North Node in Gemini

The Gemini season has begun. It is a good time to find out what awaits us in the next month and how the astrological transits that will occur in the coming days will affect us, in relation to this air sign.

This season is ideal to flow from an innocent and curious spirit, similar to that of babies, towards contact with new interests that make us open our minds and hearts.

It may happen that during this period of the year, people come into our lives that lead us to move some mental structures and make us question things that we believed stable, safe or valuable.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

The lunar nodes have been in Gemini since May 6, 2020, have migrated from the axis from Capricorn to Cancer to the axis from Sagittarius to Gemini. This changes our direction and our focus.

The heavy and rather sluggish background music has now given way to a rather lighter music. Lighter in the sense that there is no slow planet like Pluto, Saturn or Jupiter at the lower lunar node.

Easier too, because the lunar knot changes from the earth and water element to the fire and air element. These elements are lighter and more maneuverable. This flexibility is required of us now. Which also demands energy from us.

Before I go further into the lunar nodes and their meaning, a few words in advance about the corona pandemic and its personal effects. Because the lightness of which I speak is less noticeable now.

Lately I have often heard stories from everyday life being told to me, things like worries about parents or other close people, health problems, visits to the doctor and then the sentence “And then there’s Corona on top!”

I always say: All of this is Corona, because the uncertainty and fears that we experience in this situation are often reflected in health problems and sleep disorders and much more.

In other situations we would just go to the doctor, sit longer in the waiting room without having to deal with masks and the risk of infection.

We would visit our parents, take a train, or plane, or car, and look for a hotel. Not all of this is so easy now. In addition, that leaves its mark.

A therapist said in a private conversation that we are all in a situation that takes us back to our childhood. We often feel powerless and helpless – and we see no end. No child really understands “soon”.

Alternatively, that only takes months or even “when you grow up”. When are we big, when is soon please? That feels endless. Until then we are stuck in the situation. Many feel deprived of their resources, especially when dealing with people and socializing.

Woman from behind, black and white, hugging herself – lunar knot Gemini in Corona times.

Therefore, if you do not feel good, overwhelmed, locked in, and sad, then this (also) has more to do with you.

In addition, there is a reason for the lack of clarity and uncertainty in this situation.

We are currently sitting collectively in our narrow circle and therefore I would like to show you where we could already see the change of the lunar nodes and the change of energy, the background music. First a few astrological facts.

Gemini – Meaning and Symbolism

In the horoscopes of Gemini trade is perfectly understood due to its enormous capacity to be in contact with the value of possessions (something gained in the previous stage of Taurus) and also to the mastery of the word, which allows you to know how sell and manage the art of the exchange of goods.

Normally the Gemini month is ideal for important transactions, purchases or sales, but this season we will need to take precautions before launching into significant movements of energy and resources. Further down, in the section on transits, I will delve into this subject in detail.

The Gemini climate is perfect for diversifying energies, either by trying new things that we are interested in knowing or giving an ingenious twist to situations that were somewhat stagnant and were generating boredom, conflict and little enjoyment.

The energy of this sign invites us to explore life with sympathy and lightness, and allows us to become aware of how we open ourselves to communication and bonding exchange, seeking to enjoy and grow along with those around us.

At a stage we will find ourselves experiencing, some transits that will help us better understand and exalt the essence of this sign much more.

Gemini starts the season under the influence of Mercury (his ruler), and in a pre-retrograde shadow period by Gemini.

Although the retro gradation begins on May 29, the days before we will surely be feeling the effects of this transit that leads us to pay extra attention and review communication or commercial movements.

It will be a key period to repair and find alternatives to what is not working properly. It is very important to give ourselves time to review communication habits and dynamics, both personally and with the environment.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it is key to give ourselves a daily space for reflection and meditation before making decisions, be it due to travel (moving, job changes, etc.), signing contracts, sales or important purchases.

An aspect that is indicating that we can go through days of enormous confusion and difficulty in making decisions and this reinforces the pattern of giving ourselves time to reflect.

If we take advantage of this aspect, we will discover that the square gives us a beautiful opportunity to dream and shape fantastic ideas that help to promote a creative project once the retro gradation is over.

Saturn, planet of responsibility and validation, begins its retro gradation by Aquarius as of May 23.

Although this transit will last several months, it will have a lot of weight during this season because it will lead us to take responsibility for the daily actions that we undertake in order to materialize a better personal and collective future.

It is important to note that we are in the middle of the eclipse season on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, going through experiences from to acceleration of processes.

In this period, life invites us to put aside control and surrender to the exploration of what is coming, trusting that it will bring us evolution.

On May 26, we have the full Moon in Sagittarius, moment of emotional closure and completion of a process that began around December 14, 2020.

Although during the eclipse season it is sometimes not easy to clearly identify something that ends, we can guide us by observing how situations and people that prevented us from expanding and connecting with our truth begin to move away from our lives.

We will connect with the energy of the Annular Eclipse of the Sun in Gemini, another moment of great evolution in which an old consciousness will be eclipsed so that little by little we can connect with a new version of our being.

From this event, we can identify changes with a very positive impact in relationships with work colleagues, siblings, neighbors, etc.

