North Node in Virgo

There is one particular symbol of the future in the natal charts, and it belongs to the North Node; it is the representation of all experiences that are yet unseen.

The North Node is in some way the new cycle that begins for us.

In it, there are anxieties of the unknown, and as yet unlived experiences, and this may be the position where all of our fears are going to be revealed.

Also, this position obtains a rare magnetic attraction, pulling the soul towards its future progress.

There is a godly providence to try something new, and the individual gets a lot of help for his efforts, if he or she dares to do so, to try, and follow that vision.

The North Node shows us direction; since it shows our goal, and way to it, despite all the obstacles.

This nodal position, in general, is like a funnel, filled with treasures, from which one equality after another is drawn, as each obstacle is turned into a stepping stone to future progress.

Depending on all other aspects, and our abilities it depends will be able to use it, reach it, and it will set the speed to do so.

The North Node represents the highest realm of expression to be executed in the present life and must therefore be interpreted with the highest qualities.

North Note in Virgo in General

When North Node is set in the Virgo sign, then the South Node is set in the Pisces sign.

So, we can see here the construction that escapes through mysticism, faith, and a sense of connection with the whole world.

The reason for this is often the great pain and suffering that brought about the sacrificial state of helplessness, which further required to ‘believe in something or someone to save the person.

Hence, hope, fantasy, imagination, faith, and the meaning of life are frequent topics they deal with in life.

Here, also could be seen the chance to embrace that part of life, that doubts and questions and gives them the right to reject something they don’t believe in while constructing beliefs.

Based on those beliefs, there is a search for the truth, and the ability to decipher the hidden codes of human existence, purpose, meaning, and human psychology.

There must be bravery, or else, this node does not fulfill its purpose, and that is to reveal great secrets about the man himself.

The North Node in Virgo does not connect the past and present life, in the sense that they have too much in common, and such a position brings the necessary lesson to develop new virtues and new abilities so that progress could be possible.

But, just the fact that these two lives do not share much in common, does not mean that the previous lives, in this North Node, do not bring any legacy, because it does.

Among virtues, we can see a lot of compassion, self-sacrifice, gravity, spiritual development, intuitiveness, divination, altruism, and recognition that the best path is the one that only rarest of us travel.

On a more negative side of the story, we can see different weaknesses – this Virgo exhibits occasional neglect, disproportionate faith in other people, inconsistency in thought, and at times followed with nebulous ideas.

Also, there is a somewhat dreamy character and an undeveloped sense of practicality, that is out there, but somehow it does not know how to be used properly.

This North Node in Virgo must aim at something, and in this case, it is aiming at the development of critical spirit and tactfulness.

In some, cases the residue of the past negative experience prevents from developing in a reasonable way.

The South and North Node are always connected and do not forget that on the other side, we can see Pisces, and this suggests that there is an entire world that may seem surreal, and it is and at the same time, it disturbs.

There can be a lack of self-confidence fueled by numerous persecutions along with the fight against these surreal tendencies.

All of this, a somewhat duality can cause deep sensibility and suffering, that will in the long run transform a person into an egoist.

Bear in mind, that this Node can be extremely valuable in the field of medicine and healing because it provides what is necessary – strong compassion for humanity and a desire for perfection, that here could be easily expressed.

North Node in Virgo Personality

Are you the type of person who dreams of strange situations where you have the feeling that you are living another life at another time?

People with this position have a great gift related to extrasensory perception, an accumulated experience that they carry in a subconscious, and if they become aware of it, they can use it to help others.

It is said that Pisces belong to all fairy worlds, all fantasies, dreams, illusions, everything magical, and that they have a sensitivity that does not belong to this world.

Remember, on the North Node we have Virgo, where practicality is needed, and there cannot be any world of fairy tales and dreams.

There is no doubt that here we meet people whose feelings are overemphasized, and there can be a major dependence on others.

In most cases, reality seems foreign to them, because they consciously or unconsciously deceived themselves to make life easier, although deep down inside, they would want to live a more practical life.

So, we can see a somewhat excessive sensitivity and naivety, and therefore these people could be abandoned during life, hurt, and humiliated.

In some cases, they will feel like they are under the attack of constant ridicule, becoming more and more insecure and withdrawing.

Some of them are hiding their true identity from others, and some of them may develop an addiction.

But, do not lose from your mind that, when aspects are good, this North Node can make a person become a healer, who can even have such a strong gift, just like bioenergetics, etc.

Now, these people must learn to look at life realistically, to deal with chaos, primarily with emotional disorders that are very common, but they do not have to be a death sentence.

In fact, the main thing is to learn who can be trusted, by using logic and analytics.

Many people with this North Node position have experienced persecution in their past lives and accordingly develop a deep understanding of the suffering of others.

This is why they should find an occupation that is connected to the area of altruism and helping others.

This is where the North Node in Virgo can play the role of a savior, guiding others into the world where they can live their best lives, and have the most benefits.

