North Node in Taurus

Solid, reliable and consistent, these characteristics best describe the Taurus. He is solid as a rock and extremely patient.

However, as positive as his almost limitless patience is, it can quickly turn into stubbornness.

At work nor in private life, neither the Taurus likes to be rushed and reacts extremely annoyed if you deny him his own work or life rhythm.

Those born under the sign of Taurus work systematically and accurately, but are not particularly ambitious.

People with the zodiac sign Taurus celebrate their leisure time extensively and like to go into the countryside.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

The North and South Nodes of the Moon or Rahu and Ketu are known for their karmic function and life lessons that a person encounters throughout life. We take the nodes in the analysis of the horoscope as another axis we have, their movement is reversed from direct.

Their cycle is 18 years and 7 months, and they stay in one sign for approximately 18.5 months. They are connected with the nature of the first and eighth houses. They represent our obstacles, but also benefits in carrying out certain life missions.

Everyone in life needs to get out of the comfort zone, that way out depends on what our priority is.

If we succeed in crossing the boundaries of security because of the importance of priorities, we get a chance to use our potential in other areas as well. They may not be our priorities, but they are to other people.

That is why the North Node is a way of helping others, not just encouraging one’s own development. The South Node of the Moon or Ketu is our comfort zone.

What gives us security, what seems easy and familiar? These can be talents, but also fears that we carry from a previous life.

Conflict arises when we attach the familiar, not using talents to understand the comfort zone and ourselves to fears.

In order to go outside the zone, and what Rahu represents, we must first meet her, and that is Ketu.

The South Node of the Moon is also our habits, something that draws us to behave in a certain way and to feel the way we feel.

These are patterns of behavior of us and our ancestors molded into the form of concrete, material goals by which we are guided anew, and which prevents us from seeing our true purpose or the North Node of the Moon.

The northern node in Pisces, and the southern in Virgo. These people are hardworking; they feel best when they are working or when they are busy with something. They do not like boredom and find it impractical.

They are overly suspicious of people, be they collaborates, family, colleagues. They think that only they can finish the job. I can easily use them for that, especially when it comes to work. Suspicious by nature. They show an interest in spirituality early on, but they are afraid of it.

More precisely, they are afraid of not having control over things that they cannot see, describe or know by logic.

Through the North Node in Pisces, they need to learn how to believe in the natural force of the Universe, which means they ignore logic, facts and common sense.

They need to be guided more by intuition. They need an ideal and something more than a daily routine. We need to learn forgiveness and love, tenderness and empathy. They are good researchers, because they can often describe metaphysical phenomena in detail.

This combination of knots symbolically tries to understand whether God and who he is. It will happen that during their life, they will focus on some kind of prayer, energy therapy, and meditation.

Moon nodes in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. The north and south nodes of the moon are always in opposite signs.

The northern lunar node in Leo, and the southern in Aquarius. The Leo-Aquarius wasp speaks of the opposition of human freedom and the need to belong to a group.

These people have a need to be part of a community that shares similar interests. They can often be cold and emotionally reserved. They have trouble expressing and showing deep emotions and find logic generally more practical in relationships.

They are usually strongly oriented towards a specific goal and conveying a message to the community. They want to leave a mark that will serve future generations.

These people were part of the community in previous lives, and now they have been given the opportunity to become independent, to openly show their creativity, dramatic abilities and spontaneity.

Taurus – Meaning and Symbolism

They also devote themselves to their hobbies and surround themselves with things that give them joy and security. Pedantic, jealous and easily excitable.

However, if someone upsets the order in their beloved home, they can react violently.

Therefore, the bulls are sometimes also considered pedantic, jealous and easily excitable. However, if you find yourself in an emergency, you can count yourself lucky to have a Taurus by your side. What is typical of the Taurus man?

Taurus men take a long time to fall in love. However, once you have decided on a woman, try everything humanly possible to win over your beloved. Resistance is futile, because in the end you get what you want.

