Part of Fortune in Aries

Aries is the first zodiac sign to arrive after the closing date given by the sign of Pisces and just before the zodiac sign of Taurus. It is an extremely vital sign as one that opens a new circle.

Because of this, the natives of the sign are quite open to news and a little prone to anything that is static or that “threatens” to last forever.

Those born under the sign of Aries are usually people full of vitality and enthusiasm for life. Cheerful, carefree and always ready to experience new emotions, they tend to prefer action to everything else.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Symbolism

Part of Fortune carries obstacles to success through skepticism, nihilism, duplicity, eccentricity, deceit.

The place of the Parsa is Libra Like real scales; in this situation, it is important to maintain balance in order to enter the wave of the highest success.

In addition, here, according to the position of the Lot, a profitable partnership will help. This will be fateful luck.

To be most successful in art, theater, cinema, as well as public affairs, law, government. Philanthropy will bring recognition. Bad neighborhood threatens with failure due to promiscuous relationships, incontinence, posturing.

The place of the Parse is Scorpio When the Pars of Fortune is in Scorpio; the direct road to wealth and respect is through medicine.

Formal or unofficial, it does not matter. Any healing will bring success. In second place are the professions of the military, investigators, and teachers.

At the same time, it is better to have an active, firm, ambitious character. Perseverance, ability to appreciate resources, organization, and endurance are welcomed.

The affected area of ​​luck leads to the development of sexual promiscuity, pettiness, hypocrisy. The take-off in life is cut short before it starts due to a tendency to deception, toxicity.

The place of the Parse is Sagittarius Passing the Lot of Luck through the constellation Sagittarius at the time of birth creates success for a person who realizes self-sufficiency, honesty, and a fair attitude towards people.

The most prosperous for him are the spheres of religious and church, enlightenment, educational. The most advantageous destiny for such a person is the one in which he brings knowledge to people.

However, the negative development of events leads to defeat from inability to wait, gossip, unkindness. Place of Parsa – Capricorn Prosperity in life will not come immediately. To do this, you will have to work hard on yourself, on the circumstances.

The fastest way to achieve what you want will be the development of the qualities of responsibility, diligent study of the chosen field, and training in skills. The path will seem long, thorny, but the result will exceed all ideas about the dream.

It will be most profitable to work in the field of politics – external, internal. The highest achievements, up to the highest rulers, await here. Luck favors the areas of securities, investments, playing courses.

Things will go well with architects, agriculturalists, scientists of the exact sciences. A bad influence on the Lot of Success leads to the loss of everything through the fault of one’s own rudeness, greed, and intransigence.

The point of Fortune in the natal chart for Aquarius is very important for today – it promises great patronage in the field of modern occupations. We are talking about cybernetics, scientific genetic discoveries, and psych sociology.

This also includes the now fashionable blogging, making money on the net. There are also requirements for character.

A native with such a Lot needs to be creative, mobile, positive, open. Easy to communicate with people.

However, have a good deal of independence. The reverse side is aimless shocking, lack of morality, a tendency to boast.

Such traits are capable of “killing” all the promises of the universe for good luck. This is a sign of esotericism, alchemy, chemistry. These areas will bring the greatest profit, both material and personal, for the carriers of the Lot of Success in Pisces.

Healing is an equally high vocation. The world of art will be a successful field.

However, the best results will be obtained beyond the control of science – fortune telling, hypnology, healing, and extrasensory perception.

The character must be creative, insightful, and confident. Laziness, moodiness, procrastination are categorically contraindicated.

Aries – Meaning and Symbolism

This leads them to be more physical and less brainy and to always go one-step ahead of the previous day.

Confident and sociable, they are especially self-centered and love the thought of being noticed by others. That is why they always do everything to show and attract attention, both positive and negative.

Directly with others, they do not have much trouble saying what they think. In addition, that often leads them to hurt the feelings of those close to them.

The only thing they barely notice is that, in any case, they do not care too much.

That said, they know how to be good company, love to chat and always tend to show curiosity about the lives of those around them. They often lack tact; they know how to make up for this shortcoming with an easy way of working that makes it easier for everyone and, above all, a good mood.

Unfortunately, because of the way they work, they can sometimes be misunderstood and eventually offend the most sensitive people who may resent them.

Fortunately, most of the time they still manage to solve the problem by finding a meeting place, and when that does not happen, they do not have a lot of trouble completely ignoring the problem and doing what they do best, moving on.

