evolves, is lagging behind). The way of virtue vs the way of vice.

Yes, you can go by two paths The north node passing through the Cancer sign is calling us to create a home, that is, to create a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual place (or all at the same time) in which we feel at home: safe, at ease, comfortable, protected, where we feel that we belong and that we can develop.

Cancer – Meaning and Symbolism

They can say words, whether they write them down or say them, and they know exactly what to say and at what moment.

They are people with nice manners, until someone “touches” them to friends and family. Well, then you are free to run away from them and hide.

This brings us to the fact that Cancers are very protective of the people they love – that is, family members, partners and best friends.

The main characteristic of people born in the sign of Cancer is their extremely confusing character, which manifests itself in the range from shyness and timidity to a very open expression of friendship and high seductive style.

This is because this zodiac sign is extremely emotional, understands roadside signs and intuitively follows them. Crabs are otherwise quite generous and willing to give selflessly, especially to those they adore.

Crabs have an innate ability to remember details and events very well, so they seem uncompromising to others, even though insecure nature is hidden behind hard armor. Turning to tradition and the past, they are also very prone to daydreaming.

That is why, according to the horoscope, Cancer relies more on its own instinct and intuition than on reason. Accordingly, no zodiac sign is as connected to mother and house as Cancer.

Home and family are a security for them and they would rather take their home with them if they could, just as a cancer carries its armor. They know how to change their mood in accordance with the weather and the changes of the moon, and their difficulties are in constant connection with the rhythm of the tides that the moon causes.

Because they are so sensitive, they regularly fainted during the Full Moon because they have no sleep during that period. That is why this zodiac sign needs a little loneliness in certain phases of the moon in order to renew your own energy.

When satisfied, Cancers are kind and accommodating, ready to sacrifice, while in stages of disappointment they become grumpy and inaccessible. Whether it is money or emotions, Cancers never feel safe and secure enough.

Still, the horoscope says that Cancer maintains a love affair and a bank account with equal devotion. They tend to accumulate material things, especially when it comes to food, and saving is much more attractive to them than spending.

They often wear old clothes, interwoven with memories, even though unpacked new things are waiting for them in the closet. Unlike Aries, who does not have a yellow bank when he goes bankrupt, Cancer always has some other savings that he kept for the dark days.

Interested in everything other people think, Cancers have a developed imagination and that makes them good writers, journalists and politicians. They do well in the public sector, social protection programs and catering, and especially in cooking.

They are great lovers of antiques because for them everything that is old has a special value. Crabs are also known workaholics, and they work full steam ahead because that way they get even more money, which makes them happy and powerful.

Rakov has a very pronounced tendency towards water sports. The power of water has a specific, almost mystical effect on them, so fishing, diving or boating is their obligatory hobby. The horoscope predicts that Cancer is often the owner of water facilities, boats and yachts.

Milk, cheese, fish and foods rich in water are ideal foods for Cancers. Due to the slow metabolism, the horoscope says that Cancers accumulate excess water in the body and that is why they should consume as many boiled vegetables, fruits and cereals as possible, while avoiding salt, yeast and fatty foods.

Calcium, which affects the proper development of bones and teeth, should be one of the necessary minerals in their daily diet.

The element of water rules the reproductive and lymphatic systems, as well as fluid (blood, mucus and lymph). For this reason, Cancers are extremely sensitive to their environment, especially bacteria and viruses.

In general, a strong emotional component negatively affects their health because, like a magnet, they pick up negativity from other people in their immediate environment. Therefore, Cancers are known psychosomatic patients, to whom worries and fears cause illness.

People born with Cancer also tend to look back often and this can be one of their problems. Most of all zodiac signs are able to produce disease with negative thoughts, but also, no other sign is able to achieve a miracle in self-healing like them.

When they worry, their stomach feels it first. They should not consume food excessively when emotional weakness occurs because consolation cannot be found in ingested foods.

The constellation of Cancer is associated with the stomach and the bad aspects of the Moon in their natal charts bring problems with digestion and weight.

In Cancer women, PMS is somewhat more pronounced due to problems with water retention in the body.