Male bulls are real connoisseurs who appreciate good food and a good glass of wine. When it comes to sex, he is not a food lover, but not necessarily a passionate lover either. He is not particularly romantic either, even if he loves sincerely.

The Taurus man has a strong sense of family and, unlike many other male zodiac signs, is not afraid of having children. A partner can always feel secure on his strong shoulder.

Passion for collecting Sometimes Taurus men tend to have an exaggerated passion for collecting and find it difficult to part with what they have loved.

Even if this collecting craze seems chaotic to outsiders, the Taurus man has his very own order. It is better not to confuse these, unless you want to experience a relentless thunderstorm. What is typical of the Taurus woman?

Under the influence of Venus, the Taurus woman knows exactly how to wrap the man’s world around her finger. She has a strong erotic charisma and is very emotional. She has a lot of staying power and is very loving, which makes her an excellent gardener and dedicated mother.

Female bulls are very domesticated and can often cook and bake well.

Nevertheless, Taurus women can also really grab hold of themselves and are not afraid of hard physical work. They are practical and have no understanding of people who live in a dream world.

The Taurus woman is a good lover and tries with all her body to make her partner happy.

However, female Taurus, on the other hand, are very possessive and can become jealous and beastly when they feel like they are being betrayed.

Except for these strong emotional reactions, the Taurus woman is a very reliable partner who is not averse to flirting, but knows where she belongs. Health, job and money.

The health of bulls Body weight: Taurus are very physical people whose mental well-being is closely linked to their physical health.

Therefore, they try to get enough exercise to balance their pronounced appetite.

Because bulls like to eat and put on weight quickly if they do not pull the emergency brake. Back, voice, sinuses, tonsils and thyroid gland: the reliable bulls always take care of their fellow human beings and sometimes have too much to do with each other.

North Node in Taurus – Meaning and Symbolism

Transformation here means the expansion of consciousness from the purely material, superficial I-power (exoteric sign ruler) via the crisis mechanism of the opposite sign (polarity) to the esoteric ruler who only works on the level of consciousness.

The axis polarity triggers the development process; the shadow quality of the opposite sign must be integrated into the consciousness in the course of development.

As a result, the consciousness is further developed, it “expands”, its horizon is broadened, and the esoteric ruler as a spiritual path can come to function.

Mars: combative spirit, assertiveness and penetration power, pushing forward, courage, enthusiasm, hastiness, act first and then think about it, selfishness.

Libra: setting limits or deprivation of love by the other, suffering defeat, not getting any further. Delicacy, sophistication and sensitivity should be developed (= Libra qualities). Learning to respond to the other.

Mercury: By becoming conscious, the Mars impulses are controlled by thinking: think first and then act. Realize the power of thought-forms that urge manifestation.

Vulcan: destructive force with a strong spiritual transformative character. The desire and dreaming of the personality changes through losses into spiritual striving and the will to sacrifice. Joyful giving up of personal interests in favor of the whole or for the good of a cause, a group or an ideal.

Mercury: Mediate. Absorb and pass on knowledge. To distribute. Absorbing collective knowledge: learning, getting information, curiosity, and comprehension. Versatility. Freedom of value, knowledge is not valued. Relativity.

Sagittarius: Despite very much knowledge, you have to recognize that you do not understand the truth. Passing on knowledge irresponsibly, losing all values, lying, and spreading untruths. Confrontation with the Truth. Make your own experiences with knowledge, develop a sense of value, and evaluate information.

Venus: Only accept and pass on the knowledge that has been assessed as “good” or in accordance with its nature. Finding a balance between the many individual pieces of information and the one truth. Wisdom.

Moon: Feelings are important: belonging, emotional relationships, moods, feelings of security, the family. Subjectivity, sensitivity, wants to remain a child and be protected.

Capricorn: find the security in yourself through loneliness and being left to your own devices. Become more mature, less childlike and subjectively through the rough world outside.

