Part of Fortune in 2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

Hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

In general, the fact of the presence of the Sun in a house means an imperative need to work out the latter, and therefore, as a rule, some of its defeat, regardless of the aspects of the Sun.

In this case, a person experiences the imperative influence of the environment, in different cases in different ways, but forcing a person to develop a completely definite ethic of behavior in situations of the second house, which often differs from the general social one.

Moreover, the environment forces him to form a personal system of values, which may also be unusual.

This, frankly, is not an easy task, but the accepted ethics and values still do not suit a person, and if he does not develop and acquire his own, he feels extremely uncomfortable, like a traveler in the night without a roof over his head.

Part of Fortune – Synastry and Meaning

Many people associate the portion of Fortuna with money, although this reference is not entirely valid.

However, when she is positioned in the second worldly house, this position may still have to do with money and goods.

With this setup, the chances of the person seeing themselves in prosperous environments increase, perhaps from an early age in life.

It indicates benefits with respect to finances, possessions and the like, where the luck of “calling” money is amplified, something that can attract opportunities or facilities in life.

It is not possible to say that the money is going to rain all the time, but there is a greater possibility that the profits will be obtained in a more fluid way.

His joy will come from manifesting what he really values, although first it is important that you find out what it is. He can be materially blessed if his actions in life reflect his sincere values.

Good things are even more likely to happen depending on some beneficial planet conjunctions, as they can be indicative of prosperity through opportunities, favors, gains, and other advantages that happen.

He learns to be sure, of what he wants without making too much fuss. The sooner you learn about what is valuable to you, the better decisions you will make.

Here is an indication that desires materialize better and that the person feels more satisfied by conquering them.

2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

On the contrary, the study of the second house will make him a great authority; many will listen to his opinion on ethical issues and follow him.

At the same time, this provision implies great responsibility; a person should be very precise in interactions with the environment and especially in financial matters, and otherwise he risks profaning spiritual values.

For example, when handing over a manuscript, he must demand from the publisher an amount corresponding to the inspiration invested in his work (minus civil pathos), and not a penny more or less.

At a low level of working out the Sun in the II house, it constantly seems to a person that he is always and in everything right, and especially in matters of ethics, and the ultimate truth crawls out of him into the surrounding space, although the latter makes at times weak attempts to resist….or decisively sets tasks, much to the bewilderment and offense of a person who always has in mind only the best and the most correct.

Self-esteem. The position of the Sun in the second house indicates that the person’s Essential Life Purpose is focused on the topic of judging oneself. Psychological self-worth determines the direction and fulfillment of your life as a whole.

Everything in your life will eventually return to self-esteem, and any experience can be appreciated directly through your personal sense of its significance – past you, for you, through you.

If you do not believe in yourself, then in a hurry you will go nowhere. Therefore, first accept yourself as you are, without worrying about what is happening, and then try to make this acceptance manifest through you.

Ownership. Here we also note the fundamental importance of personal identity as manifested through property.

The root purpose of your life can be understood through the study of personal property – what is “mine”?

The most natural type of ownership for you is indicated by other factors, such as the sign in which the Sun is located, and aspects to it.

Jealousy is a trap, and your pursuit of superiority in the number of possessions is the road leading to the realization of your life goal.

Self-recognition is a task that must be completed, while the immunity of other people or their exclusion from the social circle is a pit that should be avoided.

Part of Fortune in 2nd House – Synastry and Meaning

A person here will reach his “pot of gold” by first discovering what is of true value to him. He must create a solid foundation so that over the years he becomes more and more confident in its reliability.

Resistant to the winds of change, a person seeks to create support for himself and for others, which ultimately will give a more meaningful meaning to existence.

The things and the money with which they can be bought are very important to him, but only as long as the property reflects his true values.

Having learned what is useful and what is not, he comes to the understanding that there is no harm in having useful things.

Harm is attachment to things that are no longer useful. This person can be very fortunate in matters of money that reflect their sincere values.

At the same time, he will experience the exact opposite effect when he tries to achieve or master something that does not reflect his highest values.

Part of the Impartial Consciousness enters the eighth house – the house of the values ​​of others.

A person is so inclined to absorb them that he has to learn to recognize his own values ​​and the values ​​of others.

The greatest weakness of this position comes from the ability to allow oneself to stray to the side, absorbing (or reflecting) the sexual values ​​of others.

The greatest happiness comes from achieving an unchanging inner stability that neither friends nor society can influence.

The wealth that a person is constantly looking for will eventually come in the form of a principle, thanks to which a person will learn to manage his own life.

As strong as this principle is, you need to allow others to find their own rules.

Because man has been looking for the central principle of his existence for so long, he has the urge to pass it on to others. He will make such attempts, but must understand that in cases where the listener is not listening, the speaker often weakens and loses his own frame of reference.

What is right for one may be so for the whole world, but it must be remembered that trying to give to those who are unable to accept is an opportunity to lose sight of the goal.

Thanks to the Part of Impartial Consciousness in the eighth house, this person must learn to consider world values ​​in an impartial manner. He does not have to agree with everything he sees.

A person must acknowledge the validity of opposing beliefs and opinions, realizing that they do not inherently threaten the confidence acquired in their own beliefs. The world can be allowed to follow its course.


Upon reaching this outlook on life, we find that all the hypocrisy in the world has little effect on personal happiness. Duality is relative.

It is important for us to see the so-called duality so that it can be resolved.

At this point, we can understand the difference between what is personally significant and what is not.

It is interesting to note that while the Pars of Fortune in the second house involves the construction of some entity, the Part of Impartial Consciousness in the eighth house implies the destruction of the false aspects of that entity.

This entity can be physical or mental. The Eighth House Piece of Impartial Consciousness exhibits values that add little to the construction of the essence of personal happiness.

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