In addition, their delicate and radiant skin always requires a high factor of protection from the sun’s rays.

Cancer is the most sentimental of all signs, the undisputed romantic of the horoscope who is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of love.

Their emotions are deep, so Cancer is a sensitive and imaginative partner with a strong intuition with which they can foresee what the partner needs and react before someone even thinks of asking them for help. Crabs are also attached, faithful

North Node in Cancer – Meaning and Symbolism

This does not have to mean a charming little apartment, for some it does, but others will be called to create a home in their body, in their work, in their relationship with their family, in their relationship with their partner, in their mental health. , etc.

For its part, the south node passing through Capricorn will mean that our usual structures will be opposing us to follow that call in a hostile way as if to say: but what are you going to do without me, clown?

The way to advance through a force that pulls us down is by loosening weight, that is, by getting rid of the structures that no longer serve us, that have become obsolete for the life we ​​want.

Again, these structures that have to fall do not have to be the partitions of your house, they can be eating habits, thinking models, the operating model of your business, your status, the idea that your ex still loves you, the job that you know is going nowhere, an addiction to Instagram, in short, for each person is one thing.

The fact is that getting rid of these structures is not the easiest thing in the world because they have given us support and letting go of them means being more vulnerable, but hey, it is that part of the lesson of the North Node in Cancer is to learn that admitting your vulnerability does not make you weak, it makes you human.

Crabs have an innate ability to remember details and events very well, so they seem uncompromising to others, even though insecure nature is hidden behind hard armor.

Turning to tradition and the past, they are also very prone to daydreaming. That is why, according to the horoscope, Cancer relies more on its own instinct and intuition than on reason. Accordingly, no zodiac sign is as connected to mother and house as Cancer.

And how can I know which are the structures that I have to release and where am I going to create a home?

Well, placing the houses that the Cancer-Capricorn axis touches in your natal chart, the position of your natal nodes can give you an idea of where the issue is going, because it indicates the areas of your life that will be affected during these eclipses, for the Capricorn loose, and for Cancer you advance. It can happen that each sign covers two houses; the most important is usually where the top falls.

In addition, eclipses activate the natal nodes, so if all goes well you will also drop through the house of your natal south node and advance through the house of your natal north node.

If you have planets in Cancer and Capricorn, things get more interesting because the functions of the psyche that they represent are going to come into play.

Anyway, it is fine to consider those areas but I do not recommend obsessing now in trying to predict where the eclipse is going to fall and what you have to let go of because there are more things happening in your life and usually it is something that goes away. Understanding better as the traffic progresses.

We must not break our heads, the general idea of ​​eclipses is that we are presented with opportunities before which there are two possible paths (Bandersnatch): to surpass ourselves or to stagnate.

In addition, on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, overcoming ourselves has to do with leaving behind the ideas you had about how things had to be done and bet on doing them the way that feels good to you, personalized, homemade.

Fine’s personal recommendation is that you take seriously the noble task of recognizing your emotions throughout the eclipse season because the Moon (which is in charge of emotions) is the ruler of Cancer, which means that the lunar function of our psyche is the one that will be most in tune with the advancement of evolution.

Maybe keeping a lunar diary is good for this, which is a notebook in which you record the phase of the moon, your phase of the menstrual cycle if you menstruate and how you have felt during the day.

The idea of ​​this diary is that you become aware of your own mood cycle, I can’t tell you how it is going because the two times I have tried to carry it I have not been constant lol but I will try again because it is a new year.

In addition, well, if you want to know the hot dates, the Fine has prepared a roadmap of the eclipses 2019 that gives an overview of how the events are going to be chained.

If you look at it, I hope you understand that it is not that things are going to happen like spontaneous generation, these are processes, and it is an organic move.


Do not be overwhelmed, eclipses are processes between the Sun (conscious personality, vital energy) and the Moon (unconscious personality, emotions), so as long as you do to be present in your own life and observe your emotions – as far as possible.

Possible, you know, you are not going to spend all day with your soul on – it will become clear to you that it is what you have to leave behind to move forward, it is not far-fetched. Girl, if being present is the key to everything.

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