Pallas in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The Sun sign and ascendant are the best-known elements, but they are the ones that only scratch the surface.

Most horoscope readers aren’t aware that their natal charts have much more to uncover when they’re willing to dive beneath.

The real gems are the ones that tell details and tie all parts together into a meaningful analysis that gives a whole picture of our lives.

Planets, comets, and asteroids are among these, often overlooked, elements.

Each of them helps us gain insights into why we are the way we are and how to use our strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks to that, we can improve ourselves, leverage what makes us unique, and address what causes challenges in our lives.

Pallas is one of these placements that provide us with details and accurate roadmaps of ourselves.

Pallas – History and meaning

Like Ceres, Juno, and Vesta, with who it shares the asteroid belt, Pallas carries the name that originates from mythology.

Pallas Athena was Jupiter’s daughter (known as Zeus in Greek myths).

The story of Pallas is extraordinary as she came to the world by splitting her dad’s head open. She was born as a grown woman, wearing armor. From the beginning, everything was indicating she will be a fearless warrior.

Pallas never lost any battle, and she was intelligent, clever, and competitive. Because of that, this asteroid represents the ability to negotiate without hurting or sacrificing anyone.

Overall, Pallas stands for strong-willed women in one’s life and their capacity of teaching others how to stand up for themselves. She represents the left side of the brain, calculations, strategy, and logic. Pallas is about how we make complicated decisions that affect our relationships.

This asteroid is also about how we calm ourselves when something makes us lose our temper.

Thus, it shows how we adapt to new environments and how we leverage our logic in the process. But Pallas also represents our fathers and men in our lives.

What does that mean for the horoscope sign Pisces?

Pisces – Dreamy, sensitive, emotional

Pisces natives tend to react intensely or not at all. Their love is often consuming, and some persons might find the array of their emotions intimidating.

These individuals are sensual and dreamy but can also be passionate and thrilling.

Whatever their loved one has imagined, these natives will provide. They aim to please and satisfy.

These individuals enjoy making their significant other happy and never neglect their needs.

However, they often lose themselves trying to make others feel good 24/7.

Those born with this sun sign are usually artistic and talented. They love expressing their feelings and thoughts through words, visuals, and abstract concepts.

Pisces tends to use art as a vessel for their dreams, keeping them alive and accessible at all times.

These natives are psychics and know well the nature of human psychology and behavior. Thanks to that, they are natural-born healers and empaths. No other sun sign is as emotional as Pisces.

Instead of air, they breathe feelings. But these natives are also hypersensitive and vulnerable. Others can hurt them easily and cause them self-doubts and confidence issues.

These individuals often find reality overwhelming. It is why they find consolation in the past, reminiscing happy memories and a time of innocence.

These natives are nostalgic and tend to romanticize what is long gone. They often wish they were born in a different era. Pisces loves anything that appears to be pure, untouched, and genuine.

Overall, Pisces is gentle, sensitive, and beyond emotional. Even though they hate conflicts and difficulties, as a mutable sun sign, they can adapt quickly. These natives are eternal dreamers, innocent souls, and artistic escapists.

What happens when Pallas finds itself in a hypersensitive sun sign like Pisces?

Pallas in Pisces – General traits and personality

People born with Pallas in Pisces are highly spiritual, dreamy, and imaginative. They spend hours fantasizing and daydreaming.

These individuals enjoy imagining potential scenarios and alternative realities.

However, they also tend to blur the line between what’s real and what’s their imagination.

These natives have intense and vivid thoughts that often make their actual lives seem dull. They wish everything could be like in their dreams and stories.

Because of that, these individuals struggle with growing up and aligning with what society expects from them. They tend to avoid responsibilities and delay adult life.

These natives believe the world around them is often too cruel. It is why they lose themselves in their view of reality and find it hard to stop dreaming about impossible things.

These individuals often have unrealistic objectives but get disappointed when something goes in the opposite direction of what they expected.

Healers and romantics

As a result, they nurture their inner worlds and ability to step into other realities.

Even though it might only be in their heads, these individuals know how to transcend bits of their imagination into real life. They often do it through art, writing, or dance. These natives are artistic and find solace in their creativity.

Other people often perceive them as avoidant, slackers, or gullible. People born with Pallas in Pisces tend to feel misunderstood and lonely. They don’t understand why others around them are too stern and don’t nurture their inner child. These natives dream about a world that allows people to be more playful and creative.

