Part of Fortune in Leo

The Leo in nature is the king of beasts. Even if not everyone has the opportunity to rule the world, this right is attributed to Leo by nature.

People born under this sign are called to admire, evoke respect, worship and be leaders in any company.

If they do not feel admiration for their own person, then the Leos will be terribly unhappy.

After all, Leos are kind, noble and completely honest in their sincere motives.

In addition, representatives of this sign, real actors and the whole world become for them a place of lavish theater.

If you were born under the sign of Leo, the characterization of your temperament will be very vague.

The planet of this royal sign is the Sun. In addition, that means life, warmth, discipline and greatness, as well as the family hearth and the fire in it.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Symbolism

Do you already know your lucky point? If not, then you should get to know him. You know that being happy is a worthwhile goal that even scientific research on happiness is concerned with.

However, what makes us happy? There can be no general answer to this, because everyone has his or her own path to happiness.

Astrology can help to find out this individual way to be happy. The happiness point in the horoscope shows what really makes you happy.

The lucky point is a point in the horoscope that is calculated from the sun, moon and ascendant factors. These are the main astrological factors.

The number of degrees of the happiness point in the astrological zodiac can be determined individually. In addition, this point shows what the individual path to happiness looks like.

In order for our ascendant systems to unfold, they must be illuminated. For this purpose, the horoscope is turned arithmetically (using the formula mentioned) so that the sun is directly on the ascendant, since it is there that it can best illuminate our talent and let it grow.

Through this arithmetical shift of the sun towards the ascendant, the moon is rotated with it, because its distance to the sun should remain the same. The resulting new position of the moon is called the lucky point.

In a figurative sense, this can be understood as meaning that the moon has to “move”. The moon, i.e. the original childlike feelings, move into a new energetic environment, into a new zodiac sign, so that the ascendant can become aware of himself with the help of the sun.

Leo – Meaning and Symbolism

Thanks to the influence of the planet, Leo sign people clearly understand their importance in life, and therefore always strive for high status in society.

However, despite the fact that this sign is royal, the aspirations and skills of the king of animals are not all. In addition, here the sea of ​​ambition, unfortunately, all the representatives of this zodiac sign are characterized.

It is important to remember that Leos are fiery humans, are considered the center of the universe and will never agree to play the role of another violin in anyone’s life.

For the sake of love they are willing to be generous, attached, immensely attached. Besides, Leos are reckless people.

They have no sense of fear at all. However, at the same time people, born under the sign of Leo are very sensitive.

At the slightest suspicion of distrust on the part of others, you will have to explain at length the real cause of the behavior.

Those born under the sign of fire are always ready for light, war and cataclysms, which, sometimes, they create themselves.

It is almost impossible to drive a Leo into a dead end. He becomes a real monster when it comes to protecting his parts and property.

The pride of Leo must not be touched in any way. Otherwise, he will be cruelly avenged. The older Leo is, the softer his character will be towards those around him.

However, do not hope that he will ever bow his proud head to someone. That will never happen – then it is a royal sign.

Communication style and life Characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo is very ambiguous, according to the horoscope, on the one hand he is a very sensitive person and on the other a proud and incorruptible nature.

Everything about him is told by a noble birth: from the swing of gorgeous breasts, to a proud position.

These people are never in a hurry, everything in their life is measured and lazily empty. However, that visibility is quite deceptive – in a moment of danger, Leo is always ready to jump.

Remember that Lyon is impossible – it always stands out with bright clothes and style of communication. This is the true soul of the company.

In addition, absolutely any company. In conversation, these people like to give a lot of advice on the topic of life, even though their personal life can never be built. Leo always speaks hypocritically, as if teaching a small offspring.

Extremes – so unpredictable It is important to remember that the representatives of this sign were terribly meticulous or terrible whores. In his work, as a rule, he does not have enough perseverance and accuracy.

However, thanks to his talent to convince, the king of beasts can pretty much convince his superiors that it is not him but someone else who is to blame for the mistakes.

In addition, it will be entrusted – because Leo is the master who will convince. The horoscope says that the representatives of this solar sign never lie down.

What they think of you will say. However, their advice and words are always considered, honest and never exaggerated. If at work, the representatives of this sign complain about what is too difficult for them and they are entrusted with a great responsibility do not believe.

