Part of Fortune in Capricorn

The governing element of this sign is Earth. As an earth sign, the Capricorn man embodies pragmatism, reliability and stability.

The practical Capricorn stands firmly on his feet. He lives in the real world, not indulging in baseless fantasies and illusions. This sober analyst knows how to subordinate emotions to the voice of cold reason.

Capricorn Release – Earth Responsible Saturn endowed the Capricorn man with discipline, perseverance, ambitious and purposeful character. He does not expect gifts from fate and knows that luck smiles only at hardworking people. Capricorn’s motto: “There is no word“I don’t want”, there is the word“must”.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Info

The Ascendant represents the physical environment and your levels of vitality; it is a primary indicator of well-being, both in terms of health and wealth. Your Sun represents the life force, the spirit of health and the heart, while you are Moon symbolizes the emotional and mental aspects of being safe in the world.

Since the alchemy of the three creates the Part of Fortune, it came to be seen as an image of well-being, connection, security, and being well positioned in the world. This was thus viewed as prosperity: an ability to be supported by the world and access its abundant resources.

The location of this point in the Horoscope measures prosperity or where it lines up with the potential seed of your fortune. Your position by sign helps you amplify innate qualities that are sometimes destined to be prosperous.

With the Aries Share of Fortune, your best chance is found when you act spontaneously and follow that independent route. Following that hunch by which you feel convinced, you increase your chances of success with courage and open the doors to your destiny with your passion and your will.

If yours is in Taurus, your best chances of prosperity are reliable and safe projects and investments. Your Fortune is linked to Quality and Sensuality – to the connection with the present moment. You find the soul in the products that are created with the natural elements of life and this takes time and, above all, patience.

With the Gemini Share of Fortune, your best chances for prosperity come from finding ways to adapt and become versatile in the ever-changing world you inhabit. Your fortune is in the ability to control a large number of tasks at the same time, be busy and connected with others

If your FP is in Cancer, your best chance in any draw is to be part of a union or a collective dedicated to caring for others. Your luck in life may seem to come from the fact that you are the provider or the caregiver, but on the wheel of life, kindness and loyalty are returned to you repeatedly.

With the Leo Share of Fortune, you are lucky when you can bring fun and play to the equation. Your destiny is intertwined with your own creative expression.

What brings you fortune is your confidence. To be successful you need to shine and this suggests being out there and up front. Being visible is very important to you.

When your share of fortune in Virgo, prosperity is intertwined with health. Therefore, being at ease in the present moment is of great value.

Fortune comes effortlessly when your lifestyle supports the simple virtues of life. It is through your ability to be focused, hard working, and mindful that you find your fortune.

If your share of fortune in Libra, peace and partnership intertwine on your way to prosperity. Your fortune is to be in the company of those you like, to be in relationship with those you love, and to find a way to be at peace with those who are more difficult. Your prosperity depends on making conscious choices.

With the Scorpio Fortune Share, your success is cultivated with emotional strength and depth. It is in developing your ability to be emotionally contained that you can better focus your inner power on achieving your results. Trust becomes a valuable emotional asset that, along with your integrity, pays off.

If you have the Sagittarius Share of Fortune, you have a natural affinity for abundance that is created from a positive and hopeful attitude.

Fortune is in your ability to see big, a vision that soothes your spirit when you are worried, guides you forward when you are tired, and reminds you of the wisdom that lies in fighting.

With the Capricorn Share of Fortune, you find the best position on the Wheel of Destiny when you recognize natural morality and the laws of life, such as the law of cause and effect.

The benefits of life are increased through truth and honor. Reliability and honesty are the promoters of your prosperity.

With the Fortune Share in Aquarius, the best chances of prosperity arise when you are in touch with an inner sense. interior of emotional freedom and space. You are lucky when you can exploit your bright and resourceful side, there are fewer rules and you can see where it takes you.

Accepting what happens is not being passive or self-sacrificing, but an active recognition that there are forces greater than self that control the wheel. Well-being comes through this connection to other worlds.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

Stones-talismans for Capricorn-man: jade, agate, onyx, amethyst, as well as dark, black minerals. Jade is a real natural antidepressant.

This mineral holds the record for the number of soothing qualities. It eliminates anxiety, restores mental balance, and harmonizes the space in the house.

