Part of Fortune in 1st House – Synastry and Meaning

With this setup, there may be a better ability to start over whenever something goes wrong in life or when you want to start over.

It also indicates a little more self-confidence, better appearance, and good health. You tend to work on difficulties to overcome them and transform them into strength. Your joy will come from trusting yourself and acting independently, cultivating self-reliance and determination.

This increase in confidence can explain the eventuality of luck in some moments of life, where the person can realize himself through himself. The chances of success increase when you learn to look at the world and at yourself without much interference from the opinions of others, focusing more on your goals until you achieve them.

Part of Fortune – Synastry and Meaning

Traditional astrology does not tolerate excesses in the chart, be it radix, horar or election.

The vast majority of issues should be resolved only by the main characters (significators) of the horoscope.

However, there is in the tradition a small group of “supporting actors”, without which you cannot do. The Pars of Fortune also belongs to them.

The ancient Arab astrologers wrote the importance of this lot, and Ptolemy mentioned it in his “Tetrabiblos”.

With their submission, this point entered the arsenal of the traditional astrologer and earned a reputation as a “working” instrument.

However, those who believe that all information from the Parsa Fortune can be obtained by opening a section of a book or a website describing the position of the lot in signs and houses are mistaken.

These “descriptions” are worthless; they have little to do with professional astrology.

Today we will talk about how an astrologer should consider this point in order to understand what it is talking about in the radix.

Following Ptolemy and Biruni, I consider it a mistake to use two formulas for calculating the position of the Parsa Fortune in the chart: day and night.

The only correct one is the classical formula for calculating the lot: Ascendant + Moon – Sun.

It works equally well for daytime and nocturnal births. I advise you to adhere to this unity by setting the appropriate settings in your astrological programs.

The Pars of Fortune is “indifferent” to signs; they do not assign to him any advantages or weaknesses.

Therefore, puzzling over what this Arabic part means in Aries, Virgo or somewhere else is a pointless exercise.

It does not receive the Pars of Fortune and accidental merits: no matter what astrological position the lot is in, it cannot be stronger or weaker.

For example, those who believe that Fortune in a corner house is stronger than in a falling one, etc., are mistaken.

It is not a planet, but just a point in space. Therefore, it is an impermissible “luxury” to try on essential and incidental merits / weaknesses.

The lots do not form aspects with the planets; they are only able to receive their rays. Moreover, only connections and oppositions within 3 degrees matter.

The rest of the aspects can be neglected or taken into account as an option, as minor brush strokes against the background of an already finished canvas.

The only case when you should take into account the position of Fortune in the house: finding her in 1-2 degrees from its top. Then the lot directly affects the affairs of the house.

This position serves as a moderate auspicious evidence regarding the areas for which the house of the card is responsible.

The action of the lot is manifested only through its depositor, that is, the planet governing the zodiacal sign, in which the Arabic part is located.

Remember what Fortune means in the natal chart? It indicates the areas where a person will be lucky, profit and happiness (meaning material rather than spiritual).

However, looking at all this by the position of the lot itself (unless it is located within 1-2 degrees from the house cusp) is useless.

1st House – Synastry and Meaning

The first house in astrology represents the personality and the attitude to life.

The ego, the basic disposition of character, willpower, purposefulness and ambition, the external shape in the form of appearance, body and physicality are related to this.

However, the first house also symbolizes one’s own being, customs, and behavior, the personal appearance to the outside world, the visual appearance, vitality, agility, stamina and constitution.

The ascendant (AC) forms the top of the first house, where it is decisive how a person shows himself to the outside world and what others initially perceive about him.

Aries is the zodiac sign of the first house. The Aries is known to be adventurous, dynamic and life affirming: it is a sign of spring and stands for departure.

Therefore, the first house also stands for actively positioning yourself and acting in life instead of reacting.

The spontaneous establishment of contact with fellow human beings is a symbol for this, as is the request of the environment to be active.

Since the ascendant forms the top of the first house, this symbolizes through its planetary constellation how a person shows himself to the environment and how he is spontaneously perceived.

The ascendant comes into play especially when it comes to an unknown, new situation in which there is yet no experience-based repertoire of behavior.

The planets in the first house are also very influential in the entire horoscope.

Therefore, it is also said that the ascendant and first house represent the mask of the human being to the outside world.

Character traits that correlate with the first house are therefore courage, self-confidence, strength, initiative, drive and the demonstration of one’s own abilities and their commitment.

Depending on the constellation in the house, these external characteristics are different.

Of course, everyone wants to make a good impression on the outside world and show that they have decisive skills.

Part of Fortune in 1st House – Synastry and Meaning

The First House indicates the nature of our personality, our temperament and the degree of confidence we have in ourselves.

The location of Fortune in this house indicates that you can achieve satisfaction and happiness by following your own path and having the courage to free yourself largely from outside influences, especially from so-called public opinion. You will be successful if you trust your own conscience and act according to your own point of view, even though this could be quite unusual.

In the course of your life, you will evolve towards an independent and unique personality, which will always be true to itself.

In general, you seek the recognition of “being different”, and if someone dared to compare you with an ordinary citizen, you would never accept it, but you would feel provoked to demonstrate just the opposite.

You take the liberty of doing and saying whatever you want; the important thing is that something happens – whatever it is – and you do not care what other people think.

You are probably not known for being very considerate, and it can be difficult trying to convince yourself that your interests are not the only thing that counts.

However, your subjectivity and concentration on yourself give you the necessary impetus to dedicate yourself with strength and determination to the projects that you consider interesting.

You do not care if your attitude leads to isolation and misunderstanding from the people around you.

It would be worse if someone tried to prevent you from following your instincts and freely expressing your nature.

It is not your thing to reflect for a long time and plan your companies in detail before taking them into action.

In addition, it would be a distraction if you had to take into account the opinion or reaction of others and consider whether your goals coincide with the objectives of society.

On the other hand, you must be careful not to be described as eccentric, being unable to adapt to the needs of your environment or leave the command from time to time in the hands of others.


The point of Fortune in the First House represents the challenge of finding the golden path between the aspiration to individuality and independence and the sacrifice of one’s own interests for the good of the community.

It is important that you do not get into the lives of others, especially since you would never accept that someone did the same to you.

Do not think that your lifestyle is ideal for everyone.

Most people need the support of the community much more than you do, and they do not have the same problem adjusting to life together.

With the Part of Fortune in house I, we have people with a great personality, such as the boxer Muhammad Ali, who threw his Olympic gold medal into a river, because he realized that in his country “only he was a black man, with a medal.” According to his own words.

Although years later it was returned to him.

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