North Node in Gemini – Meaning and Symbolism

The lunar knots always consist of the lower one, the one where we come from, a task that we have fulfilled, but which we also like to hold on to, an astrologer described it as almost a little compulsive.

In addition, the upper lunar node, the goal, the alignment, what we want to learn. Every year and a half they change signs, wandering backwards through the zodiac.

After the upper lunar node in Cancer (from November 6, 2018 to May 05, 2020), we now have the lunar node in Gemini, which will remain there until January 18, 2022.

Every 9 1/4 years they take the opposite position, so 9 years ago they went from Gemini to Sagittarius. That was 2011.

In addition, 18 1/2 years ago, in 2001, they had the same position, as they are today, namely the upper lunar node in Gemini. When you go back in memory to those years, you will get an idea of ​​how the issues are playing out in your life.

In addition, the eclipses, the eclipses to new and full moons, take place near the lunar nodal axis. This emphasizes and activates the houses into which the lunar nodes fall.

What this means for you exactly, on which areas of life this affects in your life, can be the subject of a horoscope interpretation or astrological consultation.

As a symbol of perpetual motion, Mercury rotates time. In Greek mythology, Hermes, the son of Zeus, the messenger of the Olympian gods, the patron saint of travelers, trade and profit, the guide of the souls of the dead.

Mercury was a healer and mediator between gods and people. The mediator always carries information; he knows what needs to be transmitted now. This information is warmed and inspired by the light of the truths of the Sun.

Mercury is depicted in a winged cap and with winged sandals, with this; he marks the flight of thought. What Mercury brought is God’s gift, illumination and revelation, and if there is an aspect with Uranus, then the Cosmos in general!

Mercurians do not need help, but they themselves are ready to help and serve everyone. This is Pinocchio – who always poked his nose, and I think why the first book that my parents gave me was called “Why”) these are our favorite words “why this and not otherwise”?

Feel free to ask! If I do not ask, then immediately go to Googl / Wikipedia, an encyclopedia is also a good option for the brain. To be honest, it is just hard for me to realize that I did not know this, or even admit. .. It is embarrassing to ask.

Initially, we have positive Sagittarius traits: we respect traditions, well aware of the importance of spiritual values. A philosophical mindset and an independent position, although, rather idealistic ideas about the world and people. The spirit of constant search, the desire to expand your worldview. Travels.

However, there are also negative features (((Dictate, the desire to constantly teach others, to advise, especially when no one asks, to impose on others their worldview, faith or dogma. We attach too much importance to status, Regalia.

Craving for fame, recognition, prestige, veneration, demand blind obedience and unconditional acceptance of our point of view.

How to do it: with interest, inquisitively, sharing knowledge with others. We heal with the Word, conversation, the ability to be at the right moment in the right place. we heal with our hands (massage for example) Mercury in medical, astrology is the hands.

Analyze, research, practice on your own, this cannot be taken away from us; I do not undertake what I did not see and did not feel.

I do not understand. We first try on a lot on ourselves and then this information for people. Learn to speak in an accessible language to be understandable to all. Specifically and not in general, and try to say less “I know”! Damn, it is so difficult, tin… We delve into the details, and look under our feet.

Learn from everyone who is sent to us by life, not to dismiss the information that has come. Develop your mind. Destiny will help you find the answers and acquire the necessary knowledge. It is useful to communicate with those who are younger than you are.

Forever young and forever drunk))) words from the song Semantic Hallucinations. You should not be forced out, preferably on you. I ask all clients to switch to you, many of my clients have become my good friends. regardless of age

You need to learn how to relax and not waste your energy and nerves. We save the nerves! All the problems are from the nerves. Psychosomatics is the most insidious disease, for it gives rise to a chain of ailments….

We should develop logical thinking, study, attend many courses, and be able to do a lot of “jack of all trades”. read, think, communicate, share information with others.

You can learn, but at the same time, it is imperative to remain an eternal student and transmit information in an accessible language and not in Jupiter Ian (fewer pretentious and loud words), although even if you use it, it may even be useful.

You will enlighten people “for example, you used the phrase“refined personality “your task is to explain to a person how it is, that’s all! Less scientific tricky words!

Ease of communication, even on philosophical topics). We are interested in what is happening around us, are open to everything new and maintain a clear mind. We are constantly expanding our social circle, exchange news and hone our communication skills.

Good high profile education. Graduated from KIMO International lawyer (Jupiter) + two foreign languages ​​- translator, the only drawback is that I did not finish my studies, there is certainly laziness (((but life goes on, so there is time, and work out karma.

Then the second tower, a psychologist -consultant (Neptune in Sagittarius on the South Node) and this has become my favorite profession and the third stage is Astrology (South, the node in Sagittarius ruler Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus).

In general, here it seems everything is so nothing. now I’m spinning in these areas, here the work is “not on the cob and not on the edge.”

Own org., Technique, not be afraid of it, try to do everything yourself and not to have someone for you. I respect technology, I choose the computer myself (which video card and processor is better, I will definitely answer) and “Windup”


When the Sun, planet of consciousness and creativity, passes through Gemini, we can more clearly identify where it is convenient for us to move and with whom to bond to experience happiness and enjoyment in our day to day life.

During this season, we have the possibility to move and exchange resources to open ourselves to new spaces for collaboration and creative development.

Communication skills are also exalted, both written and spoken in a month.

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