Pallas in Taurus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Pallas has a special place in astrology. It might not be a well-known component on a birth chart but it is special and noteworthy. This asteroid plays an important role as we take steps to learn more about ourselves.

Every part of our chart plays a certain role. Pallas can help us to look inside ourselves, gather more information and gain insights.

It is worth exploring and will potentially surprise you with its scary accuracy and detailed analysis.


Pallas is an asteroid in the asteroid belt. It was named after Pallas Athena, the daughter of Jupiter, or Zeus, and is the ancient Greecian Goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration.

According to legend, she was born by splitting open her father’s head.

Originally named Athena she adopted Pallas after she killed her childhood friend, Pallas, in her youth. Ridden with grief, she bore her name and became Pallas Athena (or Athene).

In astrology, Pallas represents how our minds work. It determines how we think and strategize. She is a power player, a force to be reckoned with and she symbolizes strong independent women everywhere. Pallas is the female expression of divine wisdom.

Pallas represents our creative intelligence. By observing the planetary alignment of Pallas during our time of birth we are given a deep insight into our critical thinking.

Justice is also prevalent with Pallas. It can show us how we struggle with conflict and legal affairs.

The Goddess prefers to solve disputes and heal issues between those affected. Any activities that depend on the left side of the brain is influenced by the energy of Pallas.

This asteroid, unlike most others, has more masculine qualities and energy than feminine.

Pallas is also connected to a woman’s relationship with her father and men in general. The Goddess was the favorite child of Zeus and was, quite literally, birthed by him.

Any authority figure in a person’s life is highlighted in Pallas. It shows us how we respond to them and adapt to leadership. We are also given a glimpse into our professional lives when we read into the position of Pallas on our charts.

Any genius qualities or creative talents that we have can be depicted by Pallas.

It can also show us the problems that we will run into with our learning abilities.

Understanding this can help us to resolve any problems in this area and push us toward success.

Taurus Pallas Personality

Taurus Pallas is centered around financial abundance. There is a strong will to learn more about acquiring money and discovering the luxuries to be had in life.

As Taurus is a sign that is heavily focused on practicality, Taurus Pallas express themselves through skills that can be used in an everyday sense.

People with the Taurus Pallas placement will benefit from endless ideas about making more money.

However, they do not brainstorm ‘get rich quick’ schemes as they are patient and laidback in this regard.

As long as they are stimulated in the right way and can develop good commercial awareness about finances, they are happy to wait for the money to manifest.

They are stubborn when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Their way is the right way, there is no compromising when it comes to Taurus Pallas. They know what works for them and they happily stick to it.

When faced with a problem that requires quick thinking, Taurus Pallas are cool-headed. They take their time, slow down and analyze every possible angle. They will not allow themselves to be rushed into a decision and so they avoid making foolish decisions.

When it comes to their artistic abilities, they are all about the senses. Touch, taste, smell, feel, sight, sound… everything must come together and harmonize appropriately.

Their art is a reflection of their materialistic needs and can be decadent.

The creative pursuits of Taurus Pallas result in beauty. Influenced by the Venus placement, they have the ability to create stunning and enchanting pieces. They appeal to the physical needs of those around them and can have romantic themes.

In terms of politics, Taurus Pallas are concerned with environmental policies. They support parties that have a well thought out agenda that outlines how nations can defeat climate change, protect wildlife and create green schemes.

Taurus Pallas are focused on pragmatic solutions and common sense. They can commit themselves to long term study and will put in the work to improve their financial situation.

Overall, they are astute beings who can successfully look at the bigger picture.

Taurus Pallas Woman

Perseverance is a key theme for the Taurus Pallas woman. When she works for something she will go all the way. There’s no stopping her drive and determination to reach her goals.

If gaining a substantial amount of money is the end result of her endeavors she will work twice as hard to get it. She will set clear goals that are practical and achievable. Her well throughout strategy is what makes her stand out as an academic.

Learning is an enjoyable activity for her. She takes it in her stride and soaks up all the information that comes her way. She will not rush to reach a certain level of understanding, the Taurus Pallas woman knows that becoming an expert in any field takes time.

She is thorough in her pursuits, hard working and yet she is easy going. She knows how to work smart without overloading herself. Her focus is sharp and once she’s set her mind to something, there’s no turning back.

However, this can also be her downfall. The Taurus Pallas woman has a stubborn side which impacts her flexibility to alternative ways of thinking.

Without an open mind, there is no room for development.

The Taurus Pallas woman must be careful of her lack of insight in this manner. If she broadens her mind she will gain more and grow intellectually.

It is in her best interests to explore other opinions and ways of doing things.

Her creative talents are plentiful, when she puts her energy into something it speaks to her soul and connects with her materialistic side.

Many Taurus Pallas women enjoy crafts such as jewelry making or anything involving crystals. Her taste in artwork is glamorous and depicts her vibrancy.

There is a lot of emotional intelligence and strength within the Taurus Pallas woman. She is open with her feelings and knows how to deal with them.

This is a great advantage of the Taurus Pallas Woman and is one of her smarts.

When she combines her heart with her intelligence and dedicates herself to a line of work it is purposeful.

Whatever she decides to commit to, it will fill her life with pleasure. The Taurus Pallas woman loves splendor and opulence.

Taurus Pallas Man

In the face of danger, the Taurus Pallas man does not like to take risks.

Instead, he is calculated and will assess how he can resolve problems. He is diplomatic and will work to ensure that a fair resolution is reached for all involved.

He believes in justice for all and will act as the peacemaker during disagreements. As a third party, we can see different sides to the same argument.

However, if he is involved his stubborn nature will lead him to believe that he is right.

The Taurus Pallas likes to discover the hidden truth and will use their intelligence to decipher them. They will pursue knowledge until their heart is content.

Every ounce of information that they will come across will be devoured with a good-natured attitude and dedication.

They enjoy working with their hands and will create something out of love.

Engaging in meaningless acts will not fare well for the Taurus Pallas man. He must feel what he is doing in his soul and it must tantalize his physical interests.

He is ambitious and his principles evolve largely around money. He does well in economics and exercising business practices.

If there is something that will benefit him financially, he will evaluate the opportunity and move forward with the project if the material gains are significant.

The Taurus Pallas man performs well with trading and investments. His patience and vision make him an ideal candidate for long term, strategic, money-making interests.

Wealth and prosperity is in reach for the Taurus Pallas man, his strengths will ultimately lead him to the material bliss that he desires.

Just like the Taurus Pallas woman, the male counterpart struggles with his headstrong and willful mind.

It creates intellectual conflict as he insists that his way is the only way to go. In all areas such as creative and critical thinking, it helps to allow others to share their views.

The Taurus Pallas man will go far once he learns to listen and acknowledge that he is not always right.

This will revolutionize his money-making skills and raise the ceiling for future accomplishments.

The world can be his once he learns to apply his easy-going traits to accepting alternative viewpoints.

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