Part of Fortune in Pisces

The Pars of Fortune in the natal chart and individual horoscope is responsible for a person’s luck. In today’s material, we will consider the Pars of Fortune, its meaning in the male and female Cosmo gram, position in the signs of the zodiac and houses.

Quite often, inexplicable events occur in our life. If sudden happiness is perceived as a gift from above. They want to understand the reasons for unexpected failures.

What to expect in the future, where to find your calling – a personal horoscope by date of birth will help to answer all these and many other questions.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Info

In astrology, there are two forming concepts: Points or Lots and Wheels or Parse. The Pars of Fortune in the natal chart is an important area, which, until now, none of the astrologers of the present or past has given an accurate description.

Each of us, if he does not know, then subconsciously feels and hopes that at the end of a difficult, thorny, full of hardships and hardships path, happiness awaits him, a reward for all the blows of fate suffered.

It is this point of happiness, this long-awaited stronghold of peace that guides a person’s actions, makes him move, not lose hope, and hold on even in the most difficult times.

This promised abode is the Wheel or Pars of Fortune. This is the place where a person feels in the elements, reaches the peak of development, the maximum concentration of all opportunities and talents.

Life is full of difficulties. Because not always everything is as smooth as we would like, joyful events in contrast are perceived even brighter.

Even if the clouds are gathering overhead now, after a while the sun will shine again, the main thing is to wait for this and work on yourself tirelessly.

At such moments, a person feels fulfilled, alive and joyful. This state helps him to develop, to think more actively, to study, to get to know the world around him.

In a favorable situation, there is the possibility of moving up, while in a difficult period, the main goal becomes to resist the onslaught of troubles.

In the process of moving towards his happiness, a person needs to form a clear structure of his aspirations and desires. Only the one who can understand himself, the essence of his feelings, aspirations and hopes gets a chance to find peace.

After all, first, happiness comes from within. Subsequently, going beyond the limits of his “I”, a person, perceiving the world around him, does not lose his inner guidelines. He analyzes what is happening around, based on the concepts of right and wrong.

The right thing is, first, that which leads to the ideal, the achievement of which will make a person happy, fill life with meaning.

Someone gets what they want, thanks to a fortunate coincidence of circumstances at the beginning of life, someone systematically, through obstacles makes their way to the goal.

It is this elusive fortune, this providence from above, the golden bell of luck that is the Pars of Fortune.

Pisces – Meaning and Info

If success comes early, then it is clear that the Pars of Fortune is concentrated in the first half of life, if at a more mature age, then in the second.

The Pars of Fortune has no material expression. In the natal chart, it is determined based on calculations of the position of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

If the Sun is physiological characteristics, a set of unique features of a person and his relationship with the outside world. The moon is an internal development, an emotional background.

In addition, the Ascendant is the highest point of development of all positive qualities of a person. That Pars of Fortune is the point of maximum success, wealth and prosperity.

The Wheel of Fortune, like Jupiter, has a connection with material values, the ability to make money, build a successful career or business.

However, Pars is a broader concept. If the planet affects a certain area of ​​a person’s life, depending on the house in which it is located or the sign of the zodiac, then the Wheel of Fortune covers with its influence all areas of human interaction with the outside world, his inner development, his very being.

Everyone has an ideal and an ego ideal. These concepts are strikingly different from each other.

The ideal is what a person thinks about himself, how he evaluates himself, and the ego ideal is how a person sees himself in the future, what he would like to become after going through a series of transformations.

The Pars of Fortune is connected with just that ideal idea of ​​a person about himself. What he will strive for and what he will be able to achieve as a result.

Often the contrast between ego and ego ideal is so strong that a person realizes that he needs to work hard to achieve his goal.

Reaching the point of Parsa Fortune means receiving the greatest reward for your labors. Therefore, this small area is essential in a person’s life.

The entire natal chart takes on a completely different meaning if the position of the Wheel of Fortune is taken into account in its analysis.

Knowing his position, you can direct a person along the right path, indicate which aspects in life should be paid close attention, where there is a chance to succeed and what is best to avoid.

In this case, all obstacles and obstacles on the way become small stones that make up the road to the top.

Overcoming oneself, a person with every step becomes closer to a dream that will bring him prosperity.

Drawing on the meaning of the Parsa Fortune, the entire individual horoscope acquires a broad perspective.

Now a person does not focus exclusively on one problem, but gets the opportunity to look wider, to see opportunities behind it, or even bigger troubles.

Focusing on the Fortune point helps to focus your work on success, not to be distracted by trifles and not to worry in vain.

The Wheel of Fortune allows you to abstract from your physical perception of current events, reality and look beyond it. Many answers to even the most difficult questions are hidden in our head.

Therefore, at a certain level of elaboration of their capabilities, a person gets a chance to turn to his subconscious to find the desired answers there.

If there is a point of maximum luck and the focus of a person’s abilities, the peak of his success, then there is also an opposite. It is called a Part of Impartial Consciousness.

In fact, a person follows this degree to his Parsa of Fortune.

As a rule, this is the path of enlightenment, self-knowledge. Getting to this point, a person is able to feel joy within himself, but at the same time not forget that he is a part of being, a grain of sand in the sea of ​​cosmic consciousness and he needs to move on to achieve a great goal.

At this point, a person feels on himself a kind of divine providence. It does not matter whether he believed in God or not, movement is impossible without the intervention of divine power.

Only by interacting with her, following her laws, he gets a chance to get to the Pars of Fortune.

Being on a Part of Impartial Consciousness, you need to focus all your attention on the inner world and listen to prompts from above.

Very often, it is in this state that the gift of providence opens in people or the sense of intuition is sharpened.

Part of Fortune in Pisces – Meaning and Info

Very often, the actions of others are a reflection of our inner world. Therefore, they cause either resentment or admiration.

Staying at the point of Impartial Consciousness, one should reject subjectivism and perceive only facts, without trying to judge or evaluate.

As soon as a person realizes that the actions of other people do not depend on him, are not in his power, and even more so, do not have the goal of satisfying personal desires and needs, the truth is revealed to him.

He realizes which areas of life do not matter to him and focuses on those areas that make up his essence.

To reach the highest point of the Parse Fortune, a person must painstakingly work on developing only his own karma, and not interfere with the movement of other people.

Sometime later, after realizing this elementary truth, a person achieves certain results in creating positive vibrations of his karma.

After all, most of the negativity that accumulates in her is a reflection of a critical attitude towards other people.

As soon as a person becomes impartial, begins to be compassionate about what previously drove him out of himself and provoked a flurry of criticism and outrage, he finds true joy.

Gets a chance to maximize his abilities by reaching the Wheel of Fortune.

This person has the opportunity to experience the total sum of the creative energies of the zodiac. He is in harmony with the forces of the cosmos.

An individual can float with an invisible reality that he knows is manifesting itself through a tangible physical reality.

He knows that the universe consists of a single substance, which is not limited only by visible matter. He experiences the oneness of everything and can adapt to any vibration and satisfy any need.

The Pars of Fortune located here allows a person to experience joy, transcending the boundaries of time, space and thinking.

Powerful intuition and attunement to the cosmic forces emanating from the Parsa of Fortune in Pisces give a person mysterious, magnetic qualities.

There is a feeling that this person is well aware of the unknown.

Through the Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Virgo, this person sees the ways in which people try to plan and organize their lives without seeing the full picture and its meaning.

He experiences the limitations of life in a mind that has limits, in which the only reality is that which can be seen, touched or emotionally felt.

If he wants to be happy, then he should not be identified with such a reality.

His perceptions go beyond the limited universe. Time and space dimensions are of little importance to the boundless quality of everything he perceives.

What more joy can there be than the feeling of God’s eternal unity? Is there anything on earth that is not a reflection of the unearthly?

How can there be anything at all that does not come from the state of the spirit? In ways that go beyond the limits of verbal transmission, the Part of Fortune in Pisces allows a person to know the essence of reality.

As a result, this person stands between the world of God and the world of man and knows that they are one. He is experiencing this oneness.

A person with a Parson of Fortune in Pisces does not like to make promises. He knows that it is not always in the power of a person to keep or break a promise.

To ensure his happiness, he must avoid the Virgo tendency to manipulate and plan a certain limited life style, which he will then have to experience and survive.

Instead, he must draw on the Virgo’s ability to see the perfection of what exists and let life take its course.

A person with a Parsian of Fortune in Pisces should not conquer, since he is a part of that which owns everything. He should not submit, for he realizes that there is truly nothing that should be conquered, since submission and conquest are just opposite sides of the same concept.


Joy and happiness come from attunement to higher levels of consciousness.

The ability to fine-tune these levels comes from the Part of the Impartial Consciousness in Virgo, which allows a person to purify order and direct their thoughts.

Virgo’s Mercurian energy acts as a bridge between the ascending levels of perception and understanding that lead to the all-encompassing embrace of Jupiter and Neptune.

Because of man’s compassionate desire to shape a more loving world, his hopes, dreams and desires, create a more wonderful consciousness for his fellows.

Everything he can imagine becomes part of his reality.

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