Jade products will help Capricorn men find restful sleep and tune in to positive. Favorable colors for Capricorn: shades of purple, brown. Lucky numbers: 3,5,7,8, 14.

Personality The Capricorn man is distinguished by endurance and reliability – he is someone you can rely on in any situation.

Thanks to the analytical mindset and thinking of a strategist, he knows how to bring his plans to life without much effort. A sober look at the present helps him to discern all possible prospects for the future.

The Capricorn man is hardy and reliable about the representative of this sign; astrologers of say that his passions are irreparably ordered.

The fact is that by temperament Capricorn is melancholic – a reserved, reserved person. Due to natural coldness, he can think rationally, calculating and controlling the situation. The life path of such a man resembles a mountaineering ascent on a steep slope.

Systematically, he conquers another ledge, until he reaches the top. He is a born strategist who foresees all sorts of options for events, while in case of failure, he always knows in which direction to take the next step.

Capricorn is the personification of the saying about a still whirlpool. Despite the prevailing stereotypes, such a man knows how to surprise. The truth is doing it in dosage.

Perhaps, if Capricorns were not afraid of spontaneous manifestations of feelings, they could avoid the emotional burnout, from which most of them suffer a lot. Advantages Obligation.

The Capricorn man is the one who can be entrusted with the most intimate without fear at all without fear that it will become public.

Those born under this sign will not only listen and understand, but also suggest a way out of the situation or something useful to improve it. Diligence.

Capricorn never gives up a business halfway through, trying to explain his inconsistency or banal laziness with florid excuses.

This valuable quality allows him to successfully overcome life obstacles. Justice. Representatives of this sign do not tolerate lies and deception on the spirit. They evaluate their acquaintances by the same high standard.

When faced with falseness and insincerity, they are deeply disappointed. Indifference to criticism. Few signs can boast such exceptional quality. As a rule, men react painfully to unflattering reviews about “their beloved.”

In this regard, Capricorn is a genuine Buddha. He remembers a truth: “You cannot offend someone who is not naturally offensive.” Multitasking. Capricorn men, like Julius Caesar, are able to do several things at the same time. In addition, admittedly, they are very good at it.

This super-ability helps them to be in rhythm – it is not difficult for them to adapt to the constantly changing modern world. Disadvantages The negative qualities are most pronounced in late Capricorns born in mid-January.

Among the unattractive sides of this, sign are Coldness. If you know a Capricorn man superficially, he may seem like a dry and insensitive person.

At the same time, it should not be ruled out that a real hurricane of emotions is raging inside him. Bias. Such men listen little to the opinions of others.

Rest assured. They will never deviate from their chosen point of view, and will prove it with foam at the mouth, even if they understand that they are categorically wrong. Pessimism.

A negative attitude can ruin the mood not only of Capricorn himself. Representatives of this sign often fall into prolonged depression.

Part of Fortune in Capricorn – Meaning and Info

Happiness means to you having the satisfying feeling that you have made something of your life and that you have used your talents efficiently.

When you see how your plans take shape and come true, how things come to be in their place and everything works in an orderly way, you feel content and happy.

Your goal is to apply what you have learned in the most profitable way and to benefit from your own experiences.

In your environment, reason must rule, since you instinctively feel that emotions carry a risk and could divert you from your path.

You want to do your part to be recognized as a productive member of society and, perhaps, achieve social advancement; therefore, you rely above all on your own achievements, and you would not want to depend on the help of others, since you could not reconcile it with the image you have of yourself.

You are not afraid of old age, because you associate it with maturity – an advantageous state for your purpose. Youth, on the contrary, seems more like an obstacle, since it prevents society from taking you seriously.

An example that I can put is that of the scientist Stephen Hawking, with the Part of Fortune in the Midheaven together with the Sun has been one of the most influential scientists in recent years. Overcoming his great health difficulties.


Fortune has come to mean money and wealth; however, in the ancient world it referred to chance or luck. Both are interconnected. In your Horoscope, you have a “Part of fortune”, an astrological point that gives many clues about the quality and proportion of your fortune, be it in the form of opportunity or capital.

The Fortune Part is built from the three highly significant positions of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant: all three merge to create an astrological picture connected to our personal fortune.

Therefore, this mysterious point is an amalgamation of body, soul and spirit.

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