Part of Fortune in Libra

What is the ‘fortune share’ in a birth chart? The part, or lot, of fortune is a location that is usually indicated in all horoscopes with the letters P.F. and that popularly is a point related to ‘good fortune’, happiness and even material gains.

While these ‘meanings’ offer a good reason for including P.F. In computer-delineated horoscopes, not much research has been done on a deeper meaning on this point (starting from case studies, for example).

The lot of fortune is known and reused in astrology than in ancient times, as for example in Classical Greece; in Arabic astrology, for example, this point was considered of relevant importance for the study of the natal chart (along with other parts or ‘lots’).

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Info

Schulman, faithful to his painstaking effort to bring light and clarity on prominent horoscope topics that have been little analyzed and on which an air of uncertainty hovers, opens in this volume an honest debate on this matter.

Drawing from his practical experience as an astrologer, as well as his ability to unravel the mysteries of the mind – and of psychology and of the soul – Schulman studies the meaning of P.F. based on his own research and professional work, as well as offering examples of various letters from well-known characters.

The result is a delineation of the meaning of the location of the P.F. in the Signs and Houses, as well as a mention of the Aspects (conjunction, square, trine, opposition) that can form this point with other planets. Like other books by the author, a little treasure of wisdom.

It is extracted, in daytime births, from the arc that forms between the Sun and the Moon, added to the Ascendant, and in nocturnal births, from the arc that forms between the Moon and the Sun added to the Ascendant.

It is fortunate that this series of books, which delve into aspects of astrology that is mentioned but little studied, is carried out by an astrologer with the skill of Martin Shulman, who has a great finesse for the psychological approach and places great emphasis on spiritual evolution.

It is usually considered that the Ascendant, in the birth chart, is the most relevant symbol after the Sun.

Hence, in colloquial conversations it is usually asked about the location of the ascendant as well as the sign in which the Astro King is found.

The astrological meaning of this point is ‘how the person relates to the world, how we show ourselves to others, how we perceive our immediate surroundings’. It is like the dress and glasses that we wear to leave the house and face the world.

It is what the Greeks would have called the mask, which was also the term from which they started to designate the person – and thus we can link the meaning of the Ascendant with the personality of each one of us.

If the Sun were our center, our intimate self, with whom we meet when we are silent and alone, the Ascendant would be closer to our social ‘I’, to our person projected in the outside world.

The book, like all of Schulman’s, is clear and insightful on exposition, and straightforward on organization.

After an introduction of 50 pages, the book is structured in chapters dedicated to each of the signs in which the ascendant can be found (Virgo, Scorpio, Libra …).

It delineates psychological profiles of these locations, and above all, it opens a discussion about the ways in which this relationship with the environment can be lived constructively or in an exhausting way.

In his acute observations, we will always recognize ourselves, and we will recognize our struggle to live in a more positive way our relationship with the environment.

This book is part of a series of karmic astrology books by the same author. All of them, in their own way, carry the word karma in their title or subtitle.

This shouldn’t scare off readers who don’t like these concepts; This is above all an astrology book, developed from the author’s prism on those accumulated in past existences – just as other books have a ‘spiritual evolution’ approach, others are more psychological, and others are more ‘deterministic’.

In general, Schulman’s series of books are regarded as a series of concise essays with an unsuspected density in as for the astrological knowledge displayed.

Many of its readers acknowledge that they periodically return to these books to find new jewelry and gemstones in their reading.

Libra – Meaning and Info

She is in need of harmony and peace loving and is therefore committed to compensatory justice. Always optimistic and diplomatic, the zodiac sign tries to solve the problems of others and is understanding and mediating.

People born in Libra are perfect interlocutors. Not only do they like to talk, they also like to listen. Qualities such as punctuality and politeness show respect and have a high priority in the life of the Libra.

The zodiac sign tries to make the world a more pleasant place with its subtle sense of love and beauty.

She is considered extremely cultivated and intelligent. Therefore, Libra takes great pleasure in spirited conversations and in cultural life. A visit to a museum here, a reading there or a dance floor, that is what a normal weekend looks like.

As balanced and controlled the Libra may be, making decisions is not one of its strengths. Those who can relieve the zodiac sign of one or the other decision will quickly take a permanent place in their life. People who struggle with their own decision-making difficulties avoid Libra.

Their penchant for beauty makes Libra as arrogant and vain. She actually only means well. She has a sensitive character and although she is a good mediator, she is herself conflict-averse and therefore very vulnerable. Their superficiality protects them from the outside.

