Part of Fortune in Aquarius

To feel happy you need the freedom to be able to defend your ideals without reservation.

Therefore, friendship and camaraderie are more important to you than a close relationship with your partner, where there are so many expectations and demands, and you are likely to run away from commitments that involve too many obligations and can cut back on your independence.

You need space to experiment, and you feel happy in the company of people who share your ideas without imposing their concepts.

The experience of living in a group as an individual and, in addition, enhancing their capacity is important to you and will motivate you to defend the equality of men and fight against all kinds of prejudices.

You believe in the future, because you believe in the human being and his ability to face current problems successfully.

Actually, you are very understanding when it comes to the weaknesses of our species, and you rarely get angry, you will always have an explanation at hand.

You are not indifferent to what happens in your environment, but you need to preserve a certain emotional distance, because Aquarius is an air sign and lives mainly in the intellect.

Therefore, do not let yourself be forced to pretend feelings that do not exist, since faking never brings a positive result.

As an example, I can put the birth chart of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most beloved in the United States with the Part of Fortune in conjunction with the Sun.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Info

This horoscope factor is largely neglected by most modern astrologers. This undoubtedly impoverishes the horoscope as a source of interpretation of a person’s career and financial situation.

Many astrologers believe that the Pars of Fortune indicates inherited wealth, accumulated property, or secular luck in a general sense.

The old rule says: “As the Moon relates to the Sun, so Fortune relates to the Ascendant.” That is, the Pars of Fortune is in the same relationship with the Ascendant, in which the Moon is with the Sun. We know that the Moon provides a vehicle for the expression of solar energy (reflects sunlight).

Likewise, we must view the Pars of Fortune as an indication of the livelihood of that general synthesis of personal life, which is ruled by the Ascendant. This clearly shows the reason why the Pars of Fortune is considered the main ruler of a person’s monetary well-being.

The house in which the Pars of Fortune is located shows the sphere in which it would be natural for a person to seek his own luck and personal happiness.

The position of the Pars of Fortune in the house must always be interpreted taking into account the aspects that the Pars of Fortune forms with the planets, and taking into account the characteristics of these planets.

Here are some general indications of the possibilities open to a person by the position of the Pars of Fortune in the house:

First house: a person’s well-being is determined by how well he is aware of his personal interests and physiological characteristics. Well-being is associated with the ability to make the right impression when you first meet.

Well-being is promoted by the appearance adequate to the situation, the state of the physical body, demeanor, and the ability to express oneself in the image.

Second house: a person’s well-being is associated with his ability to adequately manage his personal property, money and independently provide himself with everything necessary for life.

Third House: Well-being is related to the ability to communicate, learn, think critically, analyze, gather information, make connections.

Being able to get along with neighbors and surrounding yourself with good people contributes to well-being. Well-being depends on the observance of the rules of mental hygiene.

Fourth house: well-being is associated with family life, with relationships with parents, with real estate, national culture and traditions.

A comfortable home, a good family life, and involvement in solving issues of the history of the native land contribute to well-being.

Fifth House: Well-being is associated with the ability to create works of art, create in the broadest sense of the word, interact with children, and feel power over the public.

Being included in the world of theater, shows, entertainment contributes to well-being. Wealth is associated with hobbies, hobbies, love affairs, financial adventures, risky projects.

Sixth house: a person finds prosperity in work, service, small and medium business, and fine precise intellectual activity. Well-being is promoted by care for maintaining health, a healthy lifestyle, cleanliness and hygiene, and a pet.

Seventh House: A person finds well-being in creating relationships. Well-being depends on relationships with significant others, on unions, partnerships, and marriage.

Eighth House: Well-being is associated with shared resources with partners, with the property of other people, with inheritance. Wealth is achieved through overcoming the crisis, through the search for a way out of a marginal situation, through s*x life, through death and rebirth-related affairs, through issues of taxes and debts.

Ninth House: Well-being is associated with religious activity, legal issues, higher education, connections with foreigners, long distance travel, publishing.

Tenth House: Well-being is associated with a career, high social status, honor, reputation. Eleventh house: a person achieves well-being when he participates in collective activities, is engaged in progressive reforms, science, advanced technologies, engineering, and inventions. Friendship, like-minded people contribute to well-being.

Twelfth House: Well-being is associated with philosophy, art, high fashion, the ability to understand the subtleties.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

Everyone wants a lot of money, but not everyone knows that with the help of astrology you can see the directions that will indicate the most effective ways to achieve your goal, as well as problems that can lie in wait for a person in an effort to achieve his cherished financial dream.

There are several ways to find out where in the horoscope you should look for your sources of income and how to avoid possible financial problems.

In an article I will talk about the Pars of Fortune – this is one of the many lots in the horoscope, but probably one of the most important.

It is considered a point of happiness, a symbol of success, prosperity, etc. But the fact is that earlier, happiness and wealth were considered synonyms (without any psychologisms there), then a happy person did not yet know about psychology, he simply must be rich and therefore the Point of Fortune or the Pars of Fortune was just that place, where, as it was believed, the treasure was buried.

In addition, I will tell you that it was not considered in vain.  Although, this indicator is far from, the only one in analyzing the horoscope for financial success or failure, but it can give a good hint for increasing your financial capabilities, and in many cases, it can really turn out to be your guiding star.

If the depositor of the Lot is strong in elevation, then the native will be successful in obtaining wealth, especially if the Sun and Moon give instructions to this by their mutual position or conjunction with favorable fixed stars. If, moreover, they are well inspected, the native will have lasting wealth

If such a planet is Part of fortune, then it gives wealth through construction, navigation, agriculture, gardening, travel and business related to minerals.

Jupiter affects wealth most strongly. If Jupiter is with Pars and in good aspect with the Moon in the corners, especially in the first house, the native will profit. Jupiter brings wealth through official and state affairs, church, law, inheritance, patronage, or official obligations. If the luminaries poorly inspect Jupiter, especially if the Moon is in opposition to Jupiter, he will be the cause of poverty due to the native’s unusual behavior.

Mars under the same conditions gives wealth through military affairs, weapons. Luminaries in bad aspects to Mars are the highest degree of bad luck, but if Jupiter or Venus help, the native will achieve everything on his own, despite all the obstacles.

The ascending node is good luck, the Sun gives wealth through promotion, career, rank, gifts, the Moon through navigation, training, human masses and with the help of women. The unaffected Sun in trine with the Moon is wealth.

The signs of poverty are the struck luminaries in the cadent (falling) houses.

The moon is burnt or in opposition to the Sun, especially in the second house, and all the planets under the horizon – many difficulties in youth.

Part of Fortune in Aquarius – Meaning and Info

There are many backward planets, and the depositor of the Lot is defeated, the South Node in the second house or the lord of the second house is backward, or an unfavorable weak Part of fortune or Mars in the second house is an absolute evil.

If there is a remedy for it, the native will have little profit; Part of fortune with the Moon in an unfavorable aspect are quite serious indicators of poverty or ruin.

You can recall Ptolemy and his chapter on material well-being, and then the instructions there are approximately similar.

The answer to the question about the material acquisitions of a person should be sought on the basis of the so-called Wheel of Fortune; the very one, to find which we measure from the Horoscope the distance between the Sun and the Moon, both during daytime and during nighttime birth, for the reasons that we have already discussed when discussing life expectancy.

When it is established in this way, we should take into account the rulers of the sign and observe what the state of these planets is in terms of their strength and similarity, applying for this the method that we described earlier.

In addition, we must consider the planets that are in aspect with them, or those of their own or opposite group that are ahead of them. For if the planets that rule the Wheel of Fortune are strong, they make people rich, especially when they have the appropriate support of the luminaries.

Thus, Part of fortune brings wealth from construction, agriculture, or shipping. Jupiter – from trusteeship, guardianship or priesthood, Mars – from military operations and power, Venus – from gifts from friends or women, Mercury – from oratory and trade.


If Part of fortune is associated with material status and forms an aspect with Jupiter, then he is the reason for receiving an inheritance, especially when he finds himself in the upper corners, and Jupiter is located in a dual sign or the Moon is adjacent to it, in this case the native will be adopted and inherited the property of others of people.

if the planets of the same group as the ruling planets are their “eyewitnesses”, then the natives will retain their property without loss; however, if the planets of the opposite group are ahead of the ruling places or ascend after them, then they suffer the loss of property, and the total time is determined on the basis of the approach of the determining planets to the angles and subsequent signs.

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