Pallas in Virgo – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Amongst the stars in the heavens and the planets in the solar system are secrets and messages.

The celestial bodies that make up our solar system can show us who we are and where we are going.

For hundreds of years, astrologers have studied their effect on our personalities.

Pallas, though not well known to most, is an interesting component that has an impact on us.

It may not be as big as a planet, but its influence is instrumental.

By incorporating the position of Pallas on our birth chart we are given an in-depth view into our soul.


Pallas, the asteroid that is named after the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena, is part of The Big 4 which includes Juno, Ceres, and Vesta. They are a modern addition to the Astro family with Pallas being discovered in 1802.

In astrology, Pallas represents our creative intelligence, strategic thinking, and how we resolve conflicts.

In Greek Mythology, Pallas Athene was known as the wise warrior who was born wearing armor. She came into this world after her father Jupiters head was cracked open, he is also known as Zeus.

Pallas is an alpha female and symbolizes empowerment. She is more focused on the strategies surrounding the healing of problems than actually fighting against people.

This element of battle is taken care of by her brother Ares, the God of war.

The influence of the asteroid can also affect a woman’s relationship with her father. In some cases, this can result in ‘daddy issues’. How we respond to authority is another aspect that is controlled by Pallas.

The creative ways that we deal with these situations are determined by the zodiac sign that Pallas was in at the time of our birth.

It can also shed light on how we take in new information and handle legal situations.

Virgo Pallas Personality

Virgo Pallas makes intelligent moves when dealing with conflict. Their calculated yet down-to-earth approach is subtle, their opponent will rarely know that they’re being worked by them.

To make sure that they take the best approach, Virgo Pallas won’t immediately take action.

They pay attention to the smallest details and won’t leave out any information. They need to know exactly who they’re dealing with so they can solve the problem. Their critical thinking skills are sharp and are highly regarded by many.

The analytical approach is always best, according to Virgo Pallas. Their methodical strategies are based on facts, rarely emotions.

It is of the utmost importance to them that nothing is left to chance.

Virgo Pallas have a deep sense of humanity. They like to take the lead on issues that are important to them such as healthcare and healthy eating. Their need to help others spurs them on and motivates them to succeed.

When tackling injustice they prefer to remain as neutral as possible. They are fair and balanced in their views.

As a result, Virgo Pallas prefers to take a professional approach by setting firm boundaries so they can be objective and impersonal.

Always practical, Virgo Pallas is hands-on when fighting for equality. They have strong ethics and do not support behavior that infringes on other people’s rights.

Although they are well-meaning, they can fixate on minor details and worry about missing any pieces of information.

Creativity is their strong suit, they can be very artistic. This can help them to come up with creative solutions to problems.

The perfectionist in them means that anything that they create needs to be faultless.

Virgo Pallas can be very resourceful and will pour over bills and legislation to help find the answers that they are looking for. They like to look at the big picture and evaluate every angle. They will use their creative skills to ascertain all of the information.

Virgo Pallas responds well to authority, as long as they are not coerced into doing something against their morals. They like to be in service of others and will happily support when need be. Taking center stage is not something they like to do.

Virgo Pallas Woman

The Virgo Pallas woman has high standards. She likes things to be done a certain way that is thoughtful and systematic. Hard work is in her blood, she always puts effort into everything she does

She is a very logical person and responds well to data and facts. Her organization skills are something to aspire to, she uses this trait well when fighting against the establishment. She is never caught unprepared and is always equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

The word chaos is never in her vocabulary. Disorder and mayhem are something she likes to fix, not create. She is the voice of reason in a shambolic world.

She has a disdain for drama, her philosophy is that everyone should act accordingly and solve problems in a diplomatic order. She is elegant, eloquent, and graceful with how she handles issues.

Careerwise she would suit the role of a nutritionist or a personal coach. This would allow her to follow her passion for health and fitness as well as giving her the opportunity to utilize her greatest skill set.

In this career path, she would be able to help people to become the best version of themselves.

Well known for being put together and proper, the Virgo Pallas woman is always polished. She takes care of herself and makes sure to enjoy a well-balanced, healthy diet. To her, cleanliness is close to Godliness.

She enjoys creative activities such as sewing, painting, and pottery. She likes to get stuck in and appreciates physical outlets for her passions. Her talents are plentiful and she is open-minded to trying new things.

When she is strategizing, she prefers to work behind the scenes. Rather than being upfront and center, she is more than happy to take a backseat.

As long as the job gets done and every alternative has been examined she is satisfied.

Depending on the position of other planets in her chart, the Virgo Pallas woman has a good relationship with her father. She enjoys having debates with him and challenging him with a good-natured spirit.

If Pallas is in her 10th house it’s possible that her father taught her the traits of her Virgo Pallas sign.

When dealing with authority figures she is obliging and diligent.

However, she does not like to be micromanaged. If she is, she will become resentful. She needs to feel as though whoever she is operating under can trust her.

Virgo Pallas Man

The Virgo Pallas man is rational, he is one of the most logical people that you will meet.

Conscious of his duty to humanity, he likes to help with fixing problems. He takes his role very seriously and won’t take a light-hearted approach to diplomacy.

He is highly intelligent and has a mind that can process information like a computer. He is a valuable member of any team and can help to bring order and peace to people that need it.

The Virgo Pallas man is a credit to his community.

Helping people is a big part of his personality. He will offer pragmatic solutions after drawing conclusions based on his research. Anyone under his care will be sure to get the best care and assistance.

He wants to understand everything before taking any action.

This way, he is well informed and can ensure that his analysis is as accurate as possible. He is the MVP, the hardest working person one will come across.

The Virgo Pallas man is very grounded. He will not allow himself to be caught up in material pursuits. He works to restore justice for the good of all and wants everyone to find harmony.

Mentally, his energy levels are high which bodes well as his mind is his greatest asset.

Achievement and success to him are finding resolutions, completing projects to perfection, and helping others.

He is an excellent communicator during conflicts. As his Pallas is in Virgo, Mercury’s influence shines through and sets an example as to how he should handle problems.

Though he won’t express how he feels about a situation on an emotional level, he will offer his insights and wisdom.

The Virgo Pallas man is an efficient learner. He will comb through every piece of information and absorb it all until he completely understands it. He is the type to have flashcards and colored and alphabetized folders, he is extremely organized.

He enjoys intricate, creative activities such as woodworking. He also likes playing games and he enjoys pastimes that involve strategic thinking such as chess or computer programming.

If he can get involved in anything that will allow him to improve and develop he’ll do it.

The Virgo Pallas man can find success by working as a personal trainer. His desire to help support people and his interest in all things health-related make this the perfect choice

. With his intelligence and detailed approach, he will go far in life whatever he chooses to do.

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