Neptune: to achieve universal human love through the release of ego-like claims in love. Change of the subjective feeling-I to the all-consciousness.

Sun: to be in the center, want to be king / queen: needs a “people” whom he can impress and who pay homage to him; Self-awareness, competitiveness, jealousy. Mark out your territory, set boundaries, not everyone is allowed to penetrate their area at will. Control.

Aquarius: step beyond the limit and include everyone in his or her consciousness. Acknowledge that you are only part of the whole and not the center of the world. Tolerance.

Sun: Recognizing the true self, the actual center of being. Develop the spiritual sensitivity with which the true self can also be perceived in other people through conscious perception of one’s own self.

Mercury: analytical skills, attention to detail, criticism, diligence, care; recognize where something is wrong and then fix it. Overestimation of the form, the externality. Pedantry. Urge a material security out of existential fear.

Pisces: experiencing senselessness because the external form was overestimated; sinking in chaos, the dissolving of boundaries scares us. Fear of futility. Experience the great loneliness in Pisces, in order to find meaning and joie de vivre in the earthly form again through love.

Moon: Realizing that love is more important than ordered matter. Reparation, restoration, salvation. Do not help out of need or practical constraints, but out of love for people. Perceiving the soul within.

Venus: need for harmony, desire for balance, decision-making crises, avoidance of conflicts, ability to compromise, and search for the most convenient solution. Sense of beauty.

Aries: Fear of being dropped by the other, of being thrown back on oneself, of not experiencing harmony. Divorce, quarrel, conflict with others. Giving up demands on the YOU, staying with yourself even in the greatest love, not clinging to the YOU or believing without being able to live without the other.

Taurus: Take advantage of everything, including the weaknesses of others, for yourself. Wanting to make someone else’s property your own. Excess. Fanaticism. All ego-like fears that cling to the material must be let go.

Jupiter: expansion of consciousness. Foresight. Search for truth. Cover up your own weaknesses with philosophies. Form your own opinion through personal experience and proclaim it to others as truth.

Gemini: Confrontation with collective knowledge, recognition that one cannot know everything from one’s own perspective. Your own truth is relativized by the opinion and knowledge of others. Crises of meaning and doubt.

Earth: Finding truths that prove themselves in reality. Realizing that the truth found is part of the whole. It has to be practically understandable so that it can mean something to other people.

Saturn: Reality awareness, everything has to be realizable and be able to be pressed into a shape. Ambition. Autonomy. Authority. Defense of the position of power once achieved. Hardness on oneself. Loner. Rigor.

Cancer: Recognizing the importance of love and solidarity with a collective (family) through loneliness and defeat. Descend from the summit into the valley to meet the people.

Saturn: the guardian of the threshold, the great initiator. Giving the people what it takes to get to the top. Guide. Natural authority. The self-contained personality. Maturity. Fully conscious individuality.

Saturn and Uranus: crystallization of the principles. Self-centeredness. Elitist thinking. Love of freedom. Reformer. Inventor. Friendship ties while maintaining personal uniqueness. Measure self-worth by belonging to a certain group.

Close contact with people, deal with the “common people”, feel life on your own body and free yourself from the ivory tower of selectivity and arrogance. Combine friendship with love. Tolerate the idiosyncrasies of others.

Jupiter and Neptune: ability to identify and devotion, sensuality, compassion, dissolution of boundaries, highest ideal of love, selfless love. Nostalgia. Virgo: confrontation with the world and reality. Escape from reality, addiction. Eliminate life. Futility. Coping with existence, the opposition between order and chaos.

Pluto: change that makes sense; find the highest sense. Global awareness. Death from old conditions to make way for something new. I change through giving up the self and personal demands.


The North Node of the Moon or Rahu is the point in the natal chart that determines the mission and purpose.

This is what we strive for, our ideals and expectations that we would like to practically realize in relation to this life.

The North Node of the Moon gives us tools with which we can solve tasks from a past life, but it is also a challenge.

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