Pallas in Leo – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Across the expansive and vast galaxy are mysteries, even more so when we look toward our solar system.

The alignment of planets can shape us and define who we are today.

Everything from our appearance to our love life is dictated by what is on our astrological birth chart.

Pallas plays an interesting role in our life. Its influence is bigger than what it seems and it takes hold in a variety of ways.

Learning more about the placement of Pallas at the time of our birth can support us in our growth and development.


Pallas, one of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt. It is connected to the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena who is referred to as the Goddess of wisdom. She is born a warrior, coming into the world through her father’s head wearing a full suit of armor.

She is a true fighter and would always work to resolve conflicts and issues.

The asteroid also takes on these qualities. Depending on what zodiac sign Pallas was under during the time of our birth, it can show us how we handle situations and problems in our life.

It is also linked to our creative intelligence. Pallas can reveal how we like to express ourselves and how we create strategies to work through conflicts.

Our learning style and how we gain wisdom is a key fact to the influence of the asteroid.

If we are facing legal issues or we are on the other end of fighting justice, Pallas outlines our way of confronting them.

From the good to the bad, it will give us an overview of our reactions to certain circumstances.

Whether we are compliant or unyielding to authority figures Pallas is the reason behind why we act the way that we do. For women, Pallas is particularly important as it can determine how their relationship is with their father.

Leo Pallas Personality

The Creative intelligence of Leo Pallas is unique and out of this world. They express themselves in everything they do and see life as an opportunity to project their vision. They don’t do things by halves, they’ll put their all into their creative pursuits.

Their flamboyant and creative talents are impressive. They take a theatrical approach to their artistry and like to entertain others.

Performing arts are their calling, they like to take the lead in anything that will put them in the spotlight.

Showmanship is the name of the game. Whether it is in relation to innovation or dealing with conflict. They are extremely passionate about what they believe in and are not afraid to say how they feel.

When dealing with problems they tend to reach for the most dramatic solution.

In some cases, it is deemed as unnecessary and problematic. This can lead some to view Leo Pallas as arrogant in their approach.

It’s all about attention for Leo Pallas, when they are lending their hand toward social justice issues they will make as much noise as possible.

For this reason, they are skilled at activism and know how to gain the interest of people around them

They are brave and will proudly declare their opinions. They fiercely defend those who need help and their intentions are noble. They are a strong warrior and will not allow others to be compromised or put in negative positions.

They have an idea of how they want the world to be. With their creative imagination, they have dreamt up an image of the potential utopia that life could become. They have a desire to transform the world and create more beauty.

Leo Pallas is a natural-born leader. They will take the reins of any situation and will tell people how things should be done.

Unless their Pallas is in the 5th house they are not usually strategic in their way of thinking.

Instead, their creative mind is what drives their ideas and way of thinking. They are likely to seek public recognition and support for their efforts.

Public speaking is also an area that they do well in.

Leo Pallas Woman

The Leo Pallas woman is full of life and enthusiasm when she is fighting for what she believes in. Her views are strong and she cannot be swayed away from an opportunity to draw attention to injustice.

The unfair treatment of people who are marginalized angers her and will release the lioness from within as she defends others. She will take down anyone that stands in the way of what she wants. If there is something that she desires then she will use creative methods to get what she wants.

If she is in the middle of an argument with someone she might use her humor to deflect the tension.

However, this is if she is in a good mood. Another tactic for her is to dramatically point out the flaws in the other person’s argument,

There is no specific logic or skill that the Leo Pallas woman uses during conflicts. She prefers to dazzle her opponent with her alluring wit and when she’s ready she’ll pounce.

Sometimes the opposition won’t know what’s hit them until it’s too late.

The Leo Pallas woman is full of life and will put her heart into representing charitable causes or fighting against issues within society. She takes a free-spirited approach to deal with her problems and prefers to look at the fun side of life.

She is influential, people look up to her and will emulate her. If she plays her cards right she could easily become a star and a voice for the people. Her potential can be life-changing for other people’s lives.

Her confidence is through the roof, she believes in herself and what she can do for the world. She learns best when she is alone, a solitary style suits her best.

If she is studying a certain subject she will teach herself and look for the answers without help or support from others.

Her relationship with her father is one that involves bonding over mutual interests.

This involves the arts, culture, or anything extravagant. Her father most likely helps her to see another side of life that is more simple, depending on his astrological placements.

As far as authority goes she hates following directions. There is nothing worse than tagging behind someone else. She wants to be upfront, leading the way with everyone else following behind her.

Power is an important asset to the Leo Pallas woman. She is ambitious and determined to gain control and will charm her way to the top.

With her skills and talents, she is able to dominate and get what she wants.

Leo Pallas Man

There is no conflict that the Leo Pallas man can’t beat. He is strong and able to put a stop to any misdemeanors. He can be forceful and so many people will submit to his overwhelming energy and might.

As the leader of the pack, he will pilot the rescue missions behind the fight for injustice. He won’t just win the battle, he’ll conquer the war. He is self-assured about the choices he makes and expects others to feel the same.

The Leo Pallas man is assertive and commanding. This is a good trait to have when he is facing conflict. He won’t back down and will cause a scene in the process.

He knows how to find another person’s weakness and will expose it, helping him to win the argument or issue.

Then, using his charisma and magnetism he will soothe the blows and resolve the situation. His strategy for dealing with his problems involves using his warmth and affectionate nature.

His independent nature can sometimes mean that if he runs into problems might suffer. He is stubborn and will not ask for help when he needs it.

Despite having a legion of followers, he wants to be seen as capable and is too proud to seek assistance.

The Leo Pallas man wants to enlighten everyone he meets. If there is something that he is passionate about he will share it with everyone. He has a strong sense of morality and knows when to act on something.

He is not so focused on the details, instead he likes to step back and scan his environment.

From that point on he can plan his next move and will let his feelings take over. As soon as he has everything that he thinks he needs he will go in for the kill

Battling through legal issues with the Leo Pallas man is a wild ride. Nothing is predictable and his handling of the events in question closely resembles that of a production.

The theatrical value of his efforts is entertaining and gives him the audience that he needs.

He has a certain star quality that helps to emphasize and promote the importance of helping others. When he dedicates himself to something others see his actions and also want to get involved. He is a pioneer and takes pride in this fact.

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