Pallas in Cancer – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The minor details in our birth chart can often show us the greatest and most prominent parts of our personality. Though it is small, Pallas is mighty. Its role in astrology can make even the most self-aware person think twice.

It is insightful and provides an analytical approach to understanding who we are as people. It shines a light on areas of our personality that we may not notice.

The role of Pallas has its merit in our lives and can affect the people around us.


Pallas is an asteroid that, according to astrology, is connected to how we think and deal with conflict.

Our fighting power and the strategies that we adopt are influenced by the energy of Pallas and the zodiac sign that it was under at the time of our birth.

The greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration, Pallas Athena, is who the asteroid is named after.

As a warrior, she is an expression of the strength and agility of feminine energy. Her independence and ability to conquer her foes helped her to gain notable recognition.

Pallas also represents our creative intelligence. How we choose to express ourselves is under the influence of this powerful asteroid. It also provides an insight into our critical thinking. How we choose to deal with our issues is governed by this asteroid.

It is centered around solving disputes rather than fighting against them. Healing is a specialty of Pallas which is formed in a variety of ways depending on the planetary alignment of the asteroid when we were brought into this world.

Legal issues and how we relate to authority figures are an aspect of Pallas. This is important in both our professional and personal lives.

It is also relevant for women as Pallas can depict the relationship that she will have with her father.

Cancer Pallas Personality

For Cancer Pallas, there is no problem that can’t be solved with a little empathy. They do not respond to highly charged environments, instead, they like to clear the air.

By working to understand the emotional needs of their opponent they can diffuse any tension.

These individuals are pacifists, they will strongly object to any kind of physical violence.

Despite their sensitive nature and moodiness, Cancer Pallas prefers to look at conflicts from a humanitarian point of view.

Any strategies that they make are based on intuition. They can sense whether or not to make a move and will feel out the situation to get a better grasp of it.

Their gut instinct can help them to navigate whatever issues may arise in their lives.

They are lovers, not fighters. Keeping people safe and protecting them from harm is what Cancer Pallas works toward.

Their feelings and the well-being of their loved ones are of the utmost importance to them.

Cancer Pallas redefines the meaning of a warrior. To them it is not about aggression, it’s about defending those who are hurt and need support. They will embody the emotions of those who need their help and will do what they can to help them.

Family ties and the home are important to Cancer Pallas. They are fiercely defensive if either becomes compromised and will seek justice.

Any intolerance or disrespect will not be tolerated, particularly when children or the elderly are involved.

Due to their caring nature, Cancer Pallas make excellent caregivers, therapists, or nurses. They are born to give, love, and cherish. They fight battles using their strong emotions and are sympathetic toward others.

They are deeply compassionate. They have the power to heal the wounded in war and have a hospitable manner. The greatest part of their wisdom is how they understand emotions.

Cancer Pallas are able to take a step back, assess negative situations, and will try to mend any wrongdoing. They are resourceful and their work has a big impact on those around them. They are an asset and a great pleasure to have around during difficult situations.

Cancer Pallas Woman

The Cancer Pallas woman sees defending someone’s honor as a big sign of loyalty.

If she cares about someone or can see that someone has been compromised she will step in and step up. She will stand in between the threat of danger and the person who is being targeted.

No matter what, she will always look for a way out of a hostile situation so that no one gets hurt. It is her mission to restore peace and harmony in the most productive way. She knows when her job is done when both parties are happy.

She is like a gentle lioness, her senses will tell her when something is wrong. The Cancer Pallas woman is protective and won’t allow for any harm to others. She always has other people’s best interests at heart.

Caring comes naturally to her, she is kindhearted and loyal. Serving justice isn’t a want, it is a must. Though she is not revenge-oriented she can have a silent vindictive side.

She is so passionate about making sure that those who can’t speak for themselves have their voice heard. This can come across as if she will do whatever it takes to get her own way. Sometimes this may be the case, however, it comes from a good place.

Generally speaking, the Cancer Pallas woman responds well to authority. She likes to be helpful and will pull her weight to make sure that her superiors are satisfied.

On a darker note, if certain authority figures are cold and unfeeling toward other’s emotions she can come resentful and judgemental.

She also dislikes bossy people and does not like to be told what to do in a way that undermines her. The Cancer Pallas woman is sensitive to any form of action that resembles criticism.

Therefore, she would prefer to be in control of her own destiny.

To the Cancer Pallas woman, her relationship with her father defines the way that she relates to men. Emotional openness and the freedom to express how she feels are important.

This is something that she will strive for between her and her father.

If she does not have this connection with him she will look for it elsewhere. She may turn to the men in her life to give her the emotional reassurance that her father should’ve given her.

This could turn into codependent relationships.

This is especially so if the man in question struggles from various battles in his life. The Cancer Pallas woman will look for validation from him while fixing his problems.

However, she could also learn from her relationship with her father and develop an even greater sense of emotional intelligence.

To the Cancer Pallas woman, she expresses her creativity throughout her home. Interior design and homey, personal touches are essential. She likes her space to feel warm and safe for herself and others.

Cancer Pallas Man

The Cancer Pallas man is committed to being there for those who are in trouble. He will take on their worries and take on their responsibilities to avoid them being hurt. He is a devoted empath with a mission and a goal.

The only thing that he fears about the battleground is letting down the people that he fights to protect.

However, if he becomes too upset, like a crab he will withdraw into his shell. Seeing people in pain raises a lot of complex emotions to the surface.

Sometimes he can let his emotions get the better of him. As he is extremely sensitive when dealing with conflicts, he can accidentally show his hand, throwing his strategy out of whack. He needs to be more tactful if he wants to win the war.

The Cancer Pallas man is nurturing and likes to take care of those around him. He wants people to be happy and secure in their emotional stance.

It is a big part of who he is to look out for others and push them to be better.

If it feels like a situation is getting out of hand he will quickly work to get it back in order. He does not like chaotic energy, he looks to take charge at any given opportunity.

According to him, any negative situation will improve if he has oversight of it.

Though he can work with authority figures he prefers to become one himself. If he is in charge then he can guarantee that everyone’s needs will be taken care of. He can then be in control and look out for people.

He is highly intuitive and can tap into the energy of others easily. When someone is upset with him he can solve the issue by relating to how they are feeling.

Once the other person feels understood the situation then becomes calm.

The Cancer Pallas man will expressive himself in a creative way that showcases how he is feeling. Painting and creating works of art are ideal activities for him.

What he puts his energy into can provide healing and inspiration for many.

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