They like this load. After all, these people are called to be leaders and to govern all life. The lava male is a character characteristic of the sign.

It is important to remember that the men of this zodiac sign are maximalists and crazy players. In most cases, they choose a profession in which there is a risk and the possibility to get more with the least effort but I do not expect that a man of this zodiac sign will count all the details.

It simply leads from life to the maximum, and what it will not need in the future will simply go away on its own. This rule applies to everything in your life.

However, that is what makes people in L’viv attractive to the opposite sex.

The zodiac sign Leo, the character of man is unique. He is a real actor. He always needs an audience in which to listen and understand. If they want to win it – become such an audience. He worries quickly.

Very often, he falls in love at first sight. Love for this zodiac sign is necessary, like air. If it does not exist, it will intertwine. Men of this zodiac sign, according to the horoscope and life, are not inclined to save the woman from the heart.

They will give her gifts; drive the most expensive restaurants and galleries. Flowers will become a constant companion of the date, even short-lived. Men of this sign are not very kind, but very passionate. I just cannot imagine

Part of Fortune in Leo – Meaning and Symbolism

The conjunctions of Fortune with planets relate, in particular, to the search for the happiness of individuals and to the characteristic features of the radiation of their personality.

Considering such contacts, one must not forget that the Pars of Fortune is in conjunction and opposition with each planet in the chart approximately once a day.

Here we are dealing with a diurnal, not a monthly rhythm. It is ‘life’ thrown into its most individual focus through the lens of the ascendant. Therefore, ‘life’ is the state of the most characteristic personal differentiation.

In addition, this state can truly be described as happiness – positive and negative, for happiness is mainly the result of an individual’s orientation towards ‘life’, love, instinct, cultural and other significant goals.

If the Pars of Fortune is in conjunction with a planet, the nature of that planet actively influences its orientation. If it is in opposition to the planet, then the so-called Point of Enlightenment is in conjunction with the planet.

If the planet is in square with the Pars of Fortune, then the effect is usually less noticeable, although in many cases some types of crashes or complexes may be noted.

It is rather difficult to give many illustrations of these aspects.

Firstly, they can be established only when the exact moment of birth is known, and secondly, their action belongs to the infinitely personal sphere of the individual, which life, known to the public, may inaccurately reflect.

Quite often, you will find that aspects to the Part of Fortune are missing. In such cases, it is interesting to study the planet closest to the Part of Fortune.

It often provides a clue to how a person tries to achieve his sense of “Joy”, that is, what means he uses to achieve his goals.

Whether these means are easy or difficult for him, whether they help a person to achieve the Part of Fortune or deflect to the side – the aspects that the planet closest to the Part of Fortune in the chart receives determine all this.

The planets forming a connection with the Part of Fortune help a person achieve his greatest “Joy” if he learns to use them and allows them to act in a positive way. They direct the energy of a person along the path to happiness, so that he cannot fail to find it.

In essence, they add focusing ability to keep the person from straying away from where they are being directed.

At the same time, these planets form opposition to the Part of the Impartial Consciousness. Thus, they keep the person from becoming too impartial.

This would act as a distraction from his personal reality. In addition, the nature of any planet that forms a connection with the Part of Fortune helps to more clearly define exactly what will bring happiness to a person.

Even harmful planets can bring happiness to a person. Many people experience great “Joy” in the fight! Take away the reason for the struggle and they will be deeply unhappy.

Many people achieve great happiness by making life seem more difficult. Try to make life easier for them and they will become unhappy!

Thus, the state of “Joy” does not necessarily imply a feeling of bliss that one can imagine in their minds.

All it should be is the ability to accomplish what, by definition, any person makes him truly happy!


If the planets are in square with the Part of Fortune, then the conclusion suggests itself that they will deprive a person of his joy.

This is very far from the truth. In fact, they create tension that pushes the person in the direction of action.

According to Freud, action is what brings a person out of the state of dreams.

The more a person does, acts, participates, works, makes efforts, etc., the more he can get closer to making dreams come true.

Dreaming or fantasizing about something that will bring joy is not the same as achieving it.

Accepting that the highest aspirations will be the result of concentrated effort is the first step towards achieving them.

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