North Node in Leo

Moon nodes in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The north and south nodes of the moon are always in opposite signs. The northern node of the Moon in Cancer, and the southern in Capricorn.

These people are cautious and hardworking, usually more mature than their peers are.

They work a lot, they are ambitious and it is very important to them that there is structure, order and responsibility. They cope best when they have a certain routine and when they do not get out of the comfort zone much.

However, if getting out of security means success, then it will not be difficult for them to deal with their fears. They show ambition in everything, whether it is a partnership, a job or a sport.

These people are used to giving their best in everything and expect the same. They love organization and convenience.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

From past lives, they bring the need for material security, while their purpose in this life is to raise awareness and understand everything that is in the symbolism of Cancer, therefore, family, children and the notion of empathy in general.

These people are on a seesaw between work and emotions; they can often neglect their partner or their parents because they are too focused on success.

Their biggest fear is that they will not lose what they have gained and that the people they love will not behave responsibly.

It is necessary to develop understanding, care and learn how to forgive loved ones. They may happen to be too serious, worried, reserved and cynical especially when their plans are not going in the desired direction.

The father figure and authority are emphasized so these people may have trouble expressing and understanding female energy.

The northern node of the Moon in Capricorn, and the southern in Cancer. In this combination of knots, the focus is on excessive emotionality, vulnerability and sensitivity.

A person is too attached to the family and his karma is tied to the female line. Past lives can bring unresolved relationships with the father, withdrawal, mood swings, and excessive dependence on other people. This person does not like rigidity, abstraction, intense emotions and emotional distance.

They may have problems with diet and overeating, especially under stress, stomach and digestion problems are not exclusive. They happen to store heavy emotions in the chest and abdomen area, so they often have certain symptoms or pain in that area.

The mother may be overly focused on them creating an addiction and attachment to the family which in later years brings problems with the opposite sex. Their purpose is to become more consistent in what they do.

They learn to provide security for others, not to seek it, as well as to learn to rely on themselves, not on others. They need to develop self-confidence, assertiveness skills and organization. Control, discipline, clear frameworks and methodicalness are what should be strived for.

Moon nodes in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The north and south nodes of the moon are always in opposite signs. The North Node of the Moon in Gemini, and the South in Sagittarius. The combination is the opposite of everyday life and ideals.

These people from a past life bring strong vitality, awareness of life and honesty. They are naturally optimistic and travel often. They may be stuck in some ideals about life, trying to just look for them instead of doing something about it themselves.

They lack practicality. They often have more desires and little time or energy to make them come true. They can be too enthusiastic and principled to the point of turning away dear people from themselves.

They lack the ability to adapt and the skill of exchanging ideas with others. They are often obsessed with details trying to criticize their environment too much for things they did not accomplish.

They have a constant need for exploration and adventure. Their thoughts can be so abstract that they often do not know how to define what they want. Their purpose is to connect with others and learn through the team.

Many people can opt for tourism or study a language, as this allows them both education and travel, they can choose to work in the education system or to do some research work. Very often, they opt for research in the field of communication or philosophy.

The northern lunar node in Sagittarius, and the southern in Gemini. The person is very logical and communicative, curious.

He learns quickly and easily adapts to new situations. It is easy for her to see the essence, she is perceptive and in constant motion. She approaches situations with the aim of getting to know them and passing on the idea of ​​them.

There is no need to learn more than what is needed, he may have problems with focus, because he quickly loses interest in an area.

A person strives to know and experience the higher meaning of life, but finds it difficult to embark on an adventure and usually does not go beyond the routine to which he is accustomed.

He may have a fear of ignorance and the unknown that he therefore refuses to expand his knowledge or share it with others. She can be overly talkative and at times selfish, especially in contact with friends.

People with this combination may have certain fears of travel, adrenaline sports, and heights. They need to develop self-confidence and consistency, awareness and optimism. They are very suspicious by nature, they have a great thirst for learning, but they lack method.

The cycle of knots is about 19 years. What does it mean? Every 19 years, a person begins to think about vital philosophical questions: about the meaning of his existence, purpose, loyalty to the chosen path.

The return of the nodes to their place in the horoscope, as it was at birth, or their replacement, indicate important, turning points in life.

However, there are special values ​​of the nodes in each solar year. Since the lunar nodes work in pairs, we will consider their joint possible influences in the solar horoscope.

If the northern node got to the AS of the solarium, and the southern one, respectively, to the seventh house, then relations of any type (business or personal) will turn out to be a very significant topic.

The emphasis will be placed on the native’s personal involvement in all the affairs of the solarium, other people are more likely to help you, as always, but it is better to make decisions on your own.

If the position of the nodes is the opposite (Rahu at seven, and Ketu at 1), you should take a closer look at your new acquaintances, someone may forever remain in your life. Other people can bring important changes in your destiny. You can get important suggestions.

The falling of this couple in the houses of the individual’s material interest accentuates the themes of loans, earnings, inheritance, and acquisitions. The ascendant adds property, allows access to credit, and increases income. Downward is the opposite.

It is necessary to pay attention to issues of career, business and family. The fourth and tenth houses are considered cardinal, especially important, like one and seven. The hit of nodes in these houses stimulates big changes in life.

