Part of Fortune in Cancer

Have you ever wondered where your good luck lies? Today we are going to see the fortune part on the blog, so that we all know where our pot of gold hides at the end of the rainbow. The fortune part is the most popular of all the Arabic points.

These are not planets or physical bodies; they are mathematical points, which are calculated based on other factors of the horoscope.

Specifically, the fortune part is found taking into account the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, hence it is so relevant. The equation is as follows but do not panic, we can calculate it automatically.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Symbolism

The fortune part tells us about both health and the state of the body, as well as about career and prosperity in life in general. Presumably, if you are in good health and fulfilled, you will most likely be happy.

To interpret it, we take into account both the sign and the house. By analyzing them, we will find a lot of information about the innate talents that we have and that we can use to go further.

The steps are the same as for the Vertex only that instead of choosing the Vertex, we choose the Fortune Part, which in the section to add additional objects to the card, comes just above the vertex.

If your share of fortune is in Aries, you need to take initiative, try new things and innovate to be happy. You love to win and get away with it. Your joy and happiness reside in a serene state of mind. He does not like complications and pursues material abundance to feel secure and complete.

These natives will use the gift of speech to achieve their fulfillment. They have been given a golden pick and they know how to captivate audiences. They enjoy using their creativity and taking care of others. Their happiness is hidden in a quiet home where they do not lack for anything.

They need an audience to feel loved. They seem very confident, but it is your approval that they value the most. They love to express themselves and be noticed.

These natives are very knowledgeable about the value that is hidden in the little things. A careful detail can make them immensely happy. They need a healthy and orderly life.

For them, harmony in their marriage or in other types of relationships is essential. They aspire to find happiness in exchange with their fellow men.

To be happy they need to delve into what surrounds them. They are not satisfied with a superficial vision of whatever it is, they want to go to the bottom, commit themselves body and soul.

These natives need to broaden their horizons to feel fulfilled. Study and travel will bring them great satisfaction. Only the achievements that have been earned hard and with the sweat of your brow can make the natives happy with the Capricorn’s share of fortune. You are tenacious, as you cannot.

To be happy they need space, and to know that their actions contribute to making this world a much better place. These natives will find happiness by developing spirituality. Meditation or yoga can help you a lot along the way.

Cancer – Meaning and Symbolism

AK – Complete analysis – Cancer is a powerful and strong fourth sign of the Zodiac element of water, cardinal quality by polarity negative and female sign.

It is changeable in nature and its key word is I feel. The Moon rules Cancer, hence their frequent mood swings, so it also represents night, while the Sun and the sign of Leo represent day. Mythological Cancer is associated with the ability to reproduce.

Crabs usually have a large and round body, with shorter legs and arms. The head is very small or large and round with a shorter neck.

Their eyes are large and widely spaced, often with dark circles. Thin and sensitive skin, porcelain complexion, small nose and beautiful small heart-shaped mouth.

People of this zodiac sign are very difficult to understand. Rules the fourth house of the horoscope which signifies mother, motherhood, origin, parents, genetics, family life, homeland, people, masses, house, privacy, age, grave, hidden motivations, blood, stomach, cooks, tears, breastfeeding, milk,… and dr.

The positive qualities of members of this sign that they are very attentive, sensitive, clairvoyant, imaginative try to be a good parent who above all loves children, good and kind hosts, have a strong patriotism, are shrewd and thrifty.

Good friends who are always ready to help flaws hypersensitivity, instability, often prone to mood swings caused by their hypersensitivity, self-destructive and melancholic, they are angry and often insincere, and are blind to their mistakes.

The advice is to develop self-confidence and emotional stability, while avoiding provocative attitudes, depression and overeating.

A good period for Cancers is summer, and they feel worst in December and January.

Cancers are very attached to the family, people and expect their full attachment and understanding, so they are characterized by fear of family breakdown, and because of these fears can often be prone to depression.

They also have fears of moving, losing or damaging their home, and professionally they know how to show fears of harassment at work.

Cancers are very ambitious and because of their kindness, they attract people into their lives who can help them. Favorite at work because of his willingness to help colleagues.

