Pallas in Scorpio – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

There’s always a mystery to be solved, whether it’s somewhere in the universe or inside of ourselves. Taking a forensic approach to astrology can help us to understand who we are. It is insightful, exciting, and interesting.

Observing Pallas is useful and helps us to know more and anticipate how we handle certain situations. It has an unusual orbit and a fascinating backstory.

The gripping and compelling traits that Pallas has can help to give you bearing and direction in life.


Pallas Athena is an asteroid that was named after the Greek goddess of war, wisdom, and intelligence. She was a fighting spirit who worked to resolve conflicts rather than start battles. She is a true representation of the female mind – strong, powerful, and incredible.

In astrology, Pallas represents the manner in which we resolve conflicts. When we are faced with problems, the influence of power determines how we deal with them. Pallas is affected by which zodiac sign it is in.

It can also show us how we respond to authority. If we are more willing to bend to the will of others, Pallas can outline these traits. It is incurring and packed with lots of information about who we are as individuals.

Another aspect of the influence of Pallas is creative intelligence. The strategies that we create to get ourselves out of conflicts are an element that it controls, as well as how we express ourselves.

Pallas is highly skilled and can bring forth the characteristics of our analytical minds. When we weigh up the traits of the zodiac sign it is in we can see its effect.

For women, it can also show them what their relationship is like with their father.

It might not be a planet, but Pallas has a noticeable and strong effect. For Scorpio Pallas, the venomous sting and sharp wit of the Scorpio zodiac sign are evident.

Scorpio Pallas Personality

There’s no way to hide something from Scorpio Pallas, they have a way of sniffing out fakery and people with bad intentions. Lying to them is pointless, they instinctively know when someone is being dishonest. As soon as they cotton on to this type of behavior they go into defense mode.

They are extremely perceptive and can read people’s minds. Smoke and mirrors can’t blur their vision, they can see clearly no matter what the situation is. Their all-seeing eye prevents them from being taken advantage of during a disagreement.

Their ability to read between the lines means that nothing escapes their attention. They can get to the core of any problem and start the healing process. Their sense of knowing gives them the ultimate edge in battle.

Scorpio Pallas tend to fixate on a problem. They do not take them lightly and need to refer to their inner wisdom to help them find the answers. Often they will retreat into solitude to help them to create a working solution.

They have a hypnotic influence that can lure people into seeing their point of view. This skill of coercion can create a subdued effect against their enemies. They eventually submit to Scorpio Pallas’ will.

Putting into plain and simple terms, this is the manipulative side of Scorpio Pallas. They have the occasional affinity for working in the shadows.

With great power comes great responsibility, they must ensure that they use their prowess for the greater good.

Solving mysteries is Scorpio Pallas’s forte. They like to uncover hidden truths and get to the bottom of puzzles and riddles.

If there are any issues relating to financial problems they are especially good at deducing how to solve them.

Scorpio Pallas are also determined. They won’t give up easily and are always prepared when negotiating deals. They’re hardworking and motivated to reach the resolution that they want.

During conflicts, they’re known to have a secret weapon at their disposal. If it seems as if they are losing a battle they will whip it out at the last moment and stun their opponent. The venomous sting of their strategies makes them hard to beat.

Scorpio Pallas Woman

The Scorpio Pallas woman is mysterious. It can be extremely hard to read her, so the people that she has a conflict with will struggle to undermine her. She is cloaked in an enigma and is a conundrum to many.

She can distract her opponent with her mystical ways and keep them transfixed. While they are distracted she is figuring out ways to take them down and, ultimately, resolve the issue. She wants to win and will be controlled by another person.

During conflicts, she may call the other person’s bluff. She will dare them to try and do something that she doesn’t like.

If they are not receptive to the Scorpio Pallas woman’s ways they may make the mistake of falling into her trap.

In issues relating to legal and justice, the Scorpio Pallas woman is the ultimate spy. She is sneaky and can figure out people’s secrets.

When she uses her powers in the right way, it can be used to fight against crime and discrimination.

Nothing can be swept under the rug when she is around. The perfect career for the Scorpio Pallas woman would be Mi6, the CIA, or a shadow agency that no one has even heard of. She is an excellent strategist and cannot be fooled.

Another career path that she might want to consider is psychiatry. She can get down into the depths of someone’s mind and figure out what motivates them. As a hypnotist, she could easily establish herself as one of the best in her industry.

She is highly skilled in detailed analysis and can research just about anything. If something seems impossible to resolve, the Scorpio Pallas woman steps up to the mark. She also has psychic abilities that give them an edge.

Creative-wise, she likes to express herself through her interest in the occult. This could be through making jewelry using crystals or painting dark and intense pieces of art. She can see beyond the physical and so she releases this insight and energy through the medium of creation.

The Scorpio Pallas woman has a fear of betrayal. The idea that someone may hurt her terrifies her and so she may put up a protective barrier.

If the threat is someone she is close to she is even more sensitive than usual.

The Scorpio Pallas woman looks up to her father. She admires his masculine energy and may try to channel it to compliment her own aura.

As she grows older she comes to appreciate him more than when she did before, especially compared to when she was a teenager.

Scorpio Pallas Man

The Scorpio Pallas man is extremely passionate. When is trying to protect something he believes in he gives his whole heart and soul. He can become obsessive as he tries to find solutions to solve his problems.

He likes to get his own way and will do what it takes to keep the status quo. He will find out all the information that he can about whoever opposes him and will use it for his gain.

Due to this part of his strategy, he can be seen as rather vindictive.

Serving revenge is not necessarily something that the Scorpio Pallas man is gifted in.

Usually, if someone upsets him he will cut them off. He won’t hesitate to remove someone from his life if they wrong him.

The Scorpio Pallas man will never let someone get the best of him. He will plot and plan in secret until he is ready to strike.

The dark and ominous tone of his scheme can scare people away when they are executed.

He is always several steps ahead of the game. As he is so hard to read, he can leave people feeling more confused than before the conflict arose. He likes to strategize carefully, like a game of chess he knows exactly when and how to move each piece.

Despite the seemingly cryptic and obscure nature of the Scorpio Pallas man, he cares for others. He is very conscious of other people’s feelings, partly due to his own sensitivity.

As he can understand and perceive people, he is wary of how his actions affect others.

When they put their mind to it they want to improve mankind. He can see if there are any issues and problems in society and he wants to help fix them. It is not often that he will misuse his powers, instead he is careful with his gifts.

The Scorpio Pallas man believes that he is his own person, and therefore no one can control him. He does not answer to authority and is extremely stubborn.

Taking orders from someone else is a big no-no, they cannot be forced into doing something that they do not want to do.

Still, waters run deep with the Scorpio Pallas man. He should never be underestimated, he can dominate any debate and solve problems effectively.

Their insight gives them a strong advantage in many circumstances that will help them win the war.

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