People born in Libra are real romantics and are always looking for great love. In order to be the one for him or her, she needs a certain amount of freedom and trust, because Libra thrives on their charm and especially likes to exploit it in the presence of the opposite sex.

Jealousy and resentment are typical love killers and only cause the Libra to flee immediately. The Libra itself rarely feels jealousy or anger and is therefore a pleasant partner.

The Libra knows its position and has a strong and confident demeanor. Gray mice therefore tend to take a back seat and are nothing for the character that is considered vain.

Libra has great demands, both on the inside and on the outside, because, as is well known, the eye also eats. A cultivated demeanor, pronounced interests and enthusiasm for a wide range of topics are always positive characteristics to convince the urbane Libra of themselves.

The energy and psychology of the Libra sign contains the desire to open up to everything that is outside of oneself (what is not me) and to contact others.

Libra perceives that the world is full of complements, and affirms, “There is nothing isolated that is complete.” The Libra sign sees the world in pairs.

Psychologically, Libra is always attentive to the presence of the other, since that is the one who is defining the forms that Libra will adopt.

In other words, Libra will act one way or another based on whom he is with, where he is from, etc.

This should not be interpreted as falsehood or hypocrisy but as an empathic ability to maintain a balance with the other person or environment. Pleasing is one of your talents: you know what the other likes! Art in its many facets is one of his pleasures.

If you do not dedicate yourself to it, you will appreciate it. In addition, beauty, aesthetics, dance, etc. Libra is very elegant and formal. Its ruler is the planet Venus.

The classic symbol that best expresses the nature of the Libra sign is the balance. This expresses essential values ​​of Libra: harmony, everything in its right measure, balance, equality, measure, tact, justice, intelligence.

When you have to make a decision, you tend to hesitate because finding the perfect decision (the one that leaves everyone happy) is not easy at all. In fact, she will sometimes appear to be putting off decisions or avoiding compromising situations.

Libra is an excellent diplomat. He also possesses an unmatched ability to seduce. A word, a gesture, a look, a suggestive posture … are tools that are innately available to attract the attention of the other.

Part of Fortune in Libra – Meaning and Info

Relating with others in a more open way is one of the benefits of this positioning, as relationships are more likely to be based on exchange and mutual trust.

It suggests a greater ability to maintain balance in a competitive and frenetic world, to live relationships in harmony so that there is a constant sense of well-being.

There can be more luck in this regard, as well as seeking justice and always doing things in a balanced way.

All of this has the potential to bring more joy into your life, as well as getting involved in activities where you need to interact, share or do for others. Cultivate diplomacy, balance and harmony.

One of your benefits may be a better understanding of how to create win-win situations. Following this advice can bring more peace and contentment into your personal micro verse.

Such characteristics can be changed if, in childhood, the person had his or her desires neglected by the family and has been left in the background.

The moment a child realizes that their abilities do not echo or are left without a positive response, they may begin to disbelieve their value.

Thus, you can create some standards of behavior that always leave you in a position inferior to others in adulthood and for this reason, it becomes a little more difficult to see yourself deserving of benefits. This problem in self-esteem can open doors for problems or manipulative people.

The solution to breaking this pattern, if any, is to use the positive virtues of Libra and always see the other side of the coin impartially.

When you really look inside yourself, you will be able to see your potential and will start to have more meaningful relationships based on balance and cooperation.

You feel happy if you can cultivate your personal relationships and have the feeling of being welcomed and welcomed.

That is why you use your full potential to secure yourself and – if possible – increase your popularity. You just cannot stand feeling lonely.

Therefore, you spare no effort to win the acceptance of the community or society: you never impose your will against the majority; you often act as a conflict mediator, and you insist on finding solutions to complicated situations.

You love to share experiences with your partner, since alone, without company, you feel lost.

However, you are not “a bore” and would never force your presence on others; but you trust that your kind personality is always well received.


You do not need the hard fight and effort to be able to be proud of your successes; you prefer things to unfold in a quiet and unnoticed way.

It is enough for you to be convinced that you could achieve everything you set your mind to.

Perhaps you share the experiences of others with such intensity that you do not need to live the same experience for yourself.

Therefore, you could allow yourself to live a contemplative life – something that would do you very well.

As an example I can put the birth chart of Antonio Banderas, whose marriage to date is one of the most stable in Hollywood. I can also use Gandhi’s birth chart as an example.

It can be appreciated how he has the Part of Fortune in conjunction with the Sun in Libra, that may explain why he felt happy preaching Nonviolence.

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