Most often, we can find them in large institutions with many people and they have frequent job changes.

They show interest in medicine, history, geography, cuisine, real estate antiques. They feel best in their home, and are very attached to their mother, so Cancer men are weak and sensitive to the female sex, and it is especially important for them to have a gentle and sensitive partner.

Crabs like to keep their home away from other people’s eyes because they experience their home as their safe oasis, which is filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

The kitchen is the central place of their home, because they like to cook but also to enjoy eating. Due to the great interest in cooking, we find the largest number of leading world chefs born in this sign.

The ideal house for Cancers is near the sea, river, and lake. In love they are capable of great outbursts of emotions, suffer a lot to protect a loved one, because love and emotions play a big role in their lives, and interruptions are really very difficult and they seldom decide, because it is in their nature to hold fast to family.

A sense of security is very important to them. With a good position of the Moon, they can be prone to unconditional love.

Their possessiveness towards their partner is huge as well as their passion, they know how to hold their partner firmly with their pliers.

Their fidelity increases with age and they start to enjoy their home and family more and more, which is the most natural environment for Cancers.

It is easiest to seduce them with a romantic and intimate dinner or with a bouquet of flowers, it is very important that you remember all the important dates.

Male Cancer sensitive, much criticized, persistent, good memory often skeptical and hypochondriac, who loves home and family life with feelings for other people.

Some members of this sign know how to be passive and lazy who think only of themselves and others who desperately want a comfortable life often fall into relationships out of greed. They are extremely attached to their mother, so among the subjects of this sign, most men marry women older than they marry themselves.

They often come back and talk about the past. He can easily be won over if he is shown understanding, and as many conversations as possible about family and home. He takes every love affair seriously and thinks that it is real; there are no fleeting adventures for him. He is happiest when he is in his own home.

Part of Fortune in Cancer – Meaning and Symbolism

A person with this position of the Part of Fortune achieves great joy, providing a free flow of energy “nourishment”. He seeks to nourish himself and others with everything that is necessary for future growth. Here, a person experiences the love of the Mother of God, which selflessly feeds everyone.

This individual is given great joy in expressing a deeply felt impulse of devotion. He is looking for people and circumstances, thanks to which he can know warmth and closeness.

This is the energy of the senses. He gets great happiness from closeness to nature, since through nature a person can feel the essence of unity and interaction with the universe.

In all his actions, there is a desire for childish simplicity.

Although a person sees energies that bring something to maturity through the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Capricorn, it is best to stay in tune with the soft, gentle Cancer energy that is best in harmony with the source of things.

The influence of Capricorn is best expressed through the ability to recognize the correct and most beneficial channel for energy.

Great joy will come from testing the birth process. Whether it is the birth of a child, an idea, or something else that did not exist before the person played a personal role in the birth of this, his intimate connection with the origins always brings the greatest sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Through the Part of the Impartial Consciousness in Capricorn, a person sees and understands the energy of striving. He also feels that a person is trying to bring to fruition what has not been fully formed.

Capricorn energy is solid and crystallized, while Cancer energy is pliant and soft. Both signs are distinguished by strong energy in the direction of activity.

Capricorn energy is motivated by seeing the desirability of the result. Thus, in the Part of Impartial Consciousness, the end usually gives the impression of justifying the means.

Cancer energy, on the other hand, is based on action for action. It is more the energy of the means than of the end.

While Capricorn seeks to complete what will survive a person, Cancer seeks to create something that will make a person feel that he is taking part in creation itself.


Cancer’s youth and vitality are balanced by Capricorn in his quest for wisdom and maturity.

Thus, a person should not delve into the Part of Impartial Consciousness if he is going to achieve full joy from all the seeds that he sows through the Part of Fortune in Cancer.

He must allow a Part of the Impartial Consciousness to give structure and direction to his energy, but preserve the youthful and simple nature of the child.

The “pot of gold” at the end of this rainbow is the joy gained from the opportunity to be a privileged participant in the process of birth, which occurs throughout nature and in consciousness.

Joy also comes from nourishing anything that needs tender care to grow and blossom.

That which was born, he experiences great satisfaction from knowledge, which is a real part of the foundations of life.

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