However, others can trick them as if their inner kindness is clouded by weakness to such a scope that they call back into this life the spirit of the oppressed they are running away.

These individuals live with numerous wounds for years, and no one will be able to see them.

How they are doing it?

They are usually avoiding events, circumstances, and relationships whose poundage darkens their horizon.

Feeling sorry for others can put these people in a direct position where they are acting in a way that they overspend and dedicate too much time to people who do not deserve it.

Hating to tell people what they don’t want to hear, people with this North Node develop grace, as they are looking for tactical ways to bring “bad news”.

They are extremely conscious of their constant efforts not to hurt other people, and for this reason, they put so much energy into developing the ability to express their real feelings.

We could even say, that for people who have the North Node located in Virgo, the biggest weakness is hurting themselves, not others, although they have many opportunities for better understanding, during life, not all of them are used.

They have to build trust first, from which they learn that nothing happens in life until they clearly define their goals and aspirations.

In times of need, they genuinely want others to help but feel that it would not be fair to ask for such help.

Instead, they continue to seek out people with a deep, silent hope that those who can see through them will be caring enough to understand their problems.

You will notice these people by the time they are spending asking inner questions, challenging value systems, and discarding everything unimportant, eventually developing a cleansing system that will allow them to make critical judgments without being emotionally shaken.

The lessons 

As we have said, the positions of the Nodes can reveal our destiny as well as explain past life experiences, which is very important as this is the place where we should start learning our lessons and healing along the way.

This North Node in Virgo brings the lesson of independence, learning the ability and comfort to say no to others, but not only that.

The lesson also includes the feeling of honestly saying no, not letting emotions seduce them, and finding a way out of the confusion.

There must be a real battle against the tendency to indulge and be deceived, and in many cases, this means fighting superstition, building trust, and of course, to define goals.

There must be critical reasoning to reject everything that seduces emotionally, just to be able to function in material reality.

In this sense, a strong and accurate intuition must be the guiding light. One more problem must be addressed – they are known to be the people who never ask for help, thinking that others should recognize the need itself.

This is not good, and because of the inability to verbally express what they feel, they will complain when someone makes a mistake; and this is not the way, any personal relationship could ever work.

They must overcome the prejudices from their past lives because that now hinder their development and clear insight into the truth of all things that he or they will endure during life.

Earlier tendencies to be dependent on others, as well as to suffocate in self-pity due to failure, represent strong obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome in ongoing life.

There are constant efforts not to allow themselves to become disconnected in the maze of confusion that darkens the inner vision.

This life is here to teach them how to live with a bit less effort, and to flow, so to speak.

But this is hard, having in mind, that this life, based on previous experiences, brings the intuition that is unusually strong and unerring, remind on sensitivity to other people’s disappointments.

Learning the karmic lesson of not being dependent, they will eventually discover that all those they have wanted to rely on are coming to lean on them.

In them, we can see people who are extremely critical of others when they just notice that others cannot reach the perfect ideals.

Learning to put into practice the essence of their ideas that always vaguely felt but was unable to articulate.

At their cost of continuing to do so, people with this Node very often feel misunderstood.


These nodes represent, in a metaphorical sense, the Sun along with clouds that could be black and scary, or white and fluffy – so we can see the illusion, and reality as well.

The message is that here, we can see the search for a better state, a way to become a better person.

Finally, great wisdom, learned through the bitter lessons of the North Node in Virgo, could be truly redeeming.

Because, regardless of how hard the conditions seem, there is faith in the better tomorrow, of dreams where peace and love rule.

One of the most beautiful things about this North Node is that, in this incarnation, they allow the opportunity to forgive everyone who has hurt them, not only now but in the past also.

You could have seen, that this Node shows how in some previous lives, this person was tricked by questionable people thanks to its tendency to be overly sympathetic to other people’s sad stories.

There is still a major desire to help others, and now the person still tries to be there, when there is just a sight of suffering, remaining a strong sense of empathy.

One of the greatest lessons in this life is saying “no”, but the only way to do it is to learn their weaknesses well, and through such knowledge, it will be possible to develop their greatest strength.

By refusing to give in to their emotions, they gradually emerge from confusion.

In the end, and this is not uncommon – people with this North Node are known to get involved in healing and medicine in general, often guided by their honest need to help others.

The necessity to express what one feels and sympathizes with is beneficial to the field of medicine and healing, and in their case, it is not unusual that they are able to crystallize their attitudes toward perfection while at the same time being tolerant of weaknesses in others.

This brings up the biggest lesson that this North Node brings and it is the lesson of self-discipline, learning to let things flow, as they are.

Overcoming the external pain which drains their strength until they reach the point where it was enough is what needs to be learned in this life.

When there comes a realization that their tender heart is a weakness, the North Node in Virgo wakes up and directs them to their innate ability to distinguish what is truly worthy of their time, energy, and compassion and what is mere fantasy and waste of their lives.

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