Children, games, friends and enjoyable entertainment will invite you to public places. There will be a combination of personal and collective interests. The fifth house will focus on what is dear and beloved. The eleventh will bring new friends to life. Holidays can get big.

Time to fight for a better life. You may need help from other people. You can start caring for someone, become a nurse, or become a caregiver. It is important to help people, not to pursue self-interest. Important questions for you.

Leo – Meaning and Symbolism

The spotlight is irresistible to the lion. A Leo longs for applause and admiration. With a proud demeanor and unshakable self-confidence, the lion wants to conquer his own realm. Of course, he knows exactly how to best use his radiant smile and attraction.

His sunny nature makes him popular and the focus of many a society. He attaches great importance to status symbols and luxury, because he likes to underline his luminous image with shine and thus wants to impress his fellow men.

If he can get his vanity under control and concentrate on the essentials, he can achieve great things. It is not for nothing that the proud lion, a symbol of courage, strength and superiority, adorns so many coats of arms of large families. The typical Leo will always try to get to the top.

However, that does not make him unpopular with others, because he usually proceeds with a lot of generosity and has a pronounced sense of justice.

However, he has to be careful not to get a little arrogant every now and then.

The lion also copes well with the gray everyday life. He is very happy to take on responsibility and grow with it. He would like to only take on tasks that correspond to his ideas and requirements. If that is not possible, the king of the beasts likes to buck.

The sun rules the lion and like the sun; he shines and spreads a certain warmth around him. Generous and as a protector of the weak, he always has to be careful not to be exploited.

As easy as he sometimes likes to make himself comfortable, he can brave and fearlessly get into dangerous situations when fighting oppression and meanness. Then he forgets his royal distance and lets the others feel his claws until his sovereignty is restored.

The Leo strives for self-expression – he wants to fully develop the creative potential that is in him.

Otherwise, he will quickly feel uncomfortable. That is why he is particularly interested in activities that he can live out in. He feels right at home on stage, in a studio or in the television studio.

The lion is only satisfied with an office job in the long term if he is the boss or receives as few instructions as possible. He is extremely reluctant to adhere to regulations. He also loves it luxurious and often shows his generous side. Money tip: Lions should be careful not to live beyond their means!

One thing should always be clear to you when dealing with a lioness: She is in charge. After all, the lion is the ruler of the zodiac.

In addition, this dominant woman lets her subordinates feel that too. However, they will not regret having placed themselves in their care.

Because if you accept her claim to leadership, she quickly retracts her claws and shows her big heart. She takes care of her loved ones and takes everyone by storm with her charming manner.

At every party, the Leo Lady is the radiant focal point around which everything revolves. She really enjoys it, because only when admirers surround her is she completely in her element.

However, it can take a while until she has found the proverbial right one. This woman shows exquisite taste and is extremely demanding.

For them, only the best is good enough. With an urbane demeanor, you score points with her and expensive gifts make her eyes shine. She likes it luxurious and knows like no other how to enjoy life. In addition, that can get more expensive.

North Node in Leo – Meaning and Symbolism

People with the northern lunar node in LION have been in the past Life striving for social change for the benefit of all people.

They were the specialists or intellectuals who wanted objectivity in solving troubled by problems. They joined like-minded people or groups and in pursuing their ideas even made their own need for life joy in the background.

You have intensely connected with ideas and movements, which should create a better society and a more beautiful world for the individual (= southern lunar node in AQUARIUS).

Their idealistic disposition has them demanded so much strength that they had to neglect themselves, their ego, about it.

It made him feel bitterness or disappointment. The emphasis their intellect led to more distance from their fellow human beings. They were in their specialist command so advanced that they can hardly engage in discussions with less educated people

Let people in. The danger was that it could easily become arrogant could show that personal relationships were cooling down too much.

The southern lunar-knotted imp AQUARIUS indicates the behavior that you experienced in the past Life was familiar.

In this incarnation, however, it is about cordiality and personal encounter again to cherish with other people.

These people are supposed to be more concerned with their own Strive for heartfelt concerns. Life should be felt again in its vital vitality with a spirit of enterprise, creativity and playful joie de vivre should be developed.

Lending their intellectual experiences from their past life give them the ability to communicate easily with others. You have Leadership skills, charm but also personal ambition. They have one too great self-confidence or can develop this over the years.

The task at this lunar knot position is to develop personal joie de vivre without forgetting about the others. When meeting people, you should be cordial and flow in inner wisdom.

When too many selfish motives rule life should, this fundamentally positive karma would turn into a negative one.


The lion is proud and impressive. You are either immediately taken with it or not at all.

However, it is not only because of his appearance, but also because of his inner strength that others lie at his feet in droves.

At the side of a lion, you always feel like the hero from a movie. He ensures that love becomes something unique with him.

He who is loved by him can actually have everything from him, because the lion is generous and has a heart made of gold.

However, it is advisable to make yourself a little scarce with him from time to time, otherwise he will be too sure of his cause and that will take away all the tension.

After all, the lion is a hunter and wants to fight for his love. Because of this trait, it can be a bit tiring with him at times.

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