Pallas in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The natal chart can be broken down into a variety of factors. One important element is the placement of the asteroids and the sign that they reside in.

Though seemingly small, they can open new doors for self-development and learning.

Pallas is one asteroid that falls under this category. Its influence has proven to be fundamental to our chart, yet how many of us know what it means?


Pallas Athena, the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom, is an important yet often overlooked aspect of astrology.

The asteroid was named after the deity due to its similar characteristics.

The zodiac sign that Pallas resides in, according to our birth chart, provides us with an insight into our intellectual affairs.

Greek mythology tells a tale of a warrior Goddess who ruled over many different aspects such as wisdom, the arts, and war.

As such, her brother was Ares, the God of war whom Aries is named after. She is also the daughter of Zeus and was born when his head was split open.

Pallas is seen as the original feministic, a marker of female empowerment, courage, and ferocity.

In a man’s world, she dominated and conquered the minds and lives of those that dared to get in her way.

She came into this world dressed in armor. As a warrior, she had to be strategic and savvy, as such the asteroid Pallas has these qualities.

It can show us how we deal with conflicts and solve problems.

Rather than the chaotic and bloodthirsty manner of her brother, Pallas made war an artform. She centered her tactics around skillful manipulation and was impressive with her cunningness.

By studying the placement of Pallas on our birth chart we can conclude to what degree we are able to handle adversity.

Our Pallas qualities and characteristics can be known to us on a conscious level.

On the other hand, we may be unaware of these traits in ourselves. The everyday puzzles that we solve can be attributed to our sign in Pallas and we may not even know.

Pallas deciphers our intelligence, the creative side, and the logical. It shows us our talents, how we negotiate, focus, and create solutions.

The asteroid is noteworthy and should be observed thoroughly to help us understand how our mind works.

Aries Pallas Personality

If there is a problem you can bet that Aries Pallas will be the first to dive headfirst into solving it.

Their energy and passion drive them forward where they are able to achieve quick results.

If they can skip a step to resolve an issue then they will gladly take that route.

Aries Pallas are highly intelligent and often engage in any competition where they will be celebrated for their mind. They will channel their energy into something that will stimulate their mind and body.

Physical activity is one way of activating their inner wisdom and sparking their creative juices.

They love a challenge and prefer to learn topics that are hard and require vast amounts of intelligence. They like to prove to themselves and everyone around them that they are capable.

Nothing is ever too big or small for Aries Pallas.

Innovative and inventive. They like to be the first ones to come up with new and exciting concepts. They are always looking toward the next big thing and are pioneers.

Their intellectual capabilities in this area can come off as arrogant.

Aries Pallas does not respond well to leadership. They prefer to take center stage than follow.

This could result in a lack of respect for authority and a clash with people in positions of power.

Career wise, they do well in positions where they can tell people what to do.

They are very independent and like to figure things out for themselves. They are not the type to require hand holding, Aries Pallas do not require a manual on how to do things they simply tear it up. No one can tell them what to do or think, they prefer to go it alone.

However, this is the downside of Aries Pallas. Support is not something they think they need, however they should open themselves up to it. They must learn that someone else’s help does not make them look weak, if anything it symbolizes strength.

Aries Pallas Woman

The Aries Pallas woman is aggressive in times of conflict. She is a fighter and will unleash her inner warrior to take down anyone that stands in her way. Fierce and determined, she deals with situations and people head-on.

Critical thinking and logic fly out the window when Aries Pallas gets mad. They are quick to make sure that their point is heard and will win an argument with ease. They are powerful when confronted and will override their opponent.

For the Aries Pallas woman, everything is an opportunity to explore. She likes to feed her mind with information that enriches her energetic spirit.

There is a world out there to explore and so she uses her gumption and smarts to draw conclusions about the world around her.

She learns through doing, if the Aries Pallas woman is not moving then she feels stunted. Her restlessness will not be soothed until she is on her feet.

Doing the same thing over and over again is counterproductive for the Aries Pallas woman.

One issue that the Aries Pallas woman faces is her start-stop approach to projects. She can easily get a venture off the ground, however, she faces issues when it comes to finishing them. She can have a bout of energy that will encourage her to start something but repetitive motion will result in multiple half-finished projects.

On the upside, the Aries Pallas woman has an undeniable amount of strength.

This extends to her mind as well as her physical self. She has strong opinions and knows how to think for herself.

She is a creative thinker and will come up with unique twists on outdated ideas. She likes to get involved in what’s new and fresh. Modern thinking and concepts excite her and she will happily indulge in them.

She likes to have fun while she is learning and solving problems. If her tasks are even close to being mundane she will switch off and become bored easily. She likes to be mentally stimulated at all times.

Always straightforward in her way of thinking, the Aries Pallas woman lacks a filter. She will communicate openly and frankly, there is no buffer between her tongue and her mind. For this, she makes no apologies.

The Aries Pallas woman truly embodies the energy of Pallas Athena. She is an independent woman, fierce, fiery, and a winner. Everything that she does sets the world on fire.

Aries Pallas Man

The Aries Pallas man likes to rule and conquer, mentally. Where action is required, he is right there to take control. He has a fighting spirit and is not fazed by any obstacles that come his way.

He will bulldoze through them with an aggression that is both his strength and his weakness.

When he comes up with strategies they are bound to win. He knows how to utilize his energy well to get the results that he wants.

Often he is impulsive. If there is a solution for doing something, he won’t think twice about implementing it. He will lead the way and his optimism is sure to put people at ease.

As a seeker of justice, he will make sure that his voice is heard. He will not be silenced and is passionate when defending others.

When standing up for someone he will give the same amount of energy as he would if he were on the receiving end of mistreatment.

The Aries Pallas man is ambitious. He will work out ways where he will get what he wants.

There is no one that stands above him, if there seems to be competition he will happily accept the challenge of taking the lead.

He can be selfish with his intentions. The Aries Pallas man can tend to have a ‘me-me-me’ mentality.

Aside from when he is working for the greater good of others he is in danger of being self-indulgent.

If anyone can handle a high-pressure job it’s the Aries Pallas man. He has the confidence, intelligence, and wit to make his goals happen. He will not only excel at his positive but he will redefine the role to his advantage.

The momentum of the Aries Pallas man is the secret sauce for winning debates. His competitive nature and innovative way of thinking initiate and inspire counterarguments that cannot be ignored. His actions lead to results and that is exactly what he counts on.

There is a pattern with the Aries Pallas man: challenge, aggression, and passion. He is drawn to different ways of thinking that will enable him to spark adventure within his mind. He lives for fun-filled activities, particularly those that are physical, and he always manages to find success wherever he goes.

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