They tend to be disorganized and chaotic but find order in their chaos. These individuals find something beautiful in tragedy and use their pain to create art. They are in touch with their emotions and can identify what other people are feeling.

These natives are compassionate and kind. They never judge others for their background, looks, identity, or emotions.

These individuals are full of understanding and admire the perplexity of humans. – They have healing abilities and often help people with their presence, support, or solutions.

Moreover, these natives feel everything intensely.

They might have psychic abilities and can connect with inexplicable forces. These individuals believe in paranormal, supernatural, and occult. They are usually not religious but believe human energy is a force we don’t understand enough.

These natives might have a particular interest in death and the afterlife. They are even prone to dangerous situations due to their curiosity about what happens after one dies.

People born with Pallas in Pisces love reading, especially fantasy and romance novels. They enjoy historical, nature, and wildlife documentaries.

These individuals appreciate the natural world around them and enjoy losing themselves in forests and wilderness. They have a unique connection with various critters and their pets.

Empathetic and flirty

These natives tend to be loners who crave profound and long-lasting connections. They have high standards concerning people in their lives and need someone who will be loyal and stay.

As a result, these individuals often have a small social circle and choose their company carefully.

They are romantic and enjoy nurturing their relationships. But these natives are also flirty and find it challenging to stay faithful, even though they expect the same from their partners. They love imagining possibilities, and the same applies to connections they form with people.

These natives often wonder would someone else be a better choice for them or would another person love them better.

However, they usually learn how to control their curiosity and wandering eyes as they get older.

Moreover, these individuals would hate to hurt someone they love with their actions. It’s why they tend to suppress their desire and focus on their current relationship.

Those born with this placement need a lot of time on their own to reflect and enjoy their hobbies.

Yet, these individuals hate being alone for too long because they get lonely with ease. They can be hard to please and understand due to their moodiness. Because of that, these natives need someone patient and full of understanding or with a similar personality.

Woman with Pallas in Pisces

Women born with Pallas in Pisces are compassionate and tender. They care deeply about people around them, nature, and their environment. These females are sensitive and respect everyone equally. They aren’t judgmental nor criticizing. These women are open-minded and understand everyone has their own problems.

They are interested in the lives of others and aware that each person that passes them by has a unique story, struggle, and concerns. These females are curious about these particularities and enjoy creating stories in their minds. They are imaginative, creative, and vulnerable.

Women born with this placement worry about the well-being of their loved ones and do their best to offer support whenever they need it. They feel lonely if they spend long periods alone, although they also need some time for self-reflection and energy renewal.

These females love reading, making crafts, and watching movies. They enjoy imagining other realities and worlds. These women often use books and tv series to gain ideas for their art and stories. They have an artistic and dreamy aura, and other people usually notice it.

These women are devoted and romantic lovers. They need to feel loved and desired.

Because of that, these females are rarely single and might wander from one relationship to another until they find one.

However, after they fall in love, they are usually faithful if their partner knows how to keep their interest alive.

Man with Pallas in Pisces

Men born with Pallas in Pisces are helpful, kind, and imaginative. They are quiet and dislike being in the center of attention. These males prefer to observe and analyze the world and people around them.

However, they enjoy the acknowledgment of their loved ones and romantic interests.

These men are empathetic and hate the thought of hurting someone.

Because of that, they might even stay silent if suffering because they don’t want to disturb other people. These males love reading and enjoying simple moments. They are romantic, devoted, and attentive.

Men born with Pallas in Pisces take relationships vigorously and treat their partners with love and respect. They are affectionate and love surprising their loved ones with kind gestures, gifts, and thoughtful actions. These males never forget significant dates and occasions.

They usually work in creative fields and have unique talents.

However, these men might refuse to prioritize their jobs as they believe people and connections are more important. They seek long-lasting and meaningful relationships that enrich their lives.


People born with Pallas in Pisces are soft-spoken, dreamers, and generous personalities. They are respectful and careful not to offend anyone.

These individuals are usually full of understanding for others. They are compassionate and never judge other people because they believe everyone has a reason for their actions and feelings.

Those born with this placement are romantic and dream about a lifelong relationship that has substance. These individuals often lose themselves in their imagination due to finding their lives too ordinary.

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