For Aries natives, work is a somewhat controversial topic. If on the one hand they want to make a career and establish themselves, on the other hand they do not like the idea that they have to work on it for too long.

Regardless, when they find it worthwhile, they know how to put in enough effort to achieve their goals.

As colleagues, they are cheerful and kind, but not always reliable. First, in fact, they will always put themselves on themselves and if that means bypassing someone, they are not the type to have big problems around it.

For them, professional growth is a kind of battle on the ground and for that; they are ready to draw every possible weapon.

It also helps them feel more motivated and fight more enthusiastically. A flat working life would actually eventually bore them.

Good leaders, they always know how to order. However, sometimes they can be incomprehensible to those who have anything to do with them.

This leads them to conflicts, which, if not resolved quickly, risk becoming a source of tension. Which gets worse when they are released they want to control the situation at all costs.

Extremely fond of sports, if they turn it into a real activity, they know how to do their best without feeling tired. It depends on their being highly competitive and lovers of everything that involves action.

It is therefore a very specific branch in which they are so worn that they are practically unmatched.

In relationships, those born under the sign of Aries are confident and social to the point that they can make friends with anyone who crosses their path.

Cheerful and communicative they look for them all because when they want they can be the soul of the party.

Independent at the right point, they demand their dose of freedom. Which they usually leave to others, even if in some relationships they may be more possessive than in others.

In friendship, they are more prone to relaxation, in the end they allow themselves more freedom of action and thus give something more to those who have a lasting connection with them.

Good friends, they know how to listen and give advice, but always with limitations that must be mostly in the spotlight.

For this reason, they are not exactly predisposed to nurturing long-term relationships that often prefer new friendships and in keeping with the mood of the moment.

In love, they have a particularly complex way of acting. If on the one hand they dream of great love, on the other hand they tend to run away whenever a story becomes serious.

This depends on them the nature of free people and completely contrary to the rules to be followed, even if they were crucial to the continuation of the love story.

Part of Fortune in Aries – Meaning and Symbolism

In this position of the Part of Fortune, the individual has the need and energy for activity. If he allows himself to move with it, he will find that he cannot overcome only rare obstacles in his path.

The innate courage pushes him forward so that he can transcend all self-doubt. Great success comes from realizing that this energy is strong enough to grant him independence.

He does not have to make concessions to others for fear that he may need them in the future.

People often do not understand the fact that the energy of Aries makes a person, acting under its powerful pressure, reject the opinions of others and adhere to their own course.

However, through the Libra Piece of Impartial Consciousness, this person can understand the receptive, passive nature of people and empathize with those who are unable to make decisions and act.

He sees that the tact of others at times represents a form of insincerity based on the fear of overstepping.

The strongest and most beneficial aspect of the Libra Part of Impartial Consciousness is a sense of harmony and mental order, allowing the Aries Part of Fortune to see the direction very clearly.

These qualities represent an example of Venus (Libra) acting as a channel for Mars (Aries). Very often, Aries have a hard time making their way through this order due to their zealous approach to life.

The ability to “strike a balance” means understanding your abilities and using them effectively. The Libra Piece of Impartial Consciousness can show how this can be done.

The “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow is what a person will achieve through his own efforts in the form of ideas or material essence. He should not be afraid of the fact that many spiritual teachings speak out against the concept of strong desire.

They talk about attachment to desire and senseless sense gratification. This man is a creation of desires, an impartial desire for truth, and without this desire he cannot set his goals.

In addition, a person without goals easily loses sight of the direction in life and is inclined to swim and find himself under the influence of the forces that affect his life.

This is what can happen when the Libra Part of the Impartial Consciousness is functioning “negatively” if the individual is limiting the powerful energy of Aries.

This person strives for the unity of mind and desire, which can be directed towards a single goal. The more he moves towards this goal, the easier his life becomes.

A person should never doubt that the energy that guides him would bring him into contact with a single driving force. This ultimate goal will bring great joy to finding.


Freedom of action and happiness comes with the ability to take initiative and with confident immersion in experience.

A person must obey intuition and treat himself as the causative agent of new socio-cultural impulses.

He seeks to identify his personality with such a creative impulse. He will feel sad and unhappy if his path to this is blocked.

Activity is active, associated with overcoming obstacles, individualism, egocentrism, selfless ardor are possible.

With an immature nature, goals can change; the activity can be in the nature of a short-term outburst.

At best, they are pioneers, pioneers who can sacrifice themselves for the sake of an idea.

It is worth developing the ability to unite with others and to